DNC Super Star NY Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez Hid $1 Million PAC Money

The birds are coming home to roost.  The DNC pushed along AOC hard as a ‘rising star’ during the election and when pushing to impeach Trump knowing full well, there are zero grounds for this, now they want ‘business as usual’ and AOC is rocking the boat so now she is going overboard and will drown.  Someone else is going down, too: Justin Trudeau of Canada.  We call this ‘divine judgement’ and ‘your wish will come true in horrible ways’.  Both wanted to destroy Trump and broke laws and will now have to pay the piper, one hopes.


There is zero free speech in Canada.  Worse, there is enforced speech.  Radicals are forcing people to use pronouns in various annoying ways and if you slip up and don’t use the right pronoun with someone, you can be put in jail!  This is an insane infringement on free speech.  In the US, the lunatics running the internet are killing free speech, too.


Or rather, ‘wrongspeak’.  That is, some people can be obnoxious, violent and racist if they are the right people.  Others have to watch what they say or they are instantly banned from all interlocking systems run by Bilderberg gangsters such as the NY Times, Apple, Google, Amazon.com, etc.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s chief of staff is accused of illegally funneling nearly $1MILLION in political donations to his own firms, according to an explosive complaint filed with the FEC 


Chakrabarti’s campaigns raised $3.3 million and diverted more than $1 million to his companies, the Washington Examiner reported.  He helped found both Brand New Congress PAC and Justice Democrats, with the goal of bringing new and progressive members like Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described Democratic socialist, to Congress.


After starting Brand New Congress, he formed a Delaware-based LLC, Brand New Campaign LLC. Shifting the funds avoided detailed disclosure requirements of itemized expenses.


“None of that makes any sense,” former FEC lawyer Adav Noti of the Campaign Legal Center told the publication. “I can’t even begin to disentangle that. They’re either confused or they’re trying to conceal something.”


They are not confused.  They lie about things all the time.  This is how the DNC operates: there are the fake stories and then the real reality.  Up until this scandal broke, AOC was pushing hard to impeach Trump on trumped up charges.

Note how the real story is utterly at odds with what AOC and the US media said about her during the election: she and her mother were very poor and immigrants and suddenly, they bloomed.  This is all fake news.


‘God played quite a joke on me with this politics stuff!’ The privacy-loving mother of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whips up lasagna as she tells how she had to flee New York because of high taxes and gushes about wedding bells for her daughter


U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mother Blanca Ocasio-Cortez has spoken exclusively to DailyMail.com about her Democrat star daughter’s sensational rise to Congress, how she struggled to make ends meet after her husband died of lung cancer in 2008 and her hopes for AOC to marry her longtime boyfriend. Blanca – or BOC – said after the death of her husband Sergio her family went through ‘tough times’. She added: ‘I was cleaning houses in the morning and working as a secretary at a hospital in the afternoon. We moved from The Bronx to Yorktown Heights, but it was still difficult making ends meet. At one point, I was skipping mortgage payments and we almost lost the house.’ She now lives in Eustis, Florida, where her neighbors don’t know she is the mother of AOC. Blanca added she isn’t fond of the limelight, for herself or her family.



So, they bought a home with the money from selling the previous home but almost lost it?  Doesn’t sound like poor tenants to me, they were homeowners.  Also, all this happened while the daughter was sent to a top elite private university!  Hello!  Her daughter just ruined all the politicians in NYC this last month by deep sixing Amazon.com’s move to the city.


Now, her fellow politicians are out for blood.  I have played ‘hard ball’ politics in New York in the past and this usually means sending people to prison for corruption since there is a ton of corruption in this state.  It is laughably easy to do.  In the case of this young lady, she barely got into office and ran off the cliff.  She should work for In And Out Burger.


Meanwhile, Congress is trying to stop Trump from stopping the army of illegal aliens who are invading America.  CBP Arizona on Twitter: “For Ajo Station agents, this weekend began with another large group of Central Americans surrendering on the border west of Lukeville. Processing of this group continues, and the number apprehended this morning will surpass 100 persons.


Meanwhile, the liberals are outraged that white children can be racist like black children:


Here is a typical example, there are thousands of examples like this:


A guest rapper named Tito Lo then reiterates the position that “crackers” must be killed. And he says they will do it to honor MLK, Malcom X, and Nelson Mandela.


