Macron Very Violently Attacks Yellow Vest Marchers April 20th

As always, the march started peacefully until Macron’s paramilitary attacked them.  This very quickly turned into a total riot as the dictator in France decided to react to the destruction on Notre Dame by destroying all of Paris.  Across France, protestors are being attacked violently and they, this disarmed population of France, are fighting back using the usual tools: bricks and boards, odds and ends.


The citizens of France, every time they were attacked by the Macron troops, backed off.  The shooting of big tear gas containers broke windows which I suppose will be blamed on the marchers who didn’t loot any stores or break any windows, themselves.  Of course, if mainstream media does report any of this, they will lie.


French citizens now in full scale revolt, bigger than ever marches:


And while some members of the anti-government movement are suggesting that the events should be cancelled, on Friday it seemed like there was a growing call for the protests to go ahead, with many Gilets Jaunes angered by the large sums coughed up for the repairs at Notre-Dame, which they say could be better spent.


On top of that the notorious Black Bloc group (Scroll down to find out more about the black bloc), who played a major role when the Champs-Elysées was ransacked recently, have also called on their supporters to join the protests, with the French capital set to be the centre of the action once again.


All the riots were started by the paramilitary police.  This is very obvious.  Whenever the police block the marchers, the police then attack them.  A fight ensues, stuff is burned, then the marchers leave and are not violent at all.  Until…the police block them, attack them then again, the fight causes fires, etc.


This march was the angriest march of them all.  The workers and lower class people protesting were very angry that a billion dollars has been coughed up by rich people to fix the cathedral which probably was burned by bad work practices which allowed a big fire to start in the attic of old wood timbers above the stone ceiling of the church interior.


Beating up and gassing citizens won’t fix what is wrong with their relationship with their ‘leader’ who declared himself a ‘ruler’ and compared himself to Napoleon.  As per always, Macron left the country during the riots as he has done every week for 24 weeks.  He is a coward.


Speaking about cowards:  Liberals in California seize Pay Pal bank account patriots who did a huge citizen’s arrest of many illegal aliens pouring over our borders.


Even though the group knows the law and there’s no indication they broke it, the ACLU falsely suggested it was a “kidnapping” — even though the illegals were free to go at anytime — and dozens of media outlets used their false claim to imply their actions were illegal.


The AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union is now run by traitors who hate the USA and want to assist invaders.


“As PayPal aligns itself with America’s hard left and seeks to politically weaponize the financial system, state and federal consumer finance and banking regulators have a moral obligation to evaluate the need to immediately start investigating this development and its injurious impact upon consumers,” Perkins said.


And more under-reported news:MEXICAN TROOPS DREW GUNS ON AMERICAN SOLDIERS ON US SIDE OF BORDER while checking to see if illegal aliens were crossing.


Military officials from the U.S. Northern Command said that “five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations.”


The soldiers were in an unmarked Customs and Border Protection vehicle near the southwest border in the vicinity of Clint, Texas.


Officials confirmed that the Mexican troops were armed with what seemed to be assault riffles. They drew their weapons when they saw the two U.S. soldiers and ordered the U.S. troops to return their weapons to a military vehicle.


Congress, both the entire DNC and the renegade Bilderberg members of the GOP are united in preventing anyone from protecting us from invading illegal aliens.  Even saying ‘illegal aliens’ gets one in trouble these days as the traitors yell ‘That’s racist’.


This is exactly how the Roman Empire fell.  Here is today’s dark example: Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott said he would sign a bill that would abolish Columbus Day and replace it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” . I am not against a ‘Indigenous People’s Day, I am against rubbing out Columbus Day.


What the DNC is doing is ‘erasing the past.’  Google has this habit of having ‘holiday art’ on their website.  I have noticed over the last two years that all the traditional Christian and patriotic holidays are either ignored or mocked by Google on these anniversaries while goofy ‘holidays’ created by radical leftists or leftist ‘heroes’ are constantly being honored by Google.


This is their plan for the entire nation: to wipe out the past and honor only fringe, oddball or utterly made out of thin air ‘holidays’ and statues and art, etc.  Erase the past and replace it with fake idols has a name: Maoism.


Now for what happens when Muslims get to run riot in a country: 200 people killed in Sri Lanka as multiple churches are bombed.  Shocking news.  Even the NYT has it as a headline.  I am surprised.


Silly news: the DNC Bilderberg internationalists who hate the Constitution and want to destroy it are trying their best to wreck our government forever:

Elizabeth the fake Indian is a traitor, no surprise.  The NYT editorialists continue to attack Trump for being a patriot…that paper is the home nest to generations of traitors.  Jewish lady, Michelle Goldberg, writes:  In a functional country, we would be on the road to impeachment.’  Maureen Dowdy called Trump ‘ego maniac’ and a ‘writhing nest of liars’ when she and her buddies are the snakes.


And the NYT demands the census count all the illegal aliens.  This way, states letting in invaders get more political power.  Great.  I would count them in order to deport them.


