Trump Haters Go Utterly Insane While News Platforms They Run Become Stupider And Meaner

Above is a screenshot from Breitbart News showing the utter meltdown of the Democratic/Bilderberg machine’s scam to frame a President.


It appears that the entire political class of the international powers is having a total fit of hysteria because Trump was shown to be utterly guiltless of ‘collusion with Russia’ which was obvious from day one.  He DID want to do a thing called ‘diplomacy’ but that is now impossible thanks to this gang getting hysterical every time he does normal diplomacy.  This pointless attempt at a political coup doesn’t shame the lunatics doing this because they imagine, once in power, always in power and can do as they please including eliminating the entire Bill of Rights from our Constitution including huge hunks of the Constitution, itself in order to impose a dictatorship upon the citizens of the USA.


These international gangsters want to destroy our rights here in America like they have in all our allied countries across the globe.  Free speech is impossible in many of our ‘allies’ countries.  This is not all, our population is also being pushed into a huge race war as the elites who are mostly white, many are Jewish, push the ‘give privileges’ agenda which has all systems set up to punish white males in particular.  Here is today’s example:

This is interesting because many of the people let into colleges on fake credentials whose parents are very rich were young ladies.  This young lady, celebrating getting into USC, is very smug because she won this position via her skin color.  She is partially ‘black’.  Like Obama, this is used to shoehorn her way into elite schools via her ‘skin color’.


This girl’s daddy is very, very rich.  She didn’t need any crutch to get into school but she gladly used her supposed skin color to jump the line.  Nearly everyone on the planet including populations that have many more numbers than European whites, gets to jump the line ahead of European white males who are around 10% of the world’s population.


Asian youths are slowly being pushed into the ‘discriminate against’ lineup, too.  The rich ‘black’ girl above didn’t have to do very well on any tests to gain entry to a school where the typical Asian girl must score at least 250 points higher to get in.   Meanwhile, at Tulane University, a top elite school, a young man who is organizing on behalf of boy’s rights had his door lit on fire in order to scare him.


He is very scared now.  So Trump entered the arena to support him:


Report the real news?  Perish the thought!  I looked and looked for news stories about the kidnapped children in Italy and it barely made any news, anywhere, anyhow.  It was vanished nearly instantly.  Meanwhile, stupid news stories beloved by the left get repeated and mulled over again and again, mindlessly.


Here is one story that is making the rounds with the liberals going crazy, as usual and having amazing double standards that are literally psychopathic and sickening: child rape and sex abuse is OK with them.


‘it’s clear that the parents of the two young men were also victimized and seduced by fame and fantasy’. Streisand had said the alleged sexual abuse victims ‘wanted to be there’ as kids. She was referring to now-adults Wade Robson and James Safechuck. The two men are the subjects of recent documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland,’ which details their alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Jackson, from ages seven and 10. Streisand told British newspaper The Times that she believes their allegations, but it ‘didn’t kill them’ and Jackson’s ‘sexual needs were his sexual needs’.


Jackson seduced them and their parents so…it is the parent’s fault.  Wow.  This, from a top ‘feminist’ who is really a demon.  Her claim that this Santa Claus/Easter Bunny pedophile lured children into his orbit to sexually molest them is OK because the children were lured by his fame and money to be molested.


Wow.  Then this demonic female goes on to claim, ‘it didn’t KILL them.’  Aside from suicides, of course which she thinks is the fault of the victims, too.  All of Hollywood is laced with child sexual abusers, has been for eons now.


My rapist didn’t kill me though I needed surgery afterwards.  Nope.  But he did rape me!  This nonsense comes from the exact same Hollywood females who join gangs of howling bitches screaming about being ‘molested’ when a man looks at them funny or touches them or gets drunk with them!  The high school antics of a Supreme Court judge are grounds for being dismissed and eliminated while open rape of small children is OK if one is rich and powerful.


This insane dual standard of ‘all sex is OK’ is connected directly to ‘even looking at someone is rape’ is insanity and yes, these people are utterly insane.  What they are having here is called ‘a double standard’ so a famous director who jokes with convicted pedophiles about how much he loves seeing little girls raped and abused and it turns him on, is reinstated by Disney, a corporation that lures children into its orbit, because he makes good movies showing violent events that are magical and utterly pointless and destructive.


Yup.  Good for morals!  NOT.  Below is a video by Ethan Van Sciver who is a famous comic artist talking about how Disney doesn’t care about child rape jokes:

Gunn is a top leftist Hollywood attacker who goes after other people to get them banned, destroyed or humiliated because they support Trump.  He was a big part of getting Roseanne banned for life, for example.  Meanwhile, his own ‘jokes’ are hideous and disgusting yet he gets to ride the magic Disney carpet back to work,  making obscene movies filled with incredible levels of violence with a heavy sub-text of sexual deviancy disguised as ‘entertainment’ for young people.


Now the pedophiles running Disney are firing many people after merging with Fox.  They will not fire pedophiles.  Everyone else: to hell with them all!  Money is all that matters…after hypocritical virtue signalling.  What a hell hole Hollywood is!


