Tough DNC President Candidate Klobuchar Abuses Staff, Meanwhile More French Yellow Vest Protests Ignored By Mainstream Media


So, a stupid feminist who wants to stop us from using fossil fuels is a bully and a creep!  HAHAHA.  And worse, the NY Times thinks this is GOOD and unlike Trump being a bully and a creep, according to the NYT creeps, she is a good bully and creep so we should support her for being ‘strong’ whereas Trump is also ‘strong’ but that is evil due to his political DNA.  The DNC is always a bully, of course, through and through which is why I want them to be bullied in the polls.  Also, the French People, the Little People of France, are not bending to Macron’s bullying, they are once again, in the streets, marching loudly today and this is NOT IN THE NEWS.  Sheesh.


An aide, joining her on a trip to South Carolina in 2008, had procured a salad for his boss while hauling their bags through an airport terminal. But once onboard, he delivered the grim news: He had fumbled the plastic eating utensils before reaching the gate, and the crew did not have any forks on such a short flight.


What happened next was typical: Ms. Klobuchar berated her aide instantly for the slip-up. What happened after that was not: She pulled a comb from her bag and began eating the salad with it, according to four people familiar with the episode.


Then she handed the comb to her staff member with a directive: Clean it.


OK: if Trump did this, the NYT would be demanding he be impeached and removed.  In this case, they view this as no big deal and like DNC gangsters who openly rape women or wear KKK gear, that is also OK but cracking a mild joke means destruction for anyone to the right of Madame Mao.


The moment — an abridged version of which Ms. Klobuchar recounted herself in a speech to fellow Democrats at the time — encapsulates the underside of life on the Minnesota senator’s team, detailed in interviews with more than two dozen former staff members and internal emails reviewed by The New York Times. As Ms. Klobuchar joins the 2020 presidential race, many of these former aides say she was not just demanding but often dehumanizing — not merely a tough boss in a capital full of them but the steward of a work environment colored by volatility, highhandedness and distrust.


OK: so the NYT thinks she should not be President, eh?  Right???  Got that??????


Despite employee turnover that perennially ranks near the highest in the Senate, Ms. Klobuchar has defenders among her former staff. She noted at the forum that some people had been with her for many years.


The article goes on to praise her for being ‘tough’.  Otherwise, the NYT would have to look at their own propaganda about women being better than men.  Below are two comments showing that some DNC supporters who read the lousy NYT are not supporters of this sort of bully behavior:


I’m a politically active Democrat who has lived in Minnesota for most of my life. I have always voted for Amy Klobuchar over her Republican opponents. (I know. Low bar.) But I have also been hearing stories about Klobuchar’s abusive, bullying and narcissistic behavior to staff and underlings since she ran for Hennepin County attorney in 1998—i.e. for 21 years!!!! None of it is new. She should have been called out on this behavior years ago, but as she became more powerful, people became more silent.


Politically, she is a canned, cautious “centrist” who proposes incremental changes only after the polling and focus groups have assured her it’s safe.


HAHAHA…the radical leftist writing this comment hates the fact that this bully female is actually not a raging leftist like AOC, the Bronx Castro.  And here is another comment to the above story:


I am not bothered that Senator Klobuchar is a harsh critic, a demanding boss, and at times, high-maintenance. Sometimes those personality traits are part of the gig when it comes to bosses, male or female. I am very bothered by the fact that she has contacted the employers of former staffers in what appears to be attempts to sink job offers. It is sexism to harp on her eating a salad with her comb in a fit of pique. It is not sexism to question if she attempted to destroy career prospects of exiting employees, or act punitively to new parents who took paid leave.


All the ‘heroes’ of the left have dirty hands and ugly pasts.  But liberals are reluctant to examine all this very closely because this requires using a mirror to see what one really looks like to the outer world.  Also NOT in the news is today’s anti-globalist/anti-global warmist/anti-Macron march in Paris: we get this from Russian TV, not EU or US sources.

I googled today’s march and ZERO links were provided by Google to RT news.  Not one link at all!  The search engines continue to deteriorate badly as censorship by SJW clowns gets worse and worse.  I had to go to RT news to find the story today.

Last week’s demonstration didn’t turn up, no matter how I worded the search.  It just didn’t show, at all!  Amazing.  The top searches, even when I put in ‘February 2019’ didn’t show up.  Today’s demonstration just began and is very enthusiastic as the marchers know that if they bend to the globalists, they will all be destroyed, literally killed off each winter as they freeze to death, more and more while denied access to energy to stay warm.  Yellow Vest protest in Switzerland this last week:



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22 responses to “Tough DNC President Candidate Klobuchar Abuses Staff, Meanwhile More French Yellow Vest Protests Ignored By Mainstream Media

  1. Attempting to bring aid into Venezuela stopped by military. Live on Russian news.

  2. Jim R

    Elliot Abrams was famous for his ‘aid’ shipments to Nicaragua back in the ’80s. He included arms and ammunition for his banana republican soldiers to overthrow the local indigenous government. Poppy Bush pardoned him for this war crime.

