Democrats Will Do Anything To Stop Trump Reforms, Want To Destroy All Schools In All DNC Cities Like NYC And Tucson

The Democratic Party is dead set on destroying all our major cities.  Recently, NY City political creatures went nuts when the nutty Ocasio-Cortez Congress Critter celebrated driving away 24,000 jobs.  Duh.  She wants to destroy the city…DUH.  I had to put a bunch of DNC crooks in prison (and the grave) years ago, breaking their control.  But not forever!  The key to the destruction of once-great cities has been…school integration court orders.  These still continue and white flight continues.  Sometimes, voters manage to slip the noose like in NY City with the ‘specialty schools’ where one has to pass a test to attend.  This has kept thousands of anxious families in the city and the mayor is determined to eliminate this via forcing ‘specialty schools’ to shoehorn in at least 30% ‘minorities’ who do poorly in tests.  This will seal the fate of the city as the remaining families flee.

The DNC is totally focused on taking down Trump.  They want to have hearings about ‘fake news’ only the ‘fake news’ is CNN and NY Times and Washington Post, all of whom were forced at gunpoint to admit they published fake news, defaming children who were assailed by crazy DNC adults in DC.  Fake news is now epidemic and Congress got DNC power via fake news so of course, they will attack the remaining real news outlets and try to pass laws to shut these down because tyranny can’t stand real news leaking out and alerting citizens to dangers like…invading illegal aliens, waving foreign flags, screaming they want to enter and do as they please here.


Lying about nearly everything is so epidemic in DNC structures, it infects everything.  As systems fail, as invaders enter the country and then refuse to cooperate with us or learn our language, we have systems failures all over the place.  I watch this with fascination for I have been on the leading edge of fighting this lunacy for many years now.


De Blasio, mayor of NYC, is demanding continuing control over city schools so they can be ‘more integrated’ via fiat:


 Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday said an era of “corruption and chaos” awaits the city’s public school system if state lawmakers do not renew a law by Wednesday that grants his office control over city schools.


The ‘chaos’ was caused by integration orders.  Suddenly, children all over the city were ordered to be moved out of neighborhood schools and carted all over the place which led to social disintegration and utter chaos.  It was then decided, integration had to happen within each district, not across districts.  White and Asian parents would use hook or crook (I did this) to get their children into ‘white’ schools which had the least chaos.  But then, this was stopped, my child had to go to a school with ghetto children running wild, she was physically attacked, I said I was going to sue, I started ‘Save Our Schools’ only to have to flee the city because I couldn’t afford to put two children into private schools since public schools were terrible and dangerous.


In a radio interview, a Brooklyn church appearance and on Twitter, de Blasio urged the state Legislature to extend the so-called mayoral control law before the end of this year’s legislative session on Wednesday. The law, which gives the mayor oversight over the school system of 1.1 million students, is set to expire on July 1.


Many top tier parents are freaking out about this.  They want ‘district control’ back so they can save their children.  Instead, we are getting enforced integration…again.  Repeated failures at this makes zero difference on ideology.  Instead of elevating black and Hispanic children, the idea is, if they go to school with some ‘white middle class’ children, magically, the youngsters will become civilized and polite and learn easily.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS.


Instead, the opposite happens: any child hoping to survive integrated schools has to learn martial arts skills and be a thug, too.


The Democratic-led state Assembly has approved a measure that would extend mayoral control by two years, but Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan, has balked at approving an extension unless it includes a provision to increase the number of charter schools in the city.


And this is how ‘integration’ is stopped: via testing.  To go to charter schools, you have to be literate and have enough self-control to sit at a desk without physically assaulting everyone (which happened to my daughter, in a classroom where the teacher cried at her desk, in despair).


Flanagan (R-East Northport), in a statement, said the charter school provision was needed because there are thousands of city students on waiting lists to enter the privately-run, taxpayer funded schools.


This is deliberately underfunded so that it won’t work for everyone.  Instead of telling the truth that many children are raised in single mom homes and are out of control and virtually in a barbaric state of being, unsuited for learning anything outside of criminal activities…the DNC lies about integration of our schools.  To this day, one cannot talk about this topic, honestly.


