EU Funds Al Qaeda…Again…Joe Biden The Sex Fiend Frets…Again

Islam gang stole 8 billion pounds from British to fund Al Qaeda.

This breaking news story in Europe is no surprise.  The US and NATO created bin Laden so he could fight the evil Russians.  Remember when Russia invaded Afghanistan?  I am elderly and remember well.  Also, sex serial molester, Joe Biden, is being accused of this finally by DNC people so it is now news, years after many of us have pointed this out already.  Also, naked women in Parliament protesting warm weather, they want Arctic cold again.  Wow.


A vast network of British Asian gang members linked to Abu Hamza and the 7/7 bombers infiltrated government agencies, defrauded taxpayers of billions of pounds, and funnelled tens of millions to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda over 20 years, an investigation claims to have found.


DUH.  Al Qaeda was a Saudi/CIA operation from Day One decades ago!  And all our allies from top to bottom, suck up US taxpayer dollars all the time this includes all of Europe.


The report suggests that, through a complex series of tactics, including exploitation of illegal immigration, benefits fraud, VAT fraud, and mortgage fraud, the gang managed to steal an astonishing £8 billion.


Duh.  This happens all the time thanks to our corrupt governments.  Trump tries to fix this and the fake liberals lose their minds which means, they want to see the US looted, too.  And England, for that matter.  They want a flood of aliens to take over and reproduce the Fall of the Roman Empire which happened EXACTLY this way.


Two pictures are worth 2,000 words: Biden victim now claims he was just holding her up when he molested her in front of cameras.  This stupid woman want to pretend it was OK to molest her.  She also is assuming when Biden did this to many children, it is also OK.  All DNC females have been screeching about MeToo sex attacks and then fall silent when their own buddies are the rapists.


Stephanie Carter said the 76-year-old Democrat was merely ‘offering his support’ when he put both his hands on her shoulders and appeared to whisper closely into her ear.


HAHAHA.  Lest this silly goose of a girl were to faint, he was there to catch her!  All the helpless ninnies in the DNC are about to faint due to corsets being too tight.


A picture of the awkward moment during her husband’s swearing in ceremony as defense secretary in 2015 was posted on social media and has added to accusations of inappropriate behavior towards women by the vice president.


Nothing is more pleasant than to molest a wife in front of her silly husband who wants to please his Boss man.

I bet this young underage girl was about to faint but thanks to Biden, he caught her and his nose in her ear was accidental.  Yup.  This is the ‘MeToo’ gang at work.  It now means, ‘Molest MeToo.’

CNN Female freaks claim it is OK for Biden to molest little girls because Kavanaugh, who did nothing to anyone, is worse:


Navarro cautioned against discussing what Flores has accused Biden of doing in the “same breath” as Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Brett Kavanaugh and Bill Clinton because the potential 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful is a “decent human being” who has done a lot for women.


Yes, he molested far more females young and old than Trump, Weinstein and of course, Kavanaugh who molested no one…but he didn’t beat his boss, Clinton.


“I really don’t like this entire discussion surrounding Joe Biden, and I’ll tell you why,” Navarro stated. “I think that when we make such hay about things that were not intentionally perverse. This was not sexual harassment — Lucy Flores says so herself. She said he violated her personal space, that’s how she felt.”


I hear the women’s movement dying.  It is dying rapidly.  It is self destructing.  It is silly, insane and insipidly stupid.


She continued, “But when we somehow … talk about this in the same breath that we talk about Donald Trump or that we talk about Harvey Weinstein or that we talk about Brett Kavanaugh or even Bill Clinton, what happens is that I think we are cheapening the #MeToo movement. We are doing harm to the #MeToo movement. We are questioning people who are decent people.”


Definition of ‘decent’: a political buddy.  I want this evil woman punished.  SHE is a rapist.  Why isn’t this horrible female in prison???  Speaking of devils, the child sex rapist actress, Asia Argento, is whining about her victim, claiming he is lying.  ‘His rape allegations ruined my year!’ she howled in tears.

Semi-naked climate change protesters interrupted a Commons debate on Brexit tonight as they stripped off in the public gallery. I keep saying, we should force all global warmists to remove all heating systems from their homes and to never ever use any fossil fuels to travel.


