NYU SJW Radicals Roast Chelsea Clinton, Blame Her For Mass Murders In New Zealand

Chelsea Clinton is berated and abused by fellow SJW gangsters who are blaming her for the mosque massacre on the other side of the planet.  Note how the poor girl, under attack, uses ancient monkey gestures to appease her superiors in the monkey troop.  I find this fascinating, watching the leftists purge and punish believers who stray from whatever ideology is required by these fascists.  Yes, they are fascists.


The mass murdering gunman is like all radicals, very influenced by other historical radicals all of whom have one thing in common: they are always right, might makes right and setting thing right means eliminating entire masses of humans in the most hideous ways possible.

Look at these Berkeley kiddies!  Born during the warming cycle of the last 30 years, they are brainwashed by mommy and some daddies that we are roasting to death.  These kiddies are scared to death, they will die in 20 years.


The new Congresswoman from Yale, Occasionally Cortez, talks openly about how we will all die in 20 years due to it being too warm!  This is this generation’s mantra and a very sad way to grow up, thinking you are doomed.


Right now we are subsumed in a global series of upheavals like just before WWI and WWII.  Rising empires, in this case, China, challenge the status quo.  Germany, in the past world wars, and Japan both were challenging the French/British/American intersecting empires.  Japan and Germany were defeated and then joined and then controlled the triumvirate winners via the European Union which Britain is struggling to exit.


China is an ecological disaster area like all rising modern industrial countries go through this period of pollution and destruction while building a new civilization.  Eventually, the industrialized country cleans up the environment but during the building part of the process, it is a messy, ugly business.


NO leftists anywhere in Europe or North America, etc. are protesting Chinese global pollution.  Dead silence.  All the attacks are on citizens in modern, much, much cleaner countries.  The demand now is to turn back the clock to pre-1800 including making it as cold as before 1800 which was called ‘the Little Ice Age’ because it was bitterly cold.


This insanity and rewriting of history to make ideological controls is very Orwellian.  The gangs in California and other hot spots for tech online businesses are all about suddenly, with zero warning, rewriting history and above all, removing people from history.


I am very sensitive to this for this has been done to me over the years.  And I am certainly not alone, this happens to all sorts of pesky people the Real Rulers want hidden from view.  They do slip up, this is why Alex Jones is famous.


He went directly to them in Congress, in the streets, in their offices and confronted them openly and daringly while filming everything.  So for the last year, they have been systematically erasing him from the internet as much as possible.  They are now doing this to one of the founders of Greenpeace, one of the very first guys to join and do activism with Greenpeace which is now a corrupt and evil organization determined to drive us back in the the Little Ice Age no matter how many millions of people will die.

Right now, I am continuing to post Twitter stuff but am thinking I should do screenshots due to censorship schemes.  What I mean is, what if Google and others work with Twitter to ban and eliminate all the postings by Patrick Moore?


Once they unperson him, we will have no historical record of his work.  So…I am going to screenshot this entire article of mine so if all the inside information is eliminated, I can still prove it happened in real life.


This is the world we are sliding into: rewriting history constantly to fit whatever ideological systems or views the Real Rulers think is reality.  We are deep into 1984 here now.

After chopping Moore out of Greenpeace, a bunch of the SJW gangsters who are systematically destroying the past went to Wikipedia and cut Moore out of history there, too.

Here is the original answer to young Moore’s letter asking to join Greenpeace before they did any activities:

Yes, he is one of the first but not the very, very first person to join, there were these four professors who began the entire scheme.  Now on to reality: it is getting colder and colder for the last 100 years.  Occasionally, it gets warmer but then returns to colder again.  This oscillation is common, at this point in time, with only a mere 200 years record of using thermometers regularly to track temperatures, all the ups and downs loom large due to a small data base.


It was definitely much hotter 100 years ago: Since 1895, the US Midwest has recorded March temperatures above ninety degrees on 65 occasions, spread out over 25 days. All of these occurred more than 30 years ago, and 63 of the 65 hot days occurred at least 90 years ago.


The ‘astronomers’ in this story, one of them was Dr. Hubble and the other, my own grandfather, Edison Pettit.  There were no solar telescopes back then, I grew up watching the first major one being built on Kitt Peak many years ago, we used to sled in the bowl on the mountain in winter where the solar observatory was built.


I remember very vividly how much colder the 1960s were compared to the 1950s.  It was also very wet in Tucson and today, in Arizona, they are having a cool winter and snow even in the mountains in southern Arizona and it is wet and the desert is very green with lots of flowers: Tony Heller has some very lovely photos of flowers blooming this week in Arizona.