He criticized the de Blasio administration for “an unwillingness to advocate” for the expansion of charter schools. Democrats by-in-large oppose charters schools, arguing that they siphon resources away from public schools, while Republicans contend the schools provide students in underperforming schools with an alternative.


I couldn’t stop the destruction of NYC schools due to the super-strong teacher’s union, my own sister-in-law was a teacher in that union and didn’t support Save Our Schools.  Politicians ran from SOS like we had the plague.  Only Giuliani listened to me.  HAHAHA.  And did his best which is now being undone: all the ‘charter schools’ were started as a way of foiling forced integration.


As I watch politicians destroy little children and expose them to thugs (even six year olds who are bigger or faster than smaller children can be ‘thugs’, trust me on this) I turn to the schools I grew up in which were systematically destroyed by the Democrats causing Tucson to erode away in horrible ways.


DNC mayor of Tucson, Jonathan Rothschild runs Tucson’s schools:  Yes, he really is a Rothschild.  Part of the Bilderberg gang clan.


Wrecked city vehicle[edit]

On February 16, 2012, Rothschild wrecked his city vehicle, a 2008 Toyota Prius, when he collided into a passenger truck. Rothschild stated that he “looked down briefly to grab a notebook on the seat next to him and didn’t see the passenger truck in front of him.” No citations were issued.[6]

Victim of carjacking at gunpoint[edit]

On February 18, 2017, Rothschild was carjacked at gunpoint. The carjacker drove away in his city-owned Toyota Prius. Rothschild said that he had just left his home and was walking to his city-owned vehicle when a man approached him, pointed a gun at him, and demanded his keys.

No one was hurt and the car was found a short time later.


Lucky duck, he wasn’t shot dead.  Darn.  Anyone pulling a gun on me back when I lived there and people were pulling guns on me, regretted it.  Considering that the mayor lives in a ‘safe neighborhood’, the fact that gunmen are running riot, stealing stuff blatantly is funny as hell since he, himself, created these wonderful opportunities for criminals to run riot: he, himself, invited in foreign invaders!!!!  I bet the ancient Romans were wondering why they were being robbed, too, after inviting barbarians into Italy.


Tucson struggles along, slowly decaying.  Many of the ‘white’ people are retirees who hope to see no winters but who are increasingly worried they will be robbed.  Detroit was one of the richest cities in America in 1965 and by 2000, became one of the poorest cities after many years of DNC rule.  Today, it limps along, barely functional.  DNC cities in California are going belly up.  And all of these are being invaded by foreign and illegal aliens who are systematically wrecking everything in sight.


Tucson was worried that when Trump tried to stop all this via border controls, the DNC would lose power since it is based on enabling invaders:


Listed in the Washington Post as one of 22 senators with “no declared stance” on Trump’s national emergency declaration, McSally (Arizona) continued to defend that she has no position a week after his announcement.


“I think people want their senator to not make knee-jerk statements or reactions to a very complex legal and funding issue. So I still have some questions that we are working with the administration — my staff as we speak is actually meeting with White House officials,” she said. “Specifically about, there’s the legalities of the national declaration of emergency, but then there’s the funding mechanism and the pots of money and the issues related to that.”

McSally told reporters that she was skeptical of a list of projects that are floating around in Washington of military projects that could be impacted, saying it was distributed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.


She is terrified she won’t get the goodies from corrupt Pelosi.  HAHAHA.


“Pelosi handed out a list to all the Democrats to start doing scare tactics about all the projects that weren’t going to happen. That’s not necessarily accurate,” she said.  However, as a four-year veteran on the House Armed Services committee, McSally said there was a possibility that several projects on Arizona military bases could be impacted, including at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.


Quite: Pelosi took note of these treasonous words and will punish McSally.  Meanwhile, Tucson schools continue their collapse.  Some of the newer suburbs that didn’t exist when I lived there, have peeled off from District 1 which is most of Tucson and have separate schools and these are mainly white and Asian and have very high standards and no murders or riots.  Meanwhile, schools in Tucson are seeking to fix the illegal alien invasion by having everyone learn Spanish so teachers can talk to their future bosses:


Make the Move to Dual Language

All Tucson Unified certified teachers are invited to learn about the district’s Two-Way Dual Language Spanish/English program and how to qualify to teach in a dual language classroom. At this session teachers will learn about Make the Move, a TUSD program that provides financial support for those interested in becoming bilingual endorsed teachers. You can chose to attend one of the following sessions: Jan. 31 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. or Monday February 11th from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Blue Room at 1010 E. 10th St.

