Bilderberg Gang Systematically Wiping Tommy Robinson Off Of Internet

After removing Tommy Robinson from Facebook and other platforms, now which is a Bezos Bilderberg operation is now removing his book from Amazon’s online store just like they did to Alex Jones.  This systematic censoring of anyone who irritates the SJW gang is getting worse every day as they seek global power via censorship and terror attacks and enabling invaders to enter countries illegally and violently.


All news of the French Yellow Vest demonstrations has been suppressed by mainstream media and global Bilderberg rulers who greatly fear the working stiffs of France, daring to defy their dictates especially the ‘global warming’ fraud.

So, we have another collusion event: all the Bilderberg gang operations online are ganging up on yet another citizen, another hero, to defame and then deny any access to the public while they openly lie about someone.  This has happened to ME.


I know exactly how and why all this happens: this is NOTHING NEW.  It is just, we can now see it, online, easily.  This is why they are post-op eliminating the past as much as possible.  But then, THIS IS NOT NEW.


They did this way back in 2001 starting with the jets crashing into the World Trade Center.  Almost all operational comment systems online were systematically removed.  I remember when every newspaper and TV company had online comments that were extensive and totally open.


After 9/11, these were systematically shut down, very rapidly.  Today, NO mainstream TV business…except for Fox TV so far, allows any feedback whatsoever from the audience.  Just this week, Rotten Tomatoes removed feedback from visitors to that wretched site, too.


All interface between users and the internet hosts are being terminated rapidly now even for silly things like very childish movies.  No one is allowed to dispute anything served up by the Bilderberg gang and their useful tools.


Here is Tommy Robinson’s Facebook page today:

Here are some comments to the videos today:



The Yellow Vests clearly show how to complain and above all, physically fight.  It is dangerous to do this, the Bilderberg gang will be perfectly fine with killing pesky peasants.

Tommy proved that the BBC and other Bilderberg media were told, beforehand, that they could ban him in concert.  But Tommy outsmarted them all by posting his own video of the BBC ‘interview’ so we could spread it all over the planet, unhindered.


This ‘unpersoning’ of Tommy is nothing new.  It was done to me, too.  I changed my name twice since I was an adult and each time, I would appear in the news again until the media giants figure out who I really am.


This banning of people is old hat.  We never, ever had ‘free speech’ we have ‘restricted speech’.  My very first public speech way way back in 1966 was about…FREE SPEECH.


The BBC is a government operation.  It only tells official ‘truths’ and goes to great lengths to hide real news.  Here in the US, we have public (sic) media which is very much the same as the BBC: a tool of mainly the Democrats who took over all the PBS systems which is why, when we are freezing to death, we get endless fake ‘global warming’ stories.


The global warming scam is the real push to power here: it is hard to persuade victims that they are roasting to death when it is below zero F degrees!  It is impossible.  This rip-off of the People by the Elites is crashing and burning.


The People plainly see the Elites flying all over the planet earth in private jets or sailing on private yachts, visiting each other’s private massive mansions…and are furious at the double standard.


The rage about the hypocrisy of the global warmists is rising daily.  I could call this ‘global anti-warming rage.’  As we shiver in the deepening cold, the elites sneer at us daily, screaming about polar bears while the bears grow fatter and more aggressive.


Below is a screenshot of Panorama, the show that was set up to destroy Tommy Robinson, whining about being a ‘real news’ operation and not some Orwellian Death Machine:

HAHAHA.  This entire ‘apology’ is a classic Orwellian Truth Speak lie.  They whine about recording THEM secretly while they plotted secretly with others to ambush Tommy or lie openly about him and then sneer, he has no proof they framed him or lied about him.


Well, he has all the proof in the world!  So the BBC had to admit ‘Sweeney made some offensive and inappropriate remarks’ while not detailing what these were and why.  And this ‘apology’ isn’t anything.  He should be fired.

The Zombie Plague in Downtown Los Angeles is a Consequence of Liberal Utopian Dreams – YouTube


The Zombie plague is the Bilderberg plague.  All cities run by the DNC are filled with Zombies who are used as tools of the State to terrify and drive out all normal citizens who are not drug addicts or insane.  This is the Zombie political base of the left.


Tommy is ‘woke’ in the real sense.  When the Zombies say ‘woke’ they really mean ‘yoked’ to the DNC jaggernauth.  This massive wheelie monster is rolling over our cities, crushing everything.  All DNC cities end up dirty, needles all over the place, feces everywhere and broken windows, etc.  Meanwhile, they boast about how their states are so wonderful while all the DNC cities in states like New York are hell holes the citizens go to great lengths to avoid.




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8 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Systematically Wiping Tommy Robinson Off Of Internet

  1. Jim R

    meanwhile, where is RBG? has anyone seen evidence of life recently?

  2. timothy carroll


    A little long but worth listening to:

  3. honeybagder don't care

    . . .the Bilderberg gang will be perfectly fine with killing pesky peasants.

    As would anyone, right? After all, Mother Nature is “red in tooth and claw”.

    Just good ol’ evolutionary forces at work, yeah?

  4. honey badger don't give a shit

    Class Action vs all Major Social/News Media
    Those in power need to be brought to Justice

  5. A very good book! Thanks for posting it here. In England, the elites are straining hard to prevent anyone from selling this explosive, radical book.

  6. Lou

    beyond the pale
    The phrase “beyond the pale” dates back to the 14th century, when the part of Ireland that was under English rule was delineated by a boundary made of such stakes or fences, and known as the English Pale.
    To travel outside of that boundary, beyond the pale, was to leave behind all the rules and institutions of English society, which the English modestly considered synonymous with civilization itself.

    Others say it has to do with Queen Catherine and trading w Jews.
    War of cultures and haves v. have nots.

  7. LOU

    Elaine supported Obama, aka Imam Barry. Up until Ebola. Even she couldnt tolerate that gaff on his part. ‘Diversity is our greatest strength.’

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