Covington School Boy Suing CNN For $250 Million

Covington Lawyer SUES CNN for $250 Million – YouTube: the lawsuits are now flowing into our court system. The hubris of the Bilderberg gang is so big, they think this is all a joke, no one can sue them!  Well, this isn’t a celebrity or Trump, this is a CHILD suing them all.  A child they openly defamed, lied about, abused, even threatened this child.  They still cannot understand how evil that is because they think they can do as they please.


The far left and the DNC joined the Bilderberg gang to defame Trump endlessly.  One example is the photos of teenage illegal alien children sleeping on the floor in cages.  Only after alternative media examined this story closely did it turn out the photos were from the Obama years, not Trump years.


This fake news was used to beat Trump over the head about protecting our borders.  This gang hates our borders and wish to flood the US with illegal aliens who will then be allowed to vote in our elections while they refuse to integrate properly.


Here is another example of the left siding with illegal aliens:

The ‘students’ were not planning to go to school, they wanted to work, instead.  It was a false front operation like so many of such which the government has been shutting down in the last two years.


Naturally, the media attacks Trump over this issue, not explain to readers why this happened and what it means.  The Brit paper above, the Daily Mail, does correctly say that this ‘school’ was set up for ‘scammers.’


Meanwhile, in our home country, the global warmists are busy attacking citizens claiming we are roasting to death.  Despite this very cold winter, hell’s bells, it is going to SNOW right next to Los Angeles in California tomorrow…the global warmists are doubling down on their fake global warming scam.


So, a teacher was punished for talking about her students being very cold!  This is insanity.  Her crime was to encourage students to have their parents complain since teachers complaining didn’t work.


School should have closed if it was unable to run properly.  It takes heroic action to get through to the authorities especially in places run by ‘liberals’ these days.  Here is another hyper-liberal thing: an African immigrant who is a Muslim is now part of Congress and is attacking everyone in sight now, egged on by others who are recent immigrants:

These women are crazy.  They openly lie about nearly everything and this is because liberals have been engaged in endless lying, too.  No matter how often we prove they are openly lying, they just continue onwards thanks to assistance from mainstream Bilderberg news operations.


This nonstop lying is criminal.  It is very destructive and it is quite intentional.  The new immigrants in Congress are openly attacking our past history and anyone who is associated with it.  What is so ironic is, Obama was born most likely in Africa, his father was certainly a noncitizen and yet he was allowed by the Bilderberg gang to rule the country.


This is why the birth certificate forgery was deliberately hidden by the news media systems and the sheriff in Arizona who participated was kicked to the curb and punished.  The thing is, a very obvious immigrant from Africa with zero ties with the US (Obama’s mom at least was a citizen) is attacking Obama.  I find this very funny indeed.


The white females in the Democratic Party should wake up and smell the burning tires.  Hello!  If Obama is being attacked, guess who is next, darlings?


I suspect Pelosi who is definitely in the crosshairs of the aliens in Congress is now sweating bullets.  At the Ocasio-Cortez Says ‘Where We Are’ As Americans Is ‘Garbage’ speech at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, made it clear that aliens are taking over and will rule us, it is why they are invading…DUH.

Now on to fun stuff:

HAHAHA.  This is insanity.  The Church has serious problems but is worried about it getting warmer instead.  No wonder they love hell so much.


Speaking of hell:

We have known about ‘erosion’ for approximately the last several thousand years.  Building a house on a cliff of sand and loess earth right next to a major ocean is stupid and insane and we have known how this works for the last zillion years.


But California is a very corrupt state.  No sane system would allow houses to be built and sold right next to easily eroding cliffs!  This is pure lunacy but then, I repeat myself here.  Silly geese!


And worse, these Hollywood nuts want to tell us how to run our country!  That is very insane and extremely alarming, too.


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11 responses to “Covington School Boy Suing CNN For $250 Million

  1. tio

    One from the vaults ..

    ‘Greatest scam in history’: Greenpeace co-founder thrashes global warming ‘brainwashing’ campaign
    “Janet: Dr. Scott!
    Brad: Janet!
    Janet: Brad!
    Frank: Rocky!”

