Paris IS Burning!

Macron decided to double down today and crush the Yellow Vest protests once and forever.  I was in France in 1968 when De Gaulle did this, too, with army tanks, no less.  I saw them with my own eyes!  The uprising of the youths spread globally and I rode that wave all the way down.  This isn’t a student revolt: this is a far, far more dangerous WORKERS revolt.  Thus, it won’t be stopped so very easily.


And it began because of the global warming fraud of the Real Rulers.  Yes, this is an anti-global warming revolt.  The workers were told, they must pay much higher taxes, live miserable, cold, dark lives to ‘save the planet’ while the Real Rulers live in huge palaces, fly private jets and sail private yachts while eating exotic foods and telling workers to ‘eat nothing, not even cakes.’


HELLO!  So, shooting, beating and abusing workers will work, eh?  The march today was very violent.  The workers appeared to be utterly contemptuous to the authorities.   They know they cannot surrender for surrender means a slow, miserable, cold death.


Note, too, that everyone even this week are wearing coats due to the cold.  At least there is some beginnings of spring in the trees but not much, this is still a Soviet cold spell weather situation, not ‘warming’.


The workers are standing up to the Powers That Be.  They don’t have to win every fight, they just have to show a fighting spirit.  The people of France are disarmed, for the most part as are the English.  When they defy the Powers That Be, they have to be very, very brave to do this, unarmed.


Below is a screenshot of the ‘global warming’ demonstration of young students from all over Europe who want to be miserably cold for the rest of their miserable lives in the future:

One grave miscalculation of the Bilderberg gang in America is their attempts at disarming workers.  They point to the minions of the Real Rulers, people on welfare and unemployable thugs in the cities run by the DNC, to use guns for crimes and then the Real Rulers can demand we all disarm to stop these DNC thug populations who are allowed to run riot by the politicians running these hell hole cities!


Whew.  Got all that in one sentence.  The Right To Bear Arms is under attack because the rulers want one sided battles like in France or England where workers can be pushed around or killed at whim.

An Aussie went to New Zealand to kill.  This is a typical case of radicals of all sorts killing people in order to win power of some sort.  States do this an awful lot.  Life has a lot of chaos in it and introducing foreigners who have different beliefs and economic desires into a country naturally leads to great violence.

The worm turns.  The DNC alliance with foreign Muslims is falling apart at the seams as I predicted.  Duh.  The DNC relies greatly on citizens voting for Israeli powers and elevating Jews over everyone else, nonstop while forming a political alliance with Muslims who hate Jews.


This is, as I keep predicting, going to backfire spectacularly.  This is not a hard thing to call, it is painfully obvious to anyone.  Here is more news from England which is ignored by US liberals:

The DNC announced today they will do everything in their power to prevent us from protecting the US from invaders of any sort.  They want this ‘open door’ hoping the violators will join the DNC and vote to bankrupt America but then, everyone is bankrupting America right now, it seems.


What the rich Democrats want is more cheap labor so they can have more slaves and servants.


BTW: The Washington Post has a story today about this pressing issue:

but has zero news about the French Revolt.  Wow.  HAHAHA.  Amazing.  Hint: about the tribal women being killed—ask their families and neighbors who are also tribal.


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14 responses to “Paris IS Burning!

  1. NO NEWS about any of this at the evil NY Times!!! WOW. Warning to readers here: I don’t live in LaLa Land or LA for that matter. I report reality, wow, guns are shooting at citizens in Paris right now and it isn’t even backpage news in our Bilderberg media.

  2. OC

    History always repeats in a similar fashion. The last Chinese Dynasty (Ming) forced the Chinese population to disarm themselves so that the govt can suppress rebellion only made it easier for the Manchus to ride in and take over China as the Ching Dynasty.

  3. Same as all empires, over history, the rulers disarm everyone, they farm out the fighting to barbarians who are supposed to serve their masters and then the barbarians open the gates and take over. Every time, over and over and over again.

    Isn’t this hilarious? Our Founding Fathers read history carefully and this is exactly why we have the Second as well as the First Amendments. This is what the liberals want to eliminate, both.

  4. Tom W Harris

    ” The DNC relies greatly on citizens voting for Israeli powers and elevating Jews over everyone else”

    Total crap.

  5. Yes, that has ended. Slowly, the Jewish leaders who are many in the DNC are under attack from their own allies. I point this out regularly. Still, they cling to the DNC hoping to turn this around. It is futile.

  6. Lou

    Macron parties,

  7. Tom W Harris

    For Jews who decide to leave the Dems, Mitch McConnell is on the case.

    It’s turtles all the way down.

  8. Moe

    From World Socialist site:

    Excerpt: This underscores the reactionary character of continuous proclamations from within the political establishment that left-wing, socialist and working-class politics are irrelevant and dead. They create conditions where a deployment of the army against working people, lacking any shred of legitimacy, proceeds without meaningful opposition in official French life. The central task, in which the “yellow vest” protests mark an initial step, is to independently mobilize the growing political opposition in the working class against this drive to military-police dictatorship.

  9. HAHAHA…the socialists are now pretending they started these protests. The socialists are also the lunatics pushing global warming garbage, too. F them.

  10. Pro-Brexit demonstration in London on Thursday.

  11. Moe

    f@10 EMS

    Yeah, what’s interesting is they feel the necessity to get on the Yellow Vest bandwagon and protest against Macron’s statist aggressions. Gotta be on board ya know, against those (other) fascists.

  12. Moe

    From The Saker: YV SITREP

    Excerpt: “The level of police violence has reached such a high level that the UN is beginning to condemn it and urges France to calm things down. Another independent body is also on the same tone. Even the Financial Times, which was full of praise for Macron when he was elected. Of course, this enrage mainstream French journalists. As for Macron, he will answer with a lapidary: “I will not leave the police without any means of ensuring public order or defending themselves against people who come with weapons and with the worst intentions.” Lies, once again, because no Gj has yet been caught with a weapon on him, let alone using it against the police. Another kind of lie is when he brazenly denies police violence.”

    Ha, Ha. The globalist UN even feels it necessary to criticize Macron and crew. The heat is on to affect a supportive note for the French public. Hypocrites all. I’d wager the French are more politically astute than the average American (like, who isn’t?) and see through this affectation.

  13. Moe

    From Counterpunch: Volence Against Yellow Vests

    Excerpt: “Here we see the double movement of spectacular violence in full force. On the one hand, the state strives to dissimulate its spectacular exploitation through capitalist rule and its equally spectacular repression of any resistance to it. On the other hand, it seeks to incite or create spectacular “violence” in the protests in order to simultaneously discredit them and use this spectacle as cover for its own increased exploitation and repression.”

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