Tommy Robinson Suing Crown, SJW Bilderberg Gang Try To Deplatform Tucker Carlson Again

Tommy Robinson is taking the British Court to court, his lawsuit is now being heard and this is all shameful and funny at the same time.  The State can’t secure the borders or prevent other EU countries from destroying British society, but it can put Tommy in prison and abuse his family!  Well…this is backfiring badly.  But it won’t stop the Bilderberg gang, they are terrified of Tommy, the Little Man, the Working Class Man Stiff.  The people the Rulers fear and hate.

The persecution of Tommy Robinson by the State is backfiring more and more thanks to Tommy being very brave and not letting go of events but by filming all of these attempts at crushing him.  He is being cut off from various platforms by SJW Bilderberg gangsters who want to copy China’s social controls.


And here is Sargon: Tony Blair joins Macron of France, to demand England remain in the EU and this, due to global warming!  A Parliament of Traitors is a good title for this snippet of real news.


Meanwhile, in the US, activists with the assistance and encouragement of the Bilderberg gang, are pushing to destroy Tucker Carlson…using charges which are hilariously stupid.

The fake outrage coming from people who believe in wild sex, obscene language, no protections for fetuses or children, who parade trans men dressed as female demons to grade schools to ‘read books’ about boys who want to dress like girls….GOOD LORD, losing their marbles over old jokes???


This fake outrage vanishes when DNC leaders are found to be wearing KKK robes, making fun of black slaves or beating girlfriends or raping interns in the Oval Office or whatever.  They can be as wild and vicious and even physically attack people, or tell audiences to murder the President, and they demand nothing happen, this is OK.


But tell a slight joke and bang: they hammer away, demanding the miscreant be punished.  To hell with them all.  I am sick and tired of them and glad that Carlson isn’t surrendering to them.  And the corporations censoring everyone at the behest of these clowns: I keep track of them and hope to boycott all of them and we all should avoid these businesses like Guillett, for example.

And Fox News is having fun poking at the liberals yet again.


NASA boss says, ‘First person on Mars should be a woman’ and I say, let’s vote who to ship there. Hillary?  I say, how about all the pink pussy hat females?  Have them terrorize any Martian males there if there are any.  A good place to park all these people.


Ocasio-Cortez is another good choice.  She can refuse to eat meat while there.



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6 responses to “Tommy Robinson Suing Crown, SJW Bilderberg Gang Try To Deplatform Tucker Carlson Again

  1. AT

    No one is going to Mars. Send people to get cancer and brain-addled by unshielded cosmic-rays. . . to land in another ferociously strong gravity well, but with no breathable air, that is effectively a prison sentence without factories and refineries to make rockets and fuel in situ. . . all to become dirt farmers in bubbles?

    There is no upside. Eventually, the whole world then gets to impotently watch from afar those folks go insane and/or die of accident, mechanical fault, disease or other calamity? Sounds more like horror than scifi. Talk about turning young generations away from space exploration!

  2. tio

    “Ocasio-Cortez is another good choice. She can refuse to eat meat while there”.

    All of a sudden, you had my attention .. hmmm.

  3. Ken

    How can this even be news? The elite and powerful have been getting their mediocre children into prestigious universities for generations. No one in their right mind could possible believe that George Bush and John Kerry actually got into Yale on their merits.

  4. Pete

    Tommy Robinson is not his real name
    Strange background

  5. Pete, I have changed my legal name twice so I have three names in my own past. It is not uncommon, indeed, Hollywood ‘names’ are nearly always made up, new names like say, John Wayne or ALL female actors.

    Politicians do this, too which I find funny, the leftists pretending suddenly that this is evil. HELLO!

  6. Lou

    Amazon Bans Culture of Critique and Separation and Its Discontents
    March 12, 2019/43 Comments/in Featured Articles, Free Speech /by Kevin MacDonald

    Twenty-one years after a respected academic publisher, Praeger, published Culture of Critique and Separation and Its Discontents, they have been banned on Amazon. A People that Shall Dwell Alone is still available. This comes only around two weeks after they banned books by Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson. This is an extension of the de-platforming from financial sites and PayPal, Patreon, Coinbase, and credit card companies that has hit pretty much all sites on the dissident right, including TOO and TOQ. Clearly the establishment is terrified that these ideas are gaining traction, and it illustrates once again, that the culturally dominant left cares nothing for free speech as a pillar of American civilization. I am now deeply worried that if the left obtains power in the next election, what has happened thus far will pale in comparison to what lies ahead. Private companies like Amazon cannot impose criminal penalties, but if the left manages to redefine the First Amendment, as they would certainly love to do, there will be a very real prospect of imprisonment and heavy fines — even for well-argued, well-supported statements and writings. This has already happened in several parts of the EU, and the left has already developed sophisticated legal theories aimed at getting around the First Amendment. Supreme Court liberals, like Elena Kagan (who has already shown her proclivities in this area), are sure to be thinking along these lines.

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