Fleeing Seattle Due To High Taxes And Other DNC Victories!

The liberal dog chasing its own tail: Amazon plans to relocate its entire Seattle-based worldwide operations team to Bellevue, Wash., by 2023, adding thousands of employees to its new campus just across Lake Washington, according to an internal email obtained by GeekWire. 


Trump makes fun of Joe Biden’s molesting himself.  This very funny video freaks out Biden supporters and the mainstream media monsters so they are now howling again, at Trump.  Much merriment for all of us, yes.  Also, is fleeing Seattle because…it if full of hipsters and drug addicts and is too expensive so they are going to a Republican enclave to spread the wealth.  Also, full employment means higher wages and Trump’s border attempts will fix other messes created by the DNC which has them stark raving mad since the economy continues to flourish despite all their attempts at crashing it into the cellar.


Amazon will start moving employees to Bellevue this month and will finish the migration by 2023. The company currently has 700 employees in Bellevue and more than 45,000 at its Seattle headquarters.


They are fleeing a city they destroyed.  Like Vandals or locust insect invasions, they strip everything down, loot the joint and then depart to fresh pastures, easy picking cities to destroy.  They devour cities.  Their beliefs and policies are engineered to utterly destroy any city they dominate.


It would take some time for Amazon’s Bellevue team to grow to a size that rivals Seattle, but moving the worldwide operations team is a big step in that direction. The migration adds weight to the theory that Amazon is shifting its focus to Bellevue and other cities across the country amid ongoing tensions between the tech giant and its longtime hometown.


The city is taxing them.  They hate paying taxes.  The super rich lecture us about financing governments and then refuse to fund governments, themselves.  They also deliberately let in millions of illegal aliens to keep us scared of criminals who attack us nonstop now and keep wages low.


That animosity came to a head last year, when Seattle officials passed a tax on big businesses, like Amazon, to fund affordable housing, a pressing issue in the region. The business community balked at the tax, leading the city to repeal it less than a month later. The fight over the so-called “head tax” became emblematic of Amazon’s strained relationship with Seattle.


These are fake liberals.  NIMBY liberals all run the show in our country and the planet earth. They want us all to do all sorts of stuff they refuse to do, themselves.  Like the global warming scam: we are to pay high taxes, high energy costs and have no cars, cold homes in winter and hot in summer while they live in palaces that are very comfortable and have multi forms of transportation of the most luxurious sort.


Here is one of many amusing comments to the above story:


Diogenes of Sinope Eddie Blake • 10 hours ago

I’m guessing all the folks who work for Amazon are less than happy with walking to work through needles/ feces, aggressive homeless vagrants, ridiculously expensive cost of lunch, and so forth.  The management of Amazon doesn’t like the insane taxes, the heavy handed bureaucracy micromanaging every business decision, and the third rate communist thugs who run Seattle.

So goodbye Seattle!  Time to ruin Bellevue with your insane leftist policies!


These monsters want to impose this on all of us.  They hate humanity, view us as useless or useful slaves and think turning major cities into utter ruin is funny while they skip off to new places to destroy.

Yes, army ants: that is the Bilderberg gang.  These lunatics devour the earth while lecturing us about how we have to be very careful to not devour the earth.  If we all lived like these clowns, it would take a million planets to support this lifestyle these creeps have.


Since they are convinced we will all die due to being nasty about Nature then they should eliminate all their own wealth, stop using all their machines and so forth and live in caves properly like our distant ancestors.


This news freaks out our rulers: Wage hikes for America’s blue collar and working class can be readily suppressed and choked by importing more foreign workers for employers, the New York Times admits. The monsters working for the NY Times are slimy creeps who hate the working class stiffs.


Specifically, in the U.S. construction industry, American workers enjoy a $25.34 average hourly wage today — six percent more in wage earnings when compared to the year before.


In New Jersey 20 years ago, I made this much and it went much further, too. It was sweet. Then, an army of aliens mooched in and wages fell relative to inflation and in actuality.  The inflation people are angry that construction wages are rising.  To fight inflation, one must suppress labor.  Slaves are super cheap, you know.

