SJW Attacks On All White Males Escalates: Top Colleges Conspire To Eliminate White Males From Debates So Girls And Blacks Can Win

Trump is now officially the most famous white European heritage male in the world, defying all the SJW/BLM/Bilderberg gangsters who want to destroy America.  Trump declared a ‘national emergency’ which means he can use everything possible to secure our borders and protect our citizens.  The DNC is totally against protecting America, being traitors.  In today’s stories are news from mainstream Bilderberg sources demanding white boys be utterly annihilated in our schools.  This is a race war. It mirrors the race war consuming South Africa which the mainstream news studiously ignore.


The desperate attempts of the ruling elites to destroy our nation would baffle historians in the future, if we have any historians by then.  This sort of suicidal behavior mirrors ancient Rome as it collapsed into barbarism.  If we had records of the third century debates about the borders in ancient Rome, we probably would hear about how invading barbarians were going to fix Rome.


Roman society collapsed but first, the Senate collapsed into tyranny then all other systems fell as the currency was debased and debts rose.  Eventually, Rome lay in ruins and didn’t recover for over 1,000 years.


Open racism and sexism against white males is getting worse at US schools: females have taken over all education systems and this is causing a complete collapse of civilization as they pander to the lower IQ students.


White males have to jump through more hoops, they have to have higher scores, more ability to even get into schools.  Inside, they are punished and pushed around and told, their strengths are evil and they have to let weaker girls and ‘minority’ (sic) students need to be pushed forwards via handicapping white males, punishing them or even as in today’s news…ELIMINATING them entirely.


Only women and transgender individuals will be allowed to compete in an April debate tournament hosted by the George Washington University Parliamentary Debate Society.


WTH?  Are these ‘debaters’ so feeble, they can only triumph via eliminating all competition?  YOU BET.  That is the solution.  Gagging the white males=victory for weaker, stupider females and ‘minorities’ who are actually far greater numbers on the planet than white European males.


The organization hosting the gender minority tournament is part of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA). The league, composed entirely of college students, voted on the proposal Jan. 25 at the NorthAms Tournament held at Rutgers University. In order for the proposal to pass, two-thirds of member schools had to vote in favor of it.


Since white males are now very much a minority on all US campuses, it is no surprise that SJW ‘woke’ radicals voted to eliminate pesky white males who dispute them, totally.  This is called ‘cheating’ and ‘discrimination.’


Rachel Kane and Joey Schnide, who respectively served as former president and vice president of the George Washington Parliamentary Debate Society, wrote a letter to the editor responding to the criticism.


“It is essential to create spaces where gender minorities can find support, meet mentors and peers and feel empowered by seeing successful women,” they claim. “The people who compete at the gender minority tournament are still going to be competing against men at dozens of other competitions throughout the year.”


Damn!  I broke many sex barriers in the past.  I was the first woman in NYC to pass the tests in the construction field.  I was the only woman in my classes and I won top awards for my work in school, that is, my carpentry projects were #1.  No one hired me when I graduated, all my fellow students were hired that day.


The teachers all said, ‘You will be the boss’ and yes, I was the boss, never worked under anyone, from day one.  The challenges made me stronger, not weaker.  Now, imagine if everything was dropped into my lap and I was allowed to be weaker, stupider and slower than the men?  I would have been a crippled woman, a fool and a danger to all civilization due to being incompetent.


“Women and anyone who does not identify as cis male will be welcome to compete, and registration is no questions asked,” Cryer told Campus Reform.


Here is a black female professor (sic) screeching about how boys love to debate and are vocal, she wants to force them to ‘shut up’ or else.


Leda Fisher didn’t waste any time getting to the point in her recent essay in The Dickinsonian. The title was “Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?”


This stupid woman’s college foolishly allowed this fake professor publish a sexist/racist screed straight out of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  We should call her own autobiography ‘My Easy Ride To The Top Thanks To Race/Sex Discrimination Against White Men.’


“When you ask a question at a lecture, is it secretly just your opinion ending with the phrase ‘do you agree?'” asked Fisher, a senior at Dickinson College, at the start of her piece in the student paper. “If so, your name is something like Jake, or Chad, or Alex, and you were taught that your voice is the most important in every room. Somewhere along your academic journey, you decided your search for intellectual validation was more important than the actual exchange of information. Now how do you expect to actually learn anything?”


