Kulturkampf Continues: Democrats Declare War Against Patriotism, Sanity

Starbucks fires transgender employee because ‘she’ attacked an elderly customer for wearing a Trump hat.


This happened, of course, in a state and city run entirely by Democrats.  They are definitely on a warpath to literally fight anyone who doesn’t adhere to the DNC programs.  All over the news are stories still about how evil Trump is, how even looking funny at people is rape while at the same time, excusing obvious pedophilia males who are ‘liberals’.  The leftist utter double standard is at work here, nonstop.  The Kulturkampf continues unabated.


This employee went online to try to rouse a mob of insane haters to doxx and abuse this customer after he fled the ‘business’.  I hope he sues them all.  Meanwhile, Starbucks fired the ‘females’.  Will Starbucks give anyone wearing a MAGA hat a free coffee now?


After all, they did this for any random black male after kicking out two black males last year.  Of course not.  Apologizing to 50% of the nation won’t happen, just like Hollywood is adamant they will from now on, attack ‘white males’ nonstop while promoting everyone else especially super strong fake females…this lunacy is now at warp speed, captain Kirk.


Dying Chicago just elected a new mayor whose platform is to elevate the ghetto poor while no longer protecting the last enclaves of middle to upper class voters: Lightfoot promised to rid City Hall of corruption and help low-income and working-class people


who she said had been “left behind and ignored” by Chicago’s political ruling class. It was a message that resonated with voters weary of political scandal and insider deals, and who said the city’s leaders for too long have invested in downtown at the expense of neighborhoods.


So, money will be spent in the ‘hoods.  And there, it will vanish.  Over and over again, the Democrats try the same stupid solutions that don’t work and never will work.  Proof is obvious: every city, without exception, run by DNC ‘fix the ‘hoods’ hoodlums always end up moving towards bankruptcy and with high crime rates.


House Democrats double down on the communist ideology as they demand ‘oversight’ of Fox news:


House Committee on Oversight and Reform chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wrote to former Fox News reporter Diana Falzone last month demanding that she turn over any documents relating to Trump’s alleged extramarital affairs.


Right now, today, the entire Bilderberg media/political machine is howling like crazy that it is OK to molest little girls.  I know for a fact, they support raping little girls, the DNC mayor of my birthplace raped me when I was five years old.


An article in the New Yorker last month alleged that Fox News executive Ken LaCorte spiked the story to protect Trump — a claim LaCorte has vehemently denied, saying the story lacked corroborating evidence and that the network was merely practicing responsible journalism, as were other outlets who declined the story.


The Stormy Daniels story was a very stupid story and it turned out to be fake, too.  Yes, they had consensual sex.  But there is nothing illegal about this.  She is a prostitute, after all.  The history of US politicians hiring prostitutes is around 200 years and going strong, still.


The DNC is perfectly OK with Kennedy drowning a non-prostitute who was riding in a car with him, for example.  Running away to leave his female passenger to drown is totally OK with the DNC clowns.


All sex scandals are OK, just ask the Clintons!  Blaming the victims is utterly OK, ask any man, woman or child molested by this gang of sex abusers, the DNC gang closes ranks with their media buddies to either defame the victims or bury the stories or openly lie like they are doing today, focusing only on adult women molested by Biden, never making a peep about the army of little girls he whispered words about ‘when will you get married’ in their tiny ears.


Also of interest here is of course, the Democrats who sat on the ‘Kavanaugh wild teen sex’ story until the very last minute in order to run out the clock in the hearings about that particular Supreme Court judge.  That is totally OK with these sex fiends.


LaCorte writes (original link):


Falzone’s lawyer announced that she would comply with the committee. I won’t.


If House Oversight can launch an investigation based on the ridiculous notion that publishing, or even more bizarrely not publishing, a story can be construed as an in-kind campaign contribution, then no journalist in America is safe from government intimidation. It’s a vast overreach of power, and I won’t have any part of it.

To be clear, I fully support Fox News lifting Falzone’s non-disclosure agreement so that she can make her case publicly, without leaks or lawyers. But neither editorial decisions nor joke writing should be a subject of government approval.


Using demands for sex story information and screaming about why didn’t Fox publish a sex story is interference with the free press, it is utterly hypocritical and the DNC should be ashamed of abusing Congressional powers to hound people about NOT publishing a sex story!!!  Utterly insane.


Two University of California Berkeley administrators claim Trump’s campus free speech is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!  This shows that the insanity of the left is deep and very deep in California.


In light of President Donald Trump’s executive order on free speech, Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of Berkeley Law, and Howard Gillman, Chancellor of the University of California, Irvine, penned an op-ed in which they state that the executive order does not help protect free speech on college campuses and that it is even “unconstitutional.”


I was at Berkeley way back during the Free Speech movement.  I was there in 1968, fresh from Europe, delivering a speech about what was going on in France and Germany and Czechoslovakia when a mob of screaming Maoists waving the Little Red Book invaded the podium to attack me, physically.