Now the cop is briefly shown to be a KKK member in full hood and robe. David Banner has a tray full of torture tools, but he decided to go with a knife. The rapper stabs the white police officer several times. After already having been murdered 3 times, the cop is then drowned in a tub to kill him for the fourth time.


Now get this: before the video rolls there is this disclaimer:


The intention of this visual is not to promote violence, but to show that we as a people will no longer accept the loss of innocent black lives. The purpose of this message is not to target anyone, but instead, to value everyone. This video is a statement and a reminder that black lives won’t be ‘taken’ lightly.


This video is black people cop-killing fantasy porn in which blacks beat, torture and kill a white police officer. It most certainly does promote violence and it directs that violence against white cops. In addition, the song lyrics promote the killing of all white people, using racial slurs to convey that point. Simply putting a disclaimer at the beginning doesn’t absolve David Banner from his hateful violent racist message.


There is a backlash brewing.  A system that is utterly unfair and unequal will fail.  There are one rules for one population and utterly opposite rules for another.  Right now, lawyers are bringing up one case after another through the court system, challenging racial rules because the Civil Rights Act does not mention which races get coverage, it says all races should not be discriminated against.


The war against young people who don’t join the liberals is backfiring on liberals.  They are increasingly seen as ‘the man’ only they are ‘the woman’ who is the oppressor.  The party pooper, the scold, the annoying a..kisser…these are the liberals and their Maoist gang.  They are increasingly unpopular.  They are not the cutting edge anymore.


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27 responses to “DNC Super Star NY Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez Hid $1 Million PAC Money

  1. England is punishing students for refusing indoctrination courses.

  2. timothy carroll


    Why, oh why do young people still go deeply into debt to continue to fund these fraudulent institutions when getting a degree from any of them is akin to getting a participation trophy in elementary school? It’s getting to the point that if I get referred to a doctor, I pull up their profile on line. If black, I decline. Won’t risk an Affirmative Action graduate testing himself (or herself) out on me.

    You can be as dumb as a post, but if black (bonus points for angry black women), you go to the head of the class. I just hope and pray I won’t need any major surgery for the rest of my life.

  3. Ziff

    Re trudeau , he is not very popular [at least in the west] , they want him out BEFORE the election BECAUSE they have to protect the carbon TAX which Andrew Sheer will at least pretend to eliminate.

  4. Melponeme_k

    “So, they bought a home with the money from selling the previous home but almost lost it? Doesn’t sound like poor tenants to me, they were homeowners. Also, all this happened while the daughter was sent to a top elite private university!”

    The story was all on Wiki or most of it.

    The father died without a will. The family went to probate court. The poverty angle is just a big ass LIE. This family was NEVER poor. And there are hardly any pictures of the father. The only one that I found was suspect, fake, fake, phony faker. It was of a “poor” looking migrant type holding a child. That must have been an inside joke by the spooks. There were NONE of the father with older AOC. There should have been. He died fairly recently.

    Look at the mother, she looks whiter than Nancy Piglosi. If I were a crazier conspiracy theorists I would say she was hired face to front as a relative.

    You don’t come out of nowhere to be a politician on the national stage. Not unless you are part of the families. The elites and their intelligence hounds still think they can slap any name on one of their troglodyte mites along with a fake story and it will automatically be believed. Maybe before the internet but not now.

    Which is why they want to create online ghettos.

  5. KHS71

    She’s just as crooked as the others. Who would have thought. Shocked, I tell you. Shocked. This may do her in if all true.

  6. Petruchio

    Not to sound like an Ocasio supporter, but why the fuss over stashing campaign cash for personal use?? Most of the sleazy political wh#res do it, why single out Ocasio?? Maybe the elites are finished with her and are throwing her under the proverbial bus?

  7. timothy carroll

    Umm, yeah…..not a fan of Ocasio, but she hasn’t done anything that any of the others haven’t done. And yes, she’s brought and paid for by the PTB. She’s done an outstanding job of laying out the NWO agenda, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. I wish her godspeed in bringing this hole SH*T storm down.

  8. AT

    AOC is a federal legislator and as such has no authority over NY state or city tax exemptions. Public reaction to her criticism may have caused some actual decision making elected officials to express cold feet to Amazon. . . .

    Even if the deal had gone through, what her mere criticism did was alert Amazon as to how shaky the deal might prove in the future with the electorate and thus elected officials as things continue to go South.