Se les invita a todos los maestros de TUSD certificados a conocer más acerca del programa de Lenguaje Dual de Doble Vía en español/inglés del distrito y la manera de calificar para impartir en un salón de clases de lenguaje dual. En esta sesión, los maestros conocerán acerca de Make the Move, un programa de TUSD que proporciona ayuda financiera para aquellos interesados en convertirse en maestros bilingües acreditados. Puede asistir una de las siguientes sesiones que llevarán a cabo los días 31 de enero de las 4:30 pm a las 6:00 pm. o el 11 de febrero de las 4:30 pm. a las 5:30 pm. en el Blue Room en el 1010 E. 10th St.

Two-Way Dual LanguageTUSD staff, you can help us build a strong teacher base for our students AND earn a $5000 hiring and retention ince PLUS up to $5000 tuition reimbursement.


An Equal Opportunity Employer
Tucson Unified School District is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination based on disability, race, color, religion/religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or national origin. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning Governing Board, District employees, students, the public, educational programs and services, and individuals with whom the Board does business.

La igualdad de oportunidades de empleo
El Distrito Escolar unificado de Tucson está comprometido a una política no discriminatoria basada en discapacidad, raza, color, religión, sexo, orientación sexual, identidad o expresión de género, edad u origen nacional. Esta política prevalecerá en todos los asuntos relativos a la Mesa Directiva, los empleados del Distrito, estudiantes, el público, los servicios y programas educativos y las personas con las que la Mesa Directiva realiza negocios.


The City of Tucson has population statistics at its home site only these are very old ‘by race’ statistics, starting only in 1990 and ending in 1999.  In 1990 68% was ‘white’ and only 24% were Hispanic . in ten years, the numbers were 62% ‘white’ and 30% Hispanic.


Here is the official statement from District One in Tucson, talking about racial integration which is successfully driving out more and more ‘white’ students and which is now over 60% Hispanic: Amigos, we all learn Spanish!

TUSD granted partial unitary status in Court Order issued on Sept. 6, 2018


On Thursday, September 6, 2018, the federal district court in Tucson entered an order in the desegregation case originally filed in 1974, finding that the TUSD has complied in good faith with the most recent desegregation decree entered in 2013 in many respects, and setting a time table for completion of remaining issues by September 1, 2019, and termination of supervision after confirmation of completion of the remaining steps.


The current desegregation decree, together with the additional action plans required by that decree, amount to hundreds of different individual requirements with which the District must comply.   The Court’s order confirms that TUSD has met most of these requirements in the years since the decree was entered.  In particular, the Court ruled that TUSD has achieved partial unitary status with respect to its operations in the areas of student assignment, transportation, teaching and administrative staff, quality of education, family engagement, extracurricular activities, facilities and technology. In each of these areas, most requirements have been met, with additional items set out by the Court for completion by TUSD.


The real result: many schools have a very low graduation rate and the graduates barely comprehend much of anything they supposedly learned and now we have to teach them basic stuff from grade school while they attempt to attend colleges.  This ridiculous mess is bankrupting everyone at every level especially the lower class children forced into colleges when they aren’t even able to do basic high school work.


While TUSD is disappointed that the Court did not grant full unitary status, and continues to believe that for many reasons termination of federal court intervention in local district operations is long overdue in this case, TUSD is committed to doing everything it can to complete the remaining tasks set out in the order as soon as possible. But even more fundamentally, with or without federal court intervention, TUSD is committed to diversity, integration and equity for all of its students.


Every year, the schools become LESS ‘diverse’.  The statistics do not make a mistake here.  At their own website they have a graph showing ‘school integration’ and it is painfully obvious that it is really ‘disintegration’:

My family came in 1860.  I went to school there from 1956-1974 (off and on, college, with Kansas and Germany and Berkeley) and that was at the peak of ‘white Europeans’ in Tucson.  The Gila River Rubicon was crossed in 2005.  The plunge is continuing and even getting steeper.  Already, Hispanics are at the majority.  Note how ‘blacks’ remain the same exact proportion as in 1956.  So what are liberals proposing?  To commit suicide, of course!


