No Russian Collusion In Manafort Trial And Congress Democrats Endorse Their Own Corruption

Paul Manafort put in prison four years, nothing about Russia, just dodgy financial deals and tax stuff.


I love fairy tales.  They have lots of truth and wisdom in the older stories, not the modern ones.  One big element in many fairy tales is how people who are demanding harsh punishment on someone for ulterior reasons, end up being punished, themselves.  In this case, the new Congresswomen are putting their feet in their mouths.  AOC Congresswoman from NYC and Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar from Wisconsin both are increasing difficulties due to corruption issues but both hold great power in the DNC due to being ‘minorities’ (sic).  Of course, both belong to groups that are each over a billion people which isn’t a ‘minority’.


‘He is not before the court for anything having to do with colluding with the Russian government,’ Ellis, who was appointed to the bench by Republican former President Ronald Reagan, told the court during the sentencing.


First off: all of the people around Trump are typical in our government.  They are being run through the wringer for political reasons.  The battle to prevent anyone from running the government who is not a Bilderberg gangster is of highest priority of the super rich, especially our nasty computer online businesses which depend on the government to assist them in running mega-monopolies.


All monopolies have crummy services and we see this increasingly online as all the hot shot corporations drive away customers, punish customers, abuse customers, defame customers.  We see this best in Hollywood: as Disney vacuumed up all the competition, it grew bloated and arrogant and now masses of consumers are rapidly organizing outright boycotts of Disney products that is very emotionally engaged now in bringing down Disney and even bankrupting that corrupt corporation.


Facebook decided to torment or ban conservatives so now it is bleeding customers as it slowly strangles itself to death.  Good riddance.  Twitter is running hard to be as nasty as Facebook and it, too, is beginning to see a fall in users.  It may take a year or two but as organizations run by anti-Trump globalists attack their own customer base, they are all doomed in the long run.


So, back to reality: Trump is not ‘colluding’ with Russia, he was trying to do diplomacy but that was killed by the mainstream media and the DC Bilderberg gangsters who infest Congress and both parties.  The Mueller operation will go down in history as even worse than the McCarthy era mess.


Meanwhile, ‘Don’t throw stones at windows when living in a greenhouse’ Occasionally Cortez is in trouble due to corruption scams right out of the gate:


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was hit Thursday with an ethics complaint for listing her live-in boyfriend as a staff member and getting him an official House email address.


The liberal superstar violated at least two provisions of the House Code of Official Conduct and possibly U.S. criminal law by making false statements about boyfriend Riley Roberts being a staff member, according to the complaint by the conservative Coolidge Reagan Foundation.


“AOC has gotten away with utter hypocrisy for far too long. The Coolidge Reagan Foundation will do whatever it takes to expose AOC’s transgressions and hold her accountable,” said Shaun McCutcheon, the chairman of the foundation. “We’re going to actively monitor AOC’s campaign finance reports and congressional actions to push back on her un-American, anti-speech agenda.”


And her good buddy in the House, Ilhan, successfully thwarted the AIPAC anti-semitism legislation:


The following is a statement from Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, denouncing the anti-Muslim bigotry driving many of the attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar. Muslim Advocates also recently issued Running on Hate, a report documenting anti-Muslim political rhetoric: “The attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar are part of a coordinated, decades-long effort to paint American Muslims as inherently foreign, violent and deeply hostile to women, the LGBTQ community and Jews.


The propaganda on the left claiming that Muslims love women’s rights, love lesbians, love gays, love everyone…good lord.  There is abundant proof that a Muslim nation suppresses and murders exactly these groups of people who are seen as either demons or renegades or inferiors who should be enslaved.


I have seen over my lifetime many a ‘liberal’ Muslim nation like say, Iran, suddenly be taken over by radical Muslims and turned into hellish, nasty messes. It happens all the time and often the CIA assists in this.  Afghanistan was once much more liberal when it was allied with Russia, we created the Taliban and bin Laden’s gang.


Libya and Iraq both gave women total civil rights and equality and now both enslave women, literally in the case of Libya.  NATO tried desperately to enslave the free women of Syria where they, too, had equal rights under the law.  Our Congress is highly aware of our lousy record for spreading women’s rights to Muslim nations, it totally stinks.


And here is how Jewish Democrats are struggling with their temporary alliance with Muslims:


Hannity doesn’t mention how the feminists are committing suicide in these alliances, here and  in all NATO countries.  But at least he is trying to talk about what is painfully obvious to me.

Last news here today: A Republican state lawmaker proposes slicing New York into three autonomous regions in order to end the stranglehold that New York City liberals have on the rest of the Empire State. I totally endorse this for both California and New York! Having lived in both states and presently paying taxes in NY today, yes! I want this very much.


DiPietro added that his idea of autonomous regions may even become a national movement and said he held talks with residents from Illinois who believe Chicago unfairly dominates the state.


“I’m sending this out as a bill — not a proposal, not a resolution,” he said. “I want people to get on it. My goal is to take this nationwide because a lot of other states are dealing with these problems where the big city dominates the rest of the state, which wants nothing to do with them.”


The rulers in NYC want a flood of illegal aliens so they can exploit them.  This is dangerous and stupid and causes crime and disorders.  I want all the politicians in NYC examined to see if they are traitors.



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6 responses to “No Russian Collusion In Manafort Trial And Congress Democrats Endorse Their Own Corruption

  1. Tim E.

    Would be nice even here in Nebraska if Lincoln and Omaha were on their own. Property taxes for the rest of the state are crazy high and they don’t want to do an thing about it.

  2. AT

    The dirty money Manafort was being paid to lobby for “Ukraine” was funneled through Cyprus. (Not the Channel Islands or Liechtenstein or the Bahamas)

    Cyprus is primarily a RUSSIAN run offshore banking and money laundering center.


  3. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    The Democratic IT guy Iman Awan was let go for his financial crimes. The judge just waved the charges aside.

  4. AT

    Mueller has been taking out Trump’s trash and using it as window dressing for his fake witch hunt.

    It’s Kayfabe.

  5. shawntoh


    How much did this NOTHING BURGER cost us for results of this investigation[sic]?

    What’s worse is that Madam Mao in Drag is still on the loose– but at least she’ll screech no more in presidential debates and– quote the Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, the old croak spewed for Prez bid for 2020– “I shall run NEVERMORE!”

    Just imagine what an investigation on Madame Mao in Drag would have revealed considering what we already learned from WIkiLeaks. But as her announcement–

    That’s a relief. Now if she’d just go away and meditate in silence in a hatha yoga pose in some monastery some where in the remote reaches of the earth then who knows what will happen next with AOC and her homie Omar and the DNC keeps getting weirder so they must be pro now? Hunter S. Thompson forgive me.


  6. shawntoh

    I wish they did good horror movie stuff like this when they didn’t have to rely on gore so much…

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