Assange Arrested By Bilderberg Gang Who Now Intend To Torture Him

The Brits swarm old, weak, pacifist Julien Assange in order to arrest him.  They do this all the time to elderly dissidents the Bilderberg gang hates.  He is accused of rape in Sweden which is the rape capital of Europe thanks to importing over a million angry young Muslim males.  When a Muslim rapes in Sweden, he is barely punished.  But reveal information the Bilderberg gang wants buried is a death sentence in all of Europe as well as America, too.  Our Real Rulers are very focused on punishing leakers in particular.


Here is the silly BBC yapping about rape in Sweden back in 2012 when the Bilderberg gang cooked up the rape charges against him:  the storyline is, there is nearly no rape in Sweden, it is a hallucination of right wing politicians and other odious people!  This is the insane excuse used by leftist radicals who are importing millions of Muslims into Western democracies in order to destroy these countries and have open revolts.


Sweden has the highest rape rate in Europe, author Naomi Wolf said on the BBC’s Newsnight programme recently. She was commenting on the case of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who is fighting extradition from the UK to Sweden over rape and sexual assault allegations that he denies.


The storyline at the BBC is utterly insanely at odds with itself.  It is claiming now that new ‘rape’ laws in Sweden can now punish men who have sex with ‘passive’ women, for example.  This is happening at the same time an army of angry, young Muslim males were imported and now are running around raping any female who dares to enter many ‘no go zones’ that now pepper that dying country.


In order to destroy Wikileaks, the rape charges were filed by an angry feminist female in Sweden, one of the army of lunatics who greeted Muslim males into the country (this is so utterly insane, it is actually quite funny).


But that is a misconception, according to Klara Selin, a sociologist at the National Council for Crime Prevention in Stockholm. She says you cannot compare countries’ records, because police procedures and legal definitions vary widely.


So, according to this monster female, there is no rape or rather, she and her ilk are now redefining rape in order to punish men who do one night stands.


“In Sweden there has been this ambition explicitly to record every case of sexual violence separately, to make it visible in the statistics,” she says.


The example of this is hilarious as well as insane:


“So, for instance, when a woman comes to the police and she says my husband or my fiance raped me almost every day during the last year, the police have to record each of these events, which might be more than 300 events. In many other countries it would just be one record – one victim, one type of crime, one record.”


HAHAHA.  So fix it!  Of course, they won’t fix anything.  Feminists now run Sweden and is now overrun with angry Muslim men who are rapidly teaching these silly geese all about rape and other cute things.  Feminists in the US are all very pro-Muslim invasion, too.  This is utterly insane but makes perfect sense: they want real men to really teach them a lesson.  This is so bizarre but it is true in all feminist countries now.  They all want angry, sexy Muslim males to invade!!!


But Klara Selin says the statistics don’t represent a major crime epidemic, rather a shift in attitudes. The public debate about this sort of crime in Sweden over the past two decades has had the effect of raising awareness, she says, and encouraging women to go to the police if they have been attacked.


The Swedish system is all about female revenge.  A female has sex with a man for a year then he ups and leaves her so she accuses him of rape and has him imprisoned.  This is a crime, of course.  Note how all the ‘believe women’ go after specific men like Kavanaugh, screaming to rend him limb from limb for possible teen sex but then fall silent when one of their own black dudes who are politically active are accused of rape, suddenly, there is no rape and no one should believe any women accusing these pets of rape.  Nope.  Women are liars!


These two videos are about the tsunami of rape and sex assaults in Europe since the invasion.

When I lived in Germany in 1968, I took great delight in using the trains there.  Why?  Muslim men would linger around the staircases, assaulting women who were very upset by this.  I would smack them down, like, down the stairs.  I thought that was fun, sort of like taking down sheep, for example.  Since then, Muslim males now openly assault men, women and children, in public, everywhere in Germany and Sweden and the men of these countries allow this due to their homelands being run by females now.


I agree: the females seem to desire to be raped.  It is deep psychology.  Meanwhile, the lunatics on the left love to lie about Muslim rape:


Snopes says no, it is just that Sweden has so many rape laws.  HAHAHA.  Solution: no rape laws!  So why are they arresting Assange for consensual sex?  The female wasn’t happy with the sex.  She invited him into her bedroom and let him know she wanted sex but didn’t like how he did it so the next day, after saying goodbye, she reported him.  This is COMMON for females who solicit unmarried sex.  The man doesn’t declare lifelong love and leaves so she is vengeful and annoyed.


Call the cops!  This is why men who are sane are avoiding women more and more.  It is highly dangerous to play wild sex games with women in ‘liberal’ countries now.

Governments who hate their own citizens are working day and night to totally destroy the internet by making rules that punish people for ‘wrongspeak’.


China has walled off some western services for years and experts are now warning over plans elsewhere in the world to filter content, leading to nationalised internets.  That includes the UK’s plans to hold executives personally liable for posts on social media that are harmful or illegal, revealed in a government white paper on Monday.


