Race Riot Wrecker Smollett Charges Dropped By Black Prosecutor And…EU Begins Destroying Internet

So, trying to frame ‘white Trump voters’ for a fake crime earns a black criminal zero punishment in Chicago, a city being ripped to shreds by black criminals running riot.  Yes, this is a very racist event.  Anyone can do anything to white males now.  It is open season.  Also, the same clowns celebrating breaking laws and being racist are howling about Trump being found totally not guilty of any crimes.  Wow.  Also, the EU just passed the draconian internet laws.  Already, people are arrested for posting stuff that irritates the Ruling Elites there who want to censor Tommy Robinson and the brave Yellow Vest protesters.  Europe is descending into Dark Ages again, led by communist East Germans like Merkel the Merciless.


This ‘actor’ has now announced that he never lied to the cops, he didn’t conspire to start a race war and he is very smug about all this and is now ‘innocent’ of all charges.  This is insane, it is horrible and will backfire in the long run.  Blacks are announcing that they have no need to follow any laws or to be honest or anything: crime is OK.


This is no surprise for me, they have been pushing this in all black-run cities which is why these places are crime hell holes and once they take over any city government, it becomes a slum, out of control crime, bad schools, collapsing businesses that are attacked nonstop by bold criminals or rioters.  This is the road to economic and social destruction.  And it is the heart of the Democratic Party.  This is their power base.


Here is the latest ‘black victim’ news story:  One white co-ed and the other student, who was from the Middle East, handed the victim a tampon with the phrase ‘n*****s don’t have rights’ written on it at the Upper East Side school, New York Daily News reported.


This is insane.  So far, nearly all such ‘black victim’ stories end up being blacks doing this to themselves in order to frame white students.  Eleanor Roosevelt High School is EXTREMELY liberal.  It is for rich liberal kiddies.  It is worse: this terrible tampon was given back to the white and Middle Eastern girls by the ‘victim’ so it doesn’t exist anymore as proof!  WTH?


The two girls are going to be punished now.  Eh?  Proof?  None.  There had to be a meeting of the entire school to talk about this.  MY own high school had THREE MURDERS by this guy called the Pied Piper of Tucson.  We didn’t have any mass meetings to discuss this. I did make up a song about our High School pep song, ‘Stand Up And Jeer At Palo Verde’ which had lyrics about ‘girls get to die today, hooray’ and the Principal told me to stop singing it at lunch time.  Rats.


Well…now, it is all about how white people are terrorizing black people even with the feeblest of tools while blacks get to engineer fake attacks and blame innocent white people and every time, without fail, no one is punished for this so they do it over and over and over and over again so I am assuming this is yet another case of fake fury.  NYC it insanely liberal and the private schools are triple double super duper liberal.  Yuck.  Now on to the death of Europe:

There never ever has been ‘free speech’ in Europe.  Now, there is no freedom online, already I have noticed how EU users are a vanishing population online now it will be totally dark there.  RT news will still carry real news there because they are broadcasting from Russia, not from the Soviet EU.  Yes, the EU is now the Soviet EU and I will refer to it as such from now on.  This event reminds me of this movie:


Here is Merkel and her gang talking about the New Europe or the Fourth Reich.  In Britain, a man was arrested in Birmingham for saying ‘Sieg Heil’ to cops who beat him up and he was punished by a judge for this crime.


Here is the video of the man who was arrested for talking about Nazis with Nazi British cops, go to the six minute mark to see this obvious police abuse of power:

The man wasn’t charged with anything except this: the words he said were deemed a crime and his punishment is far, far greater than Smollett.  It is illegal to say anything against a long list of ‘victims’ who are ‘weak’ and need the protection of the State.  The list of ‘protected people’ is extremely long including…MUSLIMS who mass murder EU citizens at will and are extremely violent and dangerous.  Even writing what I just wrote can get you arrested now in Europe!!!


This is insane.  And stupid.  And the EU population snoozed while this crept up on them on padded feet.  You cannot talk about Islam in Europe anymore, at all, in any way, shape or form without fear that the police will come and arrest you and your little pug dogs, too.


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16 responses to “Race Riot Wrecker Smollett Charges Dropped By Black Prosecutor And…EU Begins Destroying Internet

  1. AT

    SA Kim Foxx supposedly “recused” herself from the Smollet case. Then one of her assistant SA’s dropped the charges in exchange for the bond (a fine) and community service he supposedly performed before the alleged crimes even occurred.

