Chicago Leaks! Smollett Buddy Of Michelle Obama, Friends Of DA Conspired Drop Charges

This is breaking news right now.  HAHAHA.  Seems the usual dirty tricks of corrupt Chicago politics.  I hope all the players in this game of ‘let’s break the laws’ go to prison including the very big Chicago couple, the Obamas.  This perversion of justice, letting a con man get away with his con game, cannot stand.  Smollett even has the cheek now to claim he has already done ‘community service’ which is fake since no time has passed since he ‘appeared’ to a judge.

Yes, the money is spread all over the place.  The entire government of Chicago should be investigated by Special Prosecutors.  I suggest Mueller be requested, he seems to be pretty fair!  HAHAHA.  You know, this case illustrates what I keep saying about creepy people praying to Gods which have a horrible sense of humor.

This is a situation where wishes for others to suffer boomerang.  The Black Power gang who ran DC for a while are going to get their precious reproductive parts caught in the gears over this stupid, petty, disgusting actor who hates whites and wanted to frame some white males with his fake ‘MAGA hat’ attackers story.

Heads should roll over this!  I hope this happens in NY state, too.  About time.  The DNC gang is crashing all over the place, screaming that this is the End of Times and We Are Doomed.  Well, at least, they all are doomed, one hopes. Also, this has been a very busy day, no?  Usually I don’t post so much.


But it is also above freezing, finally!  50 degrees F and sunny so I rebuilt this big gate which took six hours to redesign and finish…lots of fun.  It is set up to keep out coyotes, bobcats (sort of, they are good climbers) and above all, bears.  Bears are a problem.  They are big.  But not as big a problem as crazy adults who won’t grow up and be responsible.


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7 responses to “Chicago Leaks! Smollett Buddy Of Michelle Obama, Friends Of DA Conspired Drop Charges

  1. AT

    the full loop closes with the coverup of whoever put him up to it and helped organize it.

    problem is modern corruption is “pay it forward.” Foxx knows if she just keeps her mouth shut and loses the next election, she has a good chance of landing a seven figure gig with a corner office in some law, consulting or banking firm. It’s hard to crack that.

  2. AT

    No one is screaming:


    It was all about race and unlike many hate crimes, there IS plenty of evidence of it?

  3. Pete

    There is more going to come out.
    They needed to kill the trial and seal the case.
    Kamala and others involved?

  4. AT

    Unless the Police chief is corrupt too, every police agency I’ve ever worked with has been fully versed in how to shop charges to separate prosecutors offices with overlapping jurisdiction. in this case, there are still as yet uncharged potential federal crimes that Chicago PD could take to the FBI or directly to the US attorney’s office for review.

    preventing this is probably why emmanuel is yapping.

  5. shawntoh

    Elaine, and everybody else,

    I took a break from this and came back and realized, wait a minute, it ain’t over for this guy yet–


    He was cleared of STATE charges and gave up the bond of 10k and I’m sure something else was a “….settled out of court….” type arrangement and then they sealed the cased closed– so we will never know the details–


    I, and perhaps many other here, forgot he still faces FEDERAL CHARGES– which is probably much more serious, though I’m not a lawyer and can’t give legal advice.

    So the obese lady does not seem to be singing just yet. 🙂

    “Jussie Smollett Could Still Face Federal Charges ”

    “Jussie Smollett could still face federal charges as the FBI and the US Postal Inspection Service are continuing their probe into a threatening letter Smollett might have sent to himself, a report said.”


  6. Lou

    Buzz is Soros is financing the race war.

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