When I went to school, I was a debater and loved debates.  I also raised my hand, endlessly, and argued with all my teachers and with fellow students.  I did this because…it was pure fun.  Online, I have done this for half a century and…I consider this fun, not a chore.


What this black fake professor thinks is, people enthusiastically debating her are evil.  She wants them silenced.  She hates them, emotionally, and wishes them ill or even dead.  She intends to punish them and stop them from disputing her dogmas.


Fisher added, “From classes and lectures, to the news and politics, there is an endless line of white boys waiting to share their opinions on the state of feminism in America, whether the LGBTQ+ population finally has enough rights, the merits of capitalism, etc. The list of what white boys think they are qualified to talk about is endless … White boys spout the narrative of dominant ideologies and pretend they’re hot takes instead of the same misleading garbage shoved down our throats by American institutions from birth.”


This female is not a teacher, she is a MAOIST.  This is pure Mad Madame Mao ideology at work.  Mad Madame hated sex of any sort. The alliance between blacks, transgenders, Muslims and women is very temporary.  The Muslims who believe in both slavery and killing people to win arguments, will eventually enslave or crush or kill their allies in the bitter end.


These radicals have no idea what awaits them.  I would suggest they visit Saudi Arabia and see first hand, what fate awaits them.


The willingness of white male students to dominate discussions extends to those in which they may not have personal knowledge, Fisher wrote. “I cannot describe to you how frustrating it is to be forced to listen to a white boy explain his take on the black experience in the Obama era. Hey, Brian, I’m an actual black woman alive right now with a brain. In what world would your understanding of my life carry more weight than my understanding?”


This professor has no imagination.  Why is this stupid black woman screaming at what white males think or want when she isn’t a white male?  OOPS.  She is saying, you can have knowledge or a position only on things that you are, not other things.  Yet this bozo wants to have an opinion and disputes with white males about their own lives!  She thinks she is a know-it-all while everyone else has to bow to her own opinions about everything.


She closed her piece by saying, “So, should white boys still be allowed to share their ‘opinions’? Should we be forced to listen? In honor of Black History Month, I’m gonna go with a hell no. Go find someone whose perspective has been buried or ignored and listen to them, raise up their voice. To all the Chrises, Ryans, Olivers and Seans out there, I encourage you to critically examine where your viewpoints come from, read a text that challenges you without looking for reasons to dismiss it and maybe try listening from now on.”


This stupid, mindless drone of a Maoist identitarian wants everyone to shut up and obey her dictates.  She doesn’t want any debates, she hates debates, she wants to use force to ‘shut up debates’.  Pure Maoism at work here and why is she allowed to do this filthy junk in ‘schools’?


Oh, schools bent over backwards to hire an army of backwards, low IQ people due to skin color and sex designations.  Funny as hell is how white males transitioning to female are taking down all the feminists in every possible scale showing once again, white males are superior even when they become females and if they change their skin color, their brains will remain big and functional and they would still win over the females.

Feminism has shot itself in the forehead and is now officially dying due to suicide.  I am just amazed at how swiftly my own fight for mere equality, that is, given the same tools and rules, I could compete (successfully) with men has devolved into handicapping everyone so lazy, stupid or incapable people can beat white males.


In the last 20 years, in movies and books, skinny girls/women easily beat up and dominate muscular, powerful, bigger men. It happens all the time now to the point of being utterly predictable.  It is ridiculous and dangerous.  And this won’t go on forever.  Right now, online, young, desperate men are making fun of Captain Marvel while at the same time, yelling about how much they love this other movie of a woman fighter, Alita Battle Angel.

The character in that silly movie is a half girl/half robot that is extremely small and slender and yet is so super powerful, she defeats huge, hulking males without breaking a sweat.  It just amazes me how young men are so habituated to this sort of nonsense, they desperately try to explain away this latest ‘super-strong’ female by claiming her fragile metal systems are super duper strong while at the same time, ignoring the fact that everyone else in these fantasy worlds would have the same tools and the stronger men would be bigger and stronger and beat the snot out of the females easily.


The movie even gives the tiny girl big, googly baby eyes.  Serious fighters have narrow eyes.  Why?  Ask any pit bull dog.  They have very small eyes whereas my little pug doggie has huge eyes.  She also knows this pit bull dog who is massively in love with her and her big, googly eyes, so is this gigantic mastiff dog who crouches down to be her level while she can run under his legs.


