Hollywood Feels Sorry For Smollett’s Race Baiting, Continues Attacking White Males

The full scale attacks on white males is astonishing to watch.  These attacks have various nuances, the most striking is that the same people defaming and discriminating against white males do not do this to white MUSLIM males!  This is very odd and bemusing.  Meanwhile, white women continue to protect racist blacks who try to frame white males with fake race crimes.

The above video is a ‘comedian’ who mocks conservatives nonstop.  Here, he boasts about how wonderful DNC-run cities are compared to the rest of humanity.  What he doesn’t point out is, all the suburbs ringing many of these DNC hot spots are the actual workers who make these DNC cities continue and not collapse like Detroit.


This sort of grandstanding is common in Hollywood.  The machine that keeps the DNC in firm control of many of our major cities is the welfare system.  The schools in virtually if not all DNC-run cities are a hot mess and this is the #1 reason workers who keep systems going move to the suburbs with the better schools.


I did this!  I had to flee NYC due to the crummy schools.  Right now, this very month, the DNC mayor of NYC is again, destroying the public schools even further by demanding race designations be the #1 element when choosing students for specialty schools, not academic skills.


The schools that sprang up under the aegis of Republican or moderates in NYC are now dying again.  Lying about what is really going on is a liberal disease.  They can’t help but do this.  Below is another glaring example: White actresses line up to feel sorry for black gay actor who tried to start a race war based on his manufactured ‘race crime’:


She has not one word about how white Trump voters were defamed, the black men tried desperately to frame white males for a crime that never happened.  This is common.  There have been other occasions when black women as well as black men have tried to frame others for crimes that never happened or worse, in the case of the three black female students who deliberately attacked fellow students on the bus then went off and reported this to the Albany, NY police.


Since this happened in a city run by the DNC, none of the girls went to prison for this, they cried in court and were coddled and let go to continue life as liars and racists.


Nuance is important.  People who are con artists like Bill Maher gets showered with awards.  He gets lots of TV time while anyone who is conservative sees doors slam in their faces.  Smollett, for example, still isn’t being ruthlessly eliminated but if a conservative actress makes a silly joke about a black actress looking like a strikingly beautiful Planet of the Apes female love interest in a movie, Roseanne was ruthlessly eliminated from everything and her entire record of shows was destroyed utterly as punishment.


This was insane last year and in stark contrast with the ‘let’s feel sorry’ garbage showered on a half black actor who tried to start a race war!


Click here to see Ben Garrison’s cartoon about all this.


Jussie Smollett’s tangled web of lies is falling apart. At the end of January, Smollett claimed he was involved in a racist, homophobic attack by two red capped men yelling “This is MAGA country!” He claimed they punched him and wrapped a “noose” around his neck and poured bleach or gasoline on him.


The media went bonkers and ran with his story, using it to tar and feather all “racist” MAGA hat wearing Trump supports and the President himself.


No journalist did any digging or investigation to verify the story. The FAKE News media gave this story wall to wall coverage of how this racist, horrible attack could only be the result of Trump’s America. Journalism is dead.


Worse than ‘no new investigated’ part of Garrison’s rant, the media, when informed of the truth, started to deny they ever reported it incorrectly, in the first place!  They are, right now, pretending they were ‘skeptical’ from day one and it was only the pesky online plebs who ran with the story, not the mainstream liberal media!


HAHAHA.  This is so childish just like boasting that DNC-run cities are the best cities and not hell holes surrounded by increasingly worried suburbs where most of the productive workers live, who have to commute in and out of dangerous DNC-run cities.




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21 responses to “Hollywood Feels Sorry For Smollett’s Race Baiting, Continues Attacking White Males

  1. timothy carroll


    If you love the sight and sound of an entrenched, traitorous Democrat, literally crapping her pants over interacting with her own voting base, you’ll enjoy the heck out of this!

  2. Moe

    Jamie Lee Curtis, bleh. Just another poodle of the controllers. Is it possible people are finally cluing in to all this propaganda?

    I know what Mel would say about Curtis. 🙂

  3. timothy carroll


    You beat me to it! Personally, I’ve always thought Jamie Lee Curtis looked like a man, way back when I first saw her in Halloween. Also, how could a product of two beautiful people (Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis) have resulted in such an ugly creature? Okay, Mel….Janet Leigh was a guy and Tony Curtis was a girl ….5..4…3..2…1…..

