Mueller Admits: Zero Russian Collusion…Trump Wins…Again!

ARREST THE SCHULZBERG FAMILY!  Arrest all the creeps at the Washington Post and their boss, Bezos!  Arrest all the Congress critters who pushed this fake agenda!  Arrest everyone!  HAHAHA.  No one will be punished, though I hope all the victims of this obvious scam who were put in prison in an attempt to force them to frame Trump, triumph and sue all these creeps.  Also, GO, Alex Jones and especially ROGER STONE!  I hope he sues these creeps to bankruptcy.

The nothing burger has finally been eaten.  This open coup attempt has failed.  Many an innocent bystander has been savaged and punished in this attempt at a coup.  Mueller has known for months now that this whole thing was fake.  He now wants to wander home with no consequences.


I am certain everyone is going to sue this monster.  Roger Stone is going to be a very rich man when he is finished suing everyone and he will sue, he has played hardball politics all his very long life.  The entire DNC is responsible for this witch hunt.


Hillary has been the one who took Russian money and Obama courted Putin secretly in the past.  These two should be put on trial and put in prison because they wanted to do this to Trump who is totally innocent unlike them.


President Trump’s initial reaction to news of the report’s delivery is that he is “glad it’s over,” according to sources close to ABC News.  HAHAHA.

And Sarah Sanders issues a warning, Trump is going to act on this new development!


Mueller orchestrated the persecution of all people near to Trump and he dug up dirt on them (all humans have some dirt, somewhere) and tried to use this to strong arm these victims into LYING about Trump in order to shove him out of office based on false charges.


This is treason.  The DNC and their allies howled about treason for months so now is time to punish the real treason: the DNC/Russia collusion in trying to frame the President based on totally false charges.

Schumer is melting down like the Wicked Witch of the East Coast!  HAHAHA.  Schumer is freaking out, he demands an end to ‘foreign influence on elections’…HAHAHA…the Bilderberg gang is mostly foreigners who conspire with Democrats and the super rich to manipulate Americans into voting for junk that destroys our nation.


The meltdown of all the fake liberal internationalists is epic now.  They are losing control not only over Europeans who are being systematically destroyed by an alien invasion, they are being repudiated in more and more nations in South America, Asia and even parts of Africa, too.


This whole mess created by international conspirators to destroy democracy and to have ‘open borders’ so they can exploit everyone at will…this is now collapsing.

The French protesting Bilderberg global warming scams is demonstrating…again.  And like previous demonstrations, only Russian news is carrying it, live, in full.  The active defiance of the Bilderberg gang is epic.  I am very impressed by the determination of the French voters to fight their annihilation by the elites!


Bravo.  This is the level of determination we need more across the planet.  The Bilderberg plans ultimately is to eliminate most humans.  The Marvel movies about snapping fingers and killing 50% of all humans is an SJW/DNC dream come true.  This is suicidal, of course, but these people are following the Jim Jones playbook of killing everyone who are going to be rescued by sane people.


I will note that in the above video from Paris, France, the trees are still barely showing any sign of spring.  Everyone is wearing coats.  The Bilderberg gang has been yelling like crazy that we are all going to roast to death.  We had another blizzard last night here on my mountain and are buried in snow and the cold will linger over us for another week.  So much for ‘early springs’.

Yes, Mueller should be investigated!  And he should be arrested at 5am and put in cuffs and his home searched like Roger Stone.  I hope we get a boomerang event.  The clowns who ran this coup attempt should be arrested, all of them.  They hate elections and now the entire DNC is yelling that we should change the CONSTITUTION and do away with our entire election system and replace it with EU style voting which has destroyed European voter power to the point, they are helpless as traitors flood Europe with illegal aliens.

So, the DNC in Congress are now attacking Mueller and want him punished for not being able to frame the President so they can get rid of the winner of the election.  It is treason.  These lunatics on the ‘left’ are hell bent on destroying America one way or another which is why they greet as allies, foreign men waving foreign flags who storm our borders screaming how much they hate America.


Stuff is going to happen now, stuff the DNC will not enjoy.  All their bluster and all their lies won’t stop the justice from seeking them out and punishing them.  They hope to escape punishment by lying, cheating, bellowing and manipulating minorities (sic) and citizens (who they openly hate) into not understanding how the DNC leaders really operate and the ultimate plans of the DNC operatives which is to kill democracy and to enslave billions of people and prevent any revolts like we are seeing in France this year.


