Bilderberg Gang Doubling Down On Fake Russia/Trump Stories, Trump Suing This Evil Gang

Poor Jonny Swan, a ‘reporter’ in DC.  He is terrified of Trump and angry that Trump intends to haul into US courts the Bilderberg gangsters who ran a fake news wall to wall campaign to defame him, abuse him and accuse him all based on Steele’s blatant lies and fabrications.  So, the ‘reporters’ (sic) are now attacking Trump for using the legal system to punish them for their various high crimes.  Funny traitors!  They hope to continue fooling everyone who is gullible, forever.  Can they fool the Supreme Court?  HAHAHA.


Now we can see why they were going nuts when Trump put in Supreme Court judges and they are right now, trying desperately to defame these judges and to demand they can’t rule on any cases involving the mass media giants and DNC criminals for running this scam against Trump, trying to frame him for doing basic diplomacy with Russia.

These fake reporters are very funny indeed.  Trump was utterly vindicated but they are still peddling their blatant lies, nonstop, nay…doubling down on the lies.  Astariel is funny: three days ago, the investigation was ‘done’ and these clowns were crowing that now Trump will be revealed to us!


Then they were told that the magic clothing they were wearing was really naked and everyone laughed at these clowns for lying about Mueller and Trump.  Suddenly, Mueller is a Trump co-conspirator and no questions (!!!) were asked and no one was really investigated.


HAHAHA.  Nope, nothing was done.  Everyone was fooled that there was this ‘investigation.’  I hope these clowns call up Roger Stone and tell him this startling news.  Nope.  Here is the best video of this clown show on the left:

The other day, I was watching a cop show from England when cops there threw a man to the ground and shoved his face in the pavement after he called them Nazis and gave them the Hitler salute.  He was arrested for saying this to them!  On these same videos, one can watch police being cussed and abused by Muslims and nothing happens.


A citizen calls them ‘Nazis’ and not only was arrested, he was charged, found guilty and fined and punished in other ways for this!  England never had any free speech protections and now people are arrested for using the ‘wrong pronouns’ when talking to sexually confused people, for example.


Censorship in all Western countries, New Zealand has a ‘chief censor,’ for example.  This is astonishing.  I, myself, have been arrested for saying the wrong words in the past.  I was not prosecuted, indeed, they had to apologize to me.


But in all our allies, yes, saying or writing or tweeting the wrong things can land one in prison.  This is a copy of the Soviet Union rules.  I fled Berkeley years ago due to an editorial I wrote, for example.  The communist leftists made it crystal clear after they murdered a young cop in front of my home that I was next.


The leftists want language control.  One evil tool is to force people to use ‘pronouns’ in assigned ways or they are put in prison or beaten up by cops.  If one doesn’t use the ‘correct’ pronoun in any given situation, it is an excuse to destroy property and scream abuse at the offending person, namely, to riot.  Then the Language Cops show up and arrest the ’cause’ of this, that is, the person using the wrong pronoun.


This is pure 1984 tyranny.  The DNC is right now doubling down in the lying.  The mainstream media is orchestrating this, trying desperately to raise doubts about the Special Prosecutor and the investigation that found nothing.  This is irrational rage but very dangerous rage.


Poor Tim, the ‘reporter’ who has been issuing great videos about what is going on yet he, himself, is trapped inside the fake liberal bubble, he thinks the ‘far left’ is putting out the lies and is causing problems.  No, it is the institutionalized Bilderberg gang doing this.


They plan to utterly crush the far left once they wipe out all opposition on the conservative side.  What they want is total rule and no one disputing their lies.  For example, after 9/11, they all lied about Saddam and tried to pin the blame on him and when that failed, simply invaded and murdered him and in the process, destroyed Iraq and in the long run, this backfired when the Iranians successfully courted most of the Iraqis and now has power there and the Bilderberg gang has departed, tail between the legs.

