Trump Says, All Democrats Should Also Make Their Tax Returns Public…Howls of Rage From DNC

Just in case the lunatics running the NYT takes down the link below, I am making a copy of this in a screen shot to prove the existence of this silly article.  Trump just trolled the entire DNC by demanding they all hand over all their income tax records so we citizens can see how they all game the system.  OH NO!  So the Bilderberg gang who are all tax cheaters, are screaming that this is impossible.  No, we will never, ever do this invasion of DNC privacy, only Trump gets the probes, not them.  Don’t forget, I helped put half a dozen Democrats under due to them all being cheats and frauds when they tried to intimidate me many years ago.

But the NYT headline today is:

HAHAHA.  I did a screenshot of this silly story because I need proof about how venal and stupid the DNC/Bilderberg gang really is.  When one is too powerful, too rich, one becomes too stupid.  History is crystal clear about this matter of hubris.  So, asking that the Democrats also reveal how they use tax laws to avoid paying taxes: this is nasty and evil of Trump.


‘Do as we say, not as we do’ is the unofficial motto of the fake liberals.  They brought up the issue of poking through Trump’s tax returns in order to destroy him is OK but anyone doing this to THEM is verboten and evil.  Got it.  The double standard is the only standard for fake liberals these days.


I love how mainstream media calls child molestation ‘over friendly.’  My childhood rapist was very ‘friendly’, too, and when he confessed to me, he even told me, to my great shock, he was only being ‘friendly’.


This minimizing obvious pedophilia is common.  The more powerful the molester, the more they excuse it in creative ways, usually blaming the victims and or pretending it is no big deal.  Meanwhile, for a number of years now, adult female have been running wild, destroying men everywhere including doing this right now, screaming about men TOUCHING them.


Then they all spin around and say, molesting small girls is ‘merely touching them’ and thus, no big deal!  WTH?  Also front page news at the evil NYT:

Herman Cain, a black man, is now being attacked for being a sex fiend for touching adult women!
Yes, a black man is being smeared, too.  He is alleged to have touched touchy females in an uncomfortable way unlike Biden who molests little girls…also, the DNC is howling that Cain had a mistress, too!


Bill Clinton is laughing.  Yup, the morality party!


A day after Mr. Trump made the choice of Mr. Cain official, Senate Republicans expressed quiet anxiety over the prospect of another #MeToo minefield even as the White House exalted the decision.


“President Trump’s statement that Herman Cain is ‘a truly outstanding individual’ is a message that the president of the United States is willing to ignore the allegations of a number of women who alleged that Herman Cain either sexually harassed them or had an affair with them,” said Gloria Allred, a lawyer who represented two of Mr. Cain’s accusers. “This message is an insult to women and should be condemned by the Republican Party and all those who care about respect and dignity for women.”


This is just utterly amazing.  The same ‘sex scandal’ tactics used so mercilessly against Kavanaugh are being hauled out like out of date produce that is stinking with rot, to go after yet another man who the feminists hate due to him not kowtowing to their insane demands.

The shocking news here is the DNC Double Standard.  Ancient, unsubstantiated sex accusations from the distant past is grounds for destroying someone’s life but obvious pedophilia attacks on children just last year is ‘no reason to condemn or stop.’  Why?  Because molestation by Democrats is OK but everyone else will be sent to hell for doing half of what DNC leaders do.


The exact same people who screamed on TV about Kavanaugh allegations thirty years ago, when he was a youth, is grounds for destroying him while Biden smooching and stroking in a very sexual way with little girls: this is a nothing burger.


I love how all the liberals call child molestation ‘touchy/feely’ while at the same time, warn children about ‘touchy/feely adults.  What gives here?  But then, these same liberals sit there, blank faced, and say nothing after learning how libraries are inviting male sexual child predators to dress up as women and preach their lifestyle to 5 year olds!!!


This scandal barely makes any news at say, the NY Times.  I doubt it appeared at all, certainly, none of the child molesters in the DNC are chatting about that scandal.

The Smollett business is identical: the DNC collective is OK with this utter destruction of the Rule of Law.  They now claim, ‘no one knows the truth’ while at the very same time, they, themselves, hid the truth and made it impossible for anyone to see the information or judge what he really did.  They sealed it away and ran away from the truth.


CNN is ‘confused’ and says, ‘We may never know what happened’ after the DNC bosses made certain no one can ‘know what happened’ either.  This was very deliberate.  Why do all the DNC mouthpieces now feign confusion?  They know perfectly well, what happened and why and are OK with staging ‘race crimes’ which happens all the time on our DNC-run campuses.


This insane double standard of the DNC is in all systems now.  Whatever they do, it is OK because laws and rules and morals no longer apply to them.  It is all for the rest of us.  We have to watch what we say, do or touch while the DNC mob can run riot, burn cities, smear people, rape, lie and steal.  That is allowed and even ‘moral’.


