New Zealand Mosque Mass Murder By Australian Right Wing Fanatic Is Like All Religious Warfare

This latest event in a world where people are seething with rage and which sees identical mass murder events in every continent and island, we see the usual mud flinging at Trump, blaming him for all of this as if he is creating this hysteria and rage.  There are a million reasons for religious warfare because millions of people have been doing this for thousands of years.  It is inherently human.


Daily Mail in London’s headline today:



The Australian man is not a ‘Trump supporter’ he is an alien who lives many thousands of miles away and only ‘sees’ Trump via the mainstream media which is mostly openly hostile to Trump even when he stops North Korea from shooting rockets over Japan, all he gets is a hammering for being ‘evil’.


The leftists who are busy destroying Europe and all other NATO countries are seething with rage and wish to pin any and all events on Trump.  This naked hostility leads to them doing great harm as they hammer away, egging people on to be more violent.


The NY Times didn’t do the sort of slime job as the Daily Mail but in Britain where there is tremendous fear of Muslim radicals mass murdering people as they do regularly there, this mass murder will be the excuse the State needs to put Tommy Robinson in prison for talking about Muslim rape gang.


That is very verboten in Britain!  Tommy is setting up a march to demand Brexit be implemented and stopping this a high priority item for the Bilderberg gang.  They know, if they arrest Tommy, this will turn into a riot.  So they are going to spent a lot of energy demonizing him and demanding everyone not support England leaving the EU and its insane immigration policies.

Here is a series of reminders that religious warfare is raging across the planet with Muslims being very much ‘shoot them up, too’ element:


The Sufis are a religious sect that doesn’t believe in the sword.  So the much more violent Sunnis kill them regularly and hate them openly.



All over all Muslim nations, Christians are attacked regularly.  In all Christian nations that let in Muslim immigrants, mass murder as well as other crimes happen frequently, too.


The NY Times falsely claims that we need ‘social progress’ and this will stop these violent religious fanatics from attacking us.  Dear gods!  This is exactly why they are attacking us!  The more ‘social progress’ the more attacks.  DUH.


They are very explicit about this.  The attacker of the Muslims in New Zealand wasn’t a religious fanatic, he was a fascist right winger who went mad just like Muslims ‘go mad’.  Indeed, many an ‘Allah Akhbar’ mass murderer was said to be ‘insane’ rather than ‘religious fanatic’ but this insane gunman will be totally pinned on Trump as if Trump is responsible.


That is, utterly insane lunatics, if they are ‘right wingers’ will be made the responsibility of Trump while all the lunatic Muslim mass murderers will be not responsible for carrying out the ideology of Islam which…calls for annihilating disbelievers.


Doublethink is very common to all religions.  For example, the Jewish people firmly believe they were given the Holy Land by God even though the Bible makes it abundantly clear that after Moses died in Sinai, the Jews INVADED the Holy Land and then went to war against the people living there for many long years, trying futilely to drive them all out.


Hello!  This is called ‘invasion and ethnic cleansing’ which humans have been doing since before the last Ice Age.


The other bothersome fact here is, whenever a Muslim leader is liberal and protects religious minorities, these are targeted by Saudi, Israeli and NATO nations for elimination.  Syria’s tolerant leader was nearly destroyed by this configuration of power players recently but successfully fought back unlike Libya’s liberal leader.


Libya is now a repressive hell hole, of course, as is Iraq, for example.  Egypt, under the rule of NATO powers via coups, is very violent and attacks on Coptic Christians are common.

The Bilderberg gang is utterly insane.  Many of these people are very rich or powerful Jews.  They think that if only we follow their rules, that is, open borders, we will all live in peace and harmony.  Of course not.  They want us fearful, scared to do anything, have any public events.


Many a despot maintains power via mobs of murderers running riot.  We see this all over the planet.


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20 responses to “New Zealand Mosque Mass Murder By Australian Right Wing Fanatic Is Like All Religious Warfare

  1. Melponeme_k

    I call BS on this mess.

    You are going to tell me the man ran around with a big assault weapon to TWO mosques and NOONE noticed? Come ON

    Today March 15, the Ides of March. It is also the feast of Attis and Cybele. These figures are very important to the elite religion. Cybele castrated and murdered Attis in a fit of rage then resurrected him. He then lived as an honorary WOMAN.