I announced that day, ‘the Free Speech Movement is now officially dead.’  And it was utterly and totally dead for I had to finally flee that lunatic asylum two years later after writing an editorial.


“[T]he order is so vague and ambiguous, it makes compliance by colleges and universities extremely difficult — and it is almost certainly unconstitutional,” Chemerinsky and Gillman wrote for the Los Angeles Times.


These two mental midgets complain that orders to allow free speech are ‘unconstitutional.’  Hello: it is there, in the Second Amendment which these same lunatics openly talk about eliminating so we can live under the same sort of toxic regimes like in the EU which has zero free speech rights.


“There is no crisis concerning free speech on campuses in the United States,” Chemerinsky and Gillman add. “Every day on virtually every campus, speeches are given without incident, including some by very controversial speakers. Walk across either of our campuses on just about any day of the week, and the cacophony of diverse speakers is readily apparent.”


This is pure insanity!  Yes, ‘speeches’ are given every day but if anyone gives the ‘wrong’ speech, they are physically assaulted, if they are students arguing with teachers, they are punished viciously.


Mason for Survivors, a student group at George Mason University, is planning to pressure the school to fire Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh from his new gig as a visiting law professor.

This is a typical example of what the DNC administrators of our universities (sic) are doing: censoring anyone who dares to dispute DNC policies and systems.  This is pure Maoism.  I keep saying, the DNC is being taken over by Maoists who are trained by Maoists who have infiltrated our ‘schools’ (sic) and indoctrinated there.  I have loudly complained about this since the day I was run out of Berkeley by them way back in 1970.


The University of California-Davis has rejected calls to fire a professor over statements in which he advocated for violence against police.  These insane Maoists want a revolt and then will impose draconian rules on all of us in order to remain in power.


UC-Davis English professor Joshua Clover made comments claiming, “People think that cops need to be reformed. They need to be killed,” “I am thankful that every living cop will one day be dead, some by their own hand, some by others, too many of old age # letsnotmakemore,” and “I mean, it’s easier to shoot cops when their backs are turned, no?”


This is OK with California SJW Maoists.  Of course, when in power, these monsters will use police and military to crush any opposition to Mad Madame Mao policies.  Speaking of Madness:


The Maoists who run You Tube including the head of You Tube who is a female and is aping Mad Madame Mao, has now censored Tommy Robinson supposedly because Mad Madame May of Britain wants to shut up the opponent to oppressing working class males in Britain:

Who is this ‘You Tube community’?  According to British news sources, it is Prime Minister May who is pissed off at Tommy supporters besieging her 10 Downing Street bolt hole.  The BBC refuses to report any news about the Yellow Vest uprising in next-door France, too.


And if people are ‘offended’ by something all they have to do is NOT LOOK AT IT.  Duh.  I am very offended by DNC junk all over You Tube.  But they have the right to post junk.  These monsters, on the other hand, hate anyone else who posts anything they object to and they intend to lock down the global internet to prevent any discussions about anything, any time.


Speaking of one of the Bilderberg devils here, the New York Times is attacking free speech nonstop now, of course.  They absolutely hate free speech.

And so we have another debate about male decency and respect, from the most disrespectful people on earth, the feminazis at the NY Times!


…trying to weigh creepiness against over-exuberant affection, handsiness against glad-handing, all the while remembering that this is Joe Biden we’re talking about, a retail-politics guy from another era, known for arm grabs and bear hugs (you’d see this all the time on the Senate floor — the shoulder squeezing, the close-talking).


Every excuse on earth is being used to dismiss concerns about this octopus man.  He has his hands all over everything including the bank accounts.


He is, by nature, a physically expressive fellow. Hugs are not unfamiliar to him, and he seems to sense when people are feeling fragile, as Stephanie Carter, the wife of Ash Carter, a defense secretary under Barack Obama, wrote in an essay for Medium, noting that the “creepy Uncle Joe” photo featuring her as the recipient of a shoulder rub was quite welcome, thank you very much.Because here’s the truth: Some of the women I know have #MeToo stories. But most of the women I know have stories about feeling dismissed, invisible, less-than.


When Bill Clinton wants blowjobs from young interns, this is due to him being a super friendly puppy.  The feminazi writing this sick editorial goes on to rage about how the real problem is, men continue to be annoying to SJW feminists who think they are scared little children and not screeching, pushy harridans.


What are they talking about? They’re talking about seeing their ideas gain traction in a meeting only after a man has said them. Or being told after they’ve asserted themselves in a meeting that they dominated it — or at the least talked too much.


The editorial goes on at great length about how men abuse women by being competitive or arguing with crazy leftist females at meetings.  The NYT also has an editorial from a neutered male whining about Biden’s sex abuse of children…oh, that is never mentioned.  In all the massive media howling about how it is OK to molest if you are Biden, none of these monsters mention children at all.


