Bilderberg Media Giants Double Down On Lying About Trump

After the total shock that Mueller totally exonerated Trump, the mainstream Bilderberg gang media systems went into high gear to ‘prove’ Trump is ‘guilty of something.’  The entire DNC joined the howling about how Trump ‘TRIED to thwart’ this witch hunt.  Duh, of course, he wanted to stop it, it was totally based on lies!


Evidently, defending oneself while under attack by a ruthless international gang using fake information from a foreign agent, Mr. Steele, is ‘criminal’ according to these international war criminals.  I have not forgotten all the lies about Iraq published by these newspapers before that disastrous invasion.


These ‘contacts with Russians’ is called ‘diplomacy.’  Evidently, diplomacy is not allowed, do note these wretched newspapers openly conspired to create an illegal war after 9/11 by lying about who was behind the attack on the US by a mainly a bunch of Saudis.


This was a major instance of a war crime: using fake news to whip up hysteria and then attack an innocent bystander.  No one went to prison for this crime.  My own father testified at the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WWII and I know for a fact that Nazi media giants were put on trial for assisting Hitler by lying about everything.


The DNC is complicit in this new crime: falsely accusing a President of ‘treason’ when they are the real traitors.  Who has demanded that our borders be open to obvious invasion?  The DNC.


Who is preventing the President from stationing troops there?  Democrats.  Who is lying about this invasion?  The ‘liberal’ media who is now spending all their energy renewing attacks based on false information, against a patriotic President.


As I have said before, we have a divided nation with half wishing for the US to collapse into chaos.  These people are inviting invaders into the country, invaders who loot, rape and kill.  This is as insane as the Fall of the Roman Empire.  We now know how that happened.  We are seeing it happen, now, to us.

Here is yesterday’s headline from the fake news people running the treasonous Washington Post.  ‘World press freedom’ is crazy: the Washington Post is chortling with glee at the arrest and DISAPPEARANCE of Assange who is now being interrogated a la Tommy Robinson in secret to discover who leaked stories to this foreign reporter, Assange.


It is annoying, watching this perfidy which is painfully obvious to me and it is amazing how the left wing has endorsed this sort of lunacy.  Lying about everything is their modus operandi now.


Another issue here is how the mainstream fake news is conspiring with California online servers and businesses to destroy other news rival operations, defame alternative news to the Bilderberg gang news, deny services to anyone reporting real news that these media giants want to bury or deny.


All alternative news systems are under sustained attack from liberals who run online systems.  They think that censoring everyone and preventing debate is how a ‘democracy’ is run: that is, a dictatorship is their method of rule.


Lawyer for NYT during Pentagon Papers warns that persecuting Assange destroys First Amendment Rights:


James Goodale, the vice president and general counsel of the New York Times during the Pentagon Papers scandal, is warning that the light charges against Julian Assange is part of an extradition scheme that could ultimately criminalize the news-gathering process in the digital age.


“The U.S. government has attempted to divert attention from the basic fact that this indictment punishes the publication of truthful information by making it seem that Assange ‘cracked’ a code to permit Manning to have access to further classified information, which Manning in turn then could leak to Assange. That’s not what the indictment says. It says that Assange told Manning how to cover her tracks with respect to her leaks so the government could not catch Manning,” he wrote.


In conclusion, Goodale stated that “if Assange is found guilty of conspiring with Manning under this indictment, which incorporates the Espionage Act, this will be a blow to the First Amendment. It will criminalize the news-gathering process and will be a precedent for future cases concerning leaks. This will be particularly so since substantially all leaks in the future will be computer-generated. “


In Netherlands, Muslims riot over politician mocking them:


Lawyer and political campaigner Rasmus Paludan, who had pre-warned police that he was intending to lead a demonstration on Sunday afternoon, threw a copy of the Quran through the air several times before being escorted away from the area by police for his own safety. Paludan was banned from protesting in Copenhagen for the rest of the day, but launched a new protest Tuesday evening in a neighbouring police district.


Anti-Islam campaigner Rasmus Paludan has been criticised for the riots in Denmark, with Red-Green Alliance party leader writing of him: “Rasmus Paludan has no other goal than to sow dissent and create hatred.


