Trump On Twitter: Trade With England, Border Security And Fake Global Warming


This simple tweet by our President triggered hysteria with the globalists and their minions in mainstream media.  In England, there is political hysteria as the ‘representatives’ there have the difficult task of pretending to represent citizens when they really are owned by the Bilderberg gang.  Also, the same clowns in Europe are screeching about ‘global warming’ which is now pure insanity.  Greenpeace openly lies about their own history, claiming that a founder of that idiot organization was never a member which is totally false.

After months of bluster and grandstanding, of threats and political backstabbing, Parliament is paralyzed, meaning that lawmakers are now likely to try to stop the clock before the March 29 deadline. Parliament is returning on Thursday for a third consecutive day of Brexit voting, and it is widely assumed that lawmakers will support a measure to seek a delay.


Meanwhile, the rulers of Britain are desperate to lock up Tommy Robinson and more about that silly business, later here.  It is actually quite funny.  But here, we are discussing global trade with a NATO ally while other NATO allies attack this NATO ally and want to destroy the economy of this NATO ally…HELLO!


This is a cause for open warfare.  Let’s see: Germany and France are united in forming a new joint military structure to fight wars.  Hmmm….both have had epic wars against Britain in the past.  History is a dog that chases its own tail. My own puppy periodically gets too excited and does this to my great amusement.


I find it very odd that few people are noticing this historical tail chasing.  British voters, be damned.  This is very much why Tommy Robinson has to be sent back to prison to be tortured and killed.  He is pro-Brexit.


Yes, the border is a major security issue and the DNC, the Bilderberg gang, US media giants, etc. all want us to not be protected in any way, shape or form.  This is why states and cities run by Democrats have dangerous, violent schools, city streets, lots of filth and disorder.  They want the entire nation to be this way.  Meanwhile, these same people importing foreign criminals are terrified of roasting to death if cities get hotter:

Greenpeace, itself, answered Trump’s honest tweet with a total, rank lie.  Because one of their top founding members has decided we are not roasting to death (I hope it warms up here on my mountain!) and that the sun, not CO2, controls how warm our planet is (duh) he has been ‘depersonned’ in classic 1984 fashion.


His past is erased and his deeds defaced: he is a non entity now to the global warming gang who are all very corrupt and malicious, and who want to kill off 50% of humanity like in the Marvel movie.

Tony Heller tweets: The DNC believes we have just 12 years before dying of heat exposure…HAHAHA.

Right now, the California/West Coast gang is freezing their bunions off in mid-March:

This cold goes nearly all the way to Mexico City!  Snow all over the Western states. Below freezing at the Arizona border where I grew up.  Meanwhile,
Facebook crashed and burned last night!

Facebook has denied it was hacked despite the most severe outage in the firm’s history that kept users locked out for more than 14 hours.  Reports began at at around 5pm GMT (1pm ET) yesterday that the Facebook ‘family’ of apps, including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, were down.


Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has blamed a ‘database overload’ on its network of servers for the downtime, rather than an external attack.


Too many people on Facebook?  Zuckerberg has been purging all people to the right of Mad Madame Mao.  So maybe he means ‘too many Maoist Chinese use Facebook now’ and that crashed it?  HAHAHA.  It is definitely a dying platform.


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8 responses to “Trump On Twitter: Trade With England, Border Security And Fake Global Warming

  1. Moe

    Today’s weather

    The Search for Mechanisms of Solar Influences on Weather

  2. AT

    Bexit is a whole lot of chatter, show and distraction.

    Putin built a highway and railroad across the black sea to Crimea in the time this Brexit thing has been twisting in the wind.

    Most anything less that takes that long without completion is either bullshit or an epic failure that needs to see leaders fired.

  3. Hell Soonish

    Poor Elaine has to ignore the important news to not make her hero Trump look bad lol. His handling of the 737 Max fiasco has destroyed America’s credibility so much that the whole world sees USA as interest-driven fools.

    And so much for balancing trade. Boeing is going to lose a few hundred billion in sales and compensation. Boohoo.

  4. Pete


    Corruption in the FBI
    Interview with former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik

  5. Jumping the gun about the planes crashing. We don’t know enough, do we? One has to wait for more information which is why we have investigators.

  6. The Boeing 737 Max 8 operated by Ethiopian Airlines crashed shortly after taking off from the capital of Addis Ababa, killing all 157 people on board.

    The plane was new. The weather was clear. Yet something was wrong, and the pilots tried to return to the airport. They never made it.

    In those circumstances, the accident is eerily similar to an October crash in which a 737 Max 8 flown by Indonesia’s Lion Air plunged into the Java Sea minutes after takeoff, killing all 189 people on the plane.

    Safety experts took note of the similarities but cautioned against quickly drawing too many parallels between the two crashes.

    Alan Diehl, a former National Transportation Safety Board investigator, said the similarities included both crews encountering a problem shortly after takeoff, and reports of large variations in vertical speed during ascent, “clearly suggesting a potential controllability problem” with the Ethiopian jetliner.

    But there are many possible explanations, Diehl said, including engine problems, pilot error, weight load, sabotage or bird strikes. He said Ethiopian has a good reputation, but investigators will look into the plane’s maintenance, especially since that may have been an issue in the Lion Air investigation.

  7. Lou

    were there a dozen or more UN workers on the plane?

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