Here, from the above website run by the school board is how they plan to ‘diversify’ even as the opposite is happening.  Remember: many more of the new Hispanic Tucson residents have children while white retirees live in gated communities all around the Valley.


The Power of Diversity

Tucson Unified School District prides itself on being on the cutting edge of best practices in education.  As a district with 89 schools and programs and more than 48,000 students from all walks of life, we know the importance of diversity and the benefits of learning from each other.


Five Ways Racially Diverse Schools Benefit Students

1. Improved cognitive skills, critical thinking, and problem solving

2. Increased ability to work with others from diverse cultures

3. Increase in test scores for school population

Attending racially diverse schools is beneficial to all students and is associated with smaller test score gaps between students of different racial backgrounds, not because white student achievement declined, but rather that black and/or Hispanic student achievement increased.Source: The Century Foundation: Article by Amy Stuart Wells, Lauren Fox and Diana Cordova-Cobo


This is insanity.  All the remaining ‘white students’ who are a minority now in Tucson, are doing the same as the Hispanic and black kids because fewer and fewer students are learning much of anything useful.  Indeed, the plan is to have everyone, especially teachers, to be Spanish, not English in skills.  This, in a population that can barely do much of anything in any language due to home chaos and school chaos.


THIS JUST IN:  At a nearby Arizona school in Gilbert, AZ, students wearing MAGA hats and Trump pictures were harassed and punished by ‘teachers’ who hate Trump!


 The students brought the pro-Trump merchandise to school as part of Perry High School’s “USA Day” — a patriotic-themed event on Friday, which was the last day of the school’s “Spirit Week.”

The student added that one faculty member told him, “you should not be wearing that” and “take this off. If I see you with it again, you’ll get in trouble. I’ll write you up. I’ll tell your coach.”

The student claims that his coach later made him do 1,000 up-downs for being “disrespectful.”


So, honoring the President of the USA on ‘USA Day’ is ‘disrespectful’?  HAHAHA.  I am just amazed at the cheek of these SJW teachers when students defy them this way.


It gets worse as the Principal openly lies to one of the mothers:


The mother of another student involved in the incident, Jennifer Farris, arrived at Perry High School on Friday to get answers from the school’s principal about what had happened.


Farris told Breitbart News that the principal denied claims that the scrutiny was over the students wearing MAGA clothing, but was rather, over their “disrespect for the flag,” implying that the incident was about the American flag.


Instead, it was because the young lady showed a Trump flag!  When the mother pointed this out, the principal….kicked her out of the school!  She was accused of ‘trespassing’.  She, a citizen paying taxes for the school and the idiots teaching there.


This is pure fraud.  It is also very Un American.  I hope the parents sue.  Their children were suspended or had martial punishment for daring to wear a hat the staff didn’t like for political reasons.  Sue the schools, sue the school board, get that principal fired!  Fight!  Fight some more!  It is the only way.


Below is what happens when Democrats double down on the decay and ignore all warning signs:



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18 responses to “Democrats Will Do Anything To Stop Trump Reforms, Want To Destroy All Schools In All DNC Cities Like NYC And Tucson

  1. Melponeme_k

    People can’t be cared for or coddled. That is the answer to the problem. Black and Hispanic populations were in a much better situation before the welfare state.

    I saw a video commentator relate how the solid, middle class black neighborhoods were destroyed. They are the first to go when the SJW nonsense gets started. They move in a few section 8s and assisted living situations…then the neighborhoods collapse because the welfare people don’t have to work. They can just watch their neighbors leave for their jobs then loot the area. As houses are sold and when can’t be sold then they are abandoned, the drug gangs move in and that is the end. Then we see arson as the housing is useless and the banks would rather get a pittance in fire insurance than just have useless stock.

    The elites are doing this…not because they want to help the minorities. The elites are racists and the prime believers in Nazi ideals. They created them after all. They fully expect an uprising in all first world countries. Any outcome is fine by them. If the educated class (whites,asians and some minorities) win, that is fine…our numbers will be depleted and therefore controllable. If the welfare masses win. That is fine as well. They will be depleted in numbers and even more controllable because of intelligence disparities between them and the elites.

