Democrats Demand ‘God Bless America’ Iconic Singer Kate Smith Be ELIMINATED

‘God Bless America’ singer Kate Smith, is being ‘unpersoned’ by radical leftists: DNC mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenny,went even further than the NY fake liberals in attacking the dead patriotic singer and banished even a statue of her.  This is prior to removing it.  Why?  Aside from being very patriotic, the singer sang one song way back in 1930 that would be considered ‘racist’ today!  So off with her head!  This annihilation of our joint past is a huge thing for radical leftists who hate America.

The NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers on Friday joined baseball’s New York Yankees in halting the playing of Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” at home games because of lyrics in other songs the late singer recorded.


Wow.  About 80% of the audience for the Philly Flyrs are white dudes.  I see trouble ahead for the Flyers.  And the Yankees?  Getting rid of patriotic songs is going to backfire, big time.


The Flyers also covered up a statue of Smith that has stood at Philadephia’s sports complex since 1987.


Note how they covered this statue with black cloth, symbolic color of ANTIFA rioters.


But recently the Yankees became aware that Smith sang a 1931 song, “That’s Why Darkies Were Born,” which opened: “Someone had to pick the cotton, Someone had to pick the corn, Someone had to slave and be able to sing, That’s why darkies were born.”


That song was written BEFORE the Civil War and was about the condition of slaves.  But it is the other song that got her put on the ‘to be eliminated forever’ list was common back in 1930.  This song, in 1930, was considered a ‘civil rights’ song!


The song was considered a satire of racism in its time, with civil rights activist Paul Robeson also having recorded a version.  Smith also recorded a song called “Pickaninny Heaven,” and her likeness appeared in an ad for baking powder that featured a “mammy” character.


This is so ridiculous!  The NY Post goes on the attack against the crazy liberal leftists latest scheme to destroy the past a la 1984-style:


Both the Yankees and the NHL Flyers have banned Kate Smith’s famed 1943 recording of Irving Berlin’s classic “God Bless America.”


The Flyers — for whom the recording has long been a good-luck charm (Smith herself sang it live during the 1974 Stanley Cup final) — went even further: They’ve actually covered up a statue of the singer that stands outside the arena.


The Yankees have played the recording during the seventh-inning stretch ever since 9/11.


As I keep pointing out, 9/11 has been turned upside down.  Over a dozen radical Muslims, most from out ‘ally’ Saudi Arabia, attacked us on 9/11 and we were to ‘never forget’ only everyone is forgetting everything and the sole change due to 9/11 was the US invading liberal Muslim countries and turning these into violent, anti-NATO nations and of course, Europe and other NATO countries including the US importing millions of angry Muslims.


Patriotism is under severe attack now because liberals hate Trump’s patriotism and desire to stop the flood of illegal aliens who are openly invading now, hundreds attacking our borders daily.

Irving Berlin wrote ‘racist’ ditties 100 years ago and this was considered normal back then.  Thanks to the Civil Rights movement, we now have blacks making dirty ditties and screaming obscenities and calling themselves ‘n…ers’ nonstop.  Progress is very odd, indeed.


Also, in Europe, Paris is burning:




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9 responses to “Democrats Demand ‘God Bless America’ Iconic Singer Kate Smith Be ELIMINATED

  1. Zeke

    I am going to mark this date on my calendar as the date America went certifiably insane.

  2. Ken

    Has anyone else listened to the songs in controversy? Frankly, she was not a really good singer. Famous, yes, but not that good.

  3. Zeke

    She was a great singer beloved by tens of millions of Americans.

    “She had a radio, television, and recording career spanning five decades …. ”

    She shunned personal publicity and fame, having lifelong struggle and being uncomfortable regarding her weight.

  4. Tom W Harris

    OMG, what craziness. Next they’ll be going after Tennessee Ernie Ford!

  5. Petruchio

    They don’t really care about some song Kate Smith sang a long time ago. These people are fueled by a deep, irrational HATRED of things White. White Culture, Traditions, Customs. Stuff like a song is just a smokescreen.

  6. Moe

    Bill Meltzer: On Kate Smith

    Excerpt: “For more than the first half-century of American popular culture and mass entertainment of the 1900s– music, theater (especially vaudeville and minstrel shows), films of both the silent movie and “talkies” era, cartoons — directly reflected similar attitudes. Racial and ethnic portrayals that today would be rightly considered highly offensive were extremely prevalent, often in obvious ways (such as Al Jolson or even a young Judy Garland performing in blackface).”

  7. Zeke

    ‘God Bless Kate Smith’
    The Kate Smith statue draped in a burka like covering has been removed by the Flyers organization from display to an undisclosed location.
    Abducted, kidnapped, purloined …. …. to junk heap, scrap yard, smelter?
    She’s dead; she can’t defend herself. Was she contractually obligated to sing those two songs? Would she express regret? She can’t even apologize.
    As a youth, she sang for troops in WWI. She sang for troops in WWII. She entertained to earn money for the war effort (hundreds of millions of dollars in 1940s currency).
    All that means nothing now. Two songs from the 1930s may represent 0.01% of her oeuvre.
    She didn’t seek fame or fortune. She volunteered and gave much to the country. She had a lifelong struggle with a weight problem and was ridiculed for it. She sang through the tears. She gave more than she got. We didn’t deserve Kate Smith.
    ‘God Save America’

  8. Moe

    ‘God Save America’: only if you believe in miracles.

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