    This person supposedly killed 49

    49 = 13

    13 is a sacred number to these people.

    Sufism is said to be an influence on the Knights Templar. It also figures very largely in Theosophy.

    Shooter Brenton TARRANT was from Australia. There are 16 Tarrants listed as Peerage at One of them is one Lt.-Col. Richard Thomas Tarrant of Australia. Brenton Tarrant is from Australia. How much you want to bet that they are related.

    This is BS from top to bottom.

  2. Zeke

    Note the terminology:

    They are labelled “white supremacists”.
    Not ‘white survivalists’ nor ‘white defenders’.

    Only two countries are spared the scourge of having incompatible foreign groups injected into their culture: Israel and Japan.
    (Other countries will just kill invaders outright: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, etc.)

    Israeli leaders proclaim Israel as for being for jews only. And that allowing non-jews to have citizenship would be “suicidal”.
    Japan also, even with dwindling population is for ethnic japanese only.
    No one in msm labels them ‘jewish supremacists’ or ‘japanese supremacists’.

    Wherever injection of incompatible populations takes place, from Boston forced busing in 1974 – 1988 to Merkel beckoning invaders into the euro zone – the outcome is predictable.

    And I abhor and condemn without reservation any violence against anyone.
    I also detest the manipulation that primes the fuse for such violence.

  3. Conclusion after so much time:

    1. This site increases the probability of these kind of attacks.
    2. This site still has value, but it has been diminishing.
    3. The diminished value will eventually make this place worthless, and it already is almost so. That to me is sad, and so I would say to anyone who might be reading this in the future: Don’t give up hope!


  4. There are better place out there and you must know this!

    Elaine – please, settle into retirement is my advice to you. I hope you listen.

  5. AT

    I blame this on our political system that fosters ever widening gaps over virtually any issue that does not derogate established monied interests.

    Rather than reach consensus, with immigration these folks foster a great divide of opinion in order to distract, foster the appearance of distinct parties, and generally divide and rule.

    Most folks get mad and distracted. Some tiny few who were near the edge anyway go over it, get obsessed, and make it their crazy life mission. It is no surprise the incidence of mental illness is greater in more “civilized” societies being run along these lines.

  6. AT – the only consensus that will occur in the future is that which will be forced by circumstance.

    Please – so many of you posting here. Please retire. Your time has come to an end.


  7. And let me add, that I was correct about the Wall. Go back and read what I said. I was correct.

  8. Melponeme_k

    The first “HERO” on the scene was Carl Pomare.

    Pomare. The name for Tahitian Royalty means NIGHTMARE. But that is online for a joke.

    The name comes from Eastern Europe from Poland, the former Prussian lands. Which means the name is probably Jewish.

    In there are 5 titled people with the name Pomare. The Paterfamilias is one Williamson Steven Pomare. No residence country listed but there is a note stating that the information comes from NEW ZEALAND.


    What are the odds that both the shooter and the HERO are from the Peerage?

    I’ll tell, when it is a HOAX.

    Pomare works for Naki Labour Hire. Which its website states that it hires construction laborers. An employee from this company states it hires people for the oil business. There is absolutely NO history about the company or its founding or who financed. That is odd, especially for a Temp agency. What kind of Temp agency doesn’t list its history?

    This looks like an Intelligence Handler on the scene to make sure things go to plan.

    Nothing but a hoax inside and out, staged so that the Bilderbergs can justify inundating Europe and everywhere else with Migrants.

  9. Moe

    New Zealand Prime Minister says, ‘Our gun laws will change’

    Well, color me surprised! The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a woman too, another symptom of a soy-boy culture.

  10. Aurelius II

    Those who need to believe that Tarrant is uhinged or crazy, will do so. Those who need to believe that the Christchurch mosque shootings didn’t even happen, that everything is controlled and it’s impossible for an independent individual to break into history, break into the narrative, will also do so.

    For those who don’t have those needs, & who have a stout heart, you might want to watch Tarrant’s 17-minute video, and read his long manifesto. Here’s one place to find the manifesto:

    As for the video, you’re on your own finding it. It was watchable this morning via BitTorrent; don’t know about now.

