Facebook Is Wiping Out All Traces Of Tommy Robinson, Even Aside Comments About Tommy Are Now Censored

It is now clear that the Bilderberg gang is so terrified of a young, proletariat English male named ‘Tommy Robinson’ that after defaming him in fake news mainstream media especially the BBC and after secretly hauling him off to a Muslim prison to terrorize him and drive him to suicide, this pesky peon has risen in power to the point of utterly terrifying the gang.  So now they are systematically trying to wipe him out.  Now, instead of having lots of news about him, they want him to be ‘no news’ which amuses me greatly since I was treated this way all my life.


I have stood in front of the UN in the middle of Manhattan surrounded by media of every sort and all politicians, and the debate was ‘should Elaine deliver a speech about China and Bush Sr. in public’ was the topic.  Mayor Koch even let us know, he would unleash the police on me (I was standing on diplomatic ground behind a metal fence) if I tried to go to the podium to make the speech.


So I handed it to a wonderful Chinese student who gave the speech which the NY Times called ‘the best speech, ever’ fully knowing I wrote it.  It was fascinating, watching how our Real Rulers operate so openly.  But then, for normal people, this is craftily hidden.


Tommy is blowing their cover.  This freaks them out greatly.  Tommy has moved onto the ‘to be assassinated’ list but they have one more attempt at legal murder: he is set to be retried for publishing news.  YES.  It is illegal in England to publish real news.  Seriously.  The government can declare various situations to be ‘no news allowed’ and Muslim rape gangs are one of the protected groups here.  So Tommy, telling the truth, is evil and I keep saying, people living in England have zero freedom of speech, they never had it at any time and this is exactly why my own ancestors fled England during the religious wars hundreds of years ago.


Facebook is run by a man who is one of the many Jewish internet powers.  Zuckerberg believes in controlling the population every bit as much as the Jewish owners of the New York Times, for example.  To do this,  he has to censor, lie and steal.  He is too stupid to figure out how this all ends.  Hubris is a real problem with powerful people.


His ‘power’ lies in being able to attract customers like flies to honey and he is stomping on customers just like all systems being run by Bilderberg gangsters because the customers are becoming troublesome and thinking and saying things that irritate the Real Rulers no end.


The problem here is, the Real Rulers need allies and they have allied themselves with the Saudi Muslims who hate all other Muslim sects and wage war against other Muslims.  The Jews think this is very clever of them, not understanding that the Saudis are determined to take back Jerusalem and do this very violently in the end.


Allied with enemies has fatal consequences.  The women’s right movement, now tied mercilessly to the Muslim war machine, is being dragged by the hair into self-enslavement and the leaders are too stupid to figure out the obvious.  They really think the Muslims are good friends and will teach those pesky non-Muslim males to fear and give up power to angry white females who have taken over our schools all the way up to graduate school.


The out of control white females seeking power against men is destroying society.  Black family structures have nearly totally collapsed, Hispanic families are teetering on the edge of destruction and the annihilation of marriage in Europe is nearly complete now and rising in the US.  Muslims care very much about marriage to the point of collecting more than one wife at a time.


Right now, feminists are joined with males in entertainment to crush ‘white dudes’ as the star of the latest Marvel movie said repeatedly in speeches.  That is, to make entertainment that shows women, little women even, beating up huge males easily.  Stomping all over the place with their tiny feet and little hands, these hero-females are rampaging across the entertainment business, slaying everyone in their path.


Right now, across You Tube, young men and some young women who are fans of the Marvel Universe movies and comix are arguing about the trend towards making white male heroes weaker and weaker and the females stronger than Superman and Hulk combined.

A top Marvel executive says ‘the world is ready’ for a gay lead superhero in a feature film.


Production chief Victoria Alonso said the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is ready to create an LBGTQ character, but stopped short of confirming when and in what film that might be, in an interview with Variety on March 6.


The questions arose after ThatHashtagShow.com reported on March 1 that Marvel was actively seeking a gay lead for its upcoming ‘The Eternals’ film.


Just as I explained how Star Wars, now run by the Bilderberg gang via Disney, is now a dead franchise due to feminism such as the new cartoons showing Princess Leia slapping around and beating up both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and even Chewie, the feminists want to be the boss and worse, want to be brutal, physically violent bosses.

This is utter lunacy and has a backlash brewing of epic proportions.  What shall that be?  Take a wild guess!  I can see it very clearly: men who once were allies of ‘white women’ of European origin will become Muslims.  This is ridiculously easy!  Imagine if Tommy Robinson suddenly joins the Muslims.  Hello?  This is not impossible.  He is being thwarted endlessly by the Powers That Be so what if he suddenly switches sides?


This is not only not impossible, it is quite probable.  Equally probable is conservative Jews joining with conservative Muslims to crush liberal Jews.  Liberal Jews run Hollywood and many media systems.  The Muslims want these systems to be basically under their control.  This is so obvious to me, watching the Jews in Congress like the very obnoxious Senator from NY, Schumer, forced to kiss the ass of a Muslim woman who is a foreigner and do as she orders and not pass the ‘Jews Defense’ bill instead, including Muslims in it…HAHAHA.  The goat slits its own throat here.


Court schools Univ. of Iowa, says religious groups deserve equal treatment and not force religious student organizations to let in gays.


the university kicked Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) off campus because the group requires its student leaders to affirm and live by its religious beliefs. After the university admitted that it knowingly targeted and deregistered BLinC and other religious groups, the court today ruled that the university must end its unequal treatment of religious student organizations.


