DNC Loves Venezuela Chaos, Mueller Investigation May Blow Up, NYC Mayor Cuts Kiddie Meat Lunches

Blackouts and power shortages in Venezuela have now entered their fourth day, as the crisis-stricken country’s economic and humanitarian crisis continues to deepen.  Venezuela is in total chaos now, several days with near total blackouts, reminds me of when NY City had a big blackout and the urban populations of the idle went crazy and burned and looted wide swaths of the city.  Venezuela’s corrupt government is doomed.  Just like the grip on France is slipping, too.  Russia, China and the US spar over these countries while Britain continues to writhe with pain of parting with the EU while many camped out in Britain want to stay in the EU which is why they get to camp out in Britain and tap into the welfare state there.  Hello!  Duh!  This is why we are being invaded by foreigners waving foreign flags, too.

The ambitious DNC gang is pushing the ‘we are going to roast to death’ scam.  It has been so very cold here!  Well, the urban heat areas think the whole world is unusually warm when they are seeing the effects of urbanization, not climate.  So, changing kid’s food is going to save the planet, eh?

I remember the 1950’s: we took our own food to school.  What did my mother give us?  Nearly nothing!  Two slices of bread she made and we could put in our own fillers.  We bought the milk in the classroom for 5 cents.  That, and an apple or banana.  That was lunch.


The government believes that vegetarian meals, which are deficient in many vitamins and minerals only found in meat and poultry, are “healthier” for Americans, so that’s what will be served to the kids on Mondays.  “Cutting back on meat a little will improve New Yorkers’ health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” De Blasio said. “We’re expanding Meatless Mondays to all public schools to keep our lunch and planet green for generations to come.”

This is getting ridiculous but then, these savages are ridiculous.  Here is an angry tweet from a NYC parent who believes schools should feed fancy meals to the kids (something we didn’t have when I was very young):


In DNC run cities we don’t see lunch boxes anymore.  I remember lunch boxes: we didn’t get these because my mother thought it was stupid to give children stuff they would use to hit each other over the head in the bus…I kid you not, this is what they were really for.  We got paper bags from her.  Of course, we would blow into the bag, then pop it behind someone’s back, that was always a blast.


All the global warmists who run wild, yelling about how we are roasting to death when it is very cold, all of these creeps do the same thing: they consume energy like fiends from hell, needing super warm weather to feel comfortable.  They all do this, every blasted one of them.  None live like they tell us to live.  They approve of Venezuela and want the US to be exactly like Venezuela or like NYC back in 1977.  A hell hole.

The fiends of the DNC/Bilderberg gang are all ganging up today against  Tucker Carlson, demanding he be whipped and punished for telling off-color jokes.  It’s OK to beat or rape people if you are a DNC leader, it is also OK to tell very nasty jokes if you are in the DNC or are a raving leftist.  You can cuss, make death threats, doxx people if you are a leftist.  Everyone else has to watch out and hope any stray events in their youth not be noticed and used as a bludgeon to destroy lives.


Well, Tucker isn’t taking the bait.  ‘Apologize’ and you get roasted.  Trump showed the way: tell them to jump in a lake!  Bingo!  Nothing happens.  Apologize and lo and behold, you are pilloried and destroyed.  Like pit bulls, the leftists latch onto a leg and won’t let go.


Pelosi said, forget impeaching Trump (because that is unconstitutional) and just get on with looting the country.


In addition to the speaker, other top Democrats have also voiced opposition to discussions about impeachment, including House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who has urged caution until the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Up until today, Pelosi publicly agreed with Nadler, telling reporters last Tuesday that she first wanted to “see what the facts are, what the law is, and what the behavior is of the president,” before discussing impeachment. Now, it appears the California Democrat has all but written off the move.


Impeach Pelosi.  I hope her female allies do this.  I am betting, they will drive her out of her position now and good riddance.  She put them in power, she should pay the price.


Sarah Sanders struggled hard to not burst out laughing.  Ditto, with myself.  HAHAHA.

Big news: the transcripts of Lisa Page’s testimony has been released by the GOP Senate so we can read it now and…

The Mueller operation still is trying to go after Trump’s family while this bombshell landed on his front lawn.  HELLO!  This means that higher ups in the government thwarted an investigation of a treasonous crime…this is big news so I expect the NYT to not report it, of course.  They can’t do ‘news’ anymore.