The French revolt has been nearly totally ignored by mainstream media in Europe and the US.  The few mentions of this revolt focus only on damage to property, never the deaths of demonstrators and it minimizes the events over and over again hoping to discourage any other revolts.


But the French continue to defy Macron and his goon squads. Bravo!  Brave people!  And this mess created by sore losers in an election here in the US is going to cause a lot of future tension as the DNC and their SJW gangs double down on the coup attempts or now put in operation their ultimate plans to kill Trump which they openly talked about in public for months and months.








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29 responses to “Mueller Admits: Zero Russian Collusion…Trump Wins…Again!

  1. Moe

    EMS byline: …Trump Wins…Again!

    Trump makes great theater. Here he’s at his best…

    “You’re going to get so tired of winning, you’ll say ‘Please Mr. President, we don’t want to win anymore, it’s too much’. ”

    That’s brilliant demagoguery, but effective. We’ll see.

  2. OC

    Civil war just declared by Macron:

    Pop corn and beer time: 2nd French Revolution on the way.

  3. Melponeme_k

    “Roger Stone is going to be a very rich man when he is finished suing everyone and he will sue, he has played hardball politics all his very long life.”

    He should. The disgusting act of storming the home of an elderly couple as if it were D day, making a big show on mass media and dragging him around as if he were a 20 year old Thug was beyond reprehensible. It was all engineered to cause severe illness in either Stone or his wife. His wife should have her own separate court cases as well. If these traitors can not be tried for treason, then let them spend the rest of their lives in court and paying reparations to everyone they have libeled.

  4. AT

    This whole thing was a sham. No competent prosecutor takes two years to complete this type of investigation.

    what better way to protect a President with Trump’s baggage than to have a fake prosecutor on a fake witch hunt. That way everyone thinks it’s being handled.

  5. The international gangsters and their puppets just announced they are doubling down on attacking Trump. HAHAHA.

    Real story: Br’o Rabbit met this tar baby on the road. ‘Get out of the way, you stupid creature’ said the rabbit. Tar baby didn’t move. So the rabbit punched the tar baby and got stuck.

    Enraged, he hit and hit and hit again until totally trapped. Then the Fox came out from behind a bush, laughing….

  6. Zeke

    Reserving judgment until report is made public. (I don’t need or want an interpreter.) = 17 mos., including sworn testimony – for one incident.
    Just hope report doesn’t go the way of the Warren Commission report, sealed for fifty years.

  7. AT

    Yeah Zeke the Bengazi probe was a sham too. lol.

    Their globalist operator embassador was too cool for school and skipped all the training so when the compound got attacked he started sucking his thumb and crying for mama and wouldn’t move out with the CIA paramilitaries and other operators once the building caught fire. They thought better of it and went back for him but he was already dead.

    The lingering investigation was punishment designed to force those agencies to take better care of the globalist scum appointees in the future.

  8. JIm R

    about Benghazi —
    The real question is what sort of ’embassy’ that was, anyway. Did Libya have too many American tourists who lost their Travelers Cheques or whatever?

    No. It was a fricken’ FOB for the CIA. They were running weapons and jihadis there to Syria and all over the eastern Med. And the call for help went out days, maybe a week or two, before the ’embassy’ was sacked and burned.

  9. True, Jim. All embassies, by the way, do this sort of stuff, you know. I do know, first hand. This has been true since around the time of ancient Rome or very ancient Minoan Empire all the way back to the first human settlements.

  10. AT


    The call for help was (only) a few hours late, compounded by the fact that the Bengazi “staff” decided to displace and do they were met (and protected) by the cavalry at their destination.

  11. I see a bit of victim blaming going on here. Hello! I have been under fire, myself, in the past, with people saying they intend to kill me. First reaction: DISBELIEF.

    Try it some time.

  12. Petruchio

    Well the Mueller investigation dragged on because it served as a misdirection, a smokescreen to NOT cover the Clinton Uranium One scandal. Any media with even the tiniest amount of actual journalistic standards would have been hounding the Mueller people a long time ago, asking, “When are you gonna release your Report?” It’s all Kabuki theater.

