Hollywood Actress Flies Across Half Earth To Protest Jets…Flying There Via Jets!

Hollywood hypocrite, Emma Thompson, flies across half of the planet in order to protest at London airport, ‘global warming’.


This whole movement is turning into a hysterical mess.  Young people, born during the most recent warm cycle, are in hysterics that we will ‘roast to death’ as the local star, the sun, goes into another ‘low energy output’ cycle.  The ‘liberals’ want international rule by elites and this is because they have several boogie men fears which the wolves in the elite ruling class push hard so citizens give up their basic civil rights.

We see this very clearly now.  In the US, for example, liberals have decided to wreck the entire Constitution and they desire to eliminate key amendments as well as how we vote and govern and replace these with the sort of rule we see in the EU, one that many countries now are revolting against.


The EU isn’t a democracy at all, it is a communist style dictatorship with endless rules and regulations, not voted for by citizens, raining down on their heads. Now, these bureaucrats are going to cut off access to energy via high ‘global warming’ taxes and this has finally roused alarmed citizens to revolt against their ‘governments’ to stop this lunacy.


Meanwhile, at home here in the USA, CNN’s April Ryan Says Sarah Sanders’ Head Should Be “Lopped Off”. It is always OK for leftists to talk about murdering and assaulting politicians and media people but the rest of us have to watch what we say.

Leftists love talking violently and nasty and to be very, very rude and threatening.  Assailing people is their modus operandi.  Being loud and abusive and even hitting people is OK if you are a leftist.  At the same time, anyone opposing these lunatics is punished.


So when the left goes on their usual wild chatter about being violent, they get violently angry if someone points out the obvious: they must stop doing this is they are demanding everyone else stop doing this!

The leftists in California who run big parts of the internet are now in full censorship mode and they are desperate to stop anyone from hearing anything except left wing propaganda.


Below is a typical example of radical ‘liberals’ destroying people over ‘comments’ from this week: North Carolina women’s basketball coach fired for ‘insensitive comments’.  Black students got a very successful coach fired based on nebulous charges.


“The University commissioned a review of our women’s basketball program, which found issues that led us to conclude that the program needed to be taken in a new direction,” North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham said in a statement. “It is in the best interests of our University and student-athletes for us to do so. Coach Hatchell agrees, and she offered her resignation today. I accepted it.


The coach was told in no uncertain terms, she is being removed for saying something that was quite silly to take literally.  Note that it is OK for leftists to say anything no matter how vile if ‘we are only joking’ or ‘making an example.’


Some players accused Hatchell of using racially insensitive remarks in front of the team and were pressured to play through injuries this past season. In an interview earlier this month, her attorney, Wade Smith, denied those allegations.


Her ‘pressure to play’ was her asking them if they felt ready to play.  She didn’t force anyone.


Shortly after the news of the allegations, a few of Hatchell’s former players came out in support of her.

“I don’t believe it, not from my experience with Sylvia and her coaching staff,” Rashanda McCants, who played at UNC from 2005 through 2009, said in an interview earlier this month. “She doesn’t even like for you to use profanity.”


What she actually said was used to persecute her just for the hell of it.


One was that Hatchell made comments that were racially insensitive, and when confronted by players and staff, she did not respond in a “timely or appropriate manner.”


When radical leftists attack and students trend towards being leftists, they demand apologies from victims and then…double down on the attacks, screaming, ‘See, we knew this person was evil!’  It works every time.


The Post, citing unnamed parents of current players, reported that Hatchell, displeased after a game, made a reference to a lynching and “nooses.”


Good lord.  ‘Our necks are in a noose unless we improve’ is typical of ‘things people say’.  It isn’t a demand that people literally hang themselves.


“Yes, she did say it,” said the parent who spoke by phone with The News & Observer on Friday morning. “But I think what she was trying to convey to the kids — this was going to be an intense, tough atmosphere. … if you don’t come ready to play, they’re going to be up there with nooses, and they’re going to throw them around trees and hang you.


This was not a good way to rouse the team but it wasn’t racist.  The ‘racism’ here is black females deciding it meant ‘lynch mobs.’  This is quite understandable.  What isn’t understandable is permanently destroying one’s career over this.


“The review concluded that Hatchell is not viewed as a racist, but her comments and subsequent response caused many in the program to believe she lacked awareness and appreciation for the effect her remarks had on those who heard them,” the release stated.


She did everything they asked but didn’t grovel enough.  We know from thousands of identical cases, grovelling makes these radical leftists lust for blood and go for the throat which they did to her.


And third, the investigation found that there has been “a breakdown of connectivity between the players and Hatchell.


”Hatchell added that she will continue to raise money for the Lineberger Cancer Center to establish a ministry of exercise and recovery for cancer patients, and will push for equal facilities and treatment for women’s athletics.


This poor female coach is a liberal.  She lived in this school bubble of insane liberalism, didn’t understand how this bubble works and got punished for crossing invisible lines.  Also, her team didn’t do well in the last several years so this was a great excuse to get rid of her.

The other liberal insanity issue: Russian Embassy calls for end of ‘smoke and mirrors’ in tit-for-tat response to Mueller report after investigators acknowledge there was no Russia/Trump collusion”:


“All this time, Russia pointed to the obvious made-up nature of these insinuations,” the report reads. Moscow had “fruitlessly” asked Washington to provide any hard proof of the allegations, and even offered help to investigate those claims, but “the US refused every single time.”


Putin is very aware that Trump has been shoved violently by the Bilderberg gang into wrecking US/Russian relations.  These same rulers forced all of the EU populations into being fodder for WWIII due to the desperate effort to get rid of Putin.



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6 responses to “Hollywood Actress Flies Across Half Earth To Protest Jets…Flying There Via Jets!

  1. Very violent paramilitary attacks on Yellow Vest marchers today in Paris, France. Remember: they are protesting global warming taxes.

  2. Lou

    Europe, White Europe is dying.

  3. Petruchio

    “Leftists love talking violently and nasty and to be very, very rude and threatening. Assailing people is their modus operandi.” We will see what happens when these tough talking SJW/”Liberals”/Fascists get a taste of their rhetoric Real World Style. When these tough talkers start receiving some ‘Real World’ violence, we’ll see how well they stand up to it. I do NOT advocate violence, towards anyone! That said, these phony liberals can NOT promote violence without getting a taste of what THEY wanna do to others. These Fake liberals start getting bloodied–literally NOT figuratively–we all will see how well they stand up to it.

  4. AT

    Their anxiety stems from a dim awareness their globalist ideology will soon be as popular as Latin after the fall.

  5. Moe

    Global warming note from Fabius Maximus

    Excerpt: “The endless stream of bold but false predictions about climate change does not disprove anything about the science. But it has affected the public. It contributes to the majority of the public ranking climate low as a public policy priority, and their disinterest in paying for it.”


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