Meanwhile, the Judicial Watch pit bulls are now demanding Rosenstein’s communications during the Comey firing and the Mueller appointment. Going for the throat, here. Will Mueller arrest himself?


HAHAHA.  What a perfect mess.





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14 responses to “DNC Loves Venezuela Chaos, Mueller Investigation May Blow Up, NYC Mayor Cuts Kiddie Meat Lunches

  1. AT

    Individually unprecedented yet simultaneous urban blackouts across several distinct cities leaves no doubt that the culprit is sabotage.

    After the deaths of enough Venezuelans in the margin of the blackouts who are sick, or injured, or infirm, or crime victims, and who would have otherwise lived, then the Venezuelans will come together with a passion of hate.

  2. AT

    This is why Guaido is prophylactically pointing the accusation of “murder” for the blackouts against Maduro. He realizes the result of the sabotage is likely pure blowback directed at the same foreigners backing him.

  3. Jim R

    I posted an off-topic comment yesterday about this . .

    Moon of Alabama doesn’t have absolute proof, but concluded that it was sabotage, based on history and probability.


    Under normal circumstances, they should be able to get that big hydro dam back online by now.

  4. Jim R

    None of these articles are able to explain the connection between ‘socialism’ and ‘electricity’. They’re always sort of vague on that point. Not to be too Russophilic here, but I believe the Soviet Union at least had electricity for most of its existence. Have you seen pictures of the Moscow Metro stations?

    But if it’s a Stuxnet type of malicious software, it can be almost impossible to get rid of. It infests the computer at a very low level, and it was known to jump between air-gapped computers (ones with no network connection). Maybe they can get some experts in from Kaspersky Labs and Huawei, but it will still take time. And if it’s like the Stuxnet attack, the sabotage will have damaged some difficult-to-replace components of their electrical grid.

  5. AT

    As an official with basic leadership skills understands, underlings who disagree with you, despite their rank, have a variety of ways of working against your intent, mostly they boil down to playing stupid and letting that play out.

    My reading of the Venezuela debacle is that either the CIA is deliberately shanking it in opposition to Bolton and his fellow illustious Knights of Malta, or else the actual intent of all concerned is to drive Venezuela into the arms of Russia and China in some kind of good-cop-bad-cop, oil-price suppression game.

  6. Ken

    Elaine only briefly touched on this, but the citizens of Venezuela deserve some kudos for their behavior during this blackout.

    If any major City in the US lost power for 5 days straight, it would be burned to the ground. The segment of the population referred to by Elaine would start by looting stores and engaging in general mayhem. They would then engage in a recreational burning of their own neighborhoods, followed by surrounding neighborhoods.

    New York City was spared any serious damage in 1977 because the power wasn’t out long enough. If it had been out for 5 whole days, well that would have been a different story.

    But the Venezuelans have not done this. Good for them.

  7. Michael Riesterer

    Get a firsthand account of what’s going on in V from a reporter who was there recently. MSM has it all wrong; surprised?

  8. Jim R

    @Michael Riesterer, that was an excellent video piece. It was done a few days before the electric grid failure, but after the ‘humanitarian aid’ nonsense on the bridge.

  9. Jim R

  10. Tom W Harris

    Some vegetarians are wack. Some years ago while visiting Whole Foods, I saw a bumper sticker which read, “A pork chop stops a beating heart.”

  11. The black out riots continued for the ENTIRE SUMMER. It was insane. It was very harsh. I began my career in NYC arresting people left, right and center during that summer.

    It was war.

  12. AT

    Right, so the other thing the blackout does is spoil all that refrigerated supermarket food from the Utube video.

  13. Life was hell during the NY summer of the black out. Food rotted in stores and homes and stores in poor neighborhoods were looted and burned. I had to go to NJ to buy food.

  14. Lou

    6–If any major City in the US lost power for 5 days straight, it would be burned to the ground…….I will complete that…

    If any major City in the US lost power for 5 days straight, it would be burned to the ground.by Blacks, Browns, Muslims and non americans.

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