    What’s in those ‘aid’ convoys trying to get in now?

  3. Petruchio

    “I’m a politically active Democrat…” I have said this before, I’ll say it here: I think there is a good chance that these “Letters to the Editor” are written by employees of the NYT. That’s how these propagandists roll. The NYT is like a Stand up Comic who pays a handful of people in the crowd to laugh at his/her jokes. Seriously Elain. Does anybody still take the NYT and WaPo seriously?? And as for Amy Klobuchar, after what she did to Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearings, the DNC MUST have a DEATH WISH. Only the DNC leadership thinks Klobuchar is a good candidate. Trump must be loving this. The DNC, come hell or high water, are gonna nominate a woman for President. They are gonna get crushed in 2022. The Dem Party is going to shrivel to a 4th Party kind of status. But the only solution is for the DNC crowd running the Democrat Party to abandon their Power of running the Dem Party. They aint never gonna do that.

  4. vengeur

    I was thinking the other day , we constantly hear about “white privilege”. But have you ever heard of “jewish privilege”???? I have come to the conclusion white privilege was invented to take the heat of the REAL PRIVILEGED CLASS .

  5. Tom W Harris

    vg, that’s the kinda BM they peddle at chitcites like Stormfront. Sad!

  6. Tom W Harris

    ems, I Googled

    “yellow vest” rt

    and got several hits.

  7. timothy carroll

    @#5 & 6

    Congratulations, Elaine! You’ve got the attention of the Zionist audience. Thanks, Tom W, for outing yourself! Loving it! 😀

  8. Tom W Harris

    I thought I made my views clear awhile back, genius.

  9. Vengeur

    Well, Tom, have you perhaps noticed that some of the loudest protesters of “white privilege” are jewish folks? Because , believe it or not, jewish people don’t consider themselves white.

  10. Most of us are ‘half breeds’ which is OK. This is why I am against ‘identitarian politics’.

    This is getting out of hand. Look, most people don’t realize they are the offspring of violent invaders, UNIVERSALLY. This is called ‘evolutionary survival’.

    We are the Killer Apes who ate other animals, at plants, ate anything in our paths. And we invented various tools to aid in killing everything we cross.

    All humans are of this descent.

  11. tio

    I am the descendant of teapots and I identify as a shrubbery.

  12. Jim R

    @tio, are you short and stout?

  13. Moe

    Chris Martenson on Yellow Vests:

    “I just wanted to dispel any notion that it’s somehow accidental that so many people are being shot in the face/eyes during the protests. The police are intentionally selected protestors as targets, individually, and then shooting to wound, intentionally.

    The people of France are taking notice of this. Both that the police are purposely inflicting life-altering injuries and that their President (Macron) implicitly and explicitly endorses these tactics and expresses zero concern for those injured. After several months of protests, he’s not yet visited a single injured person in the hospital or put any limits on the police’s suppressive tactics.”

    And: “Authorities fear losing control of the narrative. If they do, there’s nothing separating them from sufering the consequences of their disastrous and self-serving decisions.”

  14. Lou

    jewish people don’t consider themselves white.
    Mike Wallace is interviewed -at you tube.–And says he is not White.

    What do you think?
    I read millions of Jews go back to 5 [yes 5] people. Turks and Russians.

  15. Tom W Harris

    I’m reminded of a coworker who announced to me that the whole human species descended from a black woman. So maybe civic nationalism is the way to go.

    Make a change in your life
    And make it for the better
    Don’t you wait no longer
    It’ll just set you back further

    It’s not for the black and white
    not for the young and gray
    not for the sick and homeless
    not for just one race
    not for one generation
    for the whole damn nation

  16. Yes, we all descended from Africans a very long time ago. We are all one genetic group and can easily mate with each other, everywhere, any time.

  17. Lou

    17–If we are all outta Africa, why do Black africans not have Neanderthal DNA?

  18. Petruchio

    @#’s 16,17, and 18: I read this book entitled “The Seven Daughters of Eve” It makes the case that every Human alive now descended from one of these women. Been awhile since I read the book, but the book ID’s the locations where these women lived. One or two of these women lived on Africa. It’s very likely that further research on this topic has been done and ‘updated’ books on this subject exist. There are DNA tracing businesses that supposedly can tell you which of these females you came from.

  19. tio

    Yes, we all descended from Africans a very long time ago.

    .. and Saddam had WMDs. yee haarrr.

    We are all one genetic group and can easily mate with each other, everywhere, any time.

    .. and you can piss away your inheritance if you are a colossal berk.

  20. We came out of Africa eons ago. Monkey genes go back to when Africa and South America and North America were all one continent. When it split, the great apes didn’t exist. They evolved after the split which is why North/South America never had any ‘great apes’.

    We are ‘great apes’ ourselves.

  21. Tom W Harris

    Sometimes it’s obvious.

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