Fox News Flies Off Cliff, Will Die After Kicking Judge Jeanine Pirro Off Show

I am watching with interest as Fox TV executives chop their own hands off.  They have a woman in charge of the news there now and she decided to punish Judge Jeanine by issuing a reprimand for Jeanine’s editorial about the young Muslim DNC lady in Congress who hates Jews and talks, inside her community, about making Islam at home in the US.


“We strongly condemn Judge Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar. They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”


Something very odd is going on here: the major entertainment systems and ‘news’ is very much an entertainment system not a means of dispensing important information…Fox is no longer ‘conservative’ it is run now by the younger gang who deposed daddy and is now very much aping CNN for some insane reason.


They had a great market niche and are dumping it because the family who owns that dying news service live in NYC and California, the two hellholes of the USA.  Fox news, if it apes the Bilderberg gang junk, will die rapidly.  The youngsters running the joint haven’t the faintest idea what this entails: bankruptcy.


All the great entertainment systems are rapidly being destroyed by SJW politics.  Films, comics, sports, TV shows, comedy, music, on and on the list grows.  The more they court the left, the more people leave and the less money they make and this is a downward spiral.  I am amazed at how relentless this process is…it isn’t working so hot, is it?  I see one bankruptcy looming after another yet they persist.


This is an ideological battle to the bitter end.  And the left is winning nothing for whatever they control will be doomed.  All people have to do is migrate to new platforms and fun stuff.  Hello!  We have the ability to go elsewhere.


Judge Jeanine Pirro formerly of Fox TV has won a lawsuit against her that a black radical tried to sue her and now has egg on his face.


Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson is coming up short in his legal battle against Jeanine Pirro — his defamation lawsuit has been tossed out of court.


The judge dismissed the case, according to docs filed Thursday in NY state, saying most of the statements Pirro made about Mckesson during a “FOX & Friends” appearance were her opinion … and therefore protected by the First Amendment.


Meanwhile, there is a full revolt of fans of Fox News who are outraged that Fox has kicked her out. I have gone to her home pages online and there are zero postings since her battle with her bosses began two weeks ago. There have been rumors that she isn’t fired but I think she was and her silence is due for legal reasons: she will be suing them for breach of contract and probably other issues like character defamation.



And in the news, the law enforcers, the ones who are still there, are threatening chaos for Chicago as police stand down in protest.

It now appears that the prosecutor who is a good friend of Smollett, did NOT recuse herself, after all. She LIED.


However, Foxx’s office later admitted that no such recusal took place, saying Foxx “did not formally recuse herself or the [State’s Attorney] Office based on any actual conflict of interest. As a result, she did not have to seek the appointment of a special prosecutor.”


The office added that “it was a colloquial use of the term rather than in its legal sense.”


Foxx announced that her office dropped all 16 felony counts against Smollett and sealed the evidence against him from public view.


I see her now spending time in prison.  Good gods, this is utterly funny how these politicians think they can do and say as they please!  Just like Hillary and Obama: words are meaningless.  Wishes are all that matters.  Now on to the dying NY Times.  All chatter which was daily for two years about Russia and Trump are totally gone now.  Instead, they are now fretting about this:

Click on the picture above to see the story, I guess.  Since the NYT has deleted similar links to their wretched rag from my little blog in the past with no warning, I present this as a photo:

HAHAHA.  Good gods.  So, future Presidents, if they do nothing just like Trump, won’t be impeached by sore losers in elections?  I HOPE SO.  Of course, the criminals who run that rag of a paper think it is OK to persecute people with zero evidence just like Judge Kavanaugh.  The NYT has a long, long record of lying about things and getting many, many, many humans literally killed in many brutal ways: they are war criminals and I want them all arrested.


