British Ruling Class Steps Up Attacks On Tommy Robinson, Threaten His Wife & Children

The Daily Mail and the Guardian and Panorama were alerted by the lawyer suing Tommy  to film and report on Tommy’s wife’s reaction to this crazy looking leftist and his pit bull being used to hand over court documents to her.  I read or review these Brit rags and saw no articles about this event because Tommy has exposed them for being in a conspiracy with the lawyer to ‘doxx’ Tommy’s wife.


It is just amazing, watching all this.  The conspiracies between the government and ‘leftist’ media to doxx citizens who are targeted for elimination.  It is no accident I was physically attacked by rapists and gunmen, etc. when I was very young.  This was all very political and aimed mostly at my father as well as myself.


The government of Britain attacks Tommy constantly and denies him basic legal rights especially freedom of speech and they go way out of the way to trigger him and abuse him.  The other day, they entered a restaurant he was dining in and forced him and his family to leave and threatened him as he left, hoping to trigger his anger.


This naked hatred of a working class nob is typical of ruling elites and England is ruled by very nasty people from the Queen on down the ranks.  Whilst living in obscene luxury, these elites have palaces and yachts and private transports of every sort while telling us, we are all going to die if we heat our little homes or drive small cars, etc.  These cruel monsters tell Tommy, he has to live with hostile Muslims terrorizing him and his community because they want to import these people so they can have social conflict and thus, turn peasant’s rage from them to these invaders.


Of course, the Royals and their ilk are like my family: I am literally related to them…invaders, we are.  I know exactly how these charmers think.  Hello!  This is why I issue warnings about them all.  Here are some comments to Tommy’s video about how his wife was maltreated by the Brit media corporations:



Tommy went outside his home to confront two men wearing women’s wigs who were in a fancy new truck.  This truck was filled with spy devices for they were spying on Tommy who forced them to tell him the truth before they drove off in disgrace.



Yes, the vehicle in the above video of the men lurking outside Tommy’s new home is not listed because it is used by the government to spy on people.  I used to be spied on by the government in the past, several times.  The FBI would tap my phones, not once but several times.


One time, I deliberately lied and told the phone and the agent listening to me that Chairman Mao gave me $600 to do mischief at Berkeley.  The newspapers then announced the next day that an anonymous student at Berkeley was given $600 by Mao!  I then met with the FBI and told them they were illegally leaking my phone conversations and I set a trap for them proving this.


Everyone was very embarrassed so…the FBI did it again when I had communist Chinese live with me with President Carter’s request.  Again, my phones which were used by these Chinese officials, was tapped and it screwed up my phone service so I called the FBI and demanded they fix my phones.  We had a great laugh about that.


The fact is, media works with the government to attack or suppress people, to report or not report ‘news’.  The news I am reporting here today about the abuse of Tommy Robinson’s family is NOT NEWS because our Real Rulers want this secret.  They set themselves up to have a huge news story against Tommy but were foiled when his wife, baby in her arms, was being abused by creepy leftist radicals, not Tommy, so they didn’t report this at all, they ran away.


They hid this news for it makes them all look very bad indeed.  When Roger Stone was arrested and abused, CNN was there to film it all and just like in England, happily showed things until it became a crime of the STATE not Roger or Tommy.  Then the news vanishes.  NO follow up stories, not interviews, dead silence from these evil creeps.  Lord, I hate them all!


Hypocrite Dr Dre Donates $70 Million To USC – Then Boasts His Daughters Got In On Their Own!

It now appears that Dr Dre’s daughter, who I mentioned this morning, got into University via her test scores and using her skin color, it turns out Daddy Dre gave seventy MILLION dollars to the school that gave her the red carpet treatment!  HAHAHA.  Wow.

And a final word from Black Pigeon Speaks:



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5 responses to “British Ruling Class Steps Up Attacks On Tommy Robinson, Threaten His Wife & Children

  1. OC

    And POTUS of US is not the exception:

    Ha ha ..Russia taking Crimea is now ok with Trump’s recognition of Golan Heights being Israel’s property.

  2. Yes, there is this thing about ‘he who controls something, owns it.’ History is clear about this issue.

    I am a realist. Also, I come from a long, long line of conquerors. Most people come from this, too. Barbarian invasions, for example: have been going on for around a million years or so.

    Ditto, imperial wars: they began roughly with the very first cities around 12,000 years ago. This is how societies expand and contract. We are being invaded right now, for example. Look at our borders.

  3. AT

    Tarrant’s handlers have successfully disarmed New Zealand’s populace, ostensibly making it safer for British billionaire bunker builders to escape WWIII in their nuclear free zone.

    Who were his handlers? Who financed his world tour? When do we get to ban spooks identifying suicidal folks and pushing them into being patsies? Pursue and prosecute them?

    That would get rid of at least half these things.

  4. melponeme_k

    Tarrant is Peerage and may even be related to the very people in charge of New Zealand. Possibly the Kennedy family. WHAT A RACKET!

    Miles Mathis and friend pulls out the hoax from simple genealogy searches. They went further than I did.

    New Zealand was already disarmed via a hoax a couple of years prior in Aramoana. That Shooter was from the Peerage Gray Family.

    And in these essays it is discovered Tarrant worked for a GRAY. HAHAHAAHAHAHA!

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