NYT Krugman Supports AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Because He Wants Us To Die Of Starvation/Cold


The NY Times took a poll of all the SJW gang and discovered they really do want to commit mass suicide with communist policies.

Paul Krugman of the odious rag, the NYT did this silly, childish story about a poll that shows people supporting or being OK with general ideas like planting more trees.  Who is against that???  Beavers want this, deer want this, everyone wants this!  How about ‘sustainable agriculture’?  Who wants no agriculture?  Mass transit money: duh.  Now, the one issue that shows disagreement is ‘power plant closing’.  I would suggest a NYT poll about ‘freeze to death in winter to keep the planet cold’ for example as a question.  Or ‘starve to death by stopping pesticides.’


This sort of fake poll is typical of the Bilderberg’s staff.  They know that results is what matters so they have to design things like polls so they give false values.  A realistic poll would present the two sides of an argument and then ask people which side is their choice.  ‘Sustainable agriculture’ is an obvious example since the antipode of that is ‘UNsustainable agriculture.’  The poll knows very well what they really mean and conspire to conceal it so they get the proper response.


‘Renewable energy’ is similar: what does that mean?  Nuclear energy is ‘renewable.’  So is hydropower.  A good question would be, ‘would you be willing to pay much more for energy in order to eliminate gas, coal and oil energy?’  And, ‘if yes, how much more are you willing to pay?’


The Democrats in the Senate just voted 100% against all of this ‘green’ stuff.  So, is the entire DNC against all these good things?  HAHAHA.  The NY Times editors and staff didn’t think this through very well, did they?  I would suggest they tell their readers to NOT vote for any DNC clown now that they show they want to destroy the planet and roast us to death, according to NYT dogma.  Woof, woof!


Civis Analytics modeled two-way (that is, they excluded “don’t knows”) support in states and found that vulnerable Republican senators have reason to fear Mr. McConnell’s antics: In Colorado, Cory Gardner’s state, 60 percent of likely voters supported the Green New Deal, and in North Carolina, Thom Tillis’s state, 56 percent did. In Maine, where Susan Collins is likely to face a tough re-election battle, 57 percent of likely voters supported the Green New Deal and in Iowa, a wind-heavy state where Democrats hope to pick up a Senate seat, 54 percent did.


This entire paragraph is a total lie.  60% of voters did not support this stupid Green deal.  I would venture to say that in the last 60 years, the voter base for the DNC has been people who want something from the State.  Welfare queens vote 100% DNC, for example.  Entire populations rely on welfare, housing and other state goodies while they pump out endless fatherless children who then cause huge social problems in schools, high crime rates in all DNC cities, etc.


They aren’t even slightly interested in ‘saving the planet’ and don’t give a hoot where all the free food and energy and housing comes from.  They just want it all, for free.


We also asked YouGov Blue to survey the Green New Deal. Our YouGov survey asked, “Would you support or oppose a Green New Deal to end fossil fuel use in the United States and have the government create clean energy jobs? The plan would be paid for by raising taxes, including a tax on carbon emissions.” With this framing, 43 percent of registered voters expressed support, with 38 percent opposed and the rest unsure.


These stupid polls are not scientific, they are biased, they use a biased system to select people to poll which is why this poll is identical to all the election polls which are nearly uniformly way off base.  We also have a problem with information: the NYT hides vital information for example, very rarely does news about states that have Green policies ever make the headlines at the NYT.


In Europe, there is this huge, open revolt coming mainly from the working class, fighting ‘green’ policies!  This is what the Yellow Vests are all about, for one example.  The number of NYT stories about the Yellow Vest movement are rare as diamonds in a garbage dump: a very scant few and these focus nearly totally on the violence and conceal why these marches are happening.


Green policies are increasingly unpopular in nations imposing these.  Australia and Canada are beginning to totally impose this on their people.  Both nations sell oil/gas/coal to say, CHINA while their own people are increasingly told to go pound sand, they get none.  Worse in Canada: those poor people, if they avoid jail for not using the correct pronouns, will freeze to death in the future thanks to liberal policies.  Meanwhile, China gets all the goodies.


New polling from 350 Action and Data for Progress conducted by YouGov Blue shows that rejecting fossil fuel money is popular (49 percent support their representatives refusing campaign contributions from fossil fuel PACs, with 19 percent opposed and the rest unsure). A “keep it in the ground” approach to energy policy that would phase out fossil fuel infrastructure in favor of renewable alternatives garnered even more support (56 percent in support, 26 percent opposed). “Climate policy might befuddle Democratic leadership, but the grass roots knows what’s up,” Julian Brave Noisecat, a policy analyst for 350 Action, told me.


