‘Woke’ Oscars Big Snoozefest

Here is a screenshot of the Oscars: a sea of white faces (and of very few ethnic backgrounds) all applauding black performers, women in the movie business, ‘diversity’ and gay rights and everything except what is in the audience: many white males.  This is so psycho.  What is very funny is, mega hit ‘Black Panther’ got awards only for costumes, music and special effects.  Like Star Wars, which is now a dead franchise, killed by SJW politics.


Well, the Marvel Universe, now that the creator of that imaginary place is now dead and gone, is heading towards the Star Wars Feminist Hell Hole, that dark, dank place where white men are forbidden to enter and thus, the franchises go bankrupt.  The Oscars stage was designed by an SJW Hollywood denizen and lo and behold, it was a dark, dank design to hold all the black and female winners.

Too many straight lines so round and round they go, circling the drain instead.  The contradictions inherent here are plenty and funny.  #1 is all the females dressed as whores, flashing their super-sex, all of them weaklings compared to any males, boasting about how woefully woke these fiendish females are today.


#2 is the contradiction of all those white males in the audience cheering on the banjo whacking blacks from the Hollywood Plantation.  Wail away, slaves!


Disney owns the Oscar show now and is the #1 cause in collapse of several movie franchises due to being ‘woke’.


Down double digits from 2017 and falling to a new all-time low, the 90th Oscars snagged 26.5 million viewers and a weakened 6.8/24 among adults 18-49.


I found no statistics for this last attempt at ‘entertainment’ but I am betting it was a record low.  They just killed Miss America when they turned it into Ma’am America and they are killing football now that it is kneel ball.  All entertainment systems and even men’s shaving tools are going down the SJW drain and corporate America doubles down on the propaganda despite falling profits.


“It’s very unlikely that things will fall so radically this year that they’ll drop beneath those thresholds, but the fact is that there finally had to be such guarantees was a wake-up call to everyone,” another exec told us of the standards ABC agreed to for the notoriously long-running Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences show.


And this is a one day old story and last night proved it was futile: all the things the advertisers didn’t want, happened and the show stank and the awards were silly, as usual.


Seeking to raise the bar on that last commercial pod, ABC has been advocating for years for the Oscars to be a more succinct show. No matter that the broadcaster pays north of $85 million annually for the ceremony, ABC has only an advisory capacity, and any final decision — as we saw with the now-abandoned plan not to air some categories live, is up to AMPAS.


Disney owns ABC and owns most of the movies now and is the #1 pusher of the feminist/black agenda and is going into bankruptcy eventually as it maniacally works to alienate audiences.  This year’s SJW best screenplay  was this stupid movie called ‘Green Book’.  This is a movie about a black pianist and his white driver and it isn’t the movie about the black aide who was helping a disabled white man to see the bright side of life.


Farrelly, the director of the movie that won the award for ‘best screenplay’, was a naughty non-person who agreed with Trump way back in 2015.  So he was canned back then.  Last night, after he grovelled at the feet of the army of white NPC gang, he was allowed to win an award again thanks to being NPC instead of a troublemaker.

Even Spike Lee had something to say about the Green Book win, saying in the press room after the show, “Every time somebody’s driving somebody, I lose.” Lee’s BlacKkKlansman was also up for the top prize.


The tiny group of blacks in Hollywood want to hog all the awards all the time since they are all ‘uncle Toms’ who need the plantation owners to pet them when they do their song and dance routines on the front porch of the plantation.


Twitter had a lot to say about the win, with several Twitter users calling Green Book this year’s Crash (a best picture winner about race that was also controversial) and calling out the movie team’s acceptance speech for centering more on Mortensen’s role in the production than Ali’s. See some of the reactions below.


So the whining continues.  Why didn’t the director ignore the white actor and heap all the praise on the black dude?  Eh???  HAHAHA.  We should just have Ebony run the Oscars now.

These awards were tossed to the SJW gang who ungraciously whined about it all, demanding more and more from the white males in the audience who are their bosses.  Meanwhile, audiences are vanishing at an astonishing rate, who wants to see jive and whack when the jivers and whackers hate the people they are attacking: the audience.

And the Boss has the last word to the fury of the SJW/NPC gang.  Hate hoaxes are loved by Hollywood.  The gang in that theater jumped at a chance to attack children visiting DC and MAGA hat wearing males in Chicago based on fake information, false testimony, media making wonky news stories based on editing facts to lie about events: this is a race war which Hollywood and NYC big media giants are creating with the immense help of the Democrats in the DC swamp.


And all of this is owned and run by the Bilderberg gang especially the California and West Coast members like Bezos and Apple and Google, etc.  They are destroying everything that makes them very rich which is why they are now being sued by the victims of this race baiting criminal operations we see every week.


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13 responses to “‘Woke’ Oscars Big Snoozefest

  1. Lou

    I didnt watch the Awards.
    I wonder what the official count was, of TV viewers?

    ‘many white males.’ attended. If they are Jews or Leftists or both.

    Not too many John Wayne types there. Did I mention the Duke?


  2. Petruchio

    “Here is a screenshot of the Oscars: a sea of white faces (and of very few ethnic backgrounds) …” Very few ethnic backgrounds. That’s right Elaine. Lots of those ‘white faces’ in the crowd are JEWISH. It’s actually pretty hilarious if think about it. The World’s BIGGEST Anti Diversity ethnic group, Jews, are sitting there and praising Blacks and women in the film industry. LOL!!! Let’s see. Let’s call these Jewish Industry into account. Just how ‘Diverse’ are they really?? How many Women (ANY Race) are running Studios? How many Women of any Race are top Agents in The Biz? How many Black males have run a major Studio? Never? Hispanic males? HaHaHaHaHaHa!!! Doesn’t look very “Diverse” to me. There HAVE been one or two women in these positions (and I literally mean one or two), but ONLY to “prove” that it can and has happened. JEWISH males run the Film/Acting Industry. Always have, always (likely) will. At least until the Chinese take over, which they are planning to do.

  3. Petruchio

    I notice they are making ANOTHER remake. This one is a sequel to the movie “Top Gun”. Are the people in Hollywood THAT bankrupt of ideas? Looks like the answer is Yes. But these guys who run The Industry have enough power to hold on even if they have never had an Original Idea in their highly insulated lives. I wonder if I will be alive when “Fast and Furious: the 4th Generation” comes out in theaters?

  4. vengeur

    The Oscars are “jewish privilege” on parade. #2 nails it.

  5. Ziff

    OT : Venezuela ? watch out ! fake news, cnn strikes again

  6. Ziff

    OT : Venezuela ? Watch out ,fake news, cnn strikes again

  7. tio

    The Donald, a poultice that draws out yuck,

  8. tio

    Whilst being quite yucky himself.

  9. AT

    What’s the difference between a garbanzo and a Chickpea?

    Trump never had a garbanzo on his face.

  10. Moe

    Too bad they don’t have an Oscar for Bollywood memes.

    How about Trump as “Peshwa Warrior”, Peshwa, who subdued the Muslim Mughal Empire of his time.

  11. Moe

    Hmmmm, don’t know why the Youtube video didn’t post above. Will try again…

  12. Tom W Harris

    I haven’t watched the Oscars in so many decades that I can’t even remember watching them. (That can happen when you’re 76. 😉 So here’s the last word on the whole sorry industry:

    Show biz kids making movies of themselves
    They don’t give a phuque about anybody else

  13. Lou

    off topic but related–sexualized small children..belgium being a major area for child trafficking. Kiddie porn chic—


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