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19 responses to “Macron Very Violently Attacks Yellow Vest Marchers April 20th

  1. Jim R

    Interesting thing about Notre Dame — the inside of the building is mostly unharmed.

    When it was burning, the fire looked terrible, bit the wooden roof sat on top of a stone/concrete vault that is about 3 feet thick. Except for the place where that spire collapsed, the stone building is unaffected. Apparently the spire was made of wood, and when the timbers fell, they broke through the vaulted roof.

  2. kenogami

    The fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral was criminal; not an accident.

    The chief architect of Notre-Dame for 10 years, until 2015, gave an interview on french TV. He said that all the electric cables were replaced in 2010 following the most rigorous modern methods; the fire detectors and security systems were also redone recently. There were 2 watchers in the cathedral at all time to detect any fire or anything abnormal.

    He said that 800 years old beams are like stone, and the speed at which the fire spread is impossible without a fire accelerant.

    But the French mainstream media are as dishonest as the US, German, and British and Canadian ones. They have been repeating “accident, accident” even before an investigation was launched; and they are starting to call all those who believe it was arson as conspirationists, antisémites, islamophobes.

    Disgusting scums they are.

  3. kenogami

    Furthermore, the scaffolding at Notre-Dame was complete, but the restoration work was not even started; no welding yet, no electrical work, no source of heat from the workers could have started the fire.

  4. Jim R

    Someone in another forum I frequent has predicted that the French “authorities” will declare the cathedral unfit for purpose and have it torn down.

    And I also saw the early rumor, supposedly from a person who worked there, saying the fire had been set.

  5. kenogami

    Jim R wrote:

    “t the French “authorities” will declare the cathedral unfit for purpose and have it torn down.”

    No, they have something more evil in mind; they are calling for a post-modern project by modern architects that will rebuild the cathedral to be more “inclusive and multicultural”, surrounded by tourist attractions.

  6. Moe

    They would rebuild with the Christian (Catholic) element metamorphosed into a degraded and ugly caricature of the original while surreptitiously incorporating satanic/Luciferian memes.

  7. Zeke


    Good points.

    I was accepting the accidental conclusion, mishap while under construction or renovation explanation. Which is a real thing…..but…..

    Now, not so sure. Looking more like arson, crime, terrorism.

    There did seem to be a rush to judgment, conclusion – – even before any investigation was started, let alone concluded, look at surveillance tapes, interviews, etc.

    More so, in light of subsequent coordinated church attacks elsewhere.
    “Colombo (AFP) – The suicide bomber waited patiently in a queue for the Easter Sunday breakfast buffet at Sri Lanka’s Cinnamon Grand hotel before setting off explosives strapped to his back.
    Carrying a plate, the man, who had registered at the hotel the night before as Mohamed Azzam Mohamed, was just about to be served when he set off his devastating strike in the packed restaurant, a manager at the Sri Lankan hotel said.”
    What would be the repercussions if the govt were to admit that?

  8. So far, all just speculation. This includes officials claiming to know it was not a terror event with zero proof, too. Someone could have soaked some material with fluids that catch fire and burn very hot and then lit it right before the church was closed. The fire was noticed during the first half hour of the church being empty of all humans. It could very well be arson.

  9. Moe

    One won’t go far wrong in primary assessment that ‘official’ pronouncements are couched or outright lies. Though not a touchstone for analysis, it’s a reasonable grounding procedure.

  10. Lou

    One needed the sentience of a rock to be able to ignore the deep symbolism behind the specter of the Notre Dame Cathedral burning last Monday in Paris—here was a presumably ineffable symbol of France, of Europe, and of Christendom that was nearly 1,000 years old, and it was immolating before the world’s eyes. Pundits are straining with every last sphincter muscle to throw cold water on any speculation that the blaze was the result of arson, especially at the hands of Islamists.

    What almost escaped notice entirely is the fact 875 churches were vandalized last year in France, and over 1,000 the year before amid a wave of what’s being dubbed “militant secularism,” possibly because newsmen choke on the words “Islamic extremism.” According to Republicans MP Valerie Boyer, “Every day, at least two churches are profaned.” This includes burglaries and graffiti and smashed glass and feces smeared on walls.

Still, we are counseled not to focus on these anti-Christian attacks because to do so would steal some of the thunder from Jewish victims of all the alleged anti-Semitic attacks raging through France, many of which are presumed not to have actually been committed by Jews.

    And we must never forget the rancid stench of Islamophobia that pervades Paris and which led to such atrocities as the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the Bataclan theater attack. Nothing causes Muslims to go on shooting sprees like the idea that Muslims go on shooting sprees.

    If anyone is to be blamed for the fire, it is obviously France’s Christians. In a series of interviews given for Rolling Stone, one reputed expert of something-or-other called the cathedral “a deep-seated symbol of resentment” whose renovation must “be dealt with critically” in order to more adequately represent a “divided France.”