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13 responses to “Trump Haters Go Utterly Insane While News Platforms They Run Become Stupider And Meaner

  1. Moe

    Fox now owned by Disney. Won’t be long before it turns Trumptardian.

    Rachel MadCow gave an impromptu report, reputedly appearing “…to hold back tears.” I watched her report and didn’t detect any near-tearing: the BS seems to function on both sides of the issue.

    Personal rant: how can any thinking person watch Maddow in effort to become informed? I find her (i.e, him) infuriating in her (his) obfuscation and blatant partisanship. Maddow has been one of the chief progenitors of the Russian Collusion fabrication story, how can she (he) maintain any degree of credibility? What a disgusting slime-ball (gender neutral).

    Admittedly, part of my disgust originates with her (his) transgenderism, which I don’t endorse, but primarily it’s with her (his) demeanor, Maddow is a fatuous, dissembling, prevaricating, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic abomination.

    Rant over. i feel much better now.

  2. tio

    “Mueller – The name that ended all mainstream media credibility.

    No matter what you think of Donald Trump. His unexpected rise to power has educated the entire world about what’s wrong with US politics, the fake news media and the deep state.”

    — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) March 23, 2019

    Meanwhile, horror of horrors …
    “The government’s BREXIT proposals would release the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as almost 300 million new cars, fatally undermining ministers’ obligation to tackle the escalating climate crisis, according to new research.”

    Free money, the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. AT

    So Trump is supposedly innocent of Russia collusion but Mueller leaves the door open on obstruction of justice?

    Let me show you how this is just more nothing-burger from a fake prosecutor who is protecting Trump while taking out Trump’s garbage and using it as window dressing for his fake witch hunt. And, occupying the field by dragging the whole process out across his entire Presidency.

    First, a sitting President cannot be indicted; the only constitutional method for removal is impeachment in the house and trial in the Senate. After he’s out of office, then he can be charged.

    Let’s just pretend they magic that requirement away and charge him anyhow with obstruction. . .

    Second, it is unclear that the commander in chief as the chief law enforcement officer can commit obstruction of justice anyhow.

    Let’s just pretend he can.

    Third, and most importantly, if there was no Russia collusion as Mueller has already found, then his actions in firing Comey, etc. could not have harbored the requisite intent to “obstruct justice,” because he was innocent and knew it.

    They can drag all three points out for the next two years and end up with nada.

  4. They are desperate and insane. The Bilderberg gang is VERY unpopular. They are also increasingly exposed. This is freaking them out, greatly.

  5. KHS71

    If you remember correctly Nixon was not impeached. He resigned before the impeachment was voted upon. Ford then pardoned him for any federal crime he may have committed thus he was not indicted after leaving office. Pense could do the same if Trump is removed but only for federal charges thus why the Rats are pursuing State charges against Trump and some others. Their hatred for him is so deep that this is how they are progressing. He beat their Bitch and they will never get over it. They can not accept he is President and will never do so. They are just showing what they are. Even when he goes back to civilian life, I feel that they will pursue him with charges. They wish to squish him into the ground to send a strong message to any other Republican who might wish to become President. This is what they will do even if the Republican wins every State. Every Republican will be illegitimate no matter what. They are sore losers.

  6. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    If you knocked all of the BS out of Adam Schiff’s body he would weight 1 pound.

    ELAINE: He is a sore loser, big time.

  7. Moe

    More MadCow: 30 propaganda seconds

    Russia attacking energy grid: MadCow, Occasional ‘Vortex’

  8. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    I ‘worked’ with several artists in the ‘hollyhood’ music gulag in the early 1990s. The singing/playing, etc. was great fun, but the ‘currency of deviancy’ was not.

    One day Todd returns from a visit with ‘mikey’ at ‘never-land’ where they had discussed ‘mikey’ using one of Todd’s songs on his next thrilling musical plagiarist CD. Todd said sure, I’ll take industry-standard royalty split and let you put your name in the ‘co-wrote’ with mine.

    ‘mikey’ replied he’d let Todd’s name be listed as co-writer on HIS SONG, but wouldn’t pay him ANY royalties ever. Todd told ‘mikey’ where to stick it and when he returned and told me I said “Good for you!”

    But, ‘mikey’ retaliated by telling the studio to black-list him, even though they both worked for Warner-Chappel Music at the time and one of W-Cs Veeps had sent Todd to arrange for ‘mikey’ to use the song, but he wouldn’t enforce industry standard contract terms on petulant ‘mikey’.

    Todd was effectively impoverished for the rest of his life but still wrote amazing songs with people like Mick Fleetwood:

    And to this day has a library of several thousand songs by himself and other victims of ‘hollyhood’ that we may never hear.

    Fight-back, request/demand songs by Todd & friends on iTUNES, YOUTUBE and other music sites!

    Carry-on til you are carrion.

  9. Interesting story there. Yes, ALL the divas do this. Mere creators can’t force things due to the army of lawyers working for the big bosses. But things are changing! Back then, one couldn’t go online to raise hell, tell the story.

    Today: ABSOLUTELY which is why the old systems of stealing stuff, abusing people, is collapsing and which is why Google and others are now censoring everything online to prevent anyone from fighting back.

  10. Yes, the only day they reported real news! 🙂

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