HAHAHA.  So, the crazy liberals ‘polled’ people who said they don’t want fossil fuels!  This is hilarious.  What I want is, to force anyone who polls this way to live this way.  Namely, I would demand they cease now, using any fossil fuels including using plastic, for example.  They are to hand over their car keys, tear out their heating systems except if it is electrical and uses only solar panels and turns off at night or else.


This is good old ‘practice what you preach’ at work here.  This is much worse: the gang pushing all this especially the energy hogs at the NY Times, do not practice anything they preach.  They are energy gluttons from hell hoping to fool the lower level people into turning into freezing, starving slaves like in Mao’s China.


The core challenge the Green New Deal faces is not so much on the merits of the concept or even its political feasibility; it is that many of its Democratic supporters have met an aggressive and one-sided onslaught from the right with very little by way of response. According to data shared with The Times from Navigator, a progressive polling project, 37 percent of Republican viewers of Fox News had heard “a lot” about the Green New Deal, compared with 14 percent of all registered voters. Only 6 percent of non-Republican, non-Fox viewers had heard “a lot” about the Green New Deal, and 40 percent had heard nothing at all (compared with 14 percent of Republican viewers of Fox News).


This paragraph illustrates perfectly how insane, evil and stupid the NYT  is.  The REPUBLICANS broadcast this scheme to destroy us all.  The DNC ran away from it for obvious reasons.  The NYT ran away from it for obvious reasons.  The Republicans took great delight in explaining what the results of this deal would have, not the DNC.  They ran away from the debate entirely!


Now the NYT hopes to hammer the Republicans on this issue which is funny as hell since this is a mirror reverse of reality.  It is called ‘widdershins’ and it is a part of all black magic spells.  Krugman is a war criminal.  He pushes all sorts of blatant lies to kill enemies of Israel.  He hates America.  The entire staff of the NYT and the owners of the NYT including foreign powers that own significant parts of that hellish newspaper, they all hate us voters here in the US and hope to enslave or kill us.


So arrest them all!

And the NYT and the DNC has this cunning plan cause a civil war at home: Democrats in the Pennsylvania General Assembly are attacking a Christian GOP lawmaker who prayed to “Jesus” before the swearing-in of a fellow Muslim State Rep. as “blatantly Islamophobic.”


Republican State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz  praised Jesus about a dozen time during her prayer and thanked God that President Trump “stands besides Israel.” — this triggered the Muslim lawmaker and other Democrats in attendance.


No one is allowed to openly practice any religion in any Muslim-ruled country except a very few and these are all targeted for being eliminated like say, Syria or Libya or Iraq.

And Senator Paul, after screwing up on the border issue, did continue to push for democracy in other areas.  Some is better than none but I would like to see more consistency here.  Or rather, sanity.


And…Fox TV is allowing Judge Pirro to reappear tomorrow.  The business has been hammered hard by Pirro supporters ever since censoring her for telling the truth about Muslim intentions (total control of everyone once they have the power).  We shall see if she is muzzled now.  I doubt it since everyone knows why she was censored.  Or maybe the Fox Murdoch boys who run the shows now will destroy their own business like so many others who decided to ‘go woke, go broke.’



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11 responses to “NYT Krugman Supports AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Because He Wants Us To Die Of Starvation/Cold

  1. Ziff

    Muzzie woman has a point, sudden bible thumping there is being used as a provocation ,but the probelm is a visual one , by wearing the hijab she is mixing politics and religion 24/7

  2. AT

    Green New Deal: How to convince the people that they voted for their shortages rather than telling them you wasted all the oil at the fastest possible rate and hid how much was really left.

  3. Petruchio

    Elaine: do propaganda rags like WaPo and the NYT have ANY credibility left? I mean, who takes them seriously? In my opinion, these guys look like complete idiots for printing polls that show absolutely NOTHING. It’s like going to an NRA convention and “polling” them on their opinion about Gun Control AND acting surprised that this “poll” shows strong opposition to Gun Control measures by a huge margin. Or doing an abortion “poll” at a “Pro Choice” rally. Polls are just the smokescreen Propaganda rags like the NYT uses to promote their agenda without needing proof. No REAL journalist would do that.

  4. Lou

    Krug has a noble prize.

  5. They would have given this to Mad Madame Mao for her population control efforts, too.

  6. Pete

    Nobel in Economics LOL

    P. Krugman 1998, “The growth of the Internet will slow drastically, as the flaw in ‘Metcalfe’s law’ becomes apparent: most people have nothing to say to each other! By 2005, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s”
    Muslim leader in NZ says he thinks
    the attack on the mosque was
    done by mossad:

  7. John sherrard

    Never believe polls with leading questions

  8. Lou

    5–MM is not tribe. NYT was Tribe, now more ‘Latino?’

  9. Underlings at the NYT are of other ethnic groups. The owners/editors/big shots are nearly all Jewish.

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