    In fact, a prominent Israeli rabbi blames the fire squarely at the Christians who helped build Notre Dame. Taking it upon himself to speak for all Jews, Shlomo Aviner explains that Christianity “is our number one enemy throughout history. [They] tried to convert us by arguments and by force, carried out ………………..

  11. Moe

    More on Notre Dame fire from Jim Stone:

    Do not believe the lies about Notre Dame. NOTHING got wrecked. NOTHING AT ALL. No stained glass windows in the main portion of the cathedral were lost. No artifacts lost. The pipe organ did not get touched by anything, no smoke damage, no water damage, NOTHING. The cathedral survived so well it is as if the protection of God caused it, but going over what happened, supreme architecture and planning for such an event with the way it was built also obviously played a role in how well it made it.

    They are claiming that it had to be stabilized after the fire to prevent it’s collapse. THAT IS PURE BULLSHIT, the only thing I can say about that is at least they are saying it is now stabilized so they did not 911 it with a little C4 after the “plane impact”. Pope Francis is probably PISSED, Michelle Obama is definitely pissed, and Macron is probably a flailing lunatic, trying to pump up public support for making it a mosque because “the damage was so bad the whole thing needs a rebuild” but it is such an obvious patent lie he probably won’t get away with what was obviously his primary objective for burning it in the first place. GUESS WHAT: The computers in the fire control system were hacked to give false readings, JUST LIKE STUXNET. Gee, I wonder how that happened and who would have done that.??!!??


    This hoax involved burning a wooden facade “roof” that probably kept water off a secondary roof and prevented freezing problems with the second roof, and NOTHING MORE. Unlike what you have been told by the scamming MSM, the cathedral would never have collapsed because the actual support for the cathedral was provided by the side arches, and the arches of an interior brick and concrete roof three feet thick. This secondary interior roof prevented damage to the inside of the cathedral, except where the spire (questionably, it likely had help) “fell through” it.
    The hoax about the cathedral being “destroyed” is now confirmed. Let’s get this party started.

    Here is how the wooden roof was attached. You can clearly see the concrete dome roof under it was supporting it, and now has less weight to hold with it gone and it would actually be less likely to collapse now provided the heat of the fire did not significantly damage it:

    Here is a picture of that burned wooden roof laying on top of the concrete and brick roof under it. Notre Dame was built a LOT better than anything the Romans ever did. With the Roman stuff, once the wooden roof was gone, all that remained was pillars. Clearly here, the real roof consisted of a series of concrete and brick domes.

    Here’s why the cathedral was, except for where the spire fell through, unscathed:

    When you consider the scale of the above picture, the concrete and brick were at least three feet thick on the interior roof. There’s no way this cathedral got significantly hurt, to the tune of a billion dollars.

    Clearly, from the aftermath photo of the interior, they could turn the lights back on if they wanted to. The concrete roof held up so well for so long that there’s not even significant smoke damage.

    Conclusion: The cathedral is not destroyed, and any stories about how it got devastated are only cover for bilking cash for pork barrel projects and excuses to delay, delay, AND DELAY re-opening it. The cash is there to fix this PRONTO. If the desire is there to fix it (by the people in control), it ought to be open before the end of August with money obviously being no object.

    There’s no excuse to delay re-opening this cathedral. It was clearly designed to get through a worst case scenario, for the purpose of protecting the priceless antiquities it contained, and the plan worked. Not a single antiquity was lost. None of the candles in the cathedral melted. It got through this that well. If this cathedral does not open STAT, it is because someone (who is importing hordes of Muslims to overtake and destroy Europe) does not want it to open.

  12. kenogami

    A deacon at Notre-Dame cathedral said that the fire started at 2 different places simultaneously; and also, when they try to use the computer to call the firemen, they could not because the computer was hacked for several hours. Firemen came very late after the start of the fire.

    I don’t believe that the typical young Islamist bandits could send a sophisticated virus to cripple the security computer for several hours.

  13. AT


    Yes, that occurred to me too: spies pretending to be terrorists?

    If so, the compartmentalization and lack of casualties suggests prior approval by a (western) intel agency legal department.

  14. Moe

    @13 kenogami

    “I don’t believe that the typical young Islamist bandits could send a sophisticated virus to cripple the security computer for several hours.”

    I don’t know what the capabilities of such terrorists would be, but hacking skills are fairly common these days.

    Until proven otherwise, my default position would be to interpret the fire as a government/intelligence false-flag event (or, in deference to Mel, a hoax :)) with several intersecting motives, which I’ll not enumerate here.

    I am inclined to believe the intent was not to destroy the Basilica but to create at once a diversion and, more importantly, a symbol of the exhaustion of the Christian ethos and by inference, the failure of European civilization.

    Yeah, I know that’s a reach. Call me conspiratorial.

  15. kenogami

    Moe write:
    “I know that’s a reach. Call me conspiratorial.”

    If one is not conspiratorial these days, he is deeply asleep
    and does not live in the real world.

  16. All the mass bombers in Sri Lanka were well to do, highly educated Muslim males.

  17. Moe

    Paul Joseph Watson on Yellow Vests

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