    We need to rise up before that happens. We need to realize that it is policies created by very few are the genesis of these problems.

  2. timothy carroll


    I think you and I watched the same video on RT. What I noticed missing from their report was a couple of things; to whit, block busting. In many large, metro cities, civil rights groups, such as (((SPLC))), (((B’nai B’rith))), etc. conspired to move blacks into formerly all white neighborhoods. Case in point was my own grandmother. She lived in the Northwest D.C. metro area overlooking Rock Creek Park in a grand townhouse. Even back in the forties it bordered an all black neighborhood, but her neighborhood was strictly segregated. In the early ’60s, one of her neighbors was duped into selling to a “nice Jewish couple”, smartly dressed and keen to move into the house. Turns out the “nice Jewish couple” were acting as a front, and immediately transferred ownership before they moved in to a black family. By the mid to late ’60s, the neighborhood was almost completely destroyed with property values plummeting as white flight took hold. Everyone saw the writing on the wall, witnessing the black neighborhoods to the east.

    Granted, there were other factors at play, namely the country’s over all move to the suburbs in the fifties and sixties. And you are correct, Section 8 poured gasoline on the fire as inner city neighborhoods all went up in literal flames in the ’60s. Make no mistake, these (((people))) have been hell bent on our destruction for a very, very, very long time. They want nothing less than our annihilation.

    Also missing from the video was the lack of accountability that many of the blacks left behind expressed when being interviewed. It was all like, “They taked dat away from us….we need more resources…mo mon, betta skoos, mo afta skoo pogrum…”

    No, Sambo. You need to pull your pants up, get sober, keep your d*ck in your pants, and find a way to turn it all around. Waiting for the next voucher and government aid is exactly what got you into this mess. And now, of course, we see slews of Millennials salivating to jump on the same bandwagon that Alexandria Ocasional Cortex is leading. Good luck with that, bitchez!

    Back to your argument, Mel:

    “We need to rise up before that happens. We need to realize that it is policies created by very few are the genesis of these problems.”

    Frankly, (and sadly) I don’t see that happening. None of my peers (the older set) seem to be able to grasp the concept of being replaced in their country of birth. Their children all believe in unicorns sh*tting out skittles, with free sh*t for everyone. Tax the rich! Yeah, that’ll work.

    Next on the menu is the gun grab if the Dems take the presidency in 2020. Here’s KD’s take on the situation:

  3. nclaughlin

    “I couldn’t stop the destruction of NYC schools due to the super-strong teacher’s union, my own sister-in-law was a teacher in that union and didn’t support Save Our Schools.”

    This doesn’t make sense to me. Teachers have a front row seat to what’s going on which should destroy all illusions.

  4. Melponeme_k

    @Timothy Carroll

    E Michael Jones wrote a book about this destruction called “The Slaughter of Cities”. He focused on the destruction of Irish ethnic neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

    But before it ever gets to working class/middle class white neighborhoods, it hits the more functional black neighborhoods first. I saw this on Youtube where a black man spoke about how his working class neighborhood was destroyed by section 8 housing.

    You have to understand, the elite want no one in safe, clean, productive neighborhoods. They want chaos so that we will all run to them for their corrupt solutions.

  5. timothy carroll


    As a former teacher, let me assure you, despite their protestations otherwise……….it’s not about the kids. It’s about the $$. The brother of a friend of mine just retired at the grand old age of 55 with full benefits from the school system. Granted, the salary for working 10 months a year will not make you rich, but a guaranteed income of $50k for life doesn’t seem like a bad deal if you can dodge a few punches and hold your breath until the 2:30 bell rings. Been there, done that……left.

  6. timothy carroll


    Thanks for the E Michael Jones mention. For anyone else interested, here’s a good link for more insight.

  7. Ken

    The video of Detroit at the end of Elaine’s blog brought back a lot of memories. As I have noted in prior comments, through a “series of unfortunate events” my brothers and I grew up in the “Black Bottom” area of Detroit in the 60s and 70s. So, like Elaine, I have front line, first hand experience with what she is reporting.

    The video showing massive desolation is accurate. There are a few nice neighborhoods in Detroit that are still holding out, but by and large the city is destroyed. About 10 years ago I read a study that reported that the empty (burned out) areas of Detroit covered an area greater than the entire area of the city of Boston. Whole sections of Detroit are reverting to open field, and wildlife is moving back in. A similar thing is happening in Chernobyl.

