Leftist Puritans Schizophrenic Sex: Social Chaos Destroys Entertainment Systems

We are at a cultural watershed moment in our history.  I was part of the Free Love movement way back in California in the mid-1960’s and I was one of the first girls to use the Civil Rights Act to get access to ‘boys’ classes like shop and auto mechanics.  Today, girlz rule. Boys are being shoved out of our universities, they are last in line to get traditional male jobs and all systems are heading towards collapse.   Meanwhile, girlz want to be LADIES and be ‘sexy’ and attract the male gaze…and then scream bloody murder when men notice them!  Schizophrenic cultural hysteria rulz.


Here is a fine example of the New Woman who is really a raunchy girlz rulz monster:


Yet Little Mix fans were left hitting out at the BRIT Awards 2019 after the group failed to win Best British Group on Wednesday night at London’s 02 arena in North Greenwich as they also accused them of ‘miming’ their single Woman Like Me.

The winners in this silly British show were four young men.  Note how the males are dressed formally as if at a wedding while the females are dressed as cheap strippers, flaunting their ‘sex appeal’ in the most blatant and uncreative way possible.

Note how this female dancer has tattoos like a man and is flexing her very limited muscles, pretending to be ‘strong’.  This is rife in our culture now: the concept that females are as strong or stronger than men runs right alongside the utter annihilation of all genetic females from ALL sports, one by one as men pretending to be women take over and win easily.


Women are now being used in combat situations where they are the weakest link and who do very poorly on battlefields.  And this is insanity since someone has to replace the men who die and this is done via a mechanism called ‘giving birth to babies’.  This cultural madness infects everything now.  In the movies and cartoons, the slender, smaller females are super-strong, can out punch, out shoot, out wrestle beefy, powerful males who are sometimes twice as big.  Here is a typical example:

This childish movie based on Japanese anime which has, for years, featured fighting girls who beat up huge monsters magically, is a popular trope for young people who are upset with the feminists taking over movies and gaming and comics.  So, they think this silly movie of a small girl who has magic robot arms, is different from all the ‘girlz rulz’ junk being pumped out when…it is totally that, itself.


The fans of this movie tell me, this fantasy is different from the other ones they object to and I point out that no, it is utterly and totally identical.  Then they make up fake facts like ‘the METAL in her arms are different’ as if the thin structure of her arms is somehow, as strong as a huge crane, for example.


Nope.  When I explain how mass works and being ‘strong’ with very low mass means one can push over a fighting figure that stands on two slender legs and tiny feet without using hardly any force at all.  Unless she is nailed to ground, she will fall over with a mere shove, especially if her top half is metallic and made with super duper steel of some sort!


This is why a Yugo car can’t flip an army tank.  Duh.  How simple is this?  But the desperation of young men in particular to find anything to enjoy is tragic.  I have watched Japanese anime for 55 years.  I was lucky to have access to it in California via the local Japanese community.  Then I had it with cable and then, on the internet.


It has been spiralling down a rabbit hole of self-destruction as society in Japan collapses.  In the old days, girls were strong in relation with the boys, that is, the boys supported and protected the girls.  Then the girls became stronger and today, tiny girls can destroy naval flotillas, fling gigantic aliens out of Tokyo and in general, pretend to be Superman.


In real life, girls are winning all sorts of goodies handed to them on silver platters via rigging systems so they get first dibs on everything and this is destroying them as well as men.  And men are walking away from being men who protect women, instead, women are now expected to survive on their own which is suicidal in the long run because as we see in the black community in America, when the men leave the women running things, it all collapses into chaos.


This takes us to the Smollett case: this gay black actor wanted to start race riots and he worked very hard at this and tried several times to do this crime and nearly succeeded this year.  Well, he should go to prison but I am betting he will,  a SECOND TIME, get only probation.


There is now a store security camera video of the Smollett conspirators buying their ‘frame whitey’ equipment:


 In the video taken inside the store the day earlier, the brothers look calm in the video as they bring the items to the register. Abel, whose full name is Abimbola, is dressed in a blue plaid jacket. About 30 seconds into the video, he puts his hood up while standing at the register.


So, we now have perfect evidence of the co-conspirators buying the equipment so they could frame Trump voters and feed a media frenzy.


In 2007, when he was pulled over for a DUI, Smollett told the officers that he was his younger brother Jake.  The actor, who was 25 at the time, pleaded no contest to providing police with false information, driving while intoxicated and driving without a valid license.


He was sentenced to two years probation and had to complete an alcohol awareness and education program.


The comments to the Daily Mail article nearly all are angry with the actor for trying to pull a fraud on us:


Ravr, Stuttgart, Germany, about 5 hours ago

The police should pull a pre-dawn raid on him as they did with Roger Stone. Set up dozens of police around his home and knock his door in and pull him outside in his pajamas for a waiting CNN crew with cameras rolling.


Yes, the utter day/night difference between Roger Stone who was accused of interfacing with Wikileaks and this lying creep of an actor who tried to cook up a race riot in Chicago is glaring.  It is very annoying, watching how all things are presented to the public in ways deliberately designed to lie, cheat and steal.


That is, our media giants are crooks, devils and traitors who wish to destroy our nation and even blow up much of the world since they sincerely believe that we are going to roast to death and thus, we need to eliminate most humans.