  2. Lou

    asking for 250M..settling for?

  3. Melponeme_k

    They never miss a chance to smear the Catholic church. Are their philanderers among their ranks? Of course. And about the same number as there are in clergy of any religion. So ask yourself, why do we only hear about the Catholics? Why not the Protestants? Why not the Muslims? Why not the Rabbis? When it is only one group taking the hit, then you know it is a PSY-OP!

    How can you get an inkling? Guaranteed there will be a Transgender in view as a hint.

    Take a look at BELEN. In Greek it means Arrow. So what sex has an ARROW equivalent on the body? The last time I checked, I i didn’t have any arrow shaped protuberances on my body. HAHAHAHAHA! They always tell.

    Belen has HUGE shoulders that can fit 3 head widths. The skull IS HUGE. About the same size as “Father” Roberto. The shoulder to hip ratio is so off, it is hilarious.

    I mean this thing is so obvious. I have no doubt the elites are laughing at the regular men salivating over it.

    And they had to use it for something. It is getting up there in age and the 2nd male testosterone push of the late 20s/early 30s years is making its face explode. A good Transgender psy-op operator can not go to waste. I mean they spend so much money on them.

  4. AT

    Obama was born in Hawaii. He lied about being foreign in order to get into prep schools.

    Many of the crony colluding class will not support a candidate for national office without blackmail leverage over them.

    Being born here is one of the few constitutional qualifications for President.

    As such the phony citizenship question proved to be the perfect false leverage for Obama.

  5. Petruchio

    When did Barry SOTERO change his name to Barack Obama.

  6. Mewswithaview

    NYC Dangerously Close To Bankruptcy, Experts Warn

    Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to add billions of dollars more to the budget, amid a slowing economy and outward migration caused by tax reform, a recession would send the city into a “fiscal disaster,” according to the report.

  7. Petruchio

    @#3 Mel: I notice the puffed face on Jessica Biel as well. She–in the picture of her I viewed–was 31-32 years old. I thought it was strange. I figured she had had a long night of partying and lack of sleep was the cause of the puffing. But it didn’t go away.

  8. Melponeme_k


    Men are at the height of their strength in their 30s thru their early 40s. This is why they are also at the height of their attractiveness as well. Hence the second testosterone “puberty” to strengthen their bones and muscles. I guess a throwback to older men being able to stand up against younger rivals. For female company, especially.

    This is why the male face becomes so defined and all the baby fat is lost.

    And it all occurs at the worst possible time for elite trans stars. Its why they cycle them all out as soon as possible. When the second puberty occurs, it is just about the time they need to ween themselves off the estrogen. The hormones cause cancer and other problems. But like all men, they lose the baby fat and start to look like their real gender. The shaved facial bones (jaw line and brow bones), are repaired by the body and start to regrow. I suppose there are only so many times they can shave down the bones.

    The puffiness I would suppose are due to the fat transfers and botox. They can’t stop the hormonal repairs so they do the best they can. Sometimes they get lucky and the facial structure on the star can stay presentable. Natalie Portman and Audrey Hepburn are two good examples. They look a lot alike. Probably from the same family bloodline.

  9. AT

    @5 Petruchio

    Born Obama, he used Soetoro, his mother’s Indonesian second husband’s name, to get into an elite prep school in Hawaii, claiming falsely to be a foreign student.

    That was the start of the confusion, successfully used by Obama as illusory “birther” false leverage. That’s why he kept it vague for so long. Gotta give fake blackmail some credit.

    ELAINE: There is NO Hawaii birth certificate. A forged one was made in order to silence people but that was not OFFICIAL, it was from Obama’s gang not the registrar in Hawaii.

  10. OC

    Meanwhile, China has been dumping US Treasuries as quick as she can and
    Oh, so is Russia.

  11. AT

    Who cares as long as Brussels is buying? It’s all fake pricing now anyhow. It doesn’t end until the money stops. That will be right after the shortages and the gas lines, unless the balloon goes up first.

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