Senator Rand voted against more money for a wall (the Pentagon is giving a measly $1 billion this week for the wall) but is against the Bilderberg gang when it comes to other issues.  He cannot see how his stance on the wall is enabling an invasion set in motion by the Bilderberg gang who has opened the gates to hell in Europe by allowing a massive invasion there which is destroying Europe’s economic systems as well as political chaos.


Rand Paul lost a huge hunk of his support base when he voted against Trump’s wall funding bill.  His political future is a dead duck now.  There are many, many people cut off from the ‘street’ now and they are in this cocoon of power where the yells of rage is seldom heard.


I track this across the planet.  I see leftists demonstrating for suppression of free speech, for cutting off heat and electricity to the working poor, they are demanding we ‘save the planet’ mainly via starving and freezing people to death.  The right wing is rising in power due to taking the opposite positions of the far left.


Rand Paul, playing both sides, has fallen badly and will gradually vanish from view due to being unable to connect the dots.

Yup.  He is losing support quite rapidly now.  It is astonishing how cross eyed people get when they are near the power pyramid.  You know, that ‘all seeing magic eye’ pyramid on our money.  One wonders why this happens…but I don’t wonder.


Power is an alluring bitch who rides this seven headed dragon.  She is the Whore of Babylon.  Once upon a time, a street preacher at Berkeley pointed to me and yelled, ‘She is the Whore of Babylon’ and I said, ‘Rats, I have been discovered’ and so I had a ‘Whore of Babylon’ T shirt made and everyone laughed the next day when I showed up in this.

This is a mad, mad world we live in.  Watching other ‘free’ countries turning into despotic dictatorships while ruled mainly by RADICAL LEFTIST FEMALES…I must be alone in yelling, ‘Hello!  MADAME MAO, anyone???’  Her name is nearly never mentioned in all the stories and comments on You Tube or online, she is nearly invisible.  I may be one of the few people to ever talk about her.

She was a horrible, nasty, utterly evil person who totally controlled not just speech in China but even all private relationships, beds were bolted to the floor to prevent double beds lest men and women sleep together and have sex!  The reason the Chinese loved my dad was, he defied her on this one issue and refused to have his beds bolted to the floor!


This is our collective future of feminist females on the left gain any power.  Do note how they go on hysterical crusades against normal sex relations, how they go after men in particular, desperate to destroy their sex lives, they hate marriage, they hate children, they want robots not children disputing their power, the females in our ghettoes raise their boys with zero fathers now and their boys grow up to be wild men, criminals, out of control emotionally, abusive and the wheel continues to grind on relentlessly.


Why on earth are we doing this?  Gays and transsexuals better beware: MAD MADAME MAO hated them all in particular!  The Muslims hate them, too!!! These lunatics want to eventually kill all the trans/gay people especially the ones who are ‘males’ in one way or another.


I know this because Madame Mao did this.  Why would Maoists not do this now?  They will.  The temporary alliance of gay/trans people with the Bilderberg gang is a scam.  Once all free speech is gone from the entire planet earth, the gang will crush them, too.  Why?


Because they can!  This will be very popular when they do this!  Trust me on this!  To win the minds and hearts of the masses, they will turn on all the minorities including blacks.  The backlash won’t come from the right, it will come from the Maoist leftists.  I can say this with certainty because History is a bitch, it is a dog chasing its own tail, it is a snake in a circle…history repeats itself relentlessly.

This is why we have to work to stop this relentless cycle business.





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29 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Doubling Down On Fake Russia/Trump Stories, Trump Suing This Evil Gang

  1. Melponeme_k

    I’m not sure how much they actually believe in these crazy religion and how much they use it to scare us in order to control us.

    “Power is an alluring bitch who rides this seven headed dragon. She is the Whore of Babylon.”

