Trump: Let All Illegal Aliens Into DNC Cities…Macron Can’t Stop Yellow Vest Protests

Funniest editorial comment on earth…the DNC leaders all demand Trump not dump their illegal aliens only in DNC cities that love ‘immigrants’ and wants ‘illegal aliens’ who are ‘better than citizens.’  Meanwhile, on You Tube, the monsters who run our systems online have chosen to label Tommy Robinson as a ‘terrorist’ who has to have his ‘violent’ videos behind a wall where only if you know how to find him (and I can!) can you hear him.  And Assange might spill beans on…the wrong people!  Fun times.


Trump called the bluff of the DNC gang.  He wants to move all illegal aliens not into California or NY but install them in the hyper-DNC headquarters in NY, DC and California’s richest liberal enclaves.  But…but…illegals are already there as servants and troublemakers for the DNC!


The DNC loves illegal aliens and in many places are now giving illegals better scholarships for top schools rather than for poor citizens who need help to go to school.  We see lavishing goodies on illegal aliens while telling citizens to take a hike off a high cliff.


This is true in the EU, too.  In Germany, England and other countries, people who are citizens are being tossed out of ‘houses too big’ and replaced mainly with alien Muslims.  We call this ‘an invasion.’


England is a reincarnation of the Soviet Union.  It is part of the French/German style of USSR and I will call the EU the EUSSR.  This horrible entity is now crushing dissent.  Yesterday, You Tube decided, after Prime Minister May called and asked for this, he is now banned but we can still see him if we already have his identifying code which I happen to have so here it is:

It warns people that this person, Tommy Robinson, is dangerous to watch.  HAHAHA.  He certainly is!  He is destroying the liberal mess they made of Merry England turning it into Angry Istanbul.  Now that the Powers That Be have clobbered a very little man with only street power, they go after the Big Boss, Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn’t work” | British GQ – YouTube



This is from last fall when the lunatics running the BBC and other media systems were relentlessly attacking Jordan Peterson.  Tommy is a street fighter, a man of the Lower Working Class, a hero.  Jordan is the Professor who forces students to think which is unforgivable for SJW lunatics who cannot think rationally, at all.  Back then, females wanted debates.


Since then, they have decided to go to war and to annihilate anyone who they consider ‘evil males’ who is anyone masculine, not stupid or weak or hopeless.  I suspect deep inside, this is why they love Muslim men who look down on them and consider these females to be ‘sexy’ but ‘DIRTY’.  Whoopee.  I am baffled by this Freudian mess going on in the dying women’s movement.


Google, which now embraces doing evil, has chosen to cut Tommy Robinson out of You Tube via claiming he is obscene (he doesn’t even cuss!) and ‘some users reported he may be inappropriate or offensive’.  WTH?  So, anything ‘inappropriate’ is literally anything on earth of any sort.


We know who these ‘users’ are who ‘reported’ him: the Rulers of England, that benighted little island that is turning rapidly into a third world/petty dictatorship.  I remember Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, I tangled with both when a wild kid in the 1960’s.  Europe under the rule of the Bilderberg gang, looks more and more like the Soviet Union.


The other thing the mainstream media in EUSSR is the ongoing confrontation of the Little People and the State in France.  The XXIII march against Macron is still ongoing as I write here.  I note that Macron passed Nazi laws like in England and Germany and Sweden and so forth, Macron said, ‘No more peasant revolts!’


And the peasants continued to march against him!  I wonder why the British public isn’t up in arms?

Macron said he would stop the Yellow Vest movement.  Instead, I notice this particular march, the whole thing just wound down with marchers chatting with the paramilitary and cops and everyone was basically peaceful since all the violence in the past marches were caused by the police, not the marchers.


Also, it is well into ‘springtime’ in Paris and everyone is wearing coats today even as the sun was shining coldly on them all.  The entire excuse for Macron’s radical, expensive ‘global warming taxes’ is because we are supposedly roasting to death with, as the DNC lunatic fringe keeps yelling, only 12 years left before being fried in hell.


HAHAHA.  This is so insane.  And it is why the protests against the global warmists is only starting.  If we are in for another Little Ice Age, you can bet, everyone will want to fry any global warmists over a very warm fire.  And here is the funniest video of the year:

4Chan is having fun pulling legs, hair, hands and sex organs.  4Chan is a massive joke that wins only when everyone takes it seriously.



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3 responses to “Trump: Let All Illegal Aliens Into DNC Cities…Macron Can’t Stop Yellow Vest Protests

  1. AT

    Trump could order the FBI to charge the local officials WHO ARE publicly, executively or even legislatively offering sanctuary to illegals with CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT HARBORING..

    State and local law cannot invalidate Federal law in a functioning republic.

  2. AT

    Law enforcement could have done the job long ago on their own unless, as is most likely, they were ordered NOT to do it.

  3. They must follow orders.

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