    Problem here is giving the case to an underling is not how a SA recuses herself. A SA recuses itself by giving the case to the AG’s office.

  2. AT

    SA Foxx needs to be investigated.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Interesting name Smollett. It hails from Scotland. And yet Jussie’s father claimed to be of Eastern European Jewish origin. So where did he get the name? They have completely erased information on Smollett Sr’s family origins.

    Something spooky in Spookville.

    Probably trying to hide Peerage relations.

  4. AT

    I would look at the possible intersection between whoever put Smollet up to it and a friend who might be a major contributor/blackmailer of Foxx. . .

  5. AT

    Magats: “Here’s the thing — we work to prioritize violent crime and the drivers of violent crime. Public safety is our number one priority. I don’t see Jussie Smollett as a threat to public safety.”

    A conspiracy to get an actor to stage a violent crime to start a race war isn’t a threat to public safety?

  6. Zeke

    Who knew. Jussie Smolett and Trump have something in common.
    “Officials in Chicago have dropped the charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of staging a racist and homophobic attack against himself.”
    “Less than two weeks after “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett pleaded not guilty to 16 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly lying to police about a hate crime, prosecutors have dropped charges in the case.”

    Case closed + records sealed.
    Strange bedfellows. Does anybody think that “exonerates” either of them?

  7. Lou

    Is the judge or DA Black?

  8. Petruchio

    Chicago has ALWAYS been one of the most corrupt or even THE most politically corrupt city in the Country. What’s interesting is how easily Blacks are being manipulated just by tapping in to their hatred of Whitey. Blame Whitey for all the problems Blacks have; God forbid Blacks should be expected to do ANYTHING to help themselves! It’s Whitey’s fault that 90% of Black babies are born to Single Mommies. Same with Black Education failures. Does it ever dawn on Blacks that the route to improving themselves is within instead of lashing out at Whitey. I doubt if Blacks will wake up to Reality.

  9. shawntoh


    I have this to say–

    There are many bad things about Chicago and having visited there in the past about the only one of good things probably left in the Chicago area is the Art Institute of Chicago and a few other museums– now is that still there? Does anybody know? [sarcastic tone] Anyway–

    Otherwise, the last time I was there, it was good place for visiting relatives and I was visiting relatives there at the time, and they were in a suburb of Chicago and the South Side [of Chicago] is still probably very and in it’s own sweet way– pretty evil– though, like it’s older “sister”, N. O. or New Orleans, Chicago is an important and historic place for the development of that AA art form, “the urban blues”– and especially for that favorite– Electric blues and–that most favorite of all: JAZZ!

    But Elaine’s former adopted home of NYC birthed Bebop and that can’t be beat! You can go audition for [Charlie] Parker’s band if you don’t believe me. But I digress and even tangent–

    Then there’s the real strange stuff from Chicago–


    You have been warned.


  10. The last time I was in Chicago was for the infamous trials of the leftist terrorists there and the Black Panthers. I was escorting one of their witnesses and was protecting her.

    She wasn’t called to the stand, after all, so we hitchhiked with a trucker back to Oakland, California. It was quite a weird time. In Nevada, in the middle of the night, we stopped at Rosie’s and I went inside to get something to eat and drink and discovered it was a whore house. Yoiks.

    HAHAHA. ‘We don’t serve girls here,’ said the Matron. “Why???’ I demanded and then suddenly it dawned on me that it was a whorehouse, everyone laughed including me though I also blushed, sort of.

  11. Lou

    such a colorful life.

  12. Lou

    Black Privilege-

    All Charges Dropped Against ‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollet.
    Is anyone surprised..In a city thats over 30% black. A hoax that nearly caused a race war and yet no one is held accountable.

  13. Petruchio

    Well….Chicago is still a really good Food town. Deep Dish Pizza. A lot of great steak houses. And: The Aquarium–right near Soldier Field where the Bears play. But Chicago is now a 3rd World style City and it’s only gonna get worse. And when the whole state of Illinois goes bankrupt–and they can no longer hide it or cover it up, the Political Wh#res of Chicago will go to Washington D.C. and expect a big, fat, juicy BAILOUT, courtesy of Uncle Sugar.

  14. Go out, eat a fine dinner, get mugged. Die in the street. Yup, a fun night out for the family.

  15. Moe


    You might need to check out the link immediately above. Might impact your PG13 rating.

  16. It was trash so I removed it. Thanks.

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