Trump Demands California Return Not So High Speed Rail Money

Trump is trying to get taxpayer funds returned to Treasury after California dumped the SJW high speed rail scheme.


California sucks down immense funds from everyone for everything and all this is screwed up badly in that crazy state which I fled back in 1970.  Trump is going to fund the Wall via forcing California to cough up the loot they squandered on a ridiculous project that had no earthly use.  I love trains and explored many trains over the years, I like seeing the landscape and taking my time!  But paying for this pleasure: it isn’t possible in the US which was built up around cars,  not trains.


The Los Angeles Times reported additionally that the Department of Transportation said it was “actively exploring every legal option” to recover the other $2.5 billion granted by the federal government to California for the project.


Newsom complained angrily that Trump was carrying out “political retribution” for California’s legal challenge Monday to his emergency declaration to build a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border. He reiterated: “This is California’s money, and we are going to fight for it,” according to a statement quoted by the Times.


Notice how stupid Californians are!  No, Newsom baby, it ain’t ‘yo money’ it is ‘yo mamma’s money’ that is, it came from the rest of us, not from California.  Meanwhile this dopey state that attracted every dope fiend in the universe with the free needle program, is against protecting our borders.  Duh.


This is pure insanity and why should the rest of us be destroyed to please a bunch of traitors who hate Americans?


Click here to see Ben Garrison’s great political cartoons. Here is Garrison’s comments to the cartoon at the top of today’s story:


Aristotle recommended moderation, or the ‘golden mean.’ Virtue can be found as a reasoned, logical place between two extremes. For example, courage is virtuous, but when carried to an extreme it becomes destructive recklessness. A lack of courage brings about its opposite, cowardice.


Any cartoonist who loves to quote Aristotle is my man.


We see today a great many ‘virtue signalers’ who want to feel good about themselves. They consider themselves kind, humane and generous and they want you to know about it. They demand help for poor, suffering people all over the planet. They want them removed from their own countries and cultures and brought to the United States so we can see such help up close and personal. “Let them in!” they shout. Their signs say, “Refugees are welcome!” They think all humans are equal and there should be no borders. At least, not for the United States.


The problem with such virtue signaling is they want to help people by forcing others to participate. Someone has to pay for for the immigrants who come here wanting free stuff. Things such as medical care, education, housing and food. The immigrants also bring cultural conflict, violence and crime. Big government is the tool used by virtue signalers. They want to steal from you via taxes to pay for the welfare of strangers.


Yes, hammer it home.  Uncontrolled immigration is called ‘an invasion’.  The DNC wants invaders who grant them more power so they can loot the Treasury.  I call this ‘treason’.


Click here to support Ben Garrison.


Now, on to Trump yesterday:

Trump’s tweets appeared at Inforwars, the news site the elites are desperate to eliminate along with the pesky RUPLY and Satellite TV from Russia:

Brian Krassenstein gave the usual liberal arguments which are incredibly stupid, as per usual.

This argument by big spending liberals who suddenly have no money for protecting our borders, is typical.  This stupid train is useless.  Why?


It is expensive.

It goes literally nowhere now.

It is trying to service a state built up around cars, not trains.

Western rails are all about freight trains and very heavily used and profitable.

If you did use these trains as planned, they were useless since getting off the train would mean being stranded in cities even San Francisco and LA that have very poor public transportation systems unlike Manhattan which is very dense and heavily populated with multi-level public transportation systems that interlock and were built up over a century of development.


Meanwhile, the mainstream media and DNC are struggling to pretend there is no invaders assailing our borders, demanding to loot the taxpayers.  Nope, it is all ‘fake news’ to the fake news media giants.  Their ‘comedians’ and ‘pundits’ all yap endlessly about how there is no crisis, no invasion while actively refusing to report the news of the latest invasion forces moving relentlessly closer.


President Donald Trump can likely begin building new sections of the border barrier,
despite a federal lawsuit filed by California and 15 other states on Monday challenging the the national emergency declaration he issued Friday.


The reason: only some — about $3.6 billion — of the roughly $8 billion Trump wants to spend on the barrier actually requires an emergency to be declared in order to be allocated. The rest, theoretically, can be spent regardless — especially the $1.4 billion Congress approved, though it is subject to some restrictions that may not apply to the rest of the money.


Trump and his advisors have hammered out a system to fund the protection of the US borders.  Historians will find all this fascinating.  The invaders really do menace us, they bring filth and crime with them in huge amounts.

Less than a week after calling for the border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso,
Texas, to be taken down, former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) backtracked on Tuesday, saying he believes “there is a role for physical barriers in some places” along the U.S-Mexico border.


HAHAHA.  He yapped about how he will ‘tear down the wall’ and then backtracked later?  Typical, all the DNC does this, nonstop.  They hate the ‘way back machine’ we use to compare their statements today with whatever they yapped, yesterday.



As for the rest, the complaint acknowledges that the other sources of funding are “not dependent on the president declaring a national emergency,” but argues that a border barrier would not stop the smuggling of drugs, or lower crime.