Ah, all the youngsters who think we are roasting to death!  Never being in a realllly hot heatwave period of time, they are fooled into thinking this year is the hottest year, EVER.


I remember the last really hot blast to hit California which was in 1955 and that was the year my father had us live on this military base in the Death Valley region and it was so hot, when we stood outside in the sun, we would turn our backs to the sun so our toes wouldn’t be roasted through our sneakers and you couldn’t sit down outside on the ground or you would be burned.


I remember how blindingly hot it was!  We didn’t play outside until sunset and did lots of nighttime playing and there were these mass insect invasions, one time, it was so noisy, my mother put us in the station wagon, drove until we were out of the infestation area and went to a motel to sleep!


Imagine billions of crickets!  Deafening.  And the SJW gang is like the crickets.  Deafening.





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28 responses to “NYU SJW Radicals Roast Chelsea Clinton, Blame Her For Mass Murders In New Zealand

  1. Moe

    It’ll be easier to continue white-washing the news since Jeanine Pirro is now gone from Fox. (White-washing: is that term politically correct these days?).

    Pirro! I never thought Fox would bounce her. Carlson next?


  2. Moe

    So many other things Chelsea could be blamed for. What a Cinderella.

    The claims are bogus of course, put forth to engender subservient response. Interesting that the accusatory clowns believe they can attack someone in a position of (indirect) power.

    A separate occasion of SJW attack is the on-going one on Stefan Molyneux. Below is his latest video, at the most agitated I’ve ever seen him. I’d interpret his behavior as a shocked reaction to aggressive leftist resistance to his free speech.

    Stefan is an urban Canadian. I’d bet he doesn’t own a gun. As a rationalist, he thinks reasoned discourse will overcome militant speech-suppressive aggression.

    Welcome Stefan to the NWO. Impressive you’ve been able to avoid a direct (as in-your-face) confrontation prior to this.

  3. Moe

    Watch the above video from 13:55 minutes. Molyneux comes across as weak and defeated, hardly the message of a resilient, effectual, intellectual free-speecher. Perhaps that’s his preeminent message, whether deliberately or unconsciously intended: ‘We’re done, free speech is doomed’.

  4. Lou

    Muslims were allowed to immigrate into New Zealand.
    Muslims refuse to assimilate to the social mores of New Zealand.
    Muslims were attacked by who did not appreciate the Muslims being in this Country.
    Muslim immigration and the shootings of them are directly related.
    If they had not been in New Zealand, they would not have been shot.
    In the last three weeks over 130 Coptic Christians have been massacred in Nigeria and not one word of this has been reported by the LSM.
    Why the outrage for one religious groups deaths and not for the other groups death?

    No, Im not confused by that. But in Egypt Coptic Christians are routinely wiped out, and their Churches, some of the oldest in Christiandom, dynamited. ISIS marked Christians for death in territory they controlled, and many churches in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been attacked during mass and Sunday service, with rifles and high explosives.
    This activity went unanswered for decades, as were terror attacks in Paris and Nice. It only stands to reason that at some point someone with a not so intact personality would strive to get even.
    I doubt if it will end in Christchurch.

  5. Lou

    for those not in the know, NZ PM is a leftist loon. female. worlds youngest female leader [and perhaps its worst].

  6. Moe

    Another element of this attack that NO-ONE has commented on is the name-place of its occurrence: Christ-Church. Ya think that’s just a coincidence?

  7. AT

    I’m just as angry about all the people killed in auto accidents in the last few days in America.

  8. AT

    New Zealand is still a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth as the head of state, along with a British noble who sits as a “protectot general.”

    New Zealand has been made into a nuclear free zone by their globalists as billionaires build apocalypse bunkers there. I guess the idea is no one will nuke a “nuke free” country so the island nakes a safer getaway.

    Of course they want everyone disarmed but their bodyguards.

  9. AT

    Who financed this guy’s world tour and whose operatives might he have had contact with?

    Globalists trying to disarm the locals on their WWIII bunker island getaway?

  10. nclaughlin

    Elaine, do you have a twitter account? If you do, I can’t find it.

  11. AT

    There is no difference between an enemy and an “ally” with a long history of playing a game of “let’s you and him fight” whenever they can’t actually be in charge.

  12. timothy carroll

    Another perspective:

  13. tio

    Interregnum – when the old won’t die and the young can’t be born, this is the time of monsters.

    Tea vicar?

  14. Mewswithaview

  15. timothy carroll

    For those that can stomach it, here’s the video of the psycho mowing down all those Muslims in New Zealand (which has criminalized viewing the video). And an interesting perspective from Veterans Today. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…………


  16. Moe

    @ 16 TC

    I stopped reading VT and Duff so long ago it’s lost in the mists of time. The guy is an admitted falsifier and VT is a Limited Hangout.

