More Yellow Vest Protests In France, Mainstream Media Ignores, Russia Reports

The French Yellow Vest movement continues!  It is also kept out of mainstream news, nearly totally now.  As usual, I am posting the live videos which come from Russia since the EU and US and other ‘free’ countries hide this important news from the rest of us lest we, too, become Yellow Vests.


As usual, the police begin by escorting the marchers and then slowly, they become more and more hostile and violent and the marchers now expect this and mock the troopers who are all Special Forces, not ‘police’.  Also, I notice for the first time, all the female officers are now gone, leaving the dirty work to the men, as per usual.


There are still plenty of female marchers which takes a huge amount of bravery.  The other thing is, Paris has been cold nearly every march this year.  The march was started when Macron imposed very severe energy taxes due to ‘global warming’ which no longer exists.  People are determined to defy the globalist tax scheme based on everyone being ‘too warm’.


And it is super cold in North America!!!  The Bilderberg gang thought they could heavily tax the peons and serfs with the ‘global warming tax’ but increasing cold has destroyed the scam so now, it is all about brute force.  Pay the ‘global warming taxes or you will be attacked by military thugs.’


Just a few days ago, a gaggle of young, naive school children whose parents are leftists, marched in France, demanding a colder climate!  Of course, this story was in the utterly insane, lying rag, the Washington Post.  This is an AP story that I cannot quote anymore…HAHAHA.  This story was from February 22 and got zero comments.  HAHAHA.  It was snowing in DC back then.


But yes, a small group of elite children were escorted carefully about Paris in order to wail ‘We are going to roast to death unless we tax energy.’  No paramilitary cops attacked these delusional children.

The BBC has not carried even one Yellow Vest demonstration, it only shows some violence from when the military attacks the citizens, claiming the citizens should be violently suppressed.  No close examination of what is going on in France, no interviews but then, the BBC and others are right now, smearing Tommy Robinson and in a rage, getting him deplatformed because he had the cheek to film their interview so he could show how they edit things to make him look bad, a tactic the BBC does to everyone.


The BBC doesn’t want to talk to any nasty French anti-EU global warming edicts demonstrators.  They want us to think no one is protesting this lunacy of the leftists.  I find all of this rather funny since the left is totally cut off from populism across the globe.  The left is now all about elitists and controlling the entire planet on behalf of the Bilderberg gang.


Note not ONE demonstration against the super rich/super powerful flying private jets, living in many mansions and using huge yachts.  Nothing.  Dead silence.  No, the ‘left’ is attacking workers.  Peons!  The left is elite.  And very stupid.  Do leftists really think they can have their ‘revolution’ with the vast majority of workers fighting them?  Talk about fools as tools.


This article at the NY Times today is extremely funny.  I say, yes, force middle class people to live next door to unemployable thugs who are constantly looking for someone easy to rob or rape.  Provide a lovely little park which the thugs can use to ambush people.  And put the children together in schools, the ones who refuse to cooperate or learn with the ones who struggle to survive while being tormented by the children of the criminal classes.


This was already tried in NYC.  The fact that the New York Times would publish such a clueless, insane article amuses me, it shows that the Times staff are a bunch of sadists.


NY City’s ‘public housing problem’ is called ‘high crime neighborhoods no one can get rid of…’ it is impossible to replace the criminals inhabiting these buildings, they are the mayor’s voting base, after all.  Every place ‘public housing ‘was built became a slum due to high crime.  I used to call these structures ‘high crime housing’ when giving speeches against building public housing.




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18 responses to “More Yellow Vest Protests In France, Mainstream Media Ignores, Russia Reports

  1. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Sadly, nobody knows of the behavior of the “Yellow-Jackets” and police/public out in the French countryside. They hug, kiss and dance in the streets. Only in Macron’s Plantation [Paris] do the authorities dare to confront, much less abuse the “Yellow-Jackets” [Real French name, because they sting.]

    Equally sadly, the ‘high crime housing’ you have vilified for the past half century is a direct result of FATHER LESS FAMILIES brutally imposed by the marxist-feminist-gulag.

    When I first visited LA in 1977 a friend took me on a drive through the fruit & nut tree groves in the NW San Fernando Valley. On one corner we stopped for a snack at the gas station and noted a large government-style complex being built across the street. Several of the construction crew were in the store and when we asked about the huge quite outta place building they said it was a police station.

    Out here in the sticks we asked – yeah they responded – the “CA Dept. of Social & Health Services” will build apartment blocks out here for welfare moms, so they have to be ready. Never forgot that exchange and here we are +40 years later . . .

    Dr. E. Michael Jones details this brutal marxist-feminist social engineering in his seminal book “The Slaughter of Cities”:

    Carry-on until you are carrion.

  2. In France, back when I was there many years ago, they called the modern hellish towers ‘brutal architecture’ and this was supposedly PRAISE.

