Female Student Debts Killing Marriage, Families…Facts Feminists Famously Ignore

Student debts which are mainly female ‘woke’ students, is destroying marriages.  These sad, unfortunate females all pile into colleges, go very deep into debt and come out socially crippled and deep in debt and have to be wage slaves for the rest of their miserable lives, trying to pay off these unescapable debts.  Also, the NATO invasion of Syria is collapsing, Trump is leaving, the SJW gang and the Bilderberg gang are screaming bloody murder and Trump shows his powers yet again.  Time to defend our own borders!


Back to the collapse of marriage and the piling of massive debt on young ladies so they can’t produce children due to facing bankruptcy…yup…tons of social chaos fun!


After breaking down the data, the authors found that “as average loan balances and the proportion of college-going young adults with debt increased, student loan debt became more of an impediment to marital transitions in young adulthood, at least for young women.” Young women, they explained, were about 2 percent less likely to tie the knot in a given year for a 1 percent change in student loan debt.


This story is from Brides magazine.  Since it is a mainstream media piece of junk, it does not examine why these problem exists, indeed, it very slyly lays all the blame on young men, not feckless young females falling for feminist propaganda and then being shackled with a mountain of debt, making them very poor marriage material all around.


Hostile to men, seething with rage, desperate to dump their debts on someone, anyone, these young ladies often dump their debts on poor daddy.  Many a gallant father is now facing bankruptcy in elder years with zero escape.


In other words, debilitating student loan debt could potentially become “an economic barrier to marriage,” the study states. It’s possible that women today are living with their partners before marriage in order to save money, pay down debts, and maybe even be better situated to set aside funds for their dream wedding. It’s also worth pointing out that people who live together, unlike married couples, don’t assume each other’s student loan burdens. (Sorry, future husband!)


Note how Bride magazine pretends it is the men trying to dump their school debts on the feminist females!  HAHAHA.  Nope.  Indeed, many a female has married and the gallant male taken on her debts only for her to suddenly get pregnant and quit work.  It happens a great deal.  The young lady can sit back, produce two kiddies and live free and clear while hubby works double to pay off her useless certificate of study.


MGTOW is all about alerting young, romantic males of this deadly female trap.  Men are now telling each other, ‘Don’t get married if the girl has any debts.’  As we see in the video above, the female trick has been to totally hide these debts only to dump them on the unwitting fly in their spiderweb when the fly can’t escape.  Divorce may be the only escape but one loses 50% of one’s skin, doing this since the man will have to pay off at least 50% of the girl’s debts.


In the case of daughters doing this to daddies: the males, even in divorce, will end up paying 100% of the debts if they co-sign student loans.  Warning men about this Venus Fly Trap business is slow because media giants are doing everything in their power to hide reality.


This desire to lie in public covers all possible issues.  Weather: the mainstream media run by Bilderberg conspirators lies about the weather all the time now.  It is at the point of being hilarious as gang members howl about ‘global warming’ while literally standing in a blizzard in extreme cold.


The peasants marching all over Europe this cold winter are doing this because of the global warming rules set up by the Bilderberg gang which seeks to literally freeze to death or beggar all the workers.  This is a life and death issue for workers.  Lies about climate are directly used to starve and weaken workers.


The problem about lying about literally everything is, people begin to doubt everything produced by the mainstream media.  It is a slow process but so far, at least 50% of the people now resist blatant lies by propagandists.  This is heroic.  This is what suddenly killed communism years ago.


‘Masculinities Month’ a session run at the University of Kansas isn’t a 30 day session for men to discuss the unfolding social catastrophe of vast numbers of young ladies going deep into school debts, it is a bunch of crazy cat feminists whining about men.


Masculinities Month kicked off with a roundtable discussion on “The Rise of ‘Toxic Masculinity’ and ‘Woke Capitalism,’” a panel hosted by five university affiliates. The event’s Facebook page states it was attended by 14 individuals.


So, five gangs of gaggling girlie committees couldn’t cough up more than a dozen dumb dupes!  HAHAHA.


A lunch forum was also hosted on “incels,” a community of “involuntarily celibate” men that, according to the event’s Facebook page, “promotes violence against women.” The lunch featured a presentation on “incels” hosted by a transgender YouTube personality. The Facebook event indicates that six people attended it.


Double HAHAHA.  So, even with a lunch to entice people, only a few showed up.  They then sat around whining about why men are running away from toxic strumpet felines.  ‘I put out the bait, weave my web and all the stupid men run away!’ they whine.


The keynote speaker for the month was Donna Zuckerberg, author of the book “Not All Dead White Men: Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age.” Zuckerberg’s book focused on “a virulent strain of antifeminism” and dived into the “virtual communities of the far right.”


What a joke.  I looked up Zuckerberg.  She went to school at Princeton, a top SJW Globalist Black Magic den.  She hates real men.  But doesn’t hate real rich men, she adores them and they pay her to do their dirty work of destroying workers of the world who are right now, uniting under the banner of nationalism, not socialism.