Before a hearing last Friday, the university revealed a watch list of 32 groups–all religious–that it had placed on probation simply for requiring its leaders to follow their beliefs. Yet the university permits fraternities to remain single-sex and allows other groups to limit their leaders (and even members) to students who share their mission. The court’s ruling states, “The Constitution does not tolerate the way [the University] chose to enforce the Human Rights Policy. Particularly when free speech is involved, the uneven application of any policy risks the most exacting standard of judicial scrutiny, which [the University] ha[s] failed to withstand.”


What is worse is, the school did not go after Muslim groups or Jewish groups and demand they let in everyone or else.  Only Christian groups were targets of SJW ire.


Good grief!  This is beyond stupid.  The DNC is fracturing as alarmed Jews are now running in circles wondering why their lovely allies are attacking them.  Duh!  The recent attack on the Catholics has blown up.  The Catholic judge that the Bilderberg gang fought tooth and nail now sits on the Supreme Court, to their rage.  And now the Covington kids have not only defeated the gang but is now systematically suing the gang in court.


OUCH.  HAHAHA.  This is hilarious.  The gang is now very desperate.  All of them joined in attacking and defaming children.  Yes, children: that is very illegal.  It is called ‘child abuse’ and yes, adults are arrested for child abuse.  Those boys will be very rich in the end and the Bilderberg gang will be bleeding money.


Right when they are slaughtering their own entertainment golden calves!  All systems run by them are viewed now by customers with increasing suspicion and beginning to lose money, too.  Slowly, bit by bit, the people who fund the Bilderberg gang and who consume Bilderberg gang junk will boycott them.  It is inevitable.


This is very stupid of the gang but they live high and mighty and can’t see the hazards.  This is why they fly all over the planet, trying their damndest to convince everyone we are roasting to death. Since only part of Australia is roasting hot, this is failing in all the very cold parts of the planet.

Yes, a bunch of people hired by the Bilderberg gang were in Africa where it has snowed several times in the last two winters, to convince them that we are roasting to death and need to ‘save the planet’ by freezing Europe and North America again like in the good old days of the last Ice Age.  Well, now they are dead.  Why on earth are these clowns flying all over the planet?


They do this endlessly.  They seem utterly incapable of communicating via modern civilized systems.  Nope, they all have to do this in person for some bizarre reason.  This is proof it is all fake.  Aside from the extreme cold, that is…proof they are fakers, liars and frauds.  Already, much of France is in open revolt against the Bilderberg global warming scam.  Many citizens in cold countries will join this.


Amsterdam-Peiser: Here is the ‘green agenda’ of the communists:

After imposing this regime on Europe, this happened:

Will citizens stop this Maoist plot?  We shall see.  They have to fight and fight hard.  Here, in the US, more and more white males are boycotting all schools except those run mainly by men (hard sciences, for example).  The feminists are forcing an invasion of these remaining schools demanding 50% of all positions go only to females while in ‘liberal’ female schools, 80% or more goes to women, already.  I hope men sue them for this.





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13 responses to “Facebook Is Wiping Out All Traces Of Tommy Robinson, Even Aside Comments About Tommy Are Now Censored

  1. Moe

    Listen to Google’s Adam Kovacevich n the video: this guy is dissembling big time. Color me ‘not surprised’.

    Thanks Elaine for the link. Always enjoy Dice sarcasm.

  2. Petruchio

    Only people worried about losing control over their slaves/subjects deploy outright censorship. The elites are worried their Narrative is falling apart. They are right; it IS falling apart.

  3. Lou

    4–The comment i see is -uh vey, the goyim know.

  4. Jim R

    In other news, the lights are still off in Venezuela, total power grid failure starting last Thursday:

    Looters Pillage Venezuela Supermarkets As Crippling Blackout Hits Day Five

    by Tyler Durden
    Mon, 03/11/2019 – 13:45

    There are news articles raving about how the electricity is off “because Communism”, but the MoA guy thinks it is just your favorite spooks messing around in the country’s breaker box. Maduro says the same thing, of course.

    But notice how full the store shelves are in this ‘looting’ article. Up until last week, everyone in VZ was starving because there was nothing on the store shelves, and now the stores have stuff for the looters to steal. The ‘MSM’ story isn’t even consistent with itself.

  5. shawntoh

    Uh oh, Elaine, this looks interesting…

    Tommy Robinson: “Tomorrow, we fight back…”

  6. Lou

    6–not good but having been around ‘Latinos’ this does not surprise me.

  7. Jim R

    What does not surprise you, @Lou, that they fully stocked the store shelves just in time for the blackout?

    Or the part about blaming the blackout on Washington (which would not be without precedent)?

  8. AT

    Facebook now more British than Yiddish.

  9. AT

    When something is free, YOU are the product.

    Angry Facebook users don’t seem to get it. Unless subscription fees are paying for server farms and corporate profits, then users as corporate products have only two potential profit centers: manipulate opinion and collect personal data, while maximizing participation.

    Participation is where you come in.

  10. AT

    Advertising is just one of the many forms of manipulating opinion.

    And, marketing is just one rubric with which to collect personal data.

  11. MadSklz

    Everyone, please note DISSENTER just came out from GAB, meaning you can COMMENT on any webpage. No censorship!

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