    We love ya, Mel! And you’ve opened my eyes on more than one topic. And yes, that includes the gender confusion issue which still has me scratching my old noggin.

  4. timothy carroll

    Well shut my mouth and smack we awake! Seems (((Bill Mahr’s))) screed has even pissed off the illustrious Karl Denninger! Libs will need a place to hide once the food delivery production folk get the memo that they’re not needed anymore.


  5. Saint Mike

    ” One day the American people will know their place, and they will stop thinking they deserve the same privileges as us”

    -Senator Dianne Feinstein-Dual citizenship -USA and Israel- jew

  6. Pete


    The UK is starting mandatory Gay and Trans
    education for 5 year olds!


  7. timothy carroll


    I am with Elaine on this. It’s nobody’s business if you are attracted to the same sex or want to bet the other sex (ain’t gonna happen, no matter how much you cut off or paste on). Legit gays, lesbos, are going to pay a heavy price when the S hits the fan and the straight (white) working class decides they’ve had enough of this b.s. and violence is the only thing to make these @ssholes shut the F***K up. I don’t want to be around when (not if) that day comes.

    Also, consider that today’s 80 year olds (our senior & wise population) grew up believing all races were equal and all we needed was to strike down the white male hierarchy. See if you can find your mom, dad, or perhaps grandparent, among the listening audience.

  8. Pete


    Who said this?

    Obama’s “strategic patience” policy was “the worst blunder”, KCNA said, arguing that Democrats’ scepticism of Trump was driven by a desire to cover up their failures.

    “The Democratic Party seems not realizing itself lurching toward conservative, being lost to its own ‘authenticity’ at the end of getting indulged in opposition just for the sake of opposition,” the article said.

    That’s right North Korea!

    It’s easier for Trump to negotiate with NK than Pelosi!

    You can’t make this stuff up!


  9. Lou

    5–can you link?

  10. Lou

    Jamie Lee I think is or was in a marriage of convenience…and has done much for jews and now for gays.
    She has much jewish privilege, as Tony ‘Curtis’ child.

  11. AT

    Umm, isn’t Curtis an XXY?

    And if so, doesn’t she have cause?

  12. Lou

    Off topic, for a laugh, Chinese copying, again,

  13. timothy carroll


    They try and try to build without us, screaming how much they hate us and how evil we are. They copy the monumental beauty and majesty that Europeans created…..and yet……it doesn’t work. What could possibly be missing? Why…..it’s the very Europeans and European Americans they are trying so hard to exterminate.

    Exterminate the builders and creators of civilization and reap the harvest that results. Death, destruction, poverty, chaos, and profound ugliness. The beauty of the white race will be but a dim memory within a generation or two. Weep not for yourself, but for your children, who will inherit the hell on Earth that these cretins are creating. Kiss whatever is left of the concept of civil liberties, women’s rights, individual determination, goodbye. And our white brethren are cheering our demise. I’d like to obtain a copy whatever music the band was playing as the Titanic went down.

  14. Case

    Unrelated, but any opinion on the Earth magnetic field weakening and pole wander? Pole shift and new ice age in progress?

  15. melponeme_k

    @Moe and Timothy

    All the big name actors have a lot of dirt on them. That is how they are controlled. And it isn’t only being secretly transgendered. I believe they are involved, either in self motivated act or by inference via framing, in child rape. They are blackmailed by controllers. Nicole Kidman’s father was accused of pedophilia and child trafficking.

    Most people think that the stars are not only victims of being forced to be the opposite sex (when young) but they were and still are abused themselves in white slave trafficking rings. This is what the MK Ultra is for, so they don’t remember. I don’t know how much of it is all true or not. They are all actors, right? And most of them are suspiciously of military or intelligence agency families. And if not those, then part of the big families.

    Entertainment is weaponized mind control. They have to have slaves for it, because normal people would not stand for being used to hurt the public. Unless they were very evil themselves.