According to the event’s Facebook page, it was co-sponsored by “Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center, the Department of American Studies, the Department of Classics, and the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Kansas,” and 23 people attended.


So, this Jewish feminist elitist attracted two dozen flies.  HAHAHA.  I had a scholarship at the University of Kansas when I was only 16 years old.  I left the school two months later after doing a massive and rather violent exorcism.  That school is the den of a dozen demons.  The auditorium where Lorraine was fatally injured was destroyed by lightning bolts.  Grrr.  A strange school, it should close down as too toxic.


But then, I went off to Berkeley!  HAHAHA.  Ten times worse, from the frying pan into the fire!  I left there in a snit, too, when other students said they would kill me for writing an editorial mourning the assassination of a young police officer in front of my home.


These people are nuts.  They are inhuman and they hate society, humanity and all living things and I think they want to blow away 50% of all life on earth as Thanos is doing in the movies which are run by deranged people in Hollywood.


Speaking of the devils…BILDERBERG GANG MESSAGE TO US TAXPAYERS: Our fake allies in Europe are screaming about how they can’t stay illegally in Syria, the US has to stay there, too.


Allies have “unanimously” told the United States that they “won’t stay if you pull out,” a senior administration official said. France and Britain are the only other countries with troops on the ground in the U.S.-led coalition battling the Islamic State.

Good.  PULL IT OUT.  This is bad sex.  The rape of Syria failed.  Israel and Saudi Arabia are pissed off but then can do the s..e..x thing with each other if they so wish.  The Syrian invasion was illegal, it was utterly illicit and it was a total failure.  Time to pull it out.  The international rapists have been beaten by Putin.

Along with the United States, they have provided training, supplies, logistics and intelligence for the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish-dominated group that has done most of the fighting. U.S., French and British ­forces also operate heavy artillery and conduct the airstrikes that have been decisive against the militants.

The Bilderberg gang, defeated in Syria, want to break apart at least a quarter of that country.  This is destroying NATO as Turkey moves more and more into the orbit of Russia, not Germany.  HAHAHA.  Backfire!  Yes, this was one of the bigger backfires in history.


This is why the gang is screaming about Trump being a Putin agent all the time even though this is silly.  But then, they have to keep on lying and lying and lying some more.  In the fake MAGA attack in Chicago, they are now forced to tell the truth but this won’t stop them from lying again as soon as possible.


And here is one gigantic issue the mainstream news is hiding: the FBI issued a report showing the fastest growing hate crimes are…’minorities’ attacking white people.


A new FBI report indicates that hate crimes committed against white Americans are the fastest growing racial hate crimes in the United States.  The FBI report on 2016 Hate Crime Statistics shows that in 2016, there were 876 reported anti-white hate crime offenses in the United States. In 2015, this number was 734, indicating a 19.34 percent increase.


Anti-Hispanic or Latino hate crimes also increased in 2016. In 2015, the number of offenses targeting Hispanic/Latino Americans was 379. In 2016, that increased to 449, an increase of 18.46 percent. Anti-Black hate crimes actually declined by three offenses.


The anti-Hispanic crimes are gang wars between blacks and Hispanics most of which happen in DNC-run cities.  The mainstream news, fresh after their sustained attacks on white school boys and MAGA hat white men, refuse to carry this news story from the FBI.  Anti-black crimes have gone down!


DNC Presidential candidate, the half-black Kamala Harris, had a press conference where she didn’t apologize for believing obvious lies, instead, she yapped about ‘the truth’.  She said, ‘Hate crimes are rising’ which is the ‘truth’ only she then lied and claimed that hate crimes against blacks is rising when that is a total lie, it is going down, not up.



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12 responses to “Female Student Debts Killing Marriage, Families…Facts Feminists Famously Ignore

  1. Lou

    Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer has a PhD from Capella University, which is a for-profit college in Minnesota and her PhD degree is an online degree. In a world in which Ivy League PhDs do not always find employment,

    Highlighting Dr. Evans-Brewer’s experience is certainly an odd choice. The plight of adjunct professors should not be diminished. However, to think that someone with an online PhD could secure a tenure-track position is far-fetched at best.

  2. Lou

    ‘Hate Crime’ is a bogus term. Any crime w a victim is a hate crime. What Hate Crime Laws DO is…..give certain groups more gravitas.

  3. Petruchio

    Ever notice how very few Feminists are sexually attractive to hetero males? Most Feminists are about as Sexy as a punch in the face. Same thing with the #MeToo crowd. Almost all of these Feminist/#MeToo types have ZERO risk of EVER being sexually harassed. Maybe that is the REAL reason they have so much hatred towards men.

