Mass Marchers All Over Europe, Anti-Trumpers Wail Like Babies

Big demonstration in Toulouse which was violently broken up by armed authorities while in Paris, marchers were kept away from Arc de Triomphe by military forces.  Macron is still fighting citizens of France on behalf of his internationalist buddies who want to be outlaws inside countries they loot or destroy.  Meanwhile, Muslim terrorists are arrested in Germany and immigrants in England demonstrate for no borders so they can continue to invade.

NONE of this made news in England, for example, the Daily Mail did carry this story:

There has been this flood, a huge flood of foreigners into England in the last dozen years.  This is why Brexit was voted in as the solution.  So to stop this, the army of several million aliens born outside of England have mobbed London demanding the borders stay open all the time.


At the 2011 census, London had a population of 8,173,941. Of this number, 44.9% were White British. 37% of the population were born outside the UK, including 24.5% born outside of Europe.



I watch on British TV how foreigners play the welfare game in England.  They literally ship huge families over and demand housing, food and schools instantly while living on welfare.  The country is now going bankrupt due to this.  Even if one lived in the country only for one week, one can demand social services now and they most certainly do this.


Watch any cop show in England and many of the criminals are…get this…foreigners!  Lots of them.  Armies of them.  Just like in all of Europe, a great number of criminals are transients.


Police raids involving 200 officers detained the suspects who intended to carry out their attack using a car and guns, Frankfurt authorities report.


“They are believed to have agreed to carry out an Islamist, terrorist attack using a vehicle and guns that would kill as many ‘non-believers’ as possible,” read the prosecutors’ statement. “To prepare the attack, they had already made contact with different arms dealers, rented a large vehicle and collected financial assets to use for the purchase of guns and the execution of the planned murders.”


Three of the suspects, a 21-year-old and two 32-year old brothers, are associated with the local Islamist-Salafist community.


And here in the good old USA, we have censorship via Twitter who is now being sued for censoring conservatives while allowing leftists and foreigners to run riot there nonstop.


Twitter Hit With MASSIVE Lawsuit Over Anti Conservative Bias –$250 million dollars should wake up the Woke weirdos running internet systems!


Meanwhile, Trump is romping around the joint, laughing and doing stuff, as per usual.  He seems pretty happy now.  Mainstream media is still hounding him, lying about everything, showing only pictures of him unhappy but I follow actual live videos and all of these show a very happy man.

Ah, Lima, Ohio: one of my Pettit ancestors named that town way, way back over 200 years ago.  All in memory of raiding the Spanish Main and taking pieces of eight.  Jolly Roger times.




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5 responses to “Mass Marchers All Over Europe, Anti-Trumpers Wail Like Babies

  1. tio


    That article would be funny if it weren’t so fucking tragic.

  2. Moe

    Saker on Yellow Vests

    Excerpt: “The other victory (and it is no less of a victory) is the one against fear. The fear of the police response (or military) with verbal provocations suggesting that there would be no more limits given to the police. Fear also of being arrested, condemned and/or charged. Despite this extremely anxious climate, tens of thousands of people demonstrated everywhere in France, sometimes in prohibited perimeters. Without violence, but in a radical and determined way. Nothing but their presence is now a strong and radical act in this society that tramples human rights day after day.

  3. And do note that the French people are disarmed so they cannot really revolt unless they storm the Bastille to seize the cannons. Seriously!!! That is what began the French Revolution.

  4. Lou

    2 and 4–Thanks for yr comments.
    At what point is French Military and Police too muslim?

    With the nukes? yikes.

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