  3. Case

    Hohoho. I called this the day Macron was elected after taking one look at his agenda. The french are not the dolice anglo populations they are used to dealing with.

  4. nclaughlin

    Interesting Wikipedia article on Brutalist Architecture here.

  5. PFO

    Hello again Elaine,

    Yes, and the English had their ‘dark satanic mills’, as STING sang in 1985 at 2:35:

    By-the-by at about 6:00 into the second video – note the large Royal Fleur-de-lys banner/flag flying next to the ‘tri-couleur’ of the ‘demonic-marxist-feminist republik’!

    VERY SOON the French will connect the dots between that Royal Fleur-de-lis of the ancien régime and freedom and that ‘tri-couleur’ and their current gulag. I can tell the oligarchs in Brussels & Paris are apoplectic to prevent that awakening at ALL costs, because, when I search for the meaning of Fleur-de-lys I get -0- reference to the French Royal flag.

    Yet once the French awaken from the torpor of two centuries of a demonic-marxist-feminist culture of death, their Great Catholic Monarch will step into history and lead them back to that ancien régime under the Roman Catholic Culture of Life.

    YES, the Great Catholic Monarch is real – predicted in plus 300 prophecies over the past 16 centuries – and sleeps in Europe tonight as you read these lines, awaiting his entrée onto the world’s stage.

    The Yellow Jackets may just be his curtain call.

    Vive La Roi!


  6. Pete

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – For several years, New York has prided itself as being the safest big city in America.

    The NYPD and Mayor de Blasio have boasted about a continued drop in crime citywide, but a closer look at those numbers finds a disturbing trend being masked by an overall lower crime rate.

    Murders and reported rapes across the five boroughs have spiked through the first two months of 2019.

    According to the NYPD’s weekly CompStat reports, 51 murders were reported through Feb. 24 – a staggering 50-percent increase from the same point last year.

  7. Mewswithaview

    meanwhile in NYC lots of money has disappeared . . . .

    Where has $850m gone? Bill de Blasio’s wife can’t account for staggering amount of taxpayer money that the NY Mayor gave her for mental health project

    And the eduKshun systems doing well under the same NYC mayor

    Meanwhile de Blasio announced earlier this week that he is mothballing his failed Renewal school program after spending $773million.

    The aim of the scheme was to improve 100 of New York’s worst schools, but after three years of trying, just 25 of them improved enough to make it off the list.

    Meanwhile, the same number either closed or were merged with other schools while under the initiative.

  8. Thanks for the school stuff, Mews…I just wrote a long screed about all that and then saw your posting and hey…we think alike!

  9. Lou

    In some cities in America, minorities are now the majorities and they still don’t get hired because they can’t do the job. In North Carolina it has been proposed to lower the standard for an F (failure) to 39 percent to help struggling minorities.[blacks]
    Some cities are getting rid of entrance exams entirely because they benefit Whites who are more competent than blacks.

  10. Moe

    From Ramin Mazaheri at The Saker (who has a leftist perspective): France’s Yellow Vests: Proving cops are indeed part of the 1%

    This parallels what I’ve commented on here, like, forever. The cops are your enemy, though I dsiagree with the major premise. The police represent the 1% and enforce their edicts in civil action, they are not part of it.

  11. ALL revolutions and revolts happen when the cops and military turn on their employers. I cannot say this enough times. History is very clear about this.

  12. Petruchio

    Has anyone here heard any more news about there currently is a small but growing movement in the Black Community of Chicago to oppose the Democrats who run and own that city? I’m wondering if this “waking up” of sectors of the DNC voter base is widespread? Does this eventually happen in DNC controlled cities, where the folks who have been voting Democrat finally realize that Dems are NOT their friends? What about NYC? Do Blacks in that city ever “wake up”?

  13. nclaughlin

    #12. Elaine, you are right, but it takes a lot of time for the cops to come around, a lot of time.

  14. AT

    @13 ems

    “ALL revolutions and revolts happen when the cops and military turn on their employers. I cannot say this enough times. History is very clear about this.”

    The French revolution was fought by neighborhood militias formed to protect property after the crown put all the troops on crowd control during the protests. Mostly, they fought foreign mercenaries, not the French military, at least initially. So, there’s another twist.

  15. This is called ‘chaos’. I have lived in ‘chaos’. My solution back then was to form our own police patrols and we used guns, too.

  16. Moe

    Yellow Vest week in review: March 16 to be the biggest march in months

    By Ramin Mazaheri: an avowed socialist, nevertheless Mazaheri’s observations are still salient.

    (When are these guys ever going to get it that institutionalized socialism is failure-prone? Humanized, individual social consciousness and action is required, ordained from the individual, not from above).

  17. It is very violent, the paramilitary are attacking very violently. Macro is toast now, the workers are very pissed off.

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