  4. Petruchio

    “Hostile to men, seething with rage, desperate to dump their debts on someone, anyone, these young ladies often dump their debts on poor daddy.” This confirms something I have maintained for some time now. Women have a STUPID gene baked into their DNA. There is no other word or these College women who take on a HUGE student loan debt. I mean, are these College women totally unaware of the Labor Market?? I mean the Job Market for College grads has been AWFUL for decades!! Why don’t these College women EVER ask themselves, “The Job Market SUCKS. Maybe getting a Degree isn’t a good idea.” Possessing any amount of logic and common sense would almost force these College women to ask themselves this question. And then of course, to put the proverbial icing on the cake, these College women develop a rage against men!!! Again, the possession of even a small amount of logic and common sense would force these Drowning in Loan debt for the Rest of their lives College women would direct their “seething rage” against the College folks who conned them into going into such enormous sums of debt. We should be hearing news reports of the folks running the Women’s Studies” departments getting assaulted–physically. The kind that require medical care and hospitalization. Nope. These College women in debt blame white males for everything.

  5. Figuring out the obvious is often very painful.

    Seriously! Humans are stubborn creatures, they have to be hammered by reality in order to stop stupid ideas. Our long history is one of a constant refusal to bend to reality.

  6. Moe

    Gimme A Redneck Girl (this might actually become popular considering the alternatives).

    In spite of all that is wrong with this song, the lyric “First comes Love, then comes marriage…” Heard that one lately form the femtards?

    Redneck girl likes to cruise in daddy’s pickup truck
    And a redneck girl plays it hard when she’s down on her luck
    Living for Friday afternoon
    She’s gonna show one ol’ boy that a weekend moon
    And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl

    A redneck girl likes to stay out all night long
    She makes sweet rock and roll while she listens to the Country songs
    She’s waiting for that moment of surrender
    Her hands are callused but her, her heart is tender
    And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl

    Oh, gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
    Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
    Yeah, gimme a gimme a gimme a redneck girl
    Gimme a gimme a gimme a redneck girl

    Redneck girl got her name on the back of her belt
    She got a kiss on her lips for her man and no one else
    The Coyote is howling out on the Prairie
    But first comes love and then comes marriage
    And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl

    Yeah, gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
    Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
    You’ve got to gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
    Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
    Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 Elaine. Yeah, that’s true, but still….having a $100,000 student loan debt–which you have to pay for every month should be a HUGE kick in the teeth. Then the fact you have to move back home with the folks because you can’t afford rent is another “Kick” of reality. Then not having any marriage prospects because of a crushing debt load is yet ANOTHER dose of reality. I don’t know. I think even with a human habit towards a Denial of unpleasant realities, one or two of these factors should jar 90% of the debt loaded women into reality. There should be at least SOME debt loaded women out there who are going back to campus and telling their younger female students that the colleges are screwing you over BIG TIME. Maybe even for LIFE. It’s a stupidity gene women have. It’s the same gene women use when they stay with a loser boyfriend for 12 years instead of dumping him after a year or two and finding someone else.

  8. Kenogami

    Why don’t all US students put on a yellow jacket and declare a general strike and block everything until the corrupt criminal politicians allow them to declare bankruptcy and restart their life like everybody else.

    Every scum, criminal, conman or honest people of any profession can declare bankruptcy and rebuild their life, except for student debts, gift of the criminal Hillary Clinton. Instead these young idiots hate Trump instead of Hillary. An insane thing to see.

  9. Proof that schools are not teaching anyone, anything useful for survival. I do know all the hard science students carefully calibrate profit/loss terms for their own degrees. Everyone else is a fool caught in a spider’s web they can’t escape.

  10. Petruchio

    @#9 Elaine. That brings up another factor that is a total mystery to me. A College student and his/her family has every Right to ask this question AND demand an answer from those greedy, sneering College Administrators. The question is, “College is asking for thousands and thousands of dollars from we the students (and Parents).” Now the REAL question is: “What do we get in return for this huge expenditure of Dollars??” This is a totally rational, reasonable question to ask. Who would purchase a car from a dealer who tells you, “We make NO guarantees on our cars.” Or would you buy a home from a Home Seller who tells you “I have no idea what condition this house you are buying is in. Good Luck though.” Why ON EARTH(!!!!) would any Parent or Student keep paying HUGE sums of money to Colleges who do not, will not, give you ANYTHING tangible in return? Going to College these days makes absolutely NO sense in any way, shape or form. And on many levels. The solution is to throw these arrogant, greedy College Administrators out into the Street. Cut off all their subsidies, from State Legislatures funding them to ELIMINATING Student Loans. Do to the folks running Colleges what they do to their gullible students. Throw them into the street totally unprepared with a “Good Luck and Good Bye.” Make them make it in the World totally on their own Let’s see how well they stand up to this. I can’t figure out why Students and their Parents don’t DEMAND changes.

  11. AT

    Federal Judge tells selective service to include girls in the draft?

  12. Yes, the draft is now female. About time.

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