    Couple of links below to confirm this (many more available with search: use DuckDuckGo, or gibiru.com or Yippy.com).

    Considering the concept of Limited Hangout (LH), readers here should query if Culture of Life is a LH. One should do this with every website, regardless of how favorable it appears.

    I have some issues with the content of this site and treat it with limited trust and confidence, as one should do with all. If I had to grade it i would assign an 85-90: IMO there is no website one should fully trust.



  17. lou

    #7–why mosques in CHRIST church? Because of liberals.

  18. Zeke

    It seems like the oligarchs or whatever term applies to ultimate earthly powers are conducting a bizarre sociological experiment on world populations.

    By ignoring and overriding millennia of separation by oceans and continents they are plopping down diverse incompatible ethnic, religious, racial and cultural groups into foreign nations without the consent of the people living there.

    Looking down like perverse scientist at mice in a maze. Are they toying with us? What is the purpose of this? The predictable outcome of turmoil and people at each other’s throats is to the detriment of the non-consenting citizens. It does occupy and distract the common people from attention to those in high places. Is that the reason? I dunno know.

    How can disarming an entire population in the wake of violent episodes be a plausible solution?

    A moratorium on transplanting of huge numbers of incompatible populations without the consent of the people there (not just the elite – who don’t speak for the population) seems like a better answer.

  19. The elites WANT race/religious wars!

    My god…my own clan came to the New World exactly because of religious wars in Europe, the Protestant/Catholic wars. One ancestor of mine voted to behead a Catholic King in England.

    Had to flee to Holland and then the New Holland on the Hudson River in the New World.

    Everything my family fought for is being systematically destroyed by much more recent immigrants who want to import all the junk we fled nearly half a millenia ago.

  20. Lou

    20–a brief history of USAs immigration laws.

    Nations of Origins rule.
    Then, 1965–Cellar and Javits–jews open the flood gate [like the horrid poem on THE STATUE]
    Then-under a repub–The first amnesty.

    Add the population explosion and bingo–the mess we are in.

  21. honeybagder don't care


    Elaine has her own hidden agenda, but she is not part of the Evil Conspiracy or any widespread misinformation campaign. So I don’t think this site qualifies as a “limited hangout” even though she obviously knows a lot of stuff she is not revealing; for example the identity of her rapist.

    As far as Elaine’s agenda is concerned, this excerpt pretty much sums up everything you need to know:

    Everything my family fought for is being systematically destroyed by much more recent immigrants who want to import all the junk we fled nearly half a millenia ago

    But anyone looking for virulent Jew hatred won’t get that here; part of Elaine’s family is Jewish. So she isn’t opposed to Jewish power because they are evil or ruthless, she thinks they are stupidly arranging for their own annihilation.

  22. Tom W Harris

    Yeah, notorious jooooooooooooooooooos Philip Aloysius Hart and Ted Kennedy masterminded the whole thing.


  23. The Jewish people fall into the same trap over and over again for the last 3,000 years or so. It is sad.

    But then, nearly no one learns a thing from history! We have endless access to a lot of history now, more than any time…in history.

    And the ability to use this information to figure out the obvious has declined to the point of utter destruction in the long run.

    I often talk about the rise and fall of empires. This cycle is relentless, history is all about this particular topic and it is the one we are the most helpless to manage or avoid.

  24. Lou

    23–Yes, Kennedy bemoaned what he had done, when he was very old.
    And LBJ signed USAs death knell.
    LBJ may have been a jew.

    Tom, you are very ignorant. bery ignorant.

    Jews push for all White majority nations to be White minority. Looks like they will succeed with their genocide of YT [whitey].

    Facts are just that. I dont like the facts, but I can see them.


  25. Tom W Harris

    Lou wouldn’t know the truth if it defecated in his mouth. He links to an outright Nazi site as if reflected reality. Pssttt…they really like Rep. Omar on that site.

    Puh thetic.

  26. Lou

    26–title–NYU Liberals…hahah. I attended NYU and was bullied by a jew there. That caused me to drop out.

  27. The Nazi ideology is what runs Israel. It is a perfect example of ‘Naziism’.

    People find this hard to believe thinking that ‘NATIONAL SOCIALISM’ is an anti-semitic thing when it is a political/economic thing.

    The anti-semitism was attached to it by Hitler because he was angry that ‘Jews’ betrayed Germany (in his mind) during WWI.

    The political/ideological side of Naziism is used in many places like Saudi Arabia, for example.

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