The NYT is very pissed off about the good economic moves.  March job numbers are up?  Yuck.   They do admit this is a victory for Trump who they hate because they want to enslave all workers here and in China.  Rats.


‘Longest job expansion in history’ is bad news for the Bilderberg gang.  They are absolutely furious with Trump for doing this and in Congress, the DNC is doubling down on investigating everything until they find something, anything.  They want to comb through all his taxes, for example.


HAHAHA…I want all of Congress subjected to this, too!  But of course, they won’t do this, will they?  Fools, all.


The other major front page story is about how Trump is evil with sex and he shouldn’t make fun of Biden’s child molestations because Trump had sex with adult women who were all very willing and desirous of getting his attention unlike all the little girls Biden molested who looked scared, looked away, cringed away from him as he molested them openly in front of their own parents who always looked sideways or away while he did this.


Now, on to reality: massive wildfires devastate South Korea.  It is springtime, the snow is melting and this means fire season in many Northern Hemisphere countries.  Here in the NE USA, we are in a ‘red fire zone’ period right now.  It has nothing to do with global warming but warmists will use this as ‘proof’ we are roasting to death.


Now on to the NYT for some comedy:an editorial about how to argue in a ‘nice way’ with people who are disagreeable: remember while reading this, that all the staff at the NYT and many other liberals are intolerant jerks who blow up when you challenge them.


But sometimes you’re stuck dealing with a certified jerk, someone who consistently demeans and disrespects others. A few years ago, I had a colleague who had a reputation for yelling at people during meetings. After witnessing it firsthand, I collected my thoughts and called to say I found it unprofessional. My colleague got defensive: “It was necessary to get my point across!”


Want to be banned by the staff running the comments (which rarely are allowed) at the NYT?  Argue a conservative viewpoint.  Bang.  You are not allowed to comment again.


Research on the psychology of certified jerks reveals that they have a habit of rationalizing aggression. They’ve convinced themselves that they have to act that way to get the results they want.


Funny, how that works.  The entire left, all our schools uniformly teach students to aggressively attack, belittle, abuse, physically harm anyone who disagrees with the SJW agenda.  The newspapers like the NYT hires only SJW activists who are very abusive to everyone who disagrees such as pointing out that there is no global warming.


I didn’t know how to respond until recently, when I interviewed Sheila Heen, a conflict mediation expert, for an episode of my WorkLife podcast on office jerks. She suggested finding a way to gently challenge the belief that aggression is necessary: “Really? It was my impression that you were smarter than that, and more creative than that — so I bet you could come up with some other ways to be just as clear without having to actually rip somebody else apart.”


Anyone who says, ‘I thought you are smarter than that’ is asking to be punched in the nose.  As a small child, I knew these were ‘fighting words.’  Any child can list the long list of ‘fighting words’ and this one is at the top of the list.


These dumbells (HAHAHA) think they are very smart, saying that very sassy answer to any objections of what they state.  That sentence is 100%  a ‘rip somebody else apart’, big time.  Since this ugly example was chosen to show how to be sensible and kindly while debating someone, I would suggest these two ‘experts’ are really frauds who won’t let me debate them.


Hey!  Invite me to your sessions where you lecture us about how to debate!  I used to win debates in school.  My very best win was the proposition that I could get the other debaters so angry, they will shout at me, without using cuss words.  I then calmly debated them until they were all yelling at me and the professor announced, I won the debate.  Because…they were all yelling at me and I wasn’t yelling at all but was amused and calm.


Below is proof this article was written by rude, nasty SJW lunatics working for the NY Times:


If all else fails, Dr. Sutton has a tip for changing your attitude toward the situation: Pretend you’re a specialist in jerks, and think about how you’re “really lucky to see this spectacular, amazing specimen.”


Mirrors are very useful tools.  But SJW partisans are really vampires and don’t show up in mirrors so they merrily go through life being rude, vicious, crude, nasty and very stupid.  They are the ‘amazing specimens’.


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