Transgenders Squabble In Court While Muslims Demand No Sex ‘Education’ For Their Children


The above news shows the schizophrenia of the liberal left: they have this insane alliance with Muslims to control social mores only the two are at total polar opposites.  We know for 100% certain that the Muslim goal is to suppress and even kill all who are ‘sexual deviants’ and enslave women.  Liberals are very high on the Muslim ‘to eliminate’ list yet they are, for the the time being, are close allies.


England is the testing ground for the conquest of the West.  The English law system has the right to utterly meddle in people’s private lives.  There are no ‘Bill of Rights’ in England.  The British subjects live at the fiat and choices of whoever rules them.  This is exactly why my own ancestors fled England long ago.


Britian just saw its very first ‘transgender’ prosecution tossed out by an angry judge for good reasons:


 Britain’s first transgender hate crime prosecution has been halted by a judge who declared: ‘There is no case and never was a case.’  Miranda Yardley, 51, was put ‘through ten months of hell’ after being accused of harassing a transgender activist on Twitter.


The two got in a typical online dispute and one of them then called the cops because there is no free speech anywhere in England and there never was any right to free speech at any time in the past.


On one side was Yardley, an accountant, who describes himself as a transsexual and identifies as a man, even though he underwent gender reassignment to become a woman ten years ago.


Let’s get this straight: a man had the ‘assignment’ of his self changed to ‘female’ and then changed his mind again, back to being ‘male’.  This happens a great deal of the time.  On top of that, many are so confused, the suicide rate is quite high in people who can’t make up their minds, who they really are.


Despite his own experience, his contention is that individuals cannot change sex – and this has drawn fierce criticism on social media.


His own experience reveals that people confused about their ‘gender’ remain confused even after ‘choosing’ a gender which is no surprise to me.  We can be whatever we want to be, at any time.  The kick here is, you cannot force everyone around you to do this at whim, all the time, it is impossible.


Giving evidence via video link was his accuser, Helen Islan, who is married with children and works with the trans advocacy group Mermaids, which campaigns for children who want to change gender.


Children are still growing up and therefore cannot come to any decisions about what ‘sex’ they are since they are not full adults and fully cognizant of what is life due to immaturity which is why we don’t let children sign contracts and why children are not punished like adults.


The court heard that one of her teenage children is transgender. The spat began with a discussion – joined by other Twitter users – about self-identification, which allows people to be recognised as transgender simply by declaring themselves male or female.


Many ‘transgenders’ are fakes.  They are mainly men who pretend to be women while being fully male.  These men are annihilating women’s athletics now that they are allowed to flood into the sports arenas and demolish female athletes with ease.


Women’s sports is now dead.  It has zero meaning.  Since anyone can be a ‘woman’ for a few months, win prizes and scholarships and then become a man again at whim, this destroys the entire structure of women’s athletics.


And it is OK with me because women did this to themselves, lying about the differences between men and women in the first place.  Women leftists have howled that there is zero difference between men and women so women must lie in the bed they, themselves, made and it is a bed of nails.


And now along comes the Muslims who are firmly convinced women are utterly inferior and should be locked up.  They are taking great pleasure in watching women being kicked out of all sports by men.  The intersectionality here is just amazing to watch and the women who are creating this alliance should wake up and figure out how screwed they are now.

The LGBT gang thought the Muslims were their best buddies.  So they went along and tried to impose their new ‘education’ upon Muslim boys to the great rage of the Muslim men who are now out to destroy all this, seeing no pressing need anymore for the gay community support.  The mayor of London is a Muslim who hates gays.


Below is a selection of gays supporting Muslims:

The most appropriate cartoon is this one:

Muslim crime is rising in London especially knife and terror attacks.  The police in London spend more time policing the internet, breaking into homes of people who complain about Muslims blocking sidewalks to pray to Allah, locking out of London visitors coming to make speeches about free speech, etc.


The misappropriation of time and money by the government is deliberate.  In the US, the internet services are censoring people heavily if they don’t support the left/Muslim alliance.  Pointing out the obvious end outcome of this insane alliance is forbidden.


