DNC Congressmen Attacks/Smears Black Candice Owens, Calls Her ‘Nazi’

Nadler is a Jewish Congress person.  Candace Owens is a conservative Democrat black woman.  The dictatorial head of the committee questioning Candace acted like Nazis while attempting to smear her as a ‘Nazi’ due to her explaining how ‘Nazis’ work politically when she used Hitler as an example of ‘motivating people’ in a speech she gave years ago.  This is insanity.  The racists in the Jewish community and black community are running riot, screaming at everyone else for being ‘racist’ while they are all extremely ‘racist’, themselves.


The main target of the Nadler gang is ‘nationalism’: ALL forms of ‘nationalism’ this year are now ‘Naziism’ which is peculiar since Congress supports the most severe form of ‘nationalism’ on earth: Japan and Israel who base citizenship and immigration totally on genetic connections.


Any form of ‘nationalism’ is now ‘Naziism’ to the Democrats and mainstream treasonous media giants.  They absolutely hate American citizens and want to replace us with foreigners who can’t communicate with the elites due to never learning English and who live in ghettos run by the DNC.

Conservative Black Woman Grilled By DNC Rep. Ted Lieu The Liar, Calls Her ‘Nazi Sympathizer’.


California Rep. Ted Lieu played a short excerpt from comments made by Candace Owens, a conservative activist who speaks for the Turning Point Project youth group.


The DNC doesn’t understand how stupid they look, attacking black conservative women all the time.  The #1 top winner in the DNC ‘victim’ status are black females.  The strange addiction of attacking black conservative women is amusing to watch.  We are supposed to believe black women above all other humans.


Speaking last year to a British audience, she sought to distinguish between Trump-style nationalism and Nazi ‘National’ socialism. Owens’ choice of words at the time was panned by some as clumsy, and by others as friendly to Adolf Hitler.


England is on the verge of utter destruction right now.  Desperate attempts by patriotic citizens to stop this destruction of English culture, language and history as well as basic civil rights, is being massively destroyed by globalists and invaders.


Anyone who is defending culture/borders/citizens is automatically a ‘Nazi’ to these freaks who hate nations, hate voters and above all, hate civilization, itself.

By the end of the House Judiciary Committee hearing, which focused on hate crimes and white nationalism, Owens was berating Lieu for taking her out of context and not offering her a chance to defend herself.


The DNC is behaving exactly like the McCarthy Purge: attack anyone and everyone based on ideological/racist agendas.  They are so intent on this, they openly attack the very same people they claim, they are defending: minority women in particular are hated and persecuted by this insane gang of globalists.  Candice Owens responds to Congressman Lieu the Liar’s use of a small clip of a speech she gave a year ago:


‘I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety. He purposefully presented an extracted clip,’ she scolded.


She is, in other words, demanding that Lieu the Liar run the entire sentence she said to a group of young people at a rally.


Hearing the word ‘stupid,’ chairman Jerry Nadler leapt in.


She used the word ‘stupid’ when describing Liar Lieu’s assumption of black intelligence.  HAHAHA.  This got the Jewish DNC chairman, Nadler, very angry as well as very stupid and a liar, too, he attacked her for this statement:


‘It is not proper to refer disparagingly to a member of the committee. … the witness may not refer to a member of the committee as “stupid”,’ he ordered.


Sounds like a show trial in the old Soviet Union!  HAHAHA.  She did not refer to HIM as ‘stupid’.


‘I didn’t refer to him (the Congress critter) as stupid,’ she shot back. ‘That’s not what I said. That’s not what I said at all. You didn’t listen to what I said.’


And yes, they NEVER listen.  The very stupid Lieu the Liar and Nadler hallucinated her calling Lieu  ‘stupid’.  And this is how Congress runs under the leadership of the obviously stupid and even insane and very evil Democrats.  They have lost their marbles, totally.

The DNC and mainstream media war against citizens is backfiring for obvious reasons: it is treason and more and more Americans are figuring this out especially with the open borders with the DNC encouraging illegal aliens to invade.

Young people seeking handouts and often deep in debt due to school loans are radical leftists.  Over time, paying taxes and trying to start a family, they grow more conservative as they dig themselves out of the liberal messes of their youth.


Tim Pool talks about the far left ‘dominating’ online systems like Twitter, etc.  This is easy to understand: everyone else is being banned.  In Europe, governments are now denying internet access to anyone to the right of Mad Madame Mao.  It is pure censorship and a clear sign that liberal (sic) governments are on the verge of collapse.


Censorship is the final attempt at despotism before utter chaos and violence overthrow regimes.

CBS news (sic) two weeks ago, chose to attack Candace Owens by chatting with a ‘rap artiste’ who is a lunatic called ‘Charlamagne tha God about how stupid Candace Owens is…mirror stupidity showing us this mental midget deformity runs very deep and infects all DNC supporters at this point.


It appears that all the fake liberals have targeted Candace Owens and want to destroy her precisely because she is a black woman which makes these lunatics…racists as well as sexists.


A reminder of how the elites persecute black women who leave the DNC plantation:




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5 responses to “DNC Congressmen Attacks/Smears Black Candice Owens, Calls Her ‘Nazi’

  1. Moe

    Owens should be trumpeted as a classic example of how black women could conduct themselves. Instead, we get the exact opposite. Topsy-turvy world we live in.

    I like her, she’s tough. And her responses at the hearing show precisely how to deal with these lunatics: never back down and call them out on their misrepresentations and deceits.

  2. Lou

    Remember who didnt vote for the Patriot Act?
    The Black woman from Oklahoma. Mc Kinney

  3. Yes, she did vote against the illegal war. Also, I just posted a story about the black hole just now. Sorry, I have bad news about black holes: they are nasty.

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