We are now witnessing a feeding frenzy over Joe Biden’s penchant for sometimes-unwelcome public displays of affection. Mr. Biden,


…who is famous for overly tactile friendliness, has been dealing with two women’s charges that he upset them by greeting them far too intimately. Pundits are now discussing whether these actions should end Mr. Biden’s (as yet unannounced) presidential candidacy and even declaring point blank that he is the wrong man to succeed President Trump.


No one mentions children.


Charges about inappropriate touching must be heard and evaluated. But the more difficult question for journalists is whether these charges should become grounds for feeding frenzies — all-consuming, multi-day stories that, by virtue of their blanket coverage, signal to audiences that they outweigh everything else about a candidate.


90% of the coverage outside of Fox News and alternative news online, excuses Biden for molesting children or hides this entirely while talking only about adult females who act like little babies, unable to tell him, ‘Stop it’ when he molested them.  Talk about weak females!!!


Meanwhile, Trump triumphantly goes from one speech to the next, tearing into the DNC and its programs:

Trump made it crystal clear, he is going to change the Obamacare laws and the GOP leaders are weak about this and the NYT reports that Trump is now ‘defeated’ but he made it clear, he isn’t at all, he is going to make speeches about this in public every week now until things change.


He isn’t giving up on the border wall, either.  The traitors in Congress are very enraged about this, they want America invaded by foreigners waving foreign flags and screaming about how much they hate us.  Arrest them all.


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13 responses to “Kulturkampf Continues: Democrats Declare War Against Patriotism, Sanity

  1. Moe

    Excerpt: “Dying Chicago just elected a new mayor…”

    Correction: Dying Chicago just elected a new gay, female mayor…

    I’m not of the camp that states homosexuality is OK. It’s normal in the sense that a small fraction of the population is predispositioned in this fashion but it is still a deviance from normal sexual preference.

    Only a failing society will elect people so disposed to positions of power.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The “Maoists” are a direct result of the Frankfurt School and their infiltration of the US school systems.

    See time mark 1:44:53

  3. Lou

    Black woman is n ow Chicagos mayor.

    100,000 jews at a funeral, in, where else? NYC.


  4. Petruchio

    This ‘Kulturkampf’ stuff is what happens when you let a bunch ultra spoiled rotten children who REFUSE to grow up run a Political Party. These adult age children have never had to accept the consequences for their actions–such as failing in school and actually have to EARN a College Degree. These smug, arrogant brats have neve had to pay for something out of their own pockets, with money they had to earn by being productive at a REAL job. These clowns running the DNC have so many fatal flaws it’s hard to count them all. That all said, I think their biggest flaw is that they have no clue that they are being used like cheap whores by the people and entities with the REAL power. The people that own and control the US Government.

  5. All the people in politics know where the power comes from. Look at how swiftly the Real Rulers hone in on and control that lunatic from the Bronx. She is being hammered right now for not obeying orders. She is naive but not for much longer as they yank her leash harder and harder.

  6. Melponeme_k

    AOC is proposing plans that are exactly what the elite want and will impose on us. However she is doing everything too early before we have been appropriately softened up to accept these plans. They aren’t angry at her proposals, they are angry because she is queering their pitch.

  7. fMoe

    @1 self

    Correction of correction (correction squared?):

    ‘Dying Chicago just elected a new black, gay, female mayor…’

    The elite are just dying for a race war.

  8. JimmyJ

    Biden, whether or not a high ranking Dem, fondling people and calling it old fashioned intimacy is more than creepy, it’s assault plain and simple, and possibly sexual assault in some circumstances particularly with minors. No one has named it what it is in deference to a “powerful” man or out of fear of reprisal.

    The fact most adult victims of his “intimacy” didn’t call him out on it immediately is people doubt themselves when someone they trust betrays them so profoundly. It’s rare to speak truth to power anyway, but especially in such circumstances. His behaviour, his public response to the complaints and the defenders of his behaviour demonstrate the total amorality of the left nowadays.

    To me it’s no better than sloughing off the quirky uncle who was fondling the niece’s bare legs on his lap, as friendly cuddling, when it’s obviously a ruse to cop a cheap feel without being too obvious.

  9. Petruchio

    @#8 Jimmy J: Former VP or not, I’m surprised Biden hasn’t gotten his face punched. Biden deserves it.

  10. fMoe

    ‘Kulturekamp’, i.e., factional cultural war. Great title and so apropos.

    Here’s a bit of trivial ‘cultural’ development, the ‘French Tuck’ popularized by Tan of the cast of The Queer Eye.. (The original meaning of French Tuck was the placement of the erect penis under one’s belt, but let’s not get peevish about that). But this new meaning refers to a fashion so superfluous to give new meaning to the term trivial. (In fairness, this applies to most fashion).

    Cortez was recently seen with the cast of Queer Eye in support of the Equality Act, which aims to ensure federal protections for LGBTQ people.

    In response Alyssa Limperis does this parody of Cortez.

  11. Moe

    Not really Kulturkampf but a reflection of the limitation of our worldview. The world is not like ours of the developed West, not even close. Envisage (if you even can) doing this for a livelihood.

  12. Lou

    6–Agenda 2030…it is being slowly implemented.

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