She, the little bitch, has these male hulks wrapped around her little paws and they follow her anywhere and will attack anyone and anything bothering her.  She points, they jump.  So it is with humans and frankly, all mammals.  It is called ‘deep DNA.’  And the SJW gang wants to destroy all this and are amazingly successful.


This silly battle robot with huge eyes is a fool.  Instead of seducing the men, she is trying to KILL them.  Dumb.  Really, really dumb.  By the way, none of the videos talking about this idiotic movie mentions what I am talking about here, namely, how stupid it is for a cute, pettit, big eyes, with breasts female would ever want to go into hand to hand combat with men that she could lay low with batting her eyelashes.  Nope, that is a verboten topic these days and isn’t that sad?


Just found this story this morning:  Colleges are now dominated by women, ‘education gap’ afflicting men (the article title was too scared to write ‘white men’):


One of those institutions is the American college campus, where women have risen to be a majority of students and will likely soon be a majority of faculty. In 1900, only around 5,200 women received undergraduate degrees, accounting for only 19.1 percent of all such degrees conferred. After making gains in the first half of the 1900s, the proportion of women earning degrees once again plummeted after World War II, when the G.I. bill tripled the number of men earning degrees.


But in the early 1980s, shortly after Alice Paul’s death, women for the first time became a majority on college campuses, a status they never relinquished. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 57.8 percent of all undergraduate college degrees and nearly 60 percent of all master’s degrees will be earned by women in 2018. All total, 420,000 more women than men will earn Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degrees this year.


Yet nothing is being done to fix this inequality.  Instead, all systems set up way back in 1980 run along greased rails to hell.


In 2015, 61 percent of all advanced degrees in the humanities (arts, language, history, etc.) were earned by women. While men have moved toward higher-earning majors (primarily in math and technology), women have taken over majors previously dominated by their male colleagues. For instance, in 2017, an eye-popping 68 percent of journalism bachelor’s degrees went to women.


You don’t need a degree in ‘journalism’ to be a reporter or now, thanks to the internet, a publisher or a pundit.  You just need an audience.  As for language arts: German was eliminated way back when I was a major in that field.  During the Cold War, no less.  Killed by the schools for some strange reason.


Studies typically show that women don’t turn away from science and technology (STEM) majors because they aren’t as adept at math as their male counterparts – one recent report in the American Educational Research Journal suggests females often reject such majors because they perceive gender discrimination within that field.


Females reject the hard sciences because…men are mean.  Yes, that explains everything.  So they want to bring down standards, dumb down classes and lock men out with quotas and voila: girls win!  Whoopee.  Stab the men in the back and win what?  Oh, a life of utter misery.


“The data does not support the notion that women are math-phobic or science-phobic, as some believe,” said study co-author Joseph Cimpian, associate professor of economics and education policy at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. “Rather – and quite reasonably – women don’t like to be discriminated against.”


HAHAHA.  Women are so scared of ‘discrimination’ that these loud mouthed, squealing piglets are too scared to screech like banshees?  But all I hear is screeching from females whose brain size doesn’t match their own egos.



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6 responses to “SJW Attacks On All White Males Escalates: Top Colleges Conspire To Eliminate White Males From Debates So Girls And Blacks Can Win

  1. lou

    AA is how Blacks ‘win.’

  2. Petruchio

    The damage these Racist, white male hating women are doing to Male-Female relations is going to take a long time to heal–if it ever does. But you know, these College women, especially the white College women are damaged goods-beyond-repair anyway. What man wants to marry a female with $60,000–$80,000 in student loan debt, a debt that is NOT dischatgeable through Bankruptcy??!! And more than a few women have MORE than $80 Grand in student loan debt. These women are actually going to be in worse shape that those Millenial women who are all “tatted” up and 50–200 pounds overweight who are just dying to file as many Sexual harassment complaints against men as they can. A lot of this is the result of Parents giving up their natural authority of raising their kids with some actual, REAL values. Lots and Lots of Future Cat Ladies here.

  3. AT

    Maybe the biggest divide after peak oil will not be race, sex, religion, personal wealth, club affiliation, prior lobbying, or official authority?

    Maybe the biggest divide will be age. ALL young people will quickly realize the voluntary waste engaged in by older generations. The world’s greatest resource wasted in just a few generations at the fastest possible rate, and without regard to sustainability or their future progeny.

  4. Yes, the West Coast is now in the freezer. They are fools over there, hope they freeze a bit.

  5. Lou

    They predicted 38F for Los Angeles, but adjusted. 40-42F.

    unrelated—Football–failing league,

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