    They equate the Whore to the preeminent Goddess. They have the Mass Media stars enact the Whore’s crossing out of the Abyss every May at the MET Gala. This is why their Transgender Goddesses of the Screen walk down, not a red carpet but beige (symbolizing the desert of the Abyss).

    It is the stunning conclusion to their Spring Season festivities.

    They push the story that they want to create this spirit/egregore into human form than “marry” her to the Anti-Christ.

    This “marriage” is performed at Lughnasadh, when the Horned God mates with the Triple Goddess. Of course, that occurs in private ceremonies.

  2. Moe

    From the New York Post: The Pundits Who Got It Most Wrong

    In the ‘Cable News’ category, the winner is – hold on for it! – Rachael MadCow. (I suspect she really is delusional).

    Excerpt: “In the Cable category, our top seed is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, in recognition of her seemingly interminable rants about the Kremlin not only electing Trump — with Trumpian “collusion,” of course — but practically running the US government.”

  3. It is Rachel Mad COW.

  4. Mel, I never liked Levin’s work at the Met so never went to the opera there, I only went to ‘off Broadway’ operas, so to speak.
    City Opera went bankrupt and is now revived but years ago, it was a fun place to be, I remember when Beverly Sills sand there, she was funny as hell.

    Placido Domingo got started there. A voice of velvet. Not as good as Dietrich Fischer Dieskau who I got to know well when I lived in Germany.

  5. AT

    Read the words carefully; these are lawyer lies. Trump was not under investigation for Russia collusion; only his campaign staff.

    Barr wrote the investigation “did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia” during the 2016 campaign.

    Barr quoted the actual report: “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

    If you believe the whole Russia collusion debate, insofar as it supposedly pertains to Trump, isn’t a charade perpetrated by both sides, then you are on the ship of fools.

    Where are his tax returns and his banking records and his history of (Russian) business loans? Why didn’t Mueller subpoena them? It’s bullshit. Look, from reading the Steele dossier it’s pretty clear Trump is a straight shooter who kept refusing rather than accepting favors. . . But this whole thing is bullshit.

    Trump was never investigated personally for Russia collusion, only his campaign staff.

  6. HAHAHA. Give it a rest. NO Congress/President has had to turn over all income tax information from their entire lives. NEVER.

    This is something they NEVER want to do.

    And…if you want a saint…remember how Jimmy Carter was treated by the media and everyone. My dad was a friend of his, worked with him, knew him well.

    Everyone hates Carter, you know. HELLO!!!

  7. Melponeme_k


    I meant to note that it was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have a Gala there on or around May Day.

    Levine was recently pushed out of power last year. He was supposed to retire this year and a new younger director, Yannick Netzet-Seguin ushered in for 2020. I’ve heard some really unsavory stories about Levine years ago. As in they had to have security escorts and parents around the Boy’s Choir ALL THE TIME. They couldn’t be left alone. Also I had friends who were in the adult choir, any young man was fair game.

    Like film and music, they have turned Opera into some kind of Satanic/Luciferian Grand Guignol. I attended Wagner’s “Parsifal” last year, only to be treated to a full out depiction of the Heiros Gamos and also the darker Sangreal/Starfire ritual (the Flower Maidens stood in a pool of menstrual blood). on the background they screened the sun, moon, and constellations moving into different formations (you know). I swore to myself that if the opera wasn’t going to be in a historical setting, I would stay far away.

    I was going to try to see the Ring cycle. But this past year was hard for me (my mom passed), and I gave up the ticket.

    I used to listen to Fischer-Dieskau alot. When I was in school (for voice), I didn’t really like grand opera..I liked Lieder and Bach Cantatas. However you can’t make a career in Lieder and Cantatas. HAHAHAHA!

  8. AT

    “HAHAHA. Give it a rest. NO Congress/President has had to turn over all income tax information from their entire lives. NEVER.
    This is something they NEVER want to do.”

    I totally agree.