The UK is now North Korea when it comes to the internet.  Post the wrong thing online and the cops ring the doorbell or in one case, broke down the door of an elderly lady, to threaten people with fines or prison time due to posting the wrong thing especially anything about Muslim males and their favorite pastime activities.


And a proposal unveiled in Britain could make executives personally liable for harmful content posted on social platforms.


The definition of ‘harmful’ is ‘whatever the censors decide they don’t like.’   And you can bet, a army of these are Muslims.


The UK proposal ‘is a very bad look for a rights-respecting democracy,’ said R David Edelman, a former White House technology adviser who now heads the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s project on technology, the economy and national security.  ‘It would place the UK toward the far end of the internet censorship spectrum.’




In a letter to the Society of Editors yesterday, Jeremy Wright vowed that ‘journalistic or editorial content would not be affected’ by the proposals.  And he reassured free speech advocates by saying there would be safeguards to protect the role of the press.


‘The press’ is Bilderberg code for ‘our media systems we own and run.’  Anyone else covering the news who isn’t run by global conspirators who want to destroy us, will be declared ‘outlaws’ and not ‘media news organizations’ like Alex Jones and a host of other people who cover news online and even in print.  I used to be published at Berkeley in the late 1960’s in the alternative press which we created out of thin air, printing the news, ourselves!


We carried real news!  The media owned by rich people carries news they want to broadcast which means lots and lots of concealing news (did this to me!) or openly lying about reality.


Julian Assange wrecked all this by revealing real information which would expose all the lies and tricks of the Real Rulers.  They want him dead but only after interrogating him to find out who works with him.  I will note here that the Daily Mail is allowing no comments to any articles about Assange.  Don’t let those pesky peasants talk back, eh?  Nope.  Most mainstream Bilderberg media have eliminated comments from their sites.


The few remaining ban anyone who disputes the news with the reporters.  They pretend it is due to cussing or off topic but this is a lie.  They do it for ideological reasons.  I have said before, the abuse of Assange by the Real Rulers will backfire on them, badly.


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24 responses to “Assange Arrested By Bilderberg Gang Who Now Intend To Torture Him

  1. Demonstrators outside British court, yelling ‘free Assange’.

  2. Zeke

    And this occurred on the same day, coincidentally, that our real rulers appeared in Congress to the to the lavish and slavish adoration of our sycophantic faux rulers.
    This is not your country; it’s not my country; it’s not our country. It’s their country. They run the show. The banksters fraudsters at the central banks and their appendage “bonus culture” banks control the “Looting Economy” (not a real Capitalist Economy). They instruct “our representatives” what to do (thru ALEC, etc) and the fawning whores of Congress follow thru.

  3. KHS71

    He exposed their Bitch and they are still mad at him. She was supposed to win. You are now seeing how corrupt the British court system is. Same thing happened with Tommy Robinson. You see what they did to him. Similar trumped up charges.

  4. AT

    The charges are not that serious for a first offender. If he had surrendered back in 2012 he might have done a year or two and been out and free five yeas ago. Now he’s looking at that time on top of the seven years he spent confined in the embassy.

  5. Ziff

    AT , at the time it was thought that the Swedes would just deport him to the USA

  6. AT


    On what charges that would have landed a first offender in jail without probation or parole for seven years?

  7. AT

    Assange was the figurehead of a limited hangout operation, kept in an intel fishbowl. What sane whistleblower could hope for anonymity, privacy or confidentiality contacting such a construct. Accordingly, we have never seen a complete release of any of the major leaks captured by wikileaks. Snowden walked off with two laptops full of more info than he could have read in a lifetime, yet all that exists online from this so called “whistleblow” are a few hundred crappy power point slides? Somehow we are supposed to believe that information released from that fishbowl since 2012 has not been an intel contrivance?

    He was also a sort of controlled opposition, because he occupied a narrative space that indirectly discouraged newcomers. As in: “If that guy Assange is doing it then I don’t need to do it, and more power to him, because he’s going through hell I wouldn’t want to go through unless I had to. Phew, I’ll just go back about my business”

  8. AT


    Alright I read the indictment: seems he’s charged with at least one year hacking crime, a five year conspiracy and a couple ten year felonies. Maybe he’ll do seven years if convicted as a first offender. Manning did seven out of 35.

    Problem is the indictment is pretty rinky dink as written. Basically it boils down to charging him with conspiracy for discussing what Manning was doing and encouraging her during the period she was making the unauthorized downloads.

    The other stuff? Manning downloaded a copy of Linux onto a CD so she could boot up her computer and steal another password. Not clear how Assange played into that. Anyhow, booting up a computer with the third largest operating system in the world is not much hacking.

    Looks to me like they threw in the hacking charge just so they wouldn’t have to go nose to nose with behaviors reports do every day.

  9. AT

    The governments theory of the (non-hacking) conspiracy charges boils down to the chilling proposition that a reporter is prohibited from talking with or accepting future information from any source once that source has produced information the reporter knows was criminally unauthorized for disclosure.