Yes, the excuse the leftists give to not protect our borders and stop invaders is…there is no invasion and if there is, it doesn’t bring crime or drugs.  This is lunacy, of course.


It also argues that the environmental impact of the barrier in New Mexico and California requires the federal agencies involved to prepare environmental impact statements under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). But the new barrier will likely be built in Texas, and Texas is not a party to the lawsuit.


Yes, they worry about the environment and then erect windmills everywhere that kill rare birds at a mad rate.


NPR, the broadcasting arm of the DNC, had this story several years ago just as Trump began enforcing border controls:  The total number of people apprehended for illegally crossing the southern U.S. border has been steadily falling for almost two decades. It’s a long-term trend that sociologists, economists and federal officials have been tracking for years.

‘Long term’ is Orwell Speak for ‘ever since Obama took over’.  That is, people arrested and stopped dropped like a rock under Obama but the minute Trump resumed enforcing immigration laws, the frustrated invaders changed tactics and openly attacked our borders, in massive waves, while shouting abuse and waving foreign flags.


This is called ‘an invasion’.  In 2014: In Tucson, waves of released illegal immigrants have reportedly been crowding a bus station after being flown there via plane by ICE.  Tucson has been Ground Zero of this invasion and is being systematically destroyed.  People are now fleeing Tucson to get away from filth and crime while liberals open every possible door to invaders.


The Monitor reported that earlier this week, over 100 illegal immigrants were “left to their own devices” at a Tucson-based Greyhound station. U.S. officials “released them on their own recognizance” from Border Patrol sectors in Arizona and South Texas.


Sylvia Longmire, Breitbart Texas contributing editor and border security expert, said that releasing individuals at bus stations “is a common tactic for ICE as a way to both alleviate the burden on local communities where these immigrants initially cross into and a way to discourage illegal immigrants from either staying in the US or crossing the border in the first place.”


Giving them free bus tickets was a great way of ‘discouraging’ them!  This is pure insanity.


Laurie Melrood, a volunteer at the Tucson Greyhound station, told The Monitor, “The sheer volume of people being released is staggering. On a holiday weekend most of the buses are already booked. To release this many women and children without tickets or even information on how to purchase tickets is clearly a health and safety threat to an already vulnerable population.”


Ah, the ‘vulnerable’ invaders!  We see women tossing their children over the fence so they can follow them inside, wailing away, then get on welfare, raise some criminal kids and unleash them on us.


And here is fake news from Tucson:

What the Bilderberg gang is doing is ‘gaslighting’ us all. ‘What crime?  I see no illegal aliens committing crimes!’ is classic gaslighting.  Then there is, at the same time, from the same ‘liberals’ screeches that Trump isn’t fighting the ‘real crimes’ of drug dealers and murderers which is not only utterly false but deliberately ‘el stupido’.  That is, the flood of illegal aliens are the river which the smugglers, rapists and murderers use to move in and out of the USA, committing more crimes.


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4 responses to “Trump Demands California Return Not So High Speed Rail Money

  1. AT

    America was not built up around cars, it was built with trains, and would be still, but for the federal taxpayer’s subsidy of the interstate highway system. Trains are far more efficient for commerce, unless the taxpayer is paying for the road.

    Funny, in three years Putin has already built a huge bridge for both a train and a highway, stretching across the Black Sea, sidestelling Ukraine, and linking Russia with its newest conquest, Crimea.

  2. Floridasandy

    Americans want cars. They want autonomy, and they don’t want to adjust their lives around someone else’s schedule.
    …Not to mention the increasing nuts on some trains that you can’t get away from 🤔
    Trains usually lose money statistically.
    We don’t care what Putin does in Russia. He will need lots of drivers for his oil dependent economy. Hope it all works out for him.

  3. AT

    Trucks work better than trains only when the government is paying for the roads. The government could also subsidize tracks to save wear and tear on those pricey highways (and get them out if your car lane incidentally). We don’t seem to be able to put that together.

    I was contrasting the speed of Russian and Chinese high speed rail development to illustrate the rank incompetence and paralysis that has descended on US public works and infrastructure in general.

    What’s more, after peak oil, nations with a rail backbone to fall back on for commerce will stand much better. (That’ll be after there is not enough gasoline to go around for suburban soccer mom’s to run their kids to activities and the mall anymore.)

  4. Petruchio

    One solution I think should applied is, once you become a LEGAL citizen you have to wait 5 years before you are eligible for full Social Services benefits. And you can justify this based on the simple reality that things like EBT and housing subsidies, etc cost MONEY. If you have paid taxes supporting these Social benefits, you are eligible to get them if you come upon hard times. If not you d=het just a basic subsidy. Otherwise you can see what happens. Every deadbeat Freeloader in THE WORLD will come to you and ride the gravy train. Then the whole System collapses. The reality is that Social services cost money, so you MUST exclude some people. In this case it is the deadbeats.

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