“He is violently provocative, but he has to meet with arguments, not with violence. His generalisations do not hold in reality and can be overcome with words.”


Last night, the IRA attacked Northern Ireland, too.  Both are part of the EU but it doesn’t stop the religious warfare.  And a number of Muslims were moved into Ireland this last three years in order to make things much worse, now.  Spread the love!


Also, in NYC, a philosophy professor from our insane schools, entered St. Patrick’s Cathedral with two gasoline cans and some accelerants in order to try to burn it down, too.


Click here to see videos by Colin Flaherty, who won awards for reporting years ago, is now a ‘nonperson’ online due to censorship by the California gang who are censoring all of the internet across the entire planet, talks about all this at his new video outlet online:



Hang on, everyone: we are in for a rough ride as the Bilderberg gang uses all the arsenal of junk news in order to engineer a coup.


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25 responses to “Bilderberg Media Giants Double Down On Lying About Trump

  1. Petruchio

    Downloaded the Mueller Report yesterday. I notice that in more than one spot, it is redacted, with the acronym HOM stamped on it. HOM means, “Harmful to Other Matters”. You have to navigate the Internet a little to get a PDF copy. I went to the DOJ website for it.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The elites have social engineered society to make minorities (mainly Black and Hispanic) anti-social, violent and ignorant. This was a state they were beginning to escape before the Welfare bomb dropped on them in the 60s. They tried to do the same to Native Americans but most of us just weren’t violent enough. Heck, they tried to get fatty fat fatterson CIA agent FTM Marlana Brandolina to rile us up. Nothing doing. Oh well you win some, you lose some.

    It will get to the point where lethal force will and must be used. Which is exactly what the elites want. They are racists. Yes, there are racists. They just keep pointing the finger at the wrong people.

  3. AT

    It is now perfectly obvious that the Mueller investigation was a sham designed to take out the Trump campaign’s trash and use it as window dressing for a fake witch hunt, a fake witch hunt designed to protect Trump by occupying the field, not hurt him.

    Given that the mainstream media is not calling this out means that your “Bilderbergers” support the ruse!

    The report is a two part investigation:

    #1) investigate Russia collusion and Trump CAMPAIGN staff collusion
    (not Trump individually or personally).

    #2) Trump obstruction
    inconclusive because Trump as the chief law enforcement officer can call off any federal investigation for a myriad of lawful reasons but the most likely (and perhaps one of the only) unlawful reason would be if he, individually, had colluded . . .

    but then, see #1: INDIVIDUAL collusion by Trump was not under investigation. . . LOL

    So that is a pile of shit that’s wasted a lot of taxpayer money.

    Trump knew it all along. In a statement after the appointment of Mueller by Rosenstein in May, 2017 President Trump is quoted as saying:

    “As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know — there was no collusion between MY CAMPAIGN and any foreign entity. I look forward to this matter concluding quickly.” (emphasis added)

    So, Trump knew his campaign, not himself was under investigation. That’s likely why he threatened to fire Mueller if his personal Deutsche bank records were subpoena’d. Granted, Mueller did take out a lot of campaign trash: Flynn cavorting with Turkey, Manafort with Ukraine, Papadopalous with Israel. And, there were lots of Russian passes that were turned down despite the corruption of Cohen, etc.

    That brings us to the point I find most interesting: Both the Mueller report and the Steel Dossier are full of instances where Trump turned down opportunities for advantage or profit that were dangled in front of him. Clearly, he was unusually squeaky clean for anyone in politics because the MI6 spies in the Steele Dossier were puzzled by all the refusals. So then, if Trump was clean, why bother with the Mueller charade? Just to take out the campaign trash? Just for a distraction? Just to mollify the left or whip them into a state of unreality? All of the above, perhaps.

    But interestingly, beyond all that, the structure of the investigation insulated inquiry into Trump’s personal past. That logically suggests the Katie Johnson – Epstein – Mossad blackmail, and/or perhaps his business bailout financing from Russian financiers. So, someone is protecting Trump’s past. Rosenstein supposedly appointed Mueller. But, my guess is someone else is holding Rosenstein’s chain. Look at Rosenstein’s eyes and face at the Barr press conference releasing the Mueller report. I doubt he picked Mueller; whoever chose Mueller chose a guy with his balls in a vice as the former FBI director bagman for the 9/11 attacks, still standing guilty for thousands of counts of accessory after the fact to the twin tower murders when he ordered the FBI to put what he reasonably should have believed to be their Saudi handlers on the first planes allowed out of the country. Rosenstein is barely capable of holding that creepy stare someone told him to make.