The most recent Marvel movie was all about Thanos, the bad guy, deciding to kill of one third of all living things to ‘save the universe’.  Yikes.  This shows how anti-social, angry and destructive people are who live mainly in California.  They really do want to ‘snap the fingers’ and thus magically kill off many, many humans while screaming about saving the planet and saving humans.


This is, in other words, utterly schizophrenic thinking.  Speaking of schizoid:

HAHAHA.  So…Obama wants young black dudes to stop the twerking and watching girlz twerk and so forth.  Hello!  Things got much worse under 8 years of Obama rulz.  He created this monster, he fed it, he petted it and now he wants it to be toilet trained?  Good luck with that, buddy.


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12 responses to “Leftist Puritans Schizophrenic Sex: Social Chaos Destroys Entertainment Systems

  1. Melponeme_k

    Whether or not that person in the pink scary outfit is a real woman is up for debate (checked the other pics, answer is NO). It can’t grow large muscles if it is taking mega amounts of testosterone blockers and estrogen.

    What isn’t up for debate is that Mind Control tattoo on its arm stating “Once Upon a Time”. Is it trying to trigger others or just itself? Maybe both?

    And they always tell. Look at the picture where they are all grabbing their “extra piece”.


    Meanwhile, the Daily Mail loves its Royal He/Shes. MegMan Mark is splashed all over the front page wearing his moonbump. He has no swollen face, no weight gain on any part of his body and no swollen ankles. My sister swelled up like a balloon when she was pregnant AND she had to wear a larger size shoe. But of course, she was a real lady who did possess a uterus that sustained a baby. This Mark man is a man with no uterus, lots of plastic surgery and mocking real pregnancy.

  2. Rob

    Your post today reminded me of this in the news:
    “First female Viper demo team pilot relieved of command after two weeks”
    due to a loss of confidence in her ability to lead and command the Air Combat Command F-16 Viper demonstration team


  3. AT

    Once you get past the Golden Rule, the rest of political correctness is mostly Gilding the Lilly.

  4. MadSklz


    Thanos wanted to wipe out HALF

  5. Lou

    1—see Vigilant Citizen, photos of month for image of Lara Stone.

    and Miss America will not be a beauty contest,

  6. Petruchio

    Mel: Gee whiz. You’re telling me that Megan Markle is a He? I always thought of Megan as what an expensive hooker should look like. Now I’m gonna have to find a new ideal. Any suggestions? I don’t trust my ability to tell the difference between males and females anymore.

  7. Melponeme_k

    “I always thought of Megan as what an expensive hooker should look like.”

    It is exactly what a sacred prostitute looks like. The elites worship a goddess that is androgyne. They especially love the myth of Attis.

    “Now I’m gonna have to find a new ideal. Any suggestions?”

    Stop watching television and film. All the big stars are inverted. If there is anyone of their real sex, they will only have the smallest bit parts or be background.

    Look around you. The only ideal you should be concerned about is what you actually are attracted to in everyday life. NOT what the mass media tells you is attractive.

    Do you even KNOW what you really find attractive? Hmmmm?

  8. Petruchio

    Mel: “Do you even KNOW what you really find attractive? Hmmmm?” Mel, I’m actually very liberal, very open minded. I remember when I visited Australia on Vacation. I never thought Asian women as attractive, but I noted some real attractive Asian women. But I am a typical hetero male. The first rule of attractive starts out with, like the country song says, ” a good woman warm and willing…” Sometimes, just a woman who is willing will do!!

  9. Melponeme_k

    “I never thought Asian women as attractive, but I noted some real attractive Asian women.”

    You got a watch out for these ones. Asian women are mostly soft and shy. The culture prizes these traits. On the whole, you won’t see a lot of Asian women acting loud and in your face. THAT is the trait of the lady boy. Lady boys are very known in Asia.

    “The first rule of attractive starts out with, like the country song says, ” a good woman warm and willing…” Sometimes, just a woman who is willing will do!!”

    Country music is a prime vehicle for MK Ultra programming. What you are talking about is programming. Men and women over the ages have worked hard to combat animal drives to achieve monogamy and stability. Becoming dependable and focused on family (leading to a more healthy life for both male and female) builds strong cultures. The elites started to actively destroy this around the late 1800s (Free Love movement, think HG Wells) then finally killed it with the sexual revolution.

    Look at us now, whole segments of society barely able to form relationships.

    Stop acting on what was programmed into you. If you are already with someone, great. If you are not and looking…well…if you aren’t using your eyes and logic…you may get a lady boy.

    Remember not many women are in your face ignore what TV and film tries to teach to you. Women evolved to be a bit more circumspect because they were smaller animals compared to big males. A really loud, obvious, foul mouthed female is either insane or not a female at all. In fact they like to encourage women to be masculine….it hides the changers.

  10. The birth control pill unleashed wild sex. I was there when it happened. I suspect I was the youngest girl in 1964 to be on the Pill due to being operated on my reproductive organs at age 13.

  11. John

    As you said all those years ago, bout the Derivatives Beast, “the monster eats its master.” We see the SJW beast is indeed eating those who spawned and nurtured it.

  12. I was going to do a study of Dr. Faustus and his deals with the Devil when I was in college only they eliminated my degree program.

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