    My point is the Mueller investigation into Russia collusion as it pertains to Trump personally is a ruse. Otherwise, Mueller would have SUBPOENAD all that stuff. He didn’t. My suggestion is that this is further evidence that the investigation was not targeting Trump personally.

    The carful wording by AG Barr and his careful quote of the original report bears this out.

  9. AT

    Not to mention that this pile of crap has clogged the news for 18 months longer than it would have taken a competent and honest prosecutor to complete the investigation.

    They really milked this show for all it was worth.

  10. honeybagder don't care

    When did Paul vote against a “wall funding bill”? Did I miss something? I know he was pushing for a balanced budget at one point; but these twitter remarks clearly refer to his stance on the emergency declaration.

    So he voted his conscience on a constitutional separation of powers issue. Maybe because he can see further than 2 feet in front of his nose?

  11. AT

    If Paul really believed there was a balance of power issue he would be offering to repeal the congressional laws unconstitutionally delegating the emergency declaration powers to the executive. He’s talking out his butt.

  12. honeybagder don't care

    So, from a separation of powers standpoint, it’s not a reasonable position to assert that delegation of emergency powers in general passes constitutional muster, but this particular declaration in defiance of previous congressional action on a matter which is clearly within the purview of congressional authority does not meet the emergency standard?

    Also, the butt talking reference seems to imply that if wall funding were somehow proposed within the context of a balanced budget Paul would oppose it, because why else would he need to lie about his rationale? Are you sure about that?

  13. In time of crisis, doing stupid things is stupid. We are being INVADED. We should be shooting at people invading us. Simply putting up a barrier is the very least we should be doing.

    This is called ‘survival’. Want destruction? Let things continue to collapse.

  14. AT


    The statute speaks clearly to construction projects and makes no mention of prior Congressional deliberations on the matter. Read it.

    The point is that Paul is just coming up with something that sounds like a dog whistle to his base in order to justify and hide whatever real reason he has for opposing the wall.

  15. honeybagder don't care

    Yeah, we get that. That is beside the point. Look up “Article 48”. OK Germany survived, I guess. As far as shooting people goes, I’ve got some white out if you want to get rid of that pesky Due Process Clause as well. BTW, you mention some of your ancestors helped to write the Constitution, that should be someone we have heard of, right?

    @15 I have no intention of the perusing the NEA. But since you seem to be familiar with it I will ask you if it offers guidance as to how to determine if there is a legitimate emergency? And won’t that be one issue that will be before the courts? Because if the president has overstepped his authority and there is no legal emergency, how does the NEA apply? Is that statute immune from judicial review? OK courts give broad discretion but its not like the plaintiffs won’t be submitting briefs with real arguments. So why are you so sure Paul doesn’t genuinely support those arguments? What makes you think Paul has some hidden reason for opposing the wall?

  16. AT


    If Paul really believed there was a balance of power issue he would be offering to repeal the congressional laws (currently on the books) that are unconstitutionally delegating the specific (construction) emergency declaration powers to the executive.

  17. AT

    If you won’t read the constitution and the laws, how can you be helped from a curated reality?

  18. I am reading about the collapse of the Roman empire each night when I go to bed. Right now, I am at 298 AD…the last attempt at keeping the empire intact before it finally split in two and the Western half, overrun and destroyed.

    HELLO. Time to wake up. The rooster from hell is crowing very loudly now.

  19. AT

    @honeybadger. This is a political question.

    You are responsible for reading the constitution and the laws and then deciding who is in what lane, and who is out of their lane.

    You get to elect the representatives and the President who seat the judges who you pay to make the legal decisions. Yours is political, however.

    Your suggestion that Paul as a legislator is leaving his conscience up to the courts is a cop out for you both, particularly when the language is so explicit. See the third reference.

  20. AT


    What’s your plan to avert the fall?

    I can’t even get anyone to see that Trump wasn’t actually under investigation by Mueller for Russia Collusion, only his campaign staff ever was.

