Democrats Double Down On ‘Climate Change’ Demand ‘Green New Deal’ To Kill Us

We see the entire DNC focused on making the USA colder even as we see it get colder and colder as we slide into yet another cold cycle.  The global warming fraud was changed to ‘climate change’ in order to keep up the plans to kill off most lower class people by denying them energy use, leaving it only for the rich energy hogs.  The NYT, run by elites in an elite city that has way too many ‘useless population’ is the headquarters for this push to deny energy to the masses.


Despite one of the most miserable winters and cold spring in years, despite the previous several years getting colder and colder, the NYT insists that we must stop using fossil fuels lest it get slightly warmer.  This is very interesting.  The globalist regime has simultaneously allowed China and India to ‘pollute’ more CO2 because it really isn’t about climate, it is about distribution of wealth.

The elites are at war with each other, now.  The rich developers and property owners of major buildings in NYC will now be heavily taxed with the excuse being CO2.  In France, the government has been under very severe pressure from citizens due to new CO2 taxes.  This basically is a marvelous excuse to raise money while taxing literally ‘air’.  People used to joke about this but now we see it in action.


The mainstream fake news system is trying its mightiest to also misreport the Mueller Report.  The DNC Congress which is anti-Trump is openly lying about the report.  They want to haul in Mueller, their former hero, and grill him about why he failed to find anything.  Meanwhile, the Russia/Hillary business is now being addressed by the GOP in the Senate.


Since Mueller punted her free before any investigation, Mueller and she will be under the microscope over her obvious mishandling of secret systems when she worked for Obama and her destruction of all her computers and phones when she was about to be investigated.


Frantic, Congress DNC leaders are desperate to smear any investigation of Hillary’s crimes.  Their scheme right now is the ‘Green New Deal’ which is so vile, it is causing lots of chatter with the DNC claiming that it is a fantastic idea.  One wonders.  The voter base for the DNC is city people who are mainly illegal aliens and populations on welfare and young liberals who don’t realize they are the tax base (time will turn them all into conservatives) all yelling for taxes on the rich and crushing CO2 taxes.


One doesn’t have to wonder what will happen next.  Ask any country run by far leftists like Venezuela.

HAHAHA.  So, Venezuelans would have ‘starved’ and thus should come here and…repeat the same voting mistakes here they did at home.  The ‘harsh conditions’ are what the Green New Plan is all about, for us, here.  Note how the ones pushing this lunacy are recent immigrants or the children of very recent immigrants who learn nothing from mistakes made at home.


Here is yesterday’s NYT front page:

The Jewish owners seem to adore Muslims now!  But NOT IN ISRAEL.  Of course.  And they are pushing Duluth, Minnesota, a place that was -40F much of last month, as a ‘climate-proof’ city?  HAHAHA.  I want to move all the NY Times staff and owners to Duluth, Minn.  It will be immense fun watching them freeze to death.



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5 responses to “Democrats Double Down On ‘Climate Change’ Demand ‘Green New Deal’ To Kill Us

  1. AT

    Foot of snow last night on the mountain where I live. And, it’s still coming down.

  2. Jim R

    “Big buildings hurt the climate” “Cow farts hurt the climate” — it’s silly stuff like that, embarrassing everyone for the “Liberals”.

    The stupidity, it hurts. If they gave a sh*t about the atmosphere, they’d rein in the Pentagon, the single biggest polluter in all of humanity. And long long before everyone starts driving Teslas, they should put a stop to the destruction of the planet’s forests. Oil and coal consumption should be somewhere way down the list. And buildings and cow farts shouldn’t even make the list…

    One can only conclude that they do not give a sh*t about the atmosphere, and all they really want is to shout orders at everyone who is not them. And shovel money at the Pentagon, because they don’t want to seem weak on ‘defense’.

  3. Ken

    We keep focusing on the way liberals love to tell other people how to live their lives. And that is probably a factor in the whole climate change debate. However, there is a bigger, underlying factor at play.

    The globalists are big advocates of the climate change agenda. For a very obvious reason. If there is a global threat to humanity, then it requires a globalist response. Everybody, everywhere has to surrender their individual rights to the globalists for the greater good of humanity. Global warming is a dream come true for the globalists. It is their ticket to world domination.

    Ronald Reagan once remarked that if the world faced an invasion from space aliens, the US and USSR would band together in a heartbeat to save the world. He was right. In the face of a different (supposed) threat to the world, everyone must band together. Under the enlightened leadership of the globalists.

    It is all so obvious.

  4. shawntoh


    In the mid to late ’90s. a then girlfriend and I went to Duluth, MN in the middle of the winter to a bed and breakfast type place to take a break from the everyday madness of 20th Century urban life and we were lucky to get a way for a while to recover briefly a day or two.

    We got so bored at one point that we ended watching old re-runs of–get this–LAWRENCE WELK! [see second link below for those who are brave]

    Elaine, it was THAT bad–

    Yes, it is a very cold place, too.

    In other news, the politicians are in the wrong business, I note, as usual–the “rug business”, as in, they LIE as about as low as you can get like a [expletive deleted] rug and they just plain LIE there and everywhere they can do so! Whether it the floor of the house or the senate!

    As Kermit the frog once said, it’s not easy being green, but this going TOO far, I fear!

    Lawrence Welk tried the hippie approach at one point and I feel you appreciate the attempt, certainly, Elaine!!!! Hee, hee, hee!

  5. Moe

    AOC Mini-Me on climate change:

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