Bilderberg Billionaire Mitt Romney Attacks Trump Yet Again, Wants More Invaders

Mitt Romney loved McCain when McCain attacked his own party, destroying it in Arizona: McCain had a very checkered military career, mainly he killed more US sailors and pilots than the North Vietnamese individual fighters.  That is, he was out of control and totally irresponsible but due to daddy’s political power, was never punished.


He also ran for President and lost, in a big way.  Nothing enraged him more when he was alive to see Trump win.  So he fought Trump tooth and nail and one of the nails in this political coffin was the bright idea that an army of illegal aliens are good and Arizona needs more of these which is why my childhood home town, Tucson, is now in swift economic and social decline.


Trump has to talk about McCain because mainstream Bilderberg media continues to try to make him into a hero.  His daughter is now on the warpath, intent on destroying Arizona, totally and she will succeed.  In five minutes 400 illegal aliens storm the border and are caught by authorities.

The Real Rulers keep assuring us, there is no invasion, no storming of the borders, no army of people with various diseases or are of criminal intent, storming the border.  So Congress drags its heels about funding a wall or any border security protections while at the same time, screaming about how we have protect Israel and Saudi Arabia and above all…EUROPE. 

Yes, news from Russia, a great source for news since we have so little real news in mainstream Western media sources.  Yes, Germany is demanding we protect their silly asses while they make money and deals with Russia.


So much for our ‘allies’.  We have none.  We have leeches.  And Romney is fine with this status quo, being a leech, himself:

Nowhere on his Twit account does he mention any Muslim mass murders in this last week across the planet.  They are at war with all other religions and at war with each other’s ideological interpretations of the Koran, too.  This is now ‘no news is no news’ which the population of the West has to endure.


Googling Muslim terror attacks is difficult with Google because of ideology:

I didn’t ask for New Zealand attacks, I asked for Europe attacks.  Google is increasingly useless.  I had to change the wording of my quest four times to get even a few correct links.  Nearly 100% of the links I got were all about someone attacking Muslims, not the reverse.


As we see a massive invasion/war against European natives and American citizens, we have our ‘leaders’ telling us, nothing is happening and if anything does happen, it is our fault, not foreigners.

So, comments at Romney’s Twitter page mostly go after him lying about our border crisis and demanding he stop supporting cheap labor/more crime.  One neat trick our Real Rulers use to reduce crime statistics is to never include the category of ‘illegal alien’ numbers and not report about this in the news as much as possible.


In cities run by the Bilderberg gang, they fix the crime rate rise by decriminalizing nearly everything except free speech which is criminalized.  Writing or saying the wrong thing leads to criminal prosecution, after all!


Bernie Sanders is running for President again and here is some interesting information we all can enjoy:

The Salon speechwriter hired by Bernie is someone I used to debate a great deal way back when Salon allowed debates (NO ‘liberal’ media allows free debates these days and most don’t allow any debates at all) back when the internet was still open to all and liberals weren’t aping Stalin so openly.


David Sirota hired by Bernie Sanders to write his speeches attacking civilization.


Sirota has also praised Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and is massively critical of other Democratic presidential hopefuls.


From Wikipedia:


Later he moved to Washington, D.C. and worked in the political department of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).[6] His next job was as press aide and then spokesperson for Bernie Sanders, the then independent at-large U.S. Representative from Vermont.


Sirota is actually Ukrainian Jewish descent so working for AIPAC is no surprise.


“This isn’t the first time Sirota has worked for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.). When Sanders was a member of the House of Representatives, Sirota was hired as his communications director but was fired soon after. It was discovered Sirota ran a fake website that attributed racially incendiary comments to an opposing candidate when he worked on a campaign for Philadelphia mayor.”


I am not surprised to see him faking stuff so he could blame some innocent person of junk he, himself, created.  He got me removed from Salon a number of years ago.  He is a snake and is perfect for Sanders.


Students at UN stage ‘die-in’ to protest climate inaction –More Bilderberg insanity.  A bunch of young, clueless youth huddle on the very cold ground while dressed in winter clothing illustrating how we are all going to roast to death if we continue modern civilization.


“I ask politicians to think about what will happen when they are gone and think about the kids that are going to suffer because of their choices,” said Emma Rose, 15.


“None of the government officials are doing anything to change this and we need to make an impact to change this and we want to stop climate change,” said 12-year-old Ella Goodman, carrying a sign that read “I’m With Her” pointing to an image of the Earth.


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6 responses to “Bilderberg Billionaire Mitt Romney Attacks Trump Yet Again, Wants More Invaders

  1. Rob

    OT, but Elaine might like:

    Kushners said snubbed brother Josh’s wife for 6 years because she wasn’t Jewish

  2. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Never knew what to think about ‘Keating-Five’ Sen. McCain until I hired a California lawyer in 89′, a former Marine Corp pilot who was shot-down over the Ho Chi Mihn Trail in 1967 and spent the next seven years as a guest in the Hanoi Hilton – three doors down from John McCain.

    Edison, was very humorous in his descriptions of McCain’s antics with their North Vietnamese captors and roving celebrities like Hanoi-Jane, whom Edison actually went to meet.

    But, he was unequivocal of McCain’s cowardliness bordering on treason.

    America needs real heroes.

    Carry-on til you’re carrion . . .


  3. Petruchio

    @#1 Elaine: I’ve watched a number of this guy’s videos. He makes a lot of good points, but I think he has a few big flaws. I don’t see him ripping the Republicans much. Republicans are as much a part of the problem as the Dems–and vice versa. Nobody thinks Nancy Pelosi is a BIG part of the problem more than I do, but Pelosi is just one cog in a Big Machine. Let’s see some videos from this guy ripping into Republicans once in awhile. Pelosi wants 16 year olds to vote because the College Age crowd is getting wise to the fact that the Democrats care LESS about the College Age voter base than do the Republicans.

  4. Petruchio

    Side note; how much longer does everybody here think they can keep Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death a secret?

  5. shawntoh

    Don’t worry, Elaine, I’m sure the useless politicians, Democrat and Republican, will be about as successful dealing with the invaders as the Children’s Crusade was when it was lead by similar folks, you know, like, er, those good Christians like Mitt Not-exactly-smart-as-Rommel (but just as ruthless) from that Moron cult of “Christianity” you happen to mention!

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