Hockey Hell: DC Capitols Team, Led By Russian, Wins Stanley Cup

From RUSSIAN news!  Trump celebrates with the winners of the Stanley Cup which includes a RUSSIAN hockey star!  He even says his daughter, Ivanka, likes this RUSSIAN hockey player.  Oh no!  The DNC is having a press conference today doubling down on the ‘RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY’ that the Mueller report totally debunked.

This press conference was utterly hilarious.  The DNC clown car kooks talked very hesitantly and as if they were reading their stuff instead of sounding normal.  The Press sat silent and had a few feeble questions.  It was hilarious.  The DNC is doubling down on the clown show.  Good. This is exactly what Trump wants, it guarantees victory in 2020.


Twitter comments to the Trump hosting the Capitol’s hockey team winning the Stanley Cup:

And…that is exactly what happened.  Yes, hosting the winners at the White House is now being used to prove Russian collusion.  This crazy business will never, ever end until it dies a miserable death mainly through humor but also, a pile of lawsuits which will now flow out of the Mueller Mess.


Yes, innocent people were and still are being dragged through the mud because of this false story!  Roger Stone has made it clear, he is going to sue everyone and he should, starting with CNN if anything is left of CNN after the Covington School Kids win their lawsuit.


And…here is Raw Story playing the McCarthy ‘the Russians are coming’ game, shamelessly…Raw Story is a bunch of commie kiddies who love communism!


“Alex Ovechkin, the team’s Russian captain, and the National Hockey League’s most valuable player, who is also a vocal admirer and personal friend of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia,” a report from The Washington Post said.


AND the Washington Post is a Bilderberg operation.  The silly creeps at Raw Story knew me very well years ago when Bush Jr. was President. They were very much against the illicit invasion of Iraq based on false charges.  They let me write stuff there.  Then they ended up in the last dozen years becoming a tool of the Bilderberg elites and now spew pure junk.


Ovechkin’s connection to Putin has been questioned.


HAHAHA.  Oh no!  A famous hockey player has many fans including Putin as well as Trump.  For idiots, this is proof of a conspiracy to take over the world and make us all eat hockey pucks.


“Mr. Ovechkin had said he is an apolitical sports star. But questions about his connections to Mr. Putin, and whether he is a participant, knowingly or unknowingly, in a Kremlin propaganda machine, have swirled around his career. They peaked when Mr. Ovechkin announced last year the creation of a ‘civic movement’ that he branded online as #putinteam, ahead of Russia’s elections,” the report said.


The Times added that Ovechkin has his own relationship with Putin.


Everything is political.  Except when the Bilderberg gang is playing politics, then it is suddenly invisible.  I am amused at how they pretend there is nothing there while they loom over everyone, desperate to black out real news, totally.


This is why they now label all news from RT Russian news online as ‘fake news’ even when it is reporting real news like the French Yellow Vest marches.  Our home state media totally hides that news!  This goofy world of the Bilderberg gang is falling apart which is why desperate rulers are now simply eliminating huge hunks of the internet wherever they have control.


From last year when the same team won the same Stanley Cup:

So, the black player is a ‘star’ and he dissed Trump because if he didn’t, the SJW gang would attack him.  I bet fear of being blacklisted (HAHAHA) got him to run away like a coward instead of being a man and manning up, eh?


Politicizing everything, the SJW gang is toxic and poisonous and eventually will be defeated by their own lunacy.  And my favorite Disney Goofy cartoon is appropriate here, once again.  I never tire of this very funny sport:


Trump’s son was supposed to be sent to prison as a traitor.  And was in great danger of this and now it is gone, for good.  And…the DNC has announced this is going to continue until they have enough power to imprison him even if it is based on false charges.  They want a dictatorship.


Hollywood openly talked about raping Trump’s wife and daughters, raping his young underage son, no less, about murdering all of them…this amazes me for virtually none of these bloodthirsty rapists were arrested or punished…so far.  I want them all behind bars and not where liquor is dispensed.


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2 responses to “Hockey Hell: DC Capitols Team, Led By Russian, Wins Stanley Cup

  1. david e. white

    Elaine, you are always right and I love you!

  2. This was a small side story which I found irresistible. Then several hours later, we have to go back to the usual junk news!

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