    On the one hand they’re blaming her for something she really isn’t responsible for, while on the other hand no one can take it back.

    Amazon should be thanking her for the heads up.

  9. Mewswithaview

    The attempted take down of AOC is probably the actions of the DNC trying to clear a path for the “middle of the road” candidate for 2020. The DNC has many factions but the main two making a power play seem to be the Newdem PAC vs the Justice democrats PAC. The media will eventually rip AOC to shreds as easily as they built up her profile and she does not have the elephant hide of President Trump to be able to weather the storm. I’ve watched some interviews with her, intelligence is not her strong suite she falls back on socialist or post-modernist dogma when cornered. She’s 29 years old now, she won’t be as attractive on TV screens in 5 years time. Having said that the women with the real power in the DNC (Pelosi et al) are all over 70.

  10. She went to the Skull and Bones school and I would not be at all surprised to learn she is a Skull and Bones witch.

  11. Mor

    @ Mewswithaview

    Extract: “… intelligence is not her strong suite. ..” This qualifies as political understatement of the year. 🙂

    AOC is a hare-brained fool with zero gravitas. Whatever special interest agenda she serves is not intended to be long-term. Unless her presence serves a particular purpose still extant, she won’t survive the next election cycle.

  12. Moe

    Mark Dice on AOC dumbness

    Dice, always good for a laugh. Quote of the video: ‘AOC, the secret Republican weapon for 2020.” LOL

  13. Moe

    Former ICE director blasts AOC

  14. Moe

    Not OT, Luongo tackles Global Warming (…cough), Tesla, environmental freakoids (lately AOC), and Marxism as envy.


  15. Lou

    She went to the Skull and Bones school and I would not be at all surprised to learn she is a Skull and Bones witch.[end].

    The New Dems are from central soros casting. The facts are online.

    She went to the Skull and Bones school and I would not be at all surprised to learn she is a Skull and Bones witch.

  16. lou


  17. AT

    This is funny.

    State legislator Gregory Meeks actually had decision making authority over NY tax exemption issues (unlike Federal legislator AOC).


    Incidentally, Skull and Bones is male only, last I checked, which was admittedly many years ago. . .


    ELAINE: They let girls join in the last few years.

  18. AT

    One way to tell whether some dispute might actually be a part of a two-party-Kayfabe charade is when someone is accused of something that either they didn’t have authority over or, even if true, couldn’t be a crime anyhow.

  19. Melponeme_k

    Although I do believe she is from one of the families, she was only built up to take a fall. Not be one of their scions. So she is not one of the brotherhood but they do now allow women as members. Which is very recent.

    This is different from the “Vestal Virgins” that they make channel the skulls, their team demons and the group Egregore.

  20. Petruchio

    Mel: do you think AOC is a ‘he’ or a ‘she’? She looks pretty masculine for a female, imho. AND: I noted a news item the other day about how a lot of Actors/Actresses have identical twins. I believe the number given was 37. Seems like at least that is a statistical anomaly.

  21. Petruchio

    ” She should work for In And Out Burger.” LOL!! Good one, Elaine!

  22. AT

    37 twins on 3/7


    I almost forgot. It is a “magic number” day when our cheeseball cronies like to get their arab allies to tease their terrorist straphangers into attacking us.

    And then they all snicker that they know something because it was part of some greater plan, kind of like the borg.

  23. AT

    Anyhow my final thought on AOC and Amazon and “retaliation” by the establishment:

    Regardless of whether she is marching her base around in circles disingenuously on orders from above or not. . .

    Virtually none of her “base” was going to get one of those illusory 25,000 jobs worth $150,000 per year, even if they ever materialized. Most would have been looking at the (newly raised) Amazon hourly rate of $15/hr. Compare that with a GE factory job down South that pays over $30/hr to start, and, with a fraction of the cost of living, translates into a medium sized house with a yard and two cars. In NYC, $15/hr won’t rent an apartment much less raise a family.

    In short, the paltry wages in that urban blighting tax free zone would have been an illegal alien magnet. (Come to think of it maybe AOC didn’t think this through?)

    What’s more, most of AOC’s base would be more like those folks in San Francisco, standing in squalor while throwing rotten fruit at Google buses.

  24. Upstate NY, $15 an hour is great. Except for the taxes, of course.

  25. AT

    You can’t pay a mortgage with a $30K/year job.

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