  21. honeybagder don't care


    So, do you think the invading Jews should be shot as well? The Germans did (and judging from the comments I would bet a lot of your loyal readers are in that boat) and choosing to shred their Constitution didn’t really save them, did it?

    @20 Political question? I highly doubt the courts are going to hold that this question is not justiciable. It looks like a separation of powers issue that is ripe for adjudication.

    As far as your cites are concerned I think you are putting the cart before the horse, because as a threshold matter the Court will still have to decide whether the NEA is even applicable. This is true even if as you believe it ends up using the political question doctrine to decide the issue.

    So I still don’t understand why you are so adamant that Paul is being disingenuous. I won’t pretend to know how this will come out, but I am certain that the case is not as cut and dried as you seem to think.

  22. honeybagder don't care

    P.S. In case I wasn’t clear, as part of the threshold determination there will a factual dispute over whether a genuine emergency is present. So congressional deliberations will be relevant to that issue regardless of what the NEA provides.

  23. ANY invasion is a TOP PRIORITY EMERGENCY. Duh.

    I am just flabbergasted…actually, not…this is normal for dying empires. So, millions of aliens speaking a foreign tongue enter a nation illegally and then commit many crimes and cause great disorder and what is this called?

    An invasion.

  24. Moe

    Kunstler On Russiagate

    Excerpt: “The official finding that no crime was committed is, ipso facto, an exoneration, and to impute otherwise is a serious breach of (Mueller’s) role in this legal melodrama. Prosecutors are expressly forbidden to traffic in defamation, aspersion, and innuendo in the absence of formal charges. So, it will be interesting to hear what Mr. Mueller has to say when Jerrold Nadler reels him into the House Judiciary Committee, as inevitably he will, to do to some ‘splainin.’”

  25. AT


    No I meant political question for the voter, you, you idiot, or a lawyer pretending to be on, not a “justiciable” question for our “supreme” court of anti-federalists.

    Read the statute that explicitly provides for construction emergency declarations. Then, consider the emergency declarations that have been declared, and unapposed, and still in effect, since then, nit-picky emergencies, like for some foreigner who no one has heard before, and has stolen some loot from somewhere, and should be barred or whatever.

    If you “don’t care” then piss off.

  26. honeybagder don't care

    It is well understood that democracy is a cumbersome form of government. Look at the bright side: if you get your way you won’t have to deal with it for much longer. For example treason, which you are always quick to apply, was actually provided for in the Constitution; by your ancestors apparently. Incidentally, I am still curious as to who they might be.

    I am going to make this simple so maybe you can understand it. Try to read slowly and carefully. This emergency declaration is going to be opposed. One of the issues is going to be whether there is a legitimate emergency as contemplated by the NEA, or whether the President is merely invoking emergency powers to do an end run around Congress. Since the NEA does not define the term “emergency”, legislative intent will play a role in statutory construction. The courts are not going to throw the case out just because the NEA “makes no mention of prior congressional deliberations”.

    So your conclusion that Paul is “talking out his butt” is not obvious just because the NEA explicitly provides for construction emergency declarations.

    Trump is probably right, however, about how this will turn out. He will likely get “bad rulings” from the lower courts and then, if he is still in office when the case is heard, the “conservative” majority on the Supreme Court will conclude that the matter is one of foreign policy and use that to hold that the president has “broad discretion”.

  27. ALL Presidents have ‘broad discretion’ in foreign policies! What has been going on for many years now since the Vietnam War is, we are never at war anymore, we have ’emergencies’ which is silly.

    Note how, after a gang of Muslims from Egypt and Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11, the Saudis were allowed to fly out of the country when all flights were grounded…and now we are at war with a country, Syria, which opposes Saudi Arabia while we fight for Saudi Arabia, elsewhere.

  28. Moe

    Here’s a great Jimmy Dore rant: ‘The US is a MAFIA STATE!’

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