300+ Sri Lanka Victims of Muslim Terrorists, Democrat Leaders Can’t Say ‘Christians’

Sunday’s massive terror attacks against Christians and visitors to Sri Lanka come right on the heels of the Easter Week French Notre Dame Cathedral fire which makes that event very suspicious now.  Religious warfare has raged for eons on this planet and continues to this very hour.  Meanwhile, our Bilderberg gang media systems can’t seem to get very angry about Muslim attacks.  This is in stark contrast to their contortions of rage when anyone attacks innocent Muslims.


First off is how the DNC Bilderberg gangsters view this latest mass murder attack that is much smaller than 9/11 but still very big:

Now, note the term ‘Easter worshippers.’  Do our great politicians call Muslims ‘Koran worshippers’?  Why this odd name for ‘Christians’?  Using this odd terminology is not a one-time thing, either.  Let’s visit the Queen of Chaos, Hillary Clinton:

So, this was a ‘holy weekend’ and some of the people were…Easter worshippers.  I swear, I have never, ever heard Christians in churches called that.  And I grew up in the Lutheran faith and my mother was the church organist and I would replace her when she was overseas…yes, I learned how to play the organ when I was a child and teenager.

Heartless Sanders can’t even call the victims ‘Easter worshippers.’  He yaps about ‘humanity’ but shows his Dark Side by refusing to identify the victims of Muslim terrorists.  Below is the Washington Post front page:

The WP mentions ‘churches’ but avoids the word ‘Christians’.  It did include the information that ‘Muslims’ did this mass murder.  We were told by these media giants and the DNC that when non-Muslims massacre a handful of Muslims, this is the fault of all of us for being ‘nasty’ and not being ‘nice’ to Muslims.


When Muslims then do a much worse terror attack and during the Christchurch mass murder, a gang of Egyptian terrorists attacked Christian Churches in Egypt and there so no outrage, barely any news about it at all in Bilderberg media.  There were no demands that all Muslims are responsible.  Below is a screenshot of the Bilderberg founder newsmedia, the very evil NY Times:

No denunciation of Muslim use of terror attacks.  No musings about how many potential mass murderers are in our own nation, waiting to literally blow up in rage.  Europe sits trembling with naked fear and despite citizens in France demanding sovereignty again after being heavily invaded by foreigners who hate ‘Christians’, the NY Time and WP won’t even report on this nor tell people why the French are marching every week for 24 weeks.

Our Real Rulers have gone utterly insane.  One editorial above at the NYT is all about CO2 and how we are all going to die due to this gas which plants need to survive.


Donald Rumsfeld famously popularized the term “unknown unknowns” in a 2002 news briefing when describing the challenges of linking Iraq to weapons of mass destruction. Troublingly, climate change may also be strewn with such unknowns, and they pose daunting tests for how we face the future.


The Iraq ‘WMD’ scam: the NYT and all the Bilderberg gang knew there was nothing there.  This was a deliberate use of 9/11 terror attack by Saudis to be turned towards an innocent bystander, Iraq.  It was very cynical and it is a war crime to this day.  These same criminals are screeching about ‘global warming’, too.


One is choosing among policy alternatives. Should we minimize tomorrow’s risks now by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or save money today and spend it on adapting to the effects of planetary warming once threats emerge more fully, like rising seas or prolonged droughts? The policy debate increasingly tilts toward adaptation.


Droughts have happened in climate history over and over again and had zero to do with CO2 levels.  Indeed, the worst droughts were during Ice Ages!  Duh!  80% plus of the last 3 million years has been Ice Age conditions, not warm climate conditions.


But we can’t adapt to perils from unknown unknowns. In such cases, adaptation will largely fail; only mitigation will be effective.

The NYT wants to freeze us literally to death.  The elites hate us and want us to either die or be so weak from lack of food during Little Ice Age conditions or dead from religious warfare.


Note the photo for this ludicrous screed: a picture at sunset on a DUSTY day which made the air ‘dirty’!  Also, since concentrating populations to four islands and piling millions and millions of people there, concentrates pollution.


The solution is to destroy NYC and all other big cities and scatter the population elsewhere and forbid all city building.  Hey, that is the Final Solution of the radicals, too!  Imagine that.



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13 responses to “300+ Sri Lanka Victims of Muslim Terrorists, Democrat Leaders Can’t Say ‘Christians’

  1. Moe

    Clnton tweet on the New Zealand massacre. Note how she zeros in on ‘White Supremacists’, immediately after stating “We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of … racism in all its forms.”

    Race baiting, anyone?

    Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton Verified Account

    My heart breaks for New Zealand & the global Muslim community. We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of Islamophobia and racism in all its forms.

    White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped.
    5:26 AM – 15 Mar 2019

  2. Tom W Harris

    “Their murderous hatred must be stopped.”

    And the way to stop it is to end Muslim immigration.

  3. Melponeme_k

    The season of Ba’al started on 4/20. They are treating this as a sacrifice for fertility of their plans.

    It is said that Ishtar’s eggs were fertilized by the rays of the fire god Ba’al.