  13. Petruchio

    “Schumer is melting down like the Wicked Witch of the East Coast! ” More like the Wicked Khazarian Witch of the Israeli Coast. The sleaze coming out of Schumer tells you just how bad our US Government has become.

  14. AT

    @ems, I tried it in Anbar, but I had adequate military training first. Despite your grandiose self-puffery, that embassador had no business being where he was with inadequate training.

    There are two bigger issues with US Libya policy that have not been addressed, and should have been addressed rather than Bengazi.:

    (1) Whether arming and exporting weapons and militants so that our “allies” can impregnate resource rich countries with them or convince local organic rebels to swear allegiance to ISIS and/or AQ, such that the Congressional AUMF applies and allows the executive to go to war in yet another country without any formal Congressional declaration is a violation of constitutional checks, balances, and responsibilities.

    (2) Whether under the rubric of spreading democracy and/or resource exploitation, Hillary and our first “black” President Obama decided to use a coalition of local proxies in Libya who opposed Kaddafi’s pan-Africanism mostly because they hated the darker skinned Africans he brought into the country, and proceeded to genocidally slaughter all blacks they captured and got their hands on, relegating any still alive to open air slave markets after the war. Talk about the mother of all hypocrisy!

  15. John

    I’m surprised that nobody commented on the date Muller chose to release his farce of a report: 3/22.


    The black magic bullcrap continues…

  16. A regular Magic Number Day, yes. Of course. Thus the strange stuff going on here…HAHAHA. They can’t figure out why the Old Magic ain’t working so hot. I find this very satisfying.

  17. AT

    The number shit is code for the stupid inbred morons in their monied midst to dimly comprehend that what is afoot is according to plan.


    322, 370, 220, 37, 17, 284, should I go on?

  18. AT

    Far more alarming is the similarity in moral degeneracy and rising popularity for making the rich look like shit between DeSade and McAfee, between the sadist and the whale fucker and alleged bad neighbor killer?

    We are entering the time of the French revolution?

  19. Yup. ‘Let them freeze to death’ is the new ‘let them eat cake.’

  20. Lou

    First reaction: DISBELIEF.
    Related, shock, fear, horror.

    Elaine, you mentioned Schiff. Do you know about Ed Buck, who is in AS district?

  21. Nobody Walks



    PEOPLE around the WORLD are ‘WAKING UP’ to the FACT (NOT FICTION) that the CORPORATE [[D] party politically controlled] [6 CORPORATIONS OWN 90%] MEDIA [FAKE NEWS] IS NOT unbiased journalism but POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AND CONTROLLED.

  22. These people are dumb

    Wed Mar 20 2019 18:11:41 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)📁
    The attempted ‘COUP’ [TREASON] opens the ‘public’ door to more serious……
    The PILL must be easy to swallow.
    The ‘LEAD-IN’.
    The PUBLIC must be prepared for what is about to come.
    “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION” +++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Brian Cates
    ‏ @drawandstrike

    I’m still laughing my ass off at those who think the entire plot was exposed, aired out in public for the last year and a half so that……….

    [can you believe this? I mean, really?]

    they can let all the plotters walk away.

    My God some people are dumb.
    9:37 AM – 20 Mar 2019

  23. Moe

    Great interview of the Nation’s Aaron Maté. Long, but erudite analysis of Russiagate.

  24. Moe

    Hitler Reacts To Mueller Investigation

  25. Moe

    From Human Events: Checkmate

    Excerpt: Trump’s legal team knew that Barr agreed with them on the meaning of § 1512(c)(2). Thus, in a perfectly lawful, legitimate manner, Barr’s confirmation would change the Department of Justice’s official view on the interpretation of § 1512(c)(2) – and thus undermine Mueller’s obstruction investigation.

  26. This stupid coup failed. It was as ridiculous as the Clinton impeachment mess. The fact that the Clintons engineered this coup attempt, on the other hand, is TREASON and I want this set right. Put these creeps in prison.

  27. honeybagder don't care

    Barr’s memo to Rosenstein is a testament to just how corrupt things are all around.

  28. As I keep pointing out, no human is perfect. But a coup is a coup and the DNC/Bilderberg gang tried and tried to create a coup including opening our borders to invaders and using them to overthrow the government.

  29. Moe

    Chris Hedges destroys Rachel Maddow

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