Disney Is Now Eliminating All Movies But ‘Captain Marvel’ In Desperate Move To Fight Boycott

The same day that we learn all about how Facebook is screwing with us as Project Veritas reveals secrets as a young lady leaves Facebook and spills the beans.  Also, Tommy Robinson is the latest victim of across the board banning which is purely political.  And now we learn that a stupid Disney movie, Captain Marvel, is going to be the ONLY movie in all the theaters run by corporate powers working for Disney…unprecedented.  We are at war with corporate America which is bent on crushing us morally, politically and culturally.  This is warfare.

Facebook’s top dog, Zuckerberg, lied in Congress when he denied he was crushing conservatives and allowing criminal operations like ANTIFA and radical Muslim terrorist groups were all allowed to run Facebook pages but simple conservatives and even middle of the road liberals are being attacked, their sites removed or interfered with so they don’t work well, etc.


So…Zuckerberg lied to Congress and should be hauled back in to be examined and hopefully, arrested and put in prison.

Censorship is the last tool of the Real Rulers, the Bilderberg gang.  I warned everyone that last May, they met just outside DC and under the Bilderberg umbrella and surrounded by armed guards, they hatched a plan to eliminate all conservatives and now we see how this is happening.  We are being ruthlessly deleted, one by one.

Doomcock and others have taken up the banner as we learn that Disney is in collusion with major theater operators to show ONLY the very stupid Disney film starring a demented female who hates white males and wants to kill them.  This dumb movie, ‘Captain Marvel’ is a marvelous show of a white weak female beating up bigger white males.  It is, in a nutshell, very stupid.

Fandago, a major theater operator, hired a top Disney executive to run the theaters and HE decided to show only the stupid female Disney her..o movie by eliminating all other movies so visitors have no choice at all, they will be forced to watch this sick movie.

Meanwhile, You tube is eliminating more services, attacking more content creators and all in the name of saving us from ourselves.  They are shutting down the internet so they can impeach Trump and then have a total coup and then force us all at gunpoint to obey all directives of the left or they will…do what they do in every country they run: KILL US.

This is all very infuriating.  And we will fight back.  Boycott corporate America!





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6 responses to “Disney Is Now Eliminating All Movies But ‘Captain Marvel’ In Desperate Move To Fight Boycott

  1. honeybagder don't care

    Boycott corporate America!

    Interesting. Perhaps you could support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. After all, she fought off the evil Amazon in New York!

  2. OC

    Committing financial suicide. Once China pulls the plug on USD as reserve currency, we will see these ‘Emperors’ have no clothes!

  3. Dennis Roe

    Im with you, Elaine. Cut off the money. Fuck them, go back to small and local.

  4. Tom W Harris

    Maybe they’re trying to bore us to death.

  5. Petruchio

    REad a news item today. The report says that Russia WILL free itself from the US Dollar and back their currency with Gold. Speculation is that right after China does this, China will soon follow suit and drop the US Dollar.

  6. Yes, Tom, that is possible. New ads: ‘be bored to death, watch our movies. A snoozefest for the family! Even the baby will sleep.’

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