Below is a funky NYT article that thinks it is very clever by having the vodka salute to Trump as a sly way of defaming him yet again:

It was a ‘witch hunt’ and it was shut down, finally.  And the second act of this play now moves towards how to punish the evil people who pulled off this coup attempt but were thwarted by the voters and honest officials.  Interestingly, a version of this article appears in print on , on Page A15 of the New York edition with the headline: Conservative Delight on ‘No Collusion Day,’ but Feelings Remain Raw.


No mention of ‘vodka’ in the online title of that story above!  Obviously, some editor changed the title for political reasons.  The NYT has to lie every day and so that is today’s lie.  It is a quota they must fill!  HAHAHA.  Below are some comments by the deranged gaggle of readers of this tripe at this silly newspaper:


They are delusional.  Utterly with no brains left but then, the NY Times comments are from people who read that rag!  No wonder they are deranged.  I would be insane, too, if I read it every day.  Now on to even sillier stuff: stupid comedians who aren’t funny, at all:


The ‘put kids in cages’ junk was OBAMA who did that to illegal aliens, not Trump.  So this lunatic should take a lot of stuff off his ‘little list’.  The list itself, is insane.  Removing one insane item doesn’t change the utter rot of the entire list.  Note how unfunny all this is.  Blah.


Now onto another story: liberal females roaming the planet utterly unaware of reality nor capable of protecting themselves (none of these believe in being armed):



Macron is now ‘patrolling the English Channel’ to stop illegal aliens from invading.  HAHAHA.  I am seriously trying not to die laughing.  He could use all those troops in Paris to protect the borders but he is like our own rulers, too stupid to do this.


The new measures are part of a broader Franco-British action plan announced in January to “save more lives than to fight against illegal immigration,” after a steady increase of illegal migrants and human traffickers began attempting to cross the Channel from France to Britain in the fall of 2018.


OH…he is only doing this to SAVE illegal aliens?  HAHAHAHAHA….YIKES…GASP…I am dying, someone save me.

Sweden EU voters now claim they did NOT vote to make the internet impossible for EU citizens to use.  More gallows humor.  After voting to destroy democracy, enslave the people of Europe and spread the New Dark Ages, the voters from Sweden who voted for this crud now claim they goofed.  This means they are incompetent as well as stupid, not traitors.  I hope they hang.


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8 responses to “Fox News Flies Off Cliff, Will Die After Kicking Judge Jeanine Pirro Off Show

  1. KHS71

    Wow, she speaks the truth and she gets punished. I don’t watch this stuff any more because it is all entertainment. Even the weather is trash.

  2. Pete

    The EU = Fourth Reich

    The EU Parliament in Brussels does
    NOT vote to form the EU Government!
    Fake Parliament

    German leaders select EU government
    Controls the the European Central Bank
    Nordstream 2 makes Germany
    Nat Gas hub of Europe

    Merkel wants the European Defense Force
    New German Army

    Then the EU flips to alliance with
    Russia and China
    One belt One road

  3. Pete

    Nigel nails it 2014

  4. Yes, that speech is famous and…Nigel didn’t leave, he remained there to this day. This torments the EU leftists no end.

  5. Fred Mrozek

    Omar doesn’t hate Jews. Its Israel that hates every country or people that will not kiss their pretentious, supremacist, exclusivist asses. Zionists are basically Jewish Nazis, and the main difference between Palestinians and Americans is the Palestinians know what is being done to them and by whom.

    On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 6:01 PM Culture of Life News wrote:

    > emsnews posted: “ > I am watching with interest as Fox TV executives chop their own hands off. > They have a woman in charge of the news there now and she decided to punish > Judge Jeanine by issuing a reprimand for J” >

  6. Tom W Harris

    Ain’t no such thing as a Palestinian, and everybody knows it.

  7. Lou

    All lands are made up, not just Palestine.
    USA was made up.

  8. For the last…um…10,000+ years, many religions and cultures and tribes and empires have fought over that narrow connection between Asia and Africa. And battles will rage there for the next 10,000 years for the exact same reasons.

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