    This is why they are calling Christian’s “Easter Worshipers”. Which in a sense they are EASTER WORSHIPERS because they have adapted pagan rituals into their religion. They are really celebrating Ishtar’s impregnation by Ba’al NOT the resurrection of a man named Jesus.

  4. timothy carroll

    On topic:


    Others have noticed the omission “Christians” from the terror attack.

  5. AT

    The Tamil Tigers were atheistic nationalists who expelled Muslims from controlled territories. The population was fighting, not just yapping, about immigration. That civil war was very popular and raged for decades. This terrorist attack plays into those sentiments.

  6. Zeke

    Remember after the Islamist terror attack simultaneously on several train lines in Spain. Scores were killed, hundreds injured. The Spanish leader had just aligned with W on something about the Middle East.
    The then Spanish government tried to blame the Basque dependence movement. The Spanish people weren’t buying the coverup lies.
    They overthrew (by democratic means) that government.
    There is a widespread tendency to divert the real source of murder and mayhem away from where it really is.

  7. Zeke

    “on the morning of 11 March 2004 – three days before Spain’s general elections. The explosions killed 193 people and injured around 2,000.[1][3] The bombings constituted the deadliest terrorist attack carried out in the history of Spain and the deadliest in Europe since the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103over Lockerbie, Scotland”


    “Immediately after the bombing, leaders of the PP claimed evidence indicating the Basque separatist organization ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) was responsible for the bombings.[14][15] Islamist responsibility would have had the opposite political effect, as it would have been seen as a consequence of the PP government taking Spain into the Iraq War, a policy extremely unpopular among Spaniards.”

  8. kenogami

    I also used to believe in the global CO2 scam with which they drive people hysterical and destroy the hope of children for a normal happy life.
    It is a scam that has sucked many hundred of billions $ from the middle class.

    I searched some time ago for the concentration of CO2 in the Earth atmosphere during the time of the dinosaurs. There are different scientific methods used to measure these numbers: they may give somewhat different results but agree on the global trend. It turns out that this concentration was between 3 and 7 times today’s concentration of 400 ppm.

    And we know that the dinosaurs rule the earth for 160 millions years; how were they so successful with CO2 concentration between 1200 ppm
    and 2600 ppm!

  9. AT

    Basque separatists hadn’t controlled territory since 1937, so it’s a bit different in that respect from Sri Lanka, where rebels ran half the country only a decade ago.

    (Also, Spain is a Monarchy, so no government was overthrown.)

    But I agree, popular revulsion to Muslim jihadi terrorism tends to help factional nationalist causes.

  10. Zeke

    The point is: that there is a tendency of governments to deny the cause of the terrorism.

    In Spain, the ruling government party was voted out of office.
    It was a striking reversal.
    “They overthrew (by democratic means) that government.”
    “by democratic means”= by votes in an election.
    The existing party was ousted and a new government ruling party elected and installed into office.
    Holding physical territory is immaterial to acts of terrorism.

  11. AT

    The King assented to a challenger to keep people happy is all that happened.
    Holding territory is immaterial to acts of terrorism? Well, it is a little bit. Harassment, sabotage and limited scale raids are all revolutionaries can do if they don’t hold territory.
    So, we differ about the significance of that stuff I suppose.
    My point is that these Muslim radicals are indirectly helping the anti-immigrant, rebel-sentiments in a country that was militarily and popularly divided not long ago. Kind of shooting themselves in the foot.

  12. Zeke

    You missed the point of my post entirely.
    Point was – that governments have a tendency to deny the true source of the terrorism.
    Saying Spain is a monarchy is a mischaracterization. It is a democracy with a constitutional or limited role for the king. Japan has an emperor, Britain has a queen but they are democracies. Few would characterize them as monarchies.
    After the existing democratic government tried to lie to the people by falsely claiming that Basque separatists blew up the trains and not admitting that it was Islamic terrorists – that government was overthrown – by democratic means, i.e., by being voted out of office and a new government party installed by legal, constitutional, democratic means.
    Point was that there is a tendency for governments to deny the true source of terrorism.

    Red brigade, nihilists, pre and post caliphate islamists, ira, many others, but maybe the most stark example of non territory terrorism was the Italian-american anarchists of the 1910s …… horrific terrorism, bombs and killings.

    You missed the point of my post entirely. I’m not going to go back and forth with on this. I have a life to live and stuff to do. And although I feel sorry for lonely internet trolls I don’t want to engage with them.

  13. AT

    “Constitutional” Monarchies retaining executive power are basically just Absolute Monarchies with elected advisors, and really good public relations (which you and many others fell for apparently).
    I don’t disagree governments will lie. Spain tried it, people got mad, and so the King shit canned one set of advisors and let the people elect another. But, um the King is still there. Not much of a democratic “revolution.” We have recently seen what happens when the King in Spain puts his foot down over “democratic revolution” in Catalonia. Lol. Ditto for all the rest: Are you daft?

    I agree Sri Lanka blaming this on Islamists is probably bad for the government, which is probably why it took a couple days for them to come around and share the names and photos. It was also a bad move for the local muslims under the circumstances. My guess is foreign operatives without their best interests in mind encouraged them. I don’t think you are suggesting that this was physically perpetrated by other than Islamic terrorists, though.

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