Morals matter.  When people believe, ‘if I can get away with this, it is OK’ then we have social break down, utter chaos.  One has to have some internal standards.  Raising children by telling them, ‘It is OK to lie so long as you can fool everyone,’ is very destructive.


I still remember when we were taught the story of George Washington and the cherry tree.  For younger people, the story was, George decided on his own, not to lie about it and blame say, one of the slaves.  This was a ‘moral choice moment’ in his life, according to the story.


Double standards are very dangerous.  Refusing to live up to one’s own standard when caught, lying about breaking the rules one has set down, one’s self, is pure evil.  The DNC has set a very high bar for what is ‘good behavior’ and Biden and Smollett both have kicked this down and set it on fire and the fake liberals suddenly go stupid and claim, ‘No, they didn’t do this at all.’


Which is a lie.  And according to these very same liars, people who openly lie about obvious things are to be PUNISHED SEVERELY.  But when they do these exact same things or worse, suddenly, it is unreasonable to punish them even slightly.  This reminds me of the Catholic Church.  Ahem.  Yes, one should follow the moral standards one supposedly believes.


The utterly twisted morals of the ‘liberals’ has reached epic levels now.  This is very bad.  I was a liberal years ago but I was not a hypocrite.  I practiced what I preached which is why radical leftists wanted to literally kill me.  They swiftly descended into murderous rage just because I talked about how they were turning into Maoists which I considered to be very dangerous.


The only people at Berkeley who said they would protect me were…the cops who arrested me just one year earlier and then tried to blame the ensuing riot on me.  They turned on a dime in this case.  It was most interesting to experience.  The Democrats supported Kennedy after he killed a friend, letting her drown after he did some wild drunk driving.  He didn’t go to prison for this.


Instead, the DNC buried the investigation, the politicians doing the investigation (DAs are politicians!) covered up his obvious crime and the media buried the story to my great fury.  Killing young ladies is OK if you are a feminist Democrat.  So is rape, molestation and verbal abuse.  All that is OK but only if you are a feminist inside the Bilderberg gang.  Sheesh.  To hell with them all.


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9 responses to “Trump Says, All Democrats Should Also Make Their Tax Returns Public…Howls of Rage From DNC

  1. david e. white

    Supkis for President!

  2. AT

    Kennedy waited until morning to report the accident. Most people do that because they want to sober up and deny the police investigation any provable evidence of intoxication.

    Had there been proof of intoxication, a negligent homicide/manslaughter type charge would have been obvious. Folks were left drawing lame theories of negligence related to 20MPH speed, etc. But there were no witnesses. Without proof of intoxication, he ended up pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident that caused bodily injury, and receiving a paultry two month suspended sentence.

  3. nclaughlin


  4. Asking for me to be assassinated? No thanks! 🙂

  5. Hell Soonish

    Elaine is happy to be the attack dog for Trump, and a loyal one at that, so everything Trump does she loves! Screw USA if Trump is fine with it!
    Israel interest above US interests? That’s OK!
    Put American lives at risk for Boeing profit? That’s OK!
    Making USA the laughing stock of the world? That’s OK!
    Rip up treaties for fun while offering nothing to replace them? That’s OK!
    Do goofy stunts with Kim the dictator that’s none of US business? That’s OK!

    And the biggest crime of all, Trump poked China repeatedly in the eye, but has no plans to actually win an economic war or a military war with China. China has been forced to see USA as a threat, and has probably drawn up a detailed multi-decade plan to remove this threat. All thanks to Trump.

    The lesson for Pearl Harbour, if you do not plan to destroy your enemy immediately, then don’t poke them in the eye. Trump has no knowledge of history, so he gets to reenact it.

  6. Lou

    Donald Trump’s mouth is physically incapable of ever uttering the word ‘White’, but he can’t stop blabbering about blacks, Hispanics, jews, muh holocost, and parroting every other form of anti-White baloney that his Cultural Marxist speech writers put in front of him.

  7. April, I have said over and over again, ALL the politicians are owned by Israel. The leftist ones pretend to not be owned, they talk about Palestine but they always don’t do squat, either and then when they gain power, they double cross everyone.

    I point this out all the time. Being against someone who is a tool of the Israelis would mean being against everyone all the time and that is a dark, useless place.

    I was also ‘Mrs. Levy ‘ in previous marriage and know how the Israeli Jews will not accept anyone who isn’t ‘echt Juden’ first hand which is why I got divorced.

  8. honeybagder don't care

    Being against someone who is a tool of the Israelis would mean being against everyone all the time and that is a dark, useless place

    Not necessarily. It could, for example, mean being against all politicians; or everyone connected to the existing power structure; or everyone identifying with ruling families going back over 1000 years. But that’s not everyone.

    And someone in that position may not necessarily be in a “useless place”. Not at all.

  9. One can do that but it leads to futility. Waiting for someone to come along and stop all historical forces is a sad business. One does have choices, of course. Do as one wishes, I say.

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