Facebook And Twitter Attack Tommy Robinson: The Bilderberg Gang Is Wiping Out The Internet One By One

Just like Alex Jones was removed from all DNC/SJW run computer platforms in order to silence opposition, the Bilderberg gang is now attacking Tommy Robinson across all possible platforms, too.  Neither Tommy nor Alex were breaking any laws, this is purely political.  Proof is easy to spot: ANTIFA is never removed or censored at all.

Here is Antifa Berkeley’s Facebook site which is still up and running despite the gang causing great physical harm to innocent bystanders in the recent past:

Facebook is even a platform for this terrorist group to openly recruit and plot to physically attack people invited to speak at any event in Berkeley that irritates the ruling elites and their pet monkeys, the ANTIFA gangsters.

See?  All of the ANTIFA gang operations are still supported by Zuckerberg.  He is endorsing these criminal operations.  Since he is now censoring anyone and everyone he dislikes, he is therefore totally responsible for supporting and enabling criminals like the ANTIFA terror gang.


The Big Bosses online are in full warfare against conservative or middle of the road internet users.  The latest example of this is how Rotten Tomatoes has decided last night to eliminate any feedback from users who used to get to rate movies as ‘like/dislike’.  No more: one can only approve of Disney movies, not dislike them anymore.

Rotten Tomatoes, instead of telling the truth that giving the thumbs down to Disney movies means many advertisers and other entities like movie theaters don’t like this so everyone has to pretend Disney movies are entertaining…this is how things will operate now.  You cannot protest any movies no matter how nasty Disney is about their movies.  You have to say, ‘Yes, give me more SJW garbage.’

The most recent kertuffle has been over this leftist California actress who hates white males and she hates her father, her former boyfriend and everyone who looks like these two men.  She is snarling and snapping at theater goers, telling all the men to stay away from her Marvel Movie.


And so they all said, they would do as she demands.  And her ‘want to see this movie’ score at Rotten Tomatoes went from 95% to 26% very rapidly.  Seeing it drop to zero freaked out the Disney bosses who ordered Rotten Tomatoes to fix it so no one would know that many men were planning to boycott the Disney movie with this loudmouth actress, Brie Larson.


Enraged at being throttled totally, men have banded together online to egg on everyone else to join in boycotting all Disney movies now.  A little problem is rapidly becoming a massive mess of a problem and this is due to the intersection of corporate America and SJW female hysteria.


Crazy, nasty, vicious, bitter females are a huge turn-off for men.  And if one expects to make oodles of money entertaining men, one better be entertaining rather than annoying.  All of Hollywood is at war with many, many men these days and guess who wins?


The customers.  All systems are crashing and burning due to this burning desire by California/NYC Bilderberg gangsters demanding white men in particular, should shut up and obey a bunch of ill-tempered, vindictive females who want to eliminate these men.  Which is suicidal.  But then, when are women logical or plan ahead in a sane way?  Obviously, they can’t.


Look at Germany and Sweden and other states being run off the cliff by crazy females, England and Holland, on and on, so many being systematically destroyed by crazy females.


This just in:  Two lead Facebook engineers proposed the creation of a “Troll Twilight Zone” which would secretly glitch out the accounts of alleged “trolls” on the social network, to “confuse and demoralize them” around key election dates.


Facebook Data Science Manager Seiji Yamamoto and Facebook Chief Data Scientist Eduardo Arino de la Rubia made their proposition in a 2017 presentation titled, “Coordinating Trolling on FB,” which was shared by a former Facebook insider with investigative journalism outlet Project Veritas.


According to the Facebook presentation,”troll accounts” in the “Troll Twilight Zone” could have their bandwidth “drastically limited” for “a few hours,” be logged out automatically “every few minutes,” and have their comments “magically fail to upload,” which the Facebook engineers boasted could “confuse and demoralize them.”


In other words, Facebook will cease functioning only this will happen to select groups of people.  Since Facebook is boasting about being a manipulative, controlling entity, this means that all the entities that are cooperating with Facebook are…Facebook.


So when these entities use Facebook to plot and commit crimes, Zuckerberg must go to prison as one of the gang doing this.  MORE NEWS:

The Covington mess continues as the SJW gang deplatforms anyone who challenges their dogma, their utter lies.  All sorts of lies were told about Nathan Phillip, the biggest being the lie that he was a Vietnam war hero when he was an AWOL zero.


So, time to kill the messenger!  I hope the Navy Seal sues.




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3 responses to “Facebook And Twitter Attack Tommy Robinson: The Bilderberg Gang Is Wiping Out The Internet One By One

  1. AT


    Just watched Cohen admit to two or three FARA violations on the Congressional record, apparently because he is unaware that political lobbying for foreign corporations (Novartis, etc.) falls under FARA just like lobbying for foreign governments. What’s worse the deal was a betrayal of trust for “access” to Trump.

    This Cohen guy is really giving attorney-client privilege a bad name.

    Granted he’ll probably be disbarred for life for the prior convictions, so maybe he doesn’t care about lawyering anymore.

    Granted there is a “crime fraud” exception to attorney-client privilege that might apply to some of the stuff he’s alleging.

    However, there is a huge amount of privileged derogatory information that he is either unlawfully disclosing or lying about.

    I hope Trump sues him for every dime he ever made or will make.

  2. Moe


    OK, this is just plain funny. Don McMillan on (among other things) Facebook Is Evil

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