    Elaine is spot on regarding the destruction being directly a result of federal court mandated bussing to integrate the schools. Ironically, the federal judge who order the destruction of the city in this manner believed until his dying day that this was one of his greatest accomplishments.

    A few years ago the city petitioned the court to allow the discontinuation of the bussing. The rationale was that only black students were left in the city, and the city schools were wasting money bussing black students from one black school to another. The court denied the petition. So, Detroit continues to buss its students even though this accomplishes zero integration. Aren’t the courts just wonderful?

    The video showed numerous instances of buildings burning, or burned out. Burning a home in one’s own neighborhood after it is (even temporarily) vacant is almost a recreational activity in the city. Strangely, the city does not make a big effort to prevent the fires. The reason for this will surprise many of the readers of this blog.

    It is widely acknowledged by Detroit that abandoned homes need to be torn down because they act as kernels of decay which bring down the entire neighborhood. Basically, they become crack houses, or rape gangs operate out of them. However, onerous environmental rules make it prohibitively expensive to tear down these abandoned houses. As a result, the city is in a tough spot. It knows it needs to tear down the abandoned houses, but the environmental costs associated with doing so make it impractical.

    But, there is an exception for burned out houses. They can be just torn down without regard to the environmental hurdles. So, Detroit burns, and no one makes a big fuss about it.

  8. AT

    Good neighborhoods turning into bad neighborhoods is one thing, but I’d blame the vast desolation in Detroit more on the whole auto industry getting shipped overseas. . .

  9. Petruchio

    “Instead, the opposite happens: any child hoping to survive integrated schools has to learn martial arts skills and be a thug, too.” Why is this? Because American Blacks are hair trigger violent. Th Black boys go into a (previously) white, Middle Class school. and IMMEDIATELY start chasing after the White Girls, threatening–and executing–violence towards anyone who calls these black Boys on this harassment. Watch the teen pregnancy rate go WAY up shortly after the Black males get a shot at the naïve White Girls. This creates lasting friction between the white males and the black boys And the White Boys are NOT trained to use physical violence at the drop of a hat. And the Black Girls are just as violent as the Black Boys. Watch a YouTube video of these Black school girls. Yessir. These Black integrated students are all gonna go on to College and study Rocket Science. The truth is unruly Black students bring everyone in the school down. The solution is to THROW these troublemaking student OUT of school. Create a school system for unruly students. They can pester each other and leave student who want to actually LEARN something in High School.

  10. Tom W Harris

    “Trump Reforms,”: haw haw haw. That’s a real oxy moron (much like Trump himself).

  11. When someone changes something that is BROKEN we call this ‘reforms’. Tom, you do have to try harder to think a tad.

  12. Lou

    10-11. I am tired of President Trump.
    USA has troops in how many countries?
    War, war and more war.

  13. Petruchio

    @#2 timothy: ” In many large, metro cities, civil rights groups, such as (((SPLC))), (((B’nai B’rith)))…” Both the SPLC and of course, B’nai B’rith, created by, funded by and staffed by….JEWS. A pattern is developing. More: ” In the early ’60s, one of her neighbors was duped into selling to a “nice Jewish couple”,…” Amazing what a consistent pattern you see if you only LOOK for it. Henry Ford said it a long time ago. He died in 1947 but Ford said: “Wherever you find conflict, wherever you find those that are sowing the seeds of Dissension, Chaos and destruction in a Society, there you will find the Jew, HARD at work”.

  14. Lou


  15. Tom W Harris

    Henry Ford was a treasonous piece of Nazi filth who sewed as much destruction any American ever.

  16. Petruchio

    @#15 Tom: Oh, Henry Ford was not the only American or American Company with ties to Hitler before the war, General Motors did, The Wall Street banksters did, Chemical Companies did Lots of Americans had ties to Hitler Then of course, after the War, the US Government brought Nazi Scientists to the US to work on our Rocket technology. The project was called “Operation Paperclip. The Bush crime family had Nazi ties. Henry Ford was no different than a lot of Americans. And Ford was right on target about Jews.

  17. Fascism is always popular with powerful people.

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