Anyone doing this is removed, it is called ‘hate speech’ and again, this comes down to the issue of ‘free speech’ which the Bilderberg gang leftists falsely claim, we have no right to free speech.  University female and some male students go howling all over the place, demanding an end to free speech which infuriates me for my very first speech I ever gave in public was about free speech!


What a mess.  And here is the future of feminism:

Get married in Saudi Arabia, be trapped there forever even if you are an American citizen!


What happened to her is, she can leave SA only if she gives up her toddler.  I have seen this happen more than once for my parents were very involved with the Saudis for years and years and they warned me way back when I was younger, not to get involved with any Saudi men because of this.


And here is a tidbit: China is no longer taking in ‘recyclables’ that are plastic.  Another liberal issue that is now going to cost us a pretty penny.


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11 responses to “Transgenders Squabble In Court While Muslims Demand No Sex ‘Education’ For Their Children

  1. Moe

    Extract: “His own experience reveals that people confused about their ‘gender’ remain confused even after ‘choosing’ a gender which is no surprise to me. We can be whatever we want to be, at any time. ”

    I have no argument with the rest of your article, but the above passage needs explaining. How can one be “…whatever we want to be…”? We’re either biologically male or female. Even after transgender surgery or hormone treatment, a person retains their biological identity.

  2. Melponeme_k

    There is only male or female. Even when people are born with some disorders that makes visual determination hard, they will most likely exert their true sex at puberty (if no chromosome tests are performed). It is extremely rare that people are born intersex.

    The elites have taken a very small segment of the population (1 to 2 percent), and used them to impose their insanity on the rest of the SANE populace. I’m sorry, most, if not all, of these people are dealing with severe psychological disorders AND/OR from chemical imbalances that are leading them into gender dysphoria. There was a study of chemical imbalances in the brain that was causing these problems. Participants were given drugs to address those imbalances. Their gender dysphoria disappeared almost instantly. They did come back when they stopped taking the medicine. This study, and others like it, were stopped when the elite psychological apparatus decided to cater to these lost people and coddle their delusions.

    Make no mistake there is a grave crime here in society in regards to these people. But it IS NOT THE POPULATION. It is the ELITE and their bag men in the medical industry.

  3. timothy carroll

    I love the sign “LGBT Support Group has been moved to the rooftop”! I’m not going to explain the irony, as the vast majority of your followers appear to be above average IQ.

    Mel is correct. The Elite are the driving force behind all of this. And I certainly do not have to explain to anyone that the Muslim culture treats women with disdain. It openly condemns gays while secretly celebrating pedophilia and sex with young boys. You liberals put in an order for this nonsense. Time to sit at the table and eat your meal.

  4. Lou

    EMS was sooo left. Now, in old age, reality has set in.
    Too late, USA is ruined.

  5. Lou

    Off topic, Elaine might get a kick out of masons [the airport has a plaque from them] hiding in plain sight,

  6. Tom W Harris

    We need FDR’s Old Deal back.

  7. Tom W Harris

    Meet a trans who’s really fake. He’s like a crime syndicate hoodlum dressed up as a woman.

  8. Tom W Harris

    For those who wonder why some folks are bugged by Masonry, here’s the straight scoop:

  9. Case

    Minority groups don’t win lefty points for their oppression or their tolerance. They win points for being subversive and violent. Islam the MOST subversive and, at the moment, the MOST violent and, let’s say, “energetic” minority, and therefore easily win top place.

  10. Petruchio

    One thing you will notice about Muslim males if you work retail is Hi they do not like dealing with women when making purchases. They will purchase from a Male cashier if there is one. Yes, they disdain women, especially Western women, whom they think of as Whores.

  11. Petruchio

    The Muslim male invasion is Israel’s “gift” to the West. If these Muslim males stay in their Native countries, they might start thinking of striking at Israel. The Hazards agree exporting their problem to the West. But hey, Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East, so it’s OK.

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