These radical leftist females love to run riot, naked.  I want to force them to do this in winter from now on, in the snow, in Canada or Russia.  Now on to the scandal of the NAACP giving an award to a criminal who tried to start a race riot based on false information:

My old enemy, Al Sharpton, is trying to start a riot in Chicago on behalf of this jerk.  How not unusual.  Al is a total creep, he tried to get me killed in Brooklyn, dozens of years ago.  He is now on MSNBC which is an evil operation, too.  Yuck.


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8 responses to “EU Funds Al Qaeda…Again…Joe Biden The Sex Fiend Frets…Again

  1. Tacitus

    Apparently Biden was asked not to run by the higher-ups but decided to anyway. Now his chances are zero. Of course he’s a creep – but why is MSM just noticing this now??

  2. Zeke

    Photo arrays of JB on Internet are cringeworthy and creepy.
    Surprised some of his victims didn’t give him a sharp elbow to the ribs.
    Maybe he’s on autism scale and doesn’t pick up on social cues?
    Then again, Bullies are very selective in their targets.
    Can’t imagine Anne Coulter or Sarah Palin putting up with that.
    And this is in plain sight. Get a room, Joe.
    Has anyone done a ‘wellness check’ on his office staff workers?
    (Have people forgotten about the Stratofortress plane loads of pallets of shrink wrapped hundred dollar bills delivered to militants fighting against Western forces in Middle East during W’s administration? $12B sent?
    “The US flew nearly $12bn in shrink-wrapped $100 bills into Iraq, then distributed the cash with no proper control over who was receiving it and how it was being spent.
    The staggering scale of the biggest transfer of cash in the history of the Federal Reserve has been graphically laid bare by a US congressional committee.” Where is that part of the New York “Federal Reserve Bank” mandate? And
    Estimated at over $1B gone missing. Where’d all that cash money go?)
    The above are observations, comments, opinions – based on general but no insider knowledge.

  3. honeybagder don't care

    Based on what’s already been established about Trump’s history, on top of that knowing that Trump at least knew Jeffrey Epstein, frankly I’m highly suspicious that Trump may actually be another serious criminal predator that should be behind bars rather than in the White House.

  4. shawntoh

    This is directed @ #3 – honeybagder don’t care

    So what?

    So what if he knew Jeffrey Epstein? Are you going to convict Trump using guilt by association? Further…

    Who cares if you’re suspicious?

    Do YOU have CONCRETE evidence of criminal actions by a said party? Do you understand what due process is, exactly, and how it works?

    Please let me explain, if you will, thank you, it’s like this–

    It means that YOU are presumed INNOCENT until PROVED guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty of a crime.

    Otherwise, it’s just a “fishing expedition” at best and a witch-hunt at WORST!

    What are you honeybagder’?

    Are you Joe McCarthy’s ghost in drag or something? That’s what you sound like to me– and thankfully you probably won’t get far to do much damage, I hope, other than to float off to the nearest drag show, maaaaaaaan. Dig that.


  5. It is the DEMOCRATS who are howling about evil sex! At the same time screaming that running naked and doing sex in front of children is perfectly OK.


  6. honeybagder don't care


    Thanks for the update. The due process standard for conviction used to be “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    In fact, I thought criminal due process went something like this: reasonable suspicion based on specific and articulable facts; investigation; probable cause; arrest; trial; conviction. Formal hearings are triggered after the arrest phase, that is when evidence is presented.

    I am on the “suspicion” phase. My specific and articulable facts are as follows: Multiple allegations of prior sexual misconduct; statements by Trump, including more than one bragging about what he can get away with; and this one in reference to Epstein:

    I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it–Jeffrey enjoys his social life.

    and a lawsuit alleging that Trump raped one of Epstein’s underage victims. The lawsuit was withdrawn, allegedly because of threats. Trump denied the allegations.

    “Specific and articulable facts” giving rise to reasonable suspicion are not required to meet the same standard as evidence at trial. For example, there was never any “concrete evidence” against Michael Jackson, that’s why he died a free man.

  7. Zeke

    @#6: Well put.

  8. Petruchio

    #1. It’s really too bad we don’t have the video of Pedo Joe Biden grabbing Stepahnie Carter’s ass. It would be hilarious listening to Stephanie trying to say that it was no big deal. “It wasn’t what it looked like” Steph would tell everybody. Sure Steph. Everybody puts a Kung Fu grip on Women’s asses.
    #2: I see Alyssa Milano, the Point Witch for the #MeToo movement just can’t bring herself to criticize Pedo Joe Biden’s behavior. Says all you need to know about that White Male hating movement.

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