  11. Moe


    Some entity tampering with your site? Lately I’ve got this message about 20% of the time: “Document Not Found’. Never had this before and I never get it for other sites.

    Also, the posting count seems to be down.

  12. Tom W Harris

    I get that same message.

  13. Document not found is due to places I link to are down. This happens all the time on the internet. Especially when the news gets wild!

    The Bilderberg gang has openly declared war on the internet they did this last spring, I reported their meeting just outside of DC last spring.

    Censorship is soaring globally. Note that today’s news of the uprising in France, is nearly 100% hidden from mainstream news!!!

    As for people hating me and what I write: I report reality. Reality can STINK. I don’t report imaginary stuff. Some here may post stuff but I don’t.

    Nope, I write HISTORY.

    And few are seeing history for it is being deliberately hidden. As I am typing right now, I am watching the very violent suppression of French workers by the elites in Europe. BOOM. Explosions everywhere! Smoke, tear gas, blasts…nonstop now. The workers still very defiant.

    The Real Rulers are hiding this news, they are terrified workers will see this real news so it has to be utterly concealed.

  14. I just investigated what has been removed from my site: my NY TIMES links. I use the NYT own system to link which they set up so people can use this at Facebook etc.

    Suddenly, today, this is now forbidden! I am amused and bemused by this which means…I will no longer directly link to the NY Times which is an evil Bilderberg founding corporation out to enslave us.

  15. Petruchio

    “The leftists who are busy destroying Europe and all other NATO countries are seething with rage and wish to pin any and all events on Trump. This naked hostility leads to them doing great harm as they hammer away, egging people on to be more violent.” Absolutely correct, and there is one and only one direction this is going to go: violence begets violence. History is real clear on this as well. In the French Revolution (Yellow Vests of today?) the revolutionaries executed 40,000 people. Some got their heads chopped off by the guillotine like Marie Antoinette. “Let them eat cake.” Ha! The current “leftists” aren’t really leftists; they work for the Bilderbergers. Maybe some of these leftists are unaware of this fact, but their leadership is fully aware of that fact. The point is these leftists are outnumbered. If/when this situation goes to violence, being outnumbered will be a BIG factor. And if the Bilderbergers/Real Rulers think they are immune or that this revolt/violence won’t come directly to them, they are going to get a jolt of reality rammed down their throats.

  16. Lou

    Facebook was down for 6 hours, one day this week.

  17. What? Nothing? No counterpoint? No more enlightened direct response?

    I didn’t think so, but let me tell you I support: Direct Action

    Nothing has worked so well over the course of history. Consider the event in Germany not too many years ago (I think it was in the 1920s). It was like the elites were in the same corner (except for those few who had pissed them off), and they had the military and everything else under their control. It was a no-brainer. An easy coup. But, this time – maybe it was one of the first times – the average working folks left their jobs and took to the streets. The coup ended in a matter of days.

    That is direct action at its best, but let me tell, their are so many other ways. The only rule is: Cause no harm – both short-term and long-term. Is that a rule you could follow?

  18. Now it is true I can only deduce that Hitler was a direct outcome of the above history, but on who is that? Did Hitler come because of what the elites tried to do, or was it because the Workers had discovered that basically they are the ones who “run the show”.

    It put forth that it was a bit of both as things usually are. No matter. Hitler is dead now, and it is time to move on to better things. Their coming.

    Peace folks – I mean no harm.

  19. Oh yeah, but the way, and this is not a secret. My name is Ken Hausle. I’ve posted it many times. I stand by what I have posted in the past, even though my energy might of been a tad high those times. I stand by what I said.

    Totally and truly mean it this time: Bye-bye my old friends.

  20. Moe

    From Taki: It’s The Birthrates, (ed: Stupid)

    Excerpt: “For the family and friends of those murdered in the attack, their pain is understandable. For Westerners who like to feel good about themselves by making public displays of empathy for Muslims who in all likelihood hate their guts, this is a golden opportunity to bask in masochistic righteousness.

    But if you understand the birthrates, 50 Muslims is statistically insignificant. As cold as that sounds, it’s a fact.”

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