    And, if Trump was such a bumbler in his past, so much so that his past needs protecting, then how did he get to be so (relatively) honest and slick during the campaign, as evidenced by his lack of corruption in the Mueller report and the Steele Dossier? That also logically suggests a guardian angel, whispering in his ear. But who? Could it be the first career spy (as well as the first woman) ever appointed as the actual, and not interim, head of the CIA. All the other agencies get to have political appointees riding them and riding on top. The obvious one in charge is the one picking its own head. Nevermind the tradition of the CIA collaborating with the Billionaire who is not part of the club, dating back to Howard Hughes.

    Big picture says Trump does not represent systemic change; what we are witnessing is a factional struggle between the national security apparatus and the private club of monied interests, and a relatively minor tweak between nationalism and globalism.


    ELAINE: HAHAHAHA. Living in alternative reality is no fun. It is also called ‘the Outerdarkness.’

  4. Mewswithaview

    Who’s using Mueller Report Day to bury bad news? If you guessed Facebook, you’re right: Millions more passwords stored in plaintext

  5. Ziff

    AT , one thing you left out , the MSM abuse of Trump during the electiom and after , all a ruse to get him elected i guess , [not]

  6. Zeke

    Putin is smiling.

  7. melponeme_k


    The fruits of Diversity in St. Louis. Homes they can’t even sell for 1 dollar. Meet Me in St. Louis, indeed.

  8. Ken


    For many years Detroit also had its share of $1 homes. Also, there was a standing joke that a person could buy a home in Dettoit for less than the price of a good pair of shoes.

    I don’t hear these stories any more. I think that most of these places have been torn down. Huge parts of Dettoit are now open space and are reverting to prairie. Wildlife is even moving in. Like Chernobyl.

    Detroit is just further along in the process than other cities.

  9. Putin is playing a strong game: he is, unlike our country, a real boss who can do stuff. So…he is forcing Europe to bend to his will, bit by bit as the EU screams like lunatics and he knows he will win in the long run due to EU citizens being utterly destroyed by illegal aliens pouring in from mainly Muslim and African countries.

  10. melponeme_k

    This was BAD BAD BAD!

    Curse all those racists singing about fairs!

    AHHHH, Now THIS is enrichment and improvement! The Meet Me In St. Louis house in 94.

    I doubt it still stands.

  11. Melponeme_k


    Checked Zillow. It is now an empty lot. The whole block is hanging on by it’s nails and interspersed with a lot of bombed out looking old Victorians.

  12. Jim R

    I’m borrowing your post, @Melponeme. I shall post it in another forum.

    As for Mr. Putin, he is retiring in a few years. I sincerely hope his replacement is 10% as capable as he is. He is doing what he can to “Make Russia Great Again”. I think Mr. Trump has similar aspirations, but the sociopathic pigmen who thought they had completed their takeover in Obama, have not allowed him to drain as much of the swamp as he might have wanted. Not to mention that Trump is not quite as well educated nor as skillful a manager as Mr. Putin. Trump is way better than the last ten or eleven presidents but still, it’s a really big deep swamp.

    At this point, the American empire is going the way of the Roman. I don’t think there is any way to stop it now, but if any leader can slow it down, that would be great…

    The reason I hope for a worthy replacement for Putin is that I don’t really want the world to rush into another all-out shooting war. That wouldn’t be pretty. As it is, I think Putin recognizes that all he needs to do is stall for time and wait. That’s why you don’t see more dramatic military actions from Russia in the Ukraine, nor in Syria, nor Venezuela, nor anywhere else. The Russians have taken the occasional hit and not responded, while the Pentagon has been foaming-at-the-mouth for a provocation to which it can respond and escalate…

  13. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    It makes me sad that the life of the city has degraded and collapsed into war torn streets. The society depicted in the film has been chased to the outskirts and is now rapidly dying as well. It makes me sad. I grew up with the Judy Garland movie, many family life elements in the film still existed in the 70s and 80s.