  10. Mewswithaview

    Timing is to distract from the failure of the British government to adhere to their voters wishes and exit the European Union.

  11. Zeke

    And this brings us back to the Wall Street Banksters.
    One scenario was that Wikileaks didn’t do the hacking, just the releasing of the hacked material.
    Putin’s Russian intelligence organ, the GRU, etc., supposedly hacked Podesta’s emails and read about Hillary’s “speeches” and “speaking fees” but had no way to distribute them to media without exposing the Russian role in the matter.
    Russia supposedly colluded with or conspired with Assange to ‘launder’ the source of the email hacking.
    Putin wanted to harm Hillary and discredit her as payback. To get back at her for her devious work against him in Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria, and elsewhere, and inside Russia itself.
    Putin not so much wanted Trump to win the election as he wanted to discredit and harm Hillary for what she did against him when she was Secretary of State.
    Just who ordered this arrest now is in question. Anyway, Assange is in elevated danger right now.

  12. Mewswithaview

    Julian Assange has been arrested by British police. The USA will no doubt want to put him on trial for ensuring Hillary lost the White House. The British police say they were invited in the Ecuadorian embassy where he has been holed up since 2012 after the Ecuadorian government’s withdrawal of asylum. You can bet that there have been threats against Ecuador, and rumor has it that the threats were rising to the level of blocking them from the Swift system.

    The rumblings behind the curtain are that the Democrats are behind this, hoping to force him to say he got Hillary’s emails from Putin. The danger of all of this nonsense is simply the plain fact it will bring us one more step closer to world war.

  13. Hell Soonish

    No one here is going to bring up the elephant in the room?
    TRUMP today: I know nothing about Wikileaks

    The most spineless creep I have ever seen. But still Elaine loves him.

  14. Sara

    Leftists, feminist politician, Linda Snecker, claims that “all men are rapists”.

    “We women adapt our lives and our behavior to men’s potential threats of violence. Because we cannot see you if you are a rapist, we must assume that all men are rapists. That is the brutal truth. That’s how a structural problem looks. That is why men must take their collective responsibility. All men”, she said during a parliamentary session in the Swedish Riksdag.

    The shocking statements drew strong criticism from the Swedish Democrats, the only party in Sweden that opposes mass immigration.

    “The Left Party claims that they stand up for women’s equal value. But why then insist on trying to hide the main causes of today’s problems with threats and violence against women? They desperately deny the consequences of their own mass immigration policy and instead point out all men, just to hide the facts about the rapes,” a spokesperson from the SD said.

  15. Trump is a politician. I have played many political games in the past including having a bunch of DNC elected officials ARRESTED, among other things.

    The game is, you have allies and NO ONE has perfect allies. Never happened in history.

    I am practical. Not a purist. I choose what works, not what is perfect. Perfection leads to failure or even utter destruction.

  16. The BILDERBERG gang hates Trump. I hate the Bilderberg gang. I write about them constantly, have openly tangled with them which is why in NYC in particular, I have never, ever been in the news only my actions make the news, even when they are standing right next to me, they call me ‘an unknown woman’.

    I hate mainstream media. I used to be friendly with the owner of CNN. Then he fled the country, CNN then turned me into ‘an unknown woman.’ When I went to Congress and got even PBS to talk about my visit there, everyone was very shaken up, I was called…’an unknown woman.’

    Make no mistake: fighting the Bilderberg gang is interesting and hard work as well as dangerous. Since I am ‘unknown’ no one bothers me so I don’t have to use force to get rid of strangers attacking me.

  17. Jim R

    Thanks for the Scott Adams video. I always like to see his take on things like this.

  18. Petruchio

    “Leftists, feminist politician, Linda Snecker, claims that “all men are rapists”.” Dear Ms Snecker might be all these things, but she is at least one more thing: a LESBIAN. Only women with really deep Hate/Anger issues towards men talk like that. The question to ask then is, “Should we listen to someone that biased against Men?” Of course not!! Should we listen to someone who is a member of the American Nazi Party when s/he states their opinions on Black People or the Jews? It’s the same thing. It’s true that some Lesbians don’t have Hate/Anger issues toward men, but a good percentage of them DO hate men with a really deep, bitter RAGE.

  19. Moe

    From The United Bitches Of America:

  20. Moe

    Jimmy Dore on Assange:

    Dore is a small-l liberal, but I’m liking him!

    Quote: “Why is this guy (Tucker Carlson) getting it right and every other motherf***er gets the story wrong? Because they’re bought and paid for and they’re not journalists.”

  21. Moe

    Orlov on Assange:

    “While other Western journalists run around trying to please their owners, sell advertising space, or struggle to avoid getting banned by the all-seeing eye of social media corporations, Assange has been both principled and fearless. Through his media outlet Wikileaks he has laid bare the dirty secrets of the US State Department and the war crimes of the Pentagon, corporate malfeasance and political corruption, hanging out for all to see the dirty laundry of many powerful and influential people.”

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