Totally Hidden News In US: Ecuadorian Citizens Fight President Morano, Demand Assange Freed

This is news only in RUSSIA, not Europe nor the US, nor in anywhere except You Tube and Russia.  Riots in Ecuador, demands to free Assange of Wikileaks fame.  The fake liberals in the US want Assange tortured because he revealed the truth about the Clintons and Obama gangs.  Ooopsies!  No.  Can’t have the truth about anything here in the US.  These same fake liberals also want to end the First and Second Amendments as well as provisions in the Constitution, itself.  Especially the parts about the Electoral College, too.

‘Out traitor, out!’ Violent clashes as massive pro-Assange protest hits Ecuador’s capital.  I will note here that not one ‘leftist’ (sic) in the US or UK stood up for Assange:


People who came to the rally were infuriated by President Lenin Moreno’s decision to revoke Assange’s political asylum which helped him avoid arrest for almost seven years.


Note the middle name of the President of Ecuador: Lenin!  This news is nearly nowhere to be found outside of…guess where?  Russia!  The USA doesn’t do ‘news’ anymore, we have mainstream no-news media that refuses to cover hardly anything in the world.  It is now utterly useless even for propaganda stories, it just ignores news.


The NYT did carry the above story but nothing about the riots.  Deutsche Welle had this news today.  The Express of UK carried the ‘Assange was annoying’ story but not the riots in Ecuador.  This news is a big news coup for Russia but then, most of my news about the crazy Bilderberg gang comes from Russia in the first place.


I camped out with a bunch of Chinese students back when Tiananmen Square massacre happened.  Bush Sr. was going to deport them and I wouldn’t let him.  We were right next to the UN for an entire month while I negotiated with the President and finally won thanks mainly to CNN which back then, was a real news feed.  To do international politics, you need media systems.


Wikileaks were their own media system which is why mainstream fake news is furious about Wikileaks.  They, of course, the NY Times, a very slimy news service and the Washington Post, a deranged leftist news feed, both are very proud of doing what Assange does, many years ago.  Both are now war criminals who push for illicit wars based on lies.


In the crazy land of the UK, Assange is a ‘criminal’ due to publishing stuff showing government malfeasance and international crimes, that is punished severely!  But real criminals who commit murderous crimes: they are fine, integrate them ‘back’ into ‘society’!  All is forgiven!


Foreign criminal was a loowed to stay in Briton after judge rules membership a notorious London gang of foreigners is OK. Judge Evan Ruth thinks this is good for society unlike Tommy Robinson who is put in prison, kicked off the internet, persecuted, tortured and abused by the State because he wants to protect citizens of England from foreign invaders who are looting, raping and burning poor neighborhoods.  YIKES.


An upside down world we live in here.

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One response to “Totally Hidden News In US: Ecuadorian Citizens Fight President Morano, Demand Assange Freed

  1. AT

    Beating on a complicit controlled opposition is a universal method to discourage organic competition from arising.

    From pariah nuclear dictators, to undercover plainclothes police getting beat on by uniformed police in front of a protest.

    Assange and Snowden and Tommy Robinson?

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