Pope Francis Demands ‘No More Walls’ While Living In Personal Vatican Fortress

It always amazes me how nakedly Popes talk about humility, open borders, civil rights, the evils of money, etc. while living in a walled compound in Rome that is patrolled by a private army and is totally outside the Rule of Law and is run by men living in palaces, literal palaces.  And this present Pope lectures us about global warming while consuming vast amounts of CO2 producing energy systems, etc.  This is the Capital of Hypocrisy.


The main feature of all churches is how often they don’t practice what they preach.  This annoying problem of worshipping the human, Jesus, who preached basic communism, while collecting wealth and living in palaces, bemuses me but then, the communists always do this, too: live in palaces while exploiting or murdering or stealing everything from everyone else.


So I have to figure by now, after thousands of years of this bad habit of humans that humans are hardwired to do this.  That is, preach sharing and love while practicing looting and killing.  Well, yesterday the present Pope decided, yet again, to leave his fortress, embrace some men who invaded Italy and tell Italians, keep the door open to all invaders in the name of Jesus even if these people are yelling ‘Allah Akbar.’


Radical Leftist Pope Francis Tells Rome Mayor, He Must Let In All Foreign Invaders.


“Rome, over its nearly 2,800 years of history, has been able to welcome and integrate different populations and people from all over the world, belonging to the most varied social and economic categories,” the pope told Mayor Virginia Raggi in his prepared address, “without canceling their legitimate differences, without humiliating or crushing their respective peculiar characteristics and identity.”


Below is a photo of the Vatican complex showing how ‘open’ it is:

This opening statement is utter insanity and utterly at odds with 3,000 years of history.  Rome has been repeatedly attacked and burned and looted even as Romans roamed Europe and Northern Africa and the Middle East, looting and burning, etc.


Barbarians have entered Rome repeatedly and…looted and burned.  This is so common, it seems ironclad: let barbarians enter and eventually, they will loot and burn the place!  Duh.


In order to live up to its history, Francis said, Rome must be “a beacon of civilization and a teacher of welcome,” holding onto the wisdom “that is manifested in the ability to integrate and to make everyone feel a full participant in a common destiny.”


After one major looting/burning session, 90% of the Roman population of the Empire years were annihilated.  Rome lay in ruins…for centuries.  The only parts still barely functional were the grounds of the Vatican.  Even then, during the Middle Ages, there were duelling Popes who lived in and outside Rome.  It was not a safe haven at all, it was a destroyed city.

Here are the Vatican tennis courts.  Note all the poor people, the aliens from Africa and the Middle East, camped out there…oh…nope, not one alien invader is allowed to sleep over in the Vatican’s power base/fortress.


“Can we not realize that this is exactly what Jesus demands of us, when he tells us that in welcoming the stranger we welcome him?” he asked.


HAHAHA.  The Romans burned and looted Jerusalem after the Jewish uprising there.  The survivors of this Roman activity were scattered to the four corners of Eurasia or were enslaved or fed to lions.  Eventually, the Christian converts ended up winning the hearts and minds of imperial Romans mainly via convincing barbarians to join the Church.


“Rome, city of bridges, never walls!” he said, a curious statement from the leader of the world’s only walled-in country.


This is pure insanity.  The Pope should be examined, this is seriously deranged.  But then, most of our ‘leaders’ in the so-called ‘free world’ are also despots who are utterly unhinged.


“Do not fear goodness and charity!” the pope pressed on. “They are creative and generate a peaceful society, able to multiply forces, to tackle problems with seriousness and with less anxiety, with greater dignity and respect for each one and to open up new opportunities for development.”


These invaders are neither good nor charitable, they desire to gain wealth and power via invading and then looting, raping and burning because it is fun, it is profitable and very satisfying.

Thanks to this crazy pontiff, Parishioners In US Flee Pope Francis’ Church:


“From 2014 to 2017, an average of 39% of Catholics reported attending church in the past seven days. This is down from an average of 45% from 2005 to 2008 and represents a steep decline from 75% in 1955,” the poll found.  Francis became Pope in 2013.


The downhill shift in Mass attendance has picked back up under Francis with the biggest drop since the 1970s.


So much for the ‘popular Pope’.  South America, where he came from, isn’t being invaded due to lack of easy loot.  The EU has tons of loot, lots of women and children to rape, is nearly totally disarmed so it is easy to invade and is suicidal so…this invasion has also hit the US where people are armed and increasingly pissed off about all this and this is causing huge blowback for obvious reasons.


And for some crazy news: ‘comics’ on TV go nuts and act like little poo-poo flinging monkey boys:




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8 responses to “Pope Francis Demands ‘No More Walls’ While Living In Personal Vatican Fortress

  1. AT

    These immigrants don’t fight you for their home nation’s oil once they are living in the your country taking free classes. I guess that’s the rub.

  2. Ken

    I thought that I was the only one who noticed that Jesus was preaching communism, long before it had a name.

    It appears that throughout history Jewish philosophers as a group were preaching communism and socialism. Which is strange, since on an individual basis Jews do not seem to practice this philosophy. They just convince others to adopt it. Then, when results are disastrous, they claim that it wasn’t implemented properly “that time.”

  3. John sherrard

    Now you can comment on new media sites and there is nothing they can do about it with dissenter


  4. AT

    Dissenter could have been a big player. There are so many articles and sites without any comment sections at all. Even those that do are stiflingly censored. And, a real public hunger for meaningful comment and discourse. All these guys had to do was play a fair but left leaning game by censoring fighting words, threats, profanity and hate speech and they could have reached a critical mass of wild popularity, filling the vacuum in internet MSM discourse.

    By playing right wing, they have given pretext to be stomped on by finance and internet folks without much of the public caring or even knowing. Controlled opposition couldn’t have screwed it up worse.

  5. Um, the mainstream media does NOT want to hear from us at all, ever, forever. They hate and fear us. They really really want us physically dead.

    End of story. I simply talk about them all and laugh at them. They are utterly evil.

  6. Petruchio

    Pope Francis. Isn’t he the guy that sits upon a Golden Throne and tell everybody how we have to do something about World Hunger and Poverty?

  7. Yes, the Antichrist. All Popes are this by definition.

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