    Now it’s all gone. Along with Sally Benson’s house and neighborhood.

    It didn’t have to end this way.

  14. Zeke

    It’s sad to see the condition or absence of those other once magnificent houses.

    The Shelley v. Kraemer house still stands in St. Louis.
    Images are available online.

  15. Melponeme_k

    Just one last post about St. Louis.

  16. Lou


    Give White men piles of bricks,
    they build a city

    Give Blacks a city,
    they turn them into piles of bricks.

  17. Jim R

    The real reason is not Ferguson and the riots. The real reason is not the vicious retarded black man who was the focal point for the riots.

    The real reason is that all the industry supporting St. Louis has been shipped overseas, or merged up into larger monopolies. It’s McDonnell Douglas and Chrysler and Southwestern Bell and Anheuser-Busch. The real reason is Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

    St. Louis is now a rustbelt city, like it or not. And it saddens me, as well.

    And the reason that it is mostly black now is that black people have not done a good job of moving _away_ from the decaying city. For whatever reason you care to mention. There was plenty of prosperity for everyone in St. Louis in the ’60s, and for most of the decades before that. Chicago is going that way as well. It’s ‘flyover country’ — interestingly, that is what makes Trump a popular candidate out there. Say what you will about the ‘welfare state’.

  18. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Industry was moved away because the Elites feel that to control us they need to give us the illusion of limited resources, limited commerce and limited industry.

    So what they do is move industry from country to country. They moved it from the Middle East to Greece and Rome then to Europe from Europe to the US and then to China. They will keep moving it until we disengage ourselves from their false system.

    They are racists. They believe they are in possession of holy bloodlines, original bloodlines from the first man on earth. They protect those bloodlines through inbreeding and secret reservoirs. So not even destroying family “faces” will ever destroy the bloodline. It is said that even the elites subject themselves to MK Ultra. Each of them are DiD. They have alters for every purpose. They know that if they fall, there are hidden relatives who will awaken with ALL their knowledge and aims to carry on their “Great” work.

    They believe that since they are original, undiluted blood and more advanced intellectually than the rest of us…that makes them our keepers.

    Am I my Brother’s Keeper?

    They are racist on principle alone. But that is not to say they aren’t being fair. In their minds, they have given the “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM” (well known MK Ultra and elite term) to every minority group. And it is true in sense. They have been given every opportunity through different programs that have given them a lead. Like how they fast handicap runners in races for others who have less of a chance (staggered positioning). They have been given every chance to prove themselves and the elite’s racism wrong.

    Look at St. Louis, Detroit, look at other minority ruled areas. Have they proven the elite’s racism wrong? Or HAVE THEY CONFIRMED IT!

    We think they are falling. And to some extent that is true. But remember they play the long game. They are quite capable to chewing off their own leg like a wild animal in a trap to heal and come back. That is why we have to change ourselves. That is why we have to face truths about ourselves and our abilities. Only then can we stop them.

  19. Zeke

    Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” removed from ‘playlist’.
    Two of her songs from eighty years ago rediscovered and reevaluated.
    Even her statute is now draped in a hijab like covering. Retroactive PC applied in extremis. Maybe we’ll all meet in St. Louis.

  20. Zeke

    Kate Smith now persona non grata.
    Museum needed now for all these statues.

  21. Yes, I just posted about that this morning. Isn’t is just amazing?


    Jimmy Dore nails it again, this time on the origins of the ‘Russian Collusion’ BS . Video has less than 3000 views: we’re so screwed…

    Warning: language.

  23. Moe

    From Babylon Bee (humor, purportedly)

    CNN: ‘God Allowed The Mueller Report To Test Our Unshakable Faith In Collusion’

  24. Moe

    Another BS poll about Trump popularity. Sure, after exoneration of collusion allegations his popularity plummets. Oh, that’s right, Meuller specifically did not exonerate him, except that a finding of no collusion is an automatic exoneration. They must think Americans are really stupid (they might have something there…).

    These misdirections, fabrications and lies are obviously never going to end.

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