    In regards to Curtis. A few years before this whole transgendered mania got started, she came out and stated she was born with a chromosomal disorder. She has something like Kleinfelter. Whatever it was, it necessitated having to choose her sex because it wasn’t very clear. It used to be that when these problems would arise, the medical establishment would just make it automatic that they would make those children female. I had a family friend that this happened to and later became a male. This is eons different than having normal chromosomes of a male and being forced to take testosterone blockers from birth to be raised female.

    But lets’ look at the opposite now. FtM.

    A lot of male boy band stars with empty pants. Even today. They put them all in tight pants and then laugh when we don’t notice missing parts.

  16. Petruchio

    Saw another profile type picture of Venus Williams. She is probably THE most obviously MALE female I have ever seen. Mel: isn’t another tell for spotting a transgender female who is really a male are their huge feet? Can real females even have large feet? I saw a pic of Jessica Biel on her (his) FB page. I commented that it was a nice pic and then I added, “Damn you have big feet.” That picture disappeared from her page and was replaced with a picture–same picture—but with shoes on.

  17. Moe

    @15 Mel

    Re: Curtis’ chromosomal disorder, could be misdirection. Considering her theatrical family and the milieu to which they are exposed/engaged, which is more likely, transgenderism or a rare disorder? Occam’s Razor in play here.

    Miles Mathis (thanks for referencing him) had an excellent article on transgenderism that paralleled my position accurately:The Trannies Psyop. “…they are using admitted trannies like Jenner and the Wachowskis to mess with our sexuality” and “It is part of Project Chaos, and is one of the most obvious instances of that project…” I came to the same conclusion: some exist but not with the frequency projected by some sources.

    I haven’t found time to read much of Mathis’ work but first impression (unconfirmed) is that he is a nut case. We’ll see.

    Click to access tran.pdf

  18. melponeme_k


    The only reliable marker is the shoulder to hip ratio. Women can have larger feet. But it is rare that it looks out of proportion. When a young boy is castrated (physically or by drugs), it causes abnormal growth. They can get very tall, very long arms, long legs, large hands, large feet. It is the male growth patterns that are exaggerated. Since they don’t experience puberty, there is no hormone signal from the body to tell it to stop growing.

    I don’t know for how much longer the shoulder to hip ratio will work. There is a growing popularity for hip attachments for transgendered males. That means it will get very hard to tell. We will only have our instinct to guide us.


    Mathis doesn’t agree that the elite are Luciferians or that there is a real transgender psy-op. He thinks it is all a part of the mind control rolled out in the mass media. I agree it is a psy-op. But I also think he is wrong about the elites religion and the rest. You don’t go about seeding everything with religious symbolism if you don’t believe in it. You don’t build cities according to occult purposes unless you believe in it.

    He has good ideas. I just don’t agree with some of his opinions.

  19. Moe

    Allan Weisbecker has proposed that Mathis (and Corbett) are front-men for larger organizations. I too wondered at the output and breadth of Mathis work, and Weisbecker puts his finger on it: almost impossible for a single person.

    And you have a valid point: the omissions of these alt parties is telling.


  20. Melponeme_k


    I’m not familiar with Corbett. But Mathis seems on the level to me.

    Is he out there? Of course. But he is a man who has structured his life where he has a lot of time. And right now, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt in writing all his own work.

    His work is just too incisive to be the work of the spooks. The spooks like to drop references to themselves and give themselves pats on the back. There isn’t that kind of spook gloss on his work. He also touches a lot of hot spots that mainstream just does not mention.

    And even at their best, it would be beyond the imagination or interest of the best spook writer to rant about how awful modern poetry is or how the Taos Art scene has collapsed into bogus modern art dreck. Also it has been so long since any of us has seen a true polymath (not a fake creation of the spooks). Do we even know anymore what a real one is capable of? I’ve written to the man, he has always answered and has been very truthful.

    He has definitely shed some light on the method for me. And that is all he needs to do. Gather information from various sources then use your own brain. That is all any of us can do.

  21. Moe

    From Mathis’ site: by Lyon Mayasov

    “Readers of this site will immediately see through the veil of this pathetic event. This wasn’t a case of West Coast Intelligence (a.k.a. Hollywood) botching a fake hate crime. The botching was part of the script. It’s a double fake, if you will. Do you really think the handlers of this even thought the public would buy a racist hate crime perpetrated by two black men? ”

    Click to access smallit.pdf

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