Trump Ends Negotiations With North Korea, Bilderberg Traitors Immediately Attack Him For This

The Bilderberg media machine is howling with rage because Trump had to terminate his negotiations with Kim, the North Korean dictator, due to Kim refusing to cooperate.  This is how you negotiate with people: if they do what you want, you continue. They stall, you leave.  So idiots at media like the New York Times, is now attacking Trump for doing the right thing after courting Kim, he stopped.  OMG.  The NYT is howling with rage about this reasonable response by Trump.


This whole business is like listening to silly school girls giggling and sneering at someone who is trying to do something very difficult.  The Valley Girl approach to the news infects everything serious.  ‘OMG, WWIII is sooooo stupid,’ sneer these females.  Well…look at how close to WWIII we got when Kim was shooting missiles over Japan!  Duh.  Something had to be done.


Trump first showed strong military muscle clearly telling Kim, he would be blown to smithereens if he wanted to start WWIII.  Then Trump got Putin to cooperate only this was totally blown out of the water by…the Bilderberg gang media and politicians who literally raked Trump over the coals for talking to Putin!


Then, Trump still got Kim to cooperate and the media/ruling elites went nuts, again.  Sabotaging the negotiations was a top priority for our Real Rulers who want us fearful and in danger all the time so we obey them and let them loot us or replace us with foreigners who are weaker and stupider and thus, easy prey for our rulers.


Here is how the very evil NY Times, one of the founding members of the Bilderberg gang, reporting this story:


HAHAHA.  I love how the strongmen the NYT loves all hate Trump because he is strong.  Our ‘allies’ ream us out, economically.  Europe locks us out of the EU markets, putting up tariffs on US goods while at the same time, demanding we pay 50% of all NATO costs while they pay a pittance, themselves.


Then these EU leaders demand we go to war with Russia and up our military costs there while at the same time, negotiating deals with Putin that benefit them!  This is insanity which the NYT fully endorses and enables.


Trump gives ‘strongmen’ room to negotiate and…they sometimes screw this up by not negotiating…so Trump stops the negotiations!  DUH.  This is how you negotiate deals.

The above video proving that Obama deliberately told the Russian government, after he returns home, he will make a secret deal with Putin exists online and many of us know about this event but it was never televised or discussed by mainstream news.


This is deliberate.  The mainstream news hides lots and lots and lots of real news.  They have done this all my long life.  Fox news did cover the Obama meeting video story:

To this day, the DNC and their media buddies simply pretend this never happened.  The mainstream media has to lie about everything because they want to fool people.  This is why they are openly lying about the mob of foreigners, waving foreign flags, marching on our borders in order to literally invade.


Most voters want to stop illegal aliens.


The majority of white Americans, Hispanics, and black Americans agree that a border wall is effective at the southern border. About six-in-ten white Americans, along with 51 percent of black Americans and 51 percent of Hispanic Americans, said the wall works in terms of stopping illegal immigration.


Back to the Bilderberg news: more anti-Trump diplomacy stories.

Funny how everything Trump does is no good whereas Obama surrendering to everyone, bowing to everyone is either ignored or is hailed as great diplomacy.


And here is a reminder why we have to support Trump and stop the DNC: the sanctuary state of California refused 5,600 requests by federal immigration officials over two years to turn over criminal illegal aliens, state data finds.


Of these 5,600 failed ICE detainers, more than 3,400 were lodged against an illegal alien who had been classified “level 1” and “level 2” offenders — meaning that these illegal aliens had been charged with crimes like homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, drugs, and fraud.


And this is the DNC voter base.  Here is Trump’s voter base:


Note that the rider with the American flag is riding a mule!  And guess how much coverage this got in the mainstream media: zero.  Here is something even better: a bitter, nasty, fat woman cusses the riders out and storms off!


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10 responses to “Trump Ends Negotiations With North Korea, Bilderberg Traitors Immediately Attack Him For This

  1. DM

    “due to Kim refusing to cooperate” …

    I thought you said you read the Russian news.

    I’m sure you do – which means that you also are liar.

    Or do you people really believe that you are going to rule the entire world.

  2. AT

    What exactly are they negotiating?

    This North Korea nuke distraction has been re-played every year for decades. Of course they need to dial it back now, so they can re-run it again next year!

    It distracts an ill-informed democracy away from any real discussion of foreign policy. It’s also a psyop to trick dictators everywhere into believing they don’t want to try and get nukes and be in Kim’s shoes.

    But, at this point, the endless re-runs are mostly just a joke.

    Interestingly, they have almost all the big distractions going full blast right now: Mueller “investigation”, Cohen hearings, north Korea “deal”, etc. Trump is even talking ISIS elimination again.

    What that all means is something else big might be brewing. Maybe the Saudis are almost out of oil? Or, maybe the meeting in Hanoi was really with China, perhaps because China is massing troops in Kashmir to jump in and help Pakistan, and do a little land grabbing, err. . . “peacekeeping”? Who knows?

  3. Petruchio

    “Here is something even better: a bitter, nasty, fat woman cusses the riders out and storms off!” Sooner or later, women who just even LOOK like the woman in the video are going to be stereotyped as bitter, man hating Old Maids. People will shun them, meaning women who don’t have anger issues towards men and of course, all hetero men. People are going to pre judge women who look like this bitter Old Maid/Cat Lady in the video. And it certainly isn’t impossible to think that these type of women will be targets for hostility if not outright violence. Nobody can escape their past. Women who spent earlier years venting hatred will get some in return.

  4. AT

    Military option off the table in Venezuela, right after Trump gets back from meeting with China’s proxy in Hanoi?

    The Chinese know we can’t invade Venezuela and protect India in a three-way war in Kashmir. So, now they are both off? Recall that during the Cuban missile crisis, China preemptively invaded India, and then, when the balloon didn’t go up, they called a do-over and shuffled everyone back across the border.

  5. Sigh. India and Pakistan have been at ‘war’ with each other long before I was born. True story: my parents have been caught in the crossfire between India and Pakistan way back in 1966.

    People don’t realize how long things have been cooking along!

    China has crossed into India more than once, and vice versa. China and Russia had a little ruckus on the border, too, way back in 1961. I heard about it on the shortwave radio my father used to track world news back then.

  6. AT

    It’s the timing.

  7. AT

    You can’t spread the blame for financial demise and oil depletion if you still have the world’s exclusive reserve currency in your hand and your boot on the neck of quisling dictators to keep oil prices down.

    How do you get your enemies to do what you want because they hate you?

    One way is to push Venezuela into China’s arms. kind of a kayfabe good cop bad cop routine where China underpays for oil in exchange for defying sanctions.

    Presto! Cheap oil and no boot on the neck of a quisling.

    Trick #2: De-dollarization.

    Trick #3: Convince everyone a systemic collapse and wipe out is ever imminent while riding the declining wave on the backside of peak oil, all the way staying on top.

    Charlie don’t surf.

  8. tio

    It can be infuriating if your minions refuse to cough up a little coin for their own protection. Real or imagined. *cough*.

  9. I will note today that the news is, India and Pakistan are NOT fighting each other…AGAIN. As I predicted. Sigh.

